Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday finally

It's Friday. And Happy New Year to all my friends.

Here's a little video you really should see. It's a pretty amazing rendition of Leonard Cohen's Halleluja. This girl is autistic and the school is for children with learning disabilities in Ireland. She absolutely nails this song and it truly moved old Safe at Home.

So I'll rant and rave a little later, but enjoy this for now.

And go back and read the early risers posts on the last blog if you didn't. I can't get ahead of these guys and I don't even try. But they are important reads.


  1. Headline on Drudge:

    Putin laughs off obama.

    Kind of says it all, doesn't it? Tells you how much respect any of our enemies have for this tinpot dictator. They are laughing at him, and us.

    This whole narrative created by the godless left of President Elect Donald Trump working with the Rooskies is just nuts. This is just one more effort by a defeated and disgraced bunch of radical Marxists to destroy this country by attacking our duly elected President.

    Nunya nailed it on the last blog. obama is going to leave the earth scorched behind him, and do as much damage as possible. He is a petulant child behaving as all petulant children do when they don't get their way. It's a disgrace and the democrat party, or any rational members that may still remain should be ashamed of themselves for foisting this godless Marxist on America.

    I'm really going to enjoy watching President Donald Trump roll back the hurtful and dangerous agenda of this godless unholy bunch of seditionists who have turned our country upside down. And frankly I don't care what they think. They can whine, scream, screech, jump up and down, stomp their tiny feet and wave their tiny hands in the air with spittle flying out of their mouths. I don't care!!!

    I say we go full speed ahead and steamroll these enemies of America and sweep up the remains and throw them into the dustbins of history with their ancestors, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Castro. Let them all burn in hell where they belong.

    #Make America Great Again
    #Laughing at the godless left
    #Hope they feel the pain

  2. I think at this point we have a winner. The tweet of the year was Putin and the Russians tweeting the picture of the baby duckling with the word "lame" underneath it. Obama got trolled, hard.
    The piling on still continues as I post this.

    What's going to burn them is the fact that Putin refuses to exile our diplomats, and in fact extended his hand in making sure all of the families of those diplomats are invited to the new years festivities at the Kremlin. