Friday, December 9, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Just a couple quick things then I'll turn today's edition of "The Underground Bunker" over to you guys.

Remember how the America hating, left-wing loons celebrated Harry Reid and his "Nuclear Option" a few years ago?

I do.

And now thanks to their arrogance we have the chance to ram every single one of Trump's appointments down their throats and there's not a damned thing they can do about it.

Thanks Harry.

Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet but he's already having an effect.

Yesterday during his speech commemorating the 75th anniversary of the attack at Pearl Harbor Navy Admiral Harry Harris went off script to call out Colin Kaepernick for his disgraceful protest against us all.

Because of Donald Trump Americans everywhere are once again standing tall and proud.



Kevin McGinty


  1. Ol' Dirty Harry is about as demented as they come. Dementia, coupled with innate evil, is a terrible combination, but the libs "celebrate" that, Right, Bat?

    That's because they evil loves evil. Right, Jocko?

    That's because liberals LOVE self-destructive, incompetent morons. Right, LunnyLoon?

    Dirty Harry set off the blast, now the libs' flesh is peeling away from the radioactive fallout. Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

    Here's something over at the Pravda-Urinal:


    Libs will scream "BROWNBACK, BROWNBACK!!!"

    Actually, all this really proves is that government, in general, is the worst possible...most inefficient, incompetent, wasteful and costly...entity in which to achieve anything.

    Always having to call in MORE-COMPETENT "private sector companies" to untangle and fix the governments' costly mistakes.

    Could be because private sector companies have a stake in getting the job done right, and as promised, so their reputation will earn more business, and generate more profit (for the company, employees AND possibly retirees and workers who are invested in the market, like 401k, IRA, etc., AND government entities...such as Kansas state employees, who rely over 50% on the market).

    Government employees have no such motivation. In fact, the more they can draw out the process, or the less competent and slower they are...JOB SECURITY, BABY!!!

    "Profits?! Efficiency?! WHY?! We'll just work ourselves out of jobs, if we get the job done!"

    But...what I predict from the left is "Proof that Brownback sucks!!!"

    Maybe. What sucks MORE is "incompetent government", overall...sucking cash from taxpayers like an army of vampires sucking blood out of innocent victims.

  2. Kaepernick probably can't understand his right to be disrespectful exists because of all our Service Members. His status as an overpaid brat is nothing compared to any man or woman in uniform. We know who deserve the multi million dollar contracts.

  3. The Urinal's "opinion", for what it's worth...which is "nothing".

    "While there’s no telling how long the language of inclusion and common sense will last, the enormity of the fiscal crisis, the pending school finance debate and a long list of other critical issues seem to have inspired a sense of modesty and shared purpose among our legislators."

    Yes...the "pending school finance debate".

    "Everyone in Kansas knows severe spending cuts are virtually inevitable. But this isn’t because lawmakers are eager to “starve the beast” – it’s because Gov. Sam Brownback’s irresponsible tax cuts have been starving the state of revenue. Whitmer should take a look at the state’s tax receipts over the past few fiscal years. In FY 2013, Kansas brought in $6.3 billion in tax revenue – a number that dropped to $5.6 billion 2014 and hasn’t recovered since. Had tax receipts remained constant between 2013 and 2016, Kansas would have collected $1.9 billion more than it did."

    Yes...there it is! The "Brownback attack!" "’s because Gov. Sam Brownback’s irresponsible tax cuts..."

    No surprise there.

    Let's go back to "pending school finance debate". Well...there's ONE huge black hole of a money pit, producing dismal results. More...and more...and more money for schools...but not REALLY for "better education" it seems, given the proof.

    KPERS...well...we can just keep that Ponzi scheme growing more and more out of control, keep adding more employees at the bottom to prop up those who are no longer working...even taking early retirement, stick the taxpayers with evermore higher taxes to cover the inevitable shortfalls...or...we could put them into the same risk/reward type retirement accounts as their employers, the taxpayers. Maybe they wouldn't be so militant against private industry, also...which they really shouldn't be, anyway...if they were were smart enough and aware enough to know that over half their fund health relies on the private sector, already.

    Time to clear cut unnecessary, duplicitous agencies, and demand high-efficiency and competency from those we need, in positions and departments for which government is responsible.

    "Starve the beast".

  4. Nunya, you're singing my song. The state of Kansas does not have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. It is, like most all governments poorly run, poorly managed, poorly administrated and self perpetuating.

    They use old antiquated methods and reject best practices because they require change, even though they would save money and manpower. They staff at the highest levels possible, with the result being many agencies have much more staff than they need to accomplish their mission.

    They see privatization of any service as a threat, because the private sector can do it cheaper, faster and with fewer people. And if your primary function is to sustain your own job without regard to the cost, then efficiency is a threat.

    I contend the state could cut the payroll by 25% tomorrow if done with some thought and careful analysis, and there would be no impact on ability to deliver services at all. But you don't do it by asking the very people who work every day to sustain this behemoth where the cuts come.

    I agree. "Starve the beast". I love that Trump is already talking about cutting the federal workforce and implementing the ability to fire unproductive lazy workers. Governments fear their employees and have ever since public employee unions were allowed to exist. Public employee unions are a danger to the taxpayers and should be abolished.

  5. And I love the lyin left getting their panties all in a wad over President Elect Donald Trump appointing retired Generals to cabinet positions. This is so typical of the screeching whining lying left.

    "Civilian control over the military" they whine. Hey geniuses, these people are civilians. The fact they chose the military for their career and rose to very high ranks within it speaks to their talents and abilities. These are the very people we should be seeking. They are the best America has to offer.

    And these people gave their lives in service to our country, unlike most of you lyin left wing weenies who have spent your lives seeing what you could drain from our country while contributing nothing.

    Who was it that said one time...."Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Oh yeah, that was one of the last true American liberals and one of the last reasonable patriotic democrats. That was before the party was taken over by radical left wingers and commies. And what happened to that fellow by the way? He was murdered by a Marxist sympathizing radical left winger, who represented a sign of what the democrat party was soon enough to turn into.

    Sympathetic to the enemies of freedom, supporters of tyrants. That's exactly what that party evolved to. Which is why we have Donald Trump as our President Elect. And I thank God America woke up to the threat from within and took action.

  6. Looks like Mr. Common Ground (James Gorman) just went poof over at that other website.

    Weird, huh?

  7. Weird. He was a troll, but a relatively polite troll. Wonder what happened? Especially since maingate is on there as nasty as ever and he doesn't seem to get any heat.

  8. What Brock's Buddy bite the dust? Good Grief.

    1. Yep, I liked having a lib to argue with. So what?

  9. Yeah, I had him pegged as a troll from the start.


    More like an Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver...

    1. Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver (smiles)..... you do realize that the younger generation probably doesn't even know who that is.... or the other tv sitcoms from that era -

      Just having a little fun here Kevin...

      Hugs~ Rikki

    2. Why did his post get deleted? He was wrong but I didn't see anything that required deleting it.

    3. Perhaps his politeness was phony, but I appreciated having a lib that tried to defend their position. It's boring just agreeing with others or the flyby crazy stuff that Alan and his ilk post.

  10. Just saw obama has ordered a probe into the hacking of the emails they are pretending was done by Russia in a tactic intended to delegitimize President Elect Donald Trump.

    Funny isn't is? He had no interest in investigating when his Secretary of State had her own email server and sent and received highly classified government information over it, completely unprotected. In fact he stonewalled the investigation as much as possible. And that was a federal offense and should have resulted in her being in Leavenworth.

    But somebody hacking the DNC? Why the outrage! That requires the President of the United States to intervene. That's a matter of national importance.

    Classified documents on an unprotected private server by the Secretary of State? Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  11. I don't think Brock liked Gary Hanson saying to him, watch your back with that guy, he seem to have a little hissy fit for that advice.

  12. No Sarge, there was no hissy fit. I just asked you what I had to watch my back about. Was he going to come through the screen and get me?

    So tell me what did I have to watch my back about?

  13. Easy Ktt, It was a very tiny comment, and no I wasn't talking physical as coming threw the screen, I was indicating maybe he isn't who you believe he is, Just a heads up that is it. Kind of like how you use to do me, remember when you told me not to comment with batshit, he is a troll, and even under this new system with L.N, But like always I will fucking talk to who I want to, No one here tells me is going to tell not to, Our friend HB tried that also. All it was , was just a heads up. We will get over it, Think Bigly :)

  14. Still don't understand what I had to watch my back over. It is a public forum, not a dating service.

    And Sarge, the difference with me telling you not to engage BE is because h d bait you into getting banned. There was no chance would bait me into getting banned. BS tried, Ln tries, but I ain't stupid.

    It may have been a tiny comment, but it was a dig against me and I didn't like it and will respond.

  15. So Now you are calling me stupid? I didn't get banned from cj for being a pussy, I do like to fight back free speech is important to me, maybe a little unwise at times, But IWILLNEVERGIVEUP! Hear Me!! Hahah

    1. Here's the deal. I lost respect for you when you posted that vulgar post about having sex with Hand's wife. You may recall I dlet d it and you through a hissy fit and that is the reason I don't blog here and come here much anymore.

      And yes, it is pretty stupid to keep getting banned over and over. It can happen to anyone and some good guys got blindsided and banned but you're a habitual bannee LOL.

      Have fun here sarge. I'm out of here so feel free to say what you want.

  16. Ktt I have never thought I wasn't free to say what I want, And way back then I agreed with you I went over the top and Apologize for doing that, Not good enough for you, to bad. And big guy I won't lose any sleep over you not respecting me, but for some odd reason I still respect you, weird Huh ?

  17. The good thing about this particular blog is that we're all free to say what we want with.

    Well, except for Batshit.

    That's because...

    Well, you know...

  18. Or you can choose to say nothing at all...

  19. Kevin, I never learn that part on never say nothing at all, Sometimes I wish I did though.

    1. I don't think so, maybe you, that is afraid to put a name to your Nonsense. I am like everyone invited, go or no go is up to them and me, Got it ? Good.

    2. Got news for you Mr anony-mouse. Sarge is what we consider a charter member of this blog. So is KTT. If anybody chooses to not go to the summit, it's their choice. But they are as welcome as anybody gets.

      This is the great thing about this blog. Anybody can say what they want, except interloper trolls, who are considered pond scum around these parts.

      So save your shit talk mouse. It's worth exactly what it is. So much dog shit to scrape off my shoe.

  20. (This will have to be a two-parter; Part 1:)

    MEANWHILE...over at the Pravda-Urinal:

    "Emails to Brownback about schools reveal Kansans’ ideas, frustrations"

    "Karla Wheeler, a mother of three and a substitute teacher for 10 years, suggested moving sports outside the school system. Parents who want their children to play sports today have several avenues — club sports, community outlets and the like."

    Won't fly. They'll decry the lack of opportunity for poor kids to participate...which is actually true. My "Spidey-senses" tell me her motives may be more than just "finances". There are winners and losers in sports. I sucked at them when I was young..too pummeled. I survived, and found what I was good at. But, some feel our delicate little snowflakes shouldn't experience "losing" any cost. In sports, as in life, someone ALWAYS will not come in first. If they are smart, they get motivated to be a "winner". That's just life. Suck it up, buttercup.

    "A one-cent sales tax would include everyone in helping pay for education, Webster wrote."

    “In my opinion education is an investment in our state that everyone benefits from. It’s a cost that I do not mind paying my fair share,” Webster wrote."

    Won't fly. You'll get the leftist advocates for "the poor" to fight that. "Pay their fair share" to liberals means anyone EXCEPT those who live off taxpayer money, many thousands too lazy, unmotivated, greedy and selfish to work, and many scamming the system. Their "fair share" is "NO share". While everyone else pays for EVERYTHING.

    "Michele Brewer in Overland Park took a different approach, and urged Brownback to raise property taxes. She also asked the governor to review tax breaks for businesses and make them pay their fair share."

    “Fully fund the schools,” Brewer wrote. “Raise taxes for homeowners and businesses.”

    Property taxes too high, already. Again...businesses don't REALLY pay taxes, anyway. The customers do. So they raise prices to cover it. Or, maybe cut benefits, or lay off people. That creates more people using taxpayer assistance. Or close up shop altogether, no employees paying taxes and buying things, less business for suppliers, which exacerbates the effects, and may cause THOSE businesses to do the same. Which necessitates...HIGHER TAXES!

    So, she wants to, basically, shove even more on homeowners, which will leave less money to buy things that keep people working, which hurts...businesses. Then? See previous paragraph.

    "Jerry Brown, of Salina, told Brownback to go back to the original funding formula. Lawmakers passed it in the early 90s. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, Brown said."

    Not broken? If it wasn't broken, why was it messed with? If it wasn't broken, why was the outcome in achievement so dismal then, just as it is now?

    “I know this is not what our governor wants to hear, but we need to do away with his tax cuts. Everyone, including businesses should have to pay taxes,” Sands wrote. “If there is more money to work with, it would make this problem much easier to solve.”

    The problem is, EVERYONE does NOT pay taxes, and we have way too many, especially in government-employment-heavy Topeka, who pay taxes with...taxpayer money paid to them. Too few private-sector businesses to create the only REAL "net-positive" tax revenue stream, which is "private-sector business" employees.

    (Part 2 next)

  21. (Part 2)

    As usual, the leftists at the Capital-Journal appear to have cherry-picked through the emails to find one of two things:

    #1) Highlight things that further shortchange children, to push the "It's for the CHILDREN!" false narrative.

    #2) Concentrate on ONLY things that suggest ways to raise more money.

    What is COMPLETELY absent (as usual from a leftist news source) is "reality". No mention of massive over-administration, and how to cut that.

    No mention of demanding accountability, and completely eliminating what ALL government agencies and departments do, which is the yearly "spend down the budget", and replacing perfectly serviceable things with new things, or buy up stuff, whatever, to make it appear as though they have spent every last cent, and "Yes, boo-hoo, we struggled, and we'll need AT LEAST as much next year, and probably MORE!" It's a scam.

    No mention of non-English-speakers, from people here illegally, creating a massive drain on our system by catering to them to have to spend millions on separate classroms, teachers and material, free meals, etc., at the great great expense of our citizens, and devastatingly shortchanging the children of citizens.

    No mention of the unions causing a massive tax revenue drain with all these lawsuits, in which they are looking out for...ONLY...the unions (and not the teachers, or anyone else). This is CRAZY! We are using taxpayer dollars to pay government employees to pay unions to force lawsuits that cost taxpayers millions of dollars to demand that we increase taxes to pay "shortfalls" in taxpayer-funded entities! The ONLY ones covering the expenses from BOTH SIDES of the issue...are the PRIVATE-SECTOR TAXPAYERS (who actually make enough to even pay taxes)....who are pretty much the ONLY "net-positive taxpayers". They hit us from BOTH SIDES! THAT has to stop! That completely "conflict-of-interest" wasted money could be put to better use. Like maybe..."for the children"? mention of the REAL problems causing all this. And, despite the clear evidence that throwing more and more money into a broken-down, smoke-belching, bald-tired, no-brakes, rusted-out vehicle that gets nobody anywhere is foolish...they just keep wanting to do it.

    "It's for the CHI-HI-HIL-DREEEN....OHHHhh...BOO-HOOOOO!"

    Liars. WAY past time for..."a new car".

  22. Jackie, Jackie Jackie, Rawstory give us a break.

  23. Lol...

    Twisting, turning, burning, spinning, and crying.

    Good grief, what's next?

  24. But I do admit I'm impressed that you included a link without having to be told to.

    Maybe you're not as hopeless as I thought you were...

  25. Who am I kidding?

    You're every bit as hopeless as I thought you were...

  26. I suspect Truckhenge will be bigger than ever next year.

    And Batshit, it's kinda like Donald Trump becoming president.

    There's not a damned thing you can do about it...

  27. Well Kevin my biggest wish will be that they come super hungry this year.

  28. Lol... Or maybe we could just cook a little less food...

  29. You know, maybe we ought to invite our little troll friend here.

    Sure would come in handy come cleanup time...

  30. You guys enjoy the rest of your day.

    I've got one stop left in Kansas City.

    Then back to Garnett to drop my truck off. The my old ass is headed for the house...

  31. Polite left wing radical liberals that people think they should have a conversation with, are nothing but a rattlesnake hiding in the grass. I hate to insult a rattlesnake that way, but hey, that's the best analogy I could think of.

    That moderation bullshit is exactly what got this country into the mess it is in. There is no time for discussion and moderation with left wing radicals now. Even if it is on CJ rag.

    And, whining about a slam about someones wife, especially when it was probably deserved, is just plain crap. The way I see it is, if you're going to start bullshit, then bullshit you shall have in return.

    Never give up, never back down! Keep up the good fight!

  32. EFH, Good to here from you, did ya get that Barn done?

    1. Frame is up, roof metal is on. Should be dried in and pouring concrete sometime next week. It'll take me a while to get any electricity in it, but that will be the next thing I am planning.

      I hope everything is going well for you and your family.

  33. It's nice when deer hunters fill tags early and ol hammertime can get out in the field late fall/early winter.

    But I didn't take advantage. Saw two. Missed two.

    In the hole to start the season.
    There's always next time...

    Hope everybody is having a great Holiday season so far!

  34. Are you hunting sunday? Going to the gun show any one else going?

  35. Army beats Navy, It is about time!! took 15 years. Good Grief.

  36. I am actually waiting for deer rifle season to end. I would rather go out with my bow and see if I can stick one during late season. I did go out last Sunday afternoon/evening but didn't see anything but a bunch of Turkeys.

    You guys have a good Sunday!

  37. Just checking in to see if anyone has heard anything from Rikki. If she reads this post I hope she is doing okay.

  38. Haven't heard a word.

    But I'm sure she'll be back when she's ready...

  39. And...over at the local "fake news" webpage, here's that leftist, Bob Beatty, with a "few thoughts" (which is appropriate, since he seems to actually HAVE "few thoughts") still whining about the election and the electoral college:

    Let's start with THIS asinine statement:

    "Trying to figure out how Donald Trump received the votes he did will spawn many theories, but ultimately may remain a mystery.
    To paraphrase the famous radio introduction by “The Shadow” in the 1930s, “Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men?”

    See what he did there? That "paraphrase" thing? First off, it isn't a direct quote. It's kind of a "fake news" incomplete quote. He left out one word, but he knew full-well that most people would fill that word in. He knew if he actually printed it, he would get accused of calling all Trump voters "evil", so he thought he'd try to be sly about it. Didn't work, Bob...we know EXACTLY what you meant! Here's the actual "non-fake news" quote:

    "Who knows what EVIL lurks in the hearts of men?"

    Well, Bob, we know. A heck of a lot of them voted for Hillary...AND Obama! Nice try, Bob, but your "fake news" propaganda just got exposed.

    Then, it's the Peanuts teacher "WAH, wah, wah-wah, whaaa" for a couple paragraphs, and then this:

    "Secondly, the way we choose our president, using the electoral college is, to put it mildly, asinine. The president should be the one person who is elected by the American people, but instead we still allow the states to choose him or her."

    "When it comes to the president, who cares what state you live in? The states get the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to wield their provinciality..."

    Yeah...but..oh shoot, Bob, no point in trying to explain something to a brick wall! Maybe Safe or Kev or someone can explain it better? Maybe, we need to get you a "Learn History, and the Constitution" coloring book and crayons, so you can color things in as each picture tries to teach you?

    Naw...never mind. Probable that you can't even color inside the lines. Liberals are like that.

    "A few years ago I was on a lecture tour of Russia, traveling east from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Vladivostok, explaining how American presidential elections worked. On the very first day in Moscow, when we got to the electoral college, a Russian student asked, “You mean the person who gets fewer votes wins?”

    "I confess I deleted the electoral college section from my presentation after that."

    "It was just so embarrassing, and goodness knows the Russians don’t need any encouragement about how to subvert democracy."

    Well, now. Bob just admitted that he couldn't explain it and took it out, which IS understandable, since he is apparently ignorant of the subject.

    The sad thing is...if the outcome had been exactly reversed...had Trump won the "popular vote", and Hillary won the "electoral vote"...Bob would probably be trumpeting from a mountaintop about how great the electoral vote is!

    It's just the liberal way, y'know.

  40. The liberal way indeed.

    These idiots are about to lose their friggin collective minds...

  41. I'm doin' the best I can considering.... I know each one of you was with me in spirit and I'm very thankful and grateful.

    Thanksgiving Thursday, my sister and her husband took my dad to the VA ER because he could not get out of bed nor walk.... they sent him back home... Friday, the day after Thanks Giving - my sister and her husband called for ambulance transport back to VA ER - where they did a CT scan - we knew he had lung cancer but he opted no chemo or radiation treatments. The CT scan showed the cancer was in his bones, hips, and pancreas. They admitted him and placed him in a hospice room there at VA. They gave him about a week & a half to two weeks left.... he passed 5 days after they admitted him.

    The day after he passed, my sister and I were at his apartment... the landlord showed up and wanted the apartment cleared out asap... how cold and rude of the land lord! no compassion.

    The apartment was cleared out the weekend of dad's funeral service with only a few furniture items to be picked up by charity which was picked up Tuesday last week.

    Dad's last words to me was "I love you"..... I told him that I loved him too.

    I asked Kevin to let y'all know, but asked that it not be talked about online... I did post information on my facebook page but I chose not to give the information to Dad's funeral service because of the crazy lefties who like to lurk and stalk...

    My sister and I were with dad up to his final breath - dad did suffer with the cancer and knowing he wasn't going to recover from this, lingered his last days there in VA.

    A part of me is sad because he is my dad, but part of me isn't sure how to feel because of the history and that he walked out many times when my siblings and I were kids.... Mom always took him back though.

    I know each and every one of you were with me in spirit and for that I sincerely thank you and I am grateful. I'm hugging each one of you from my heart.

    Love, Rikki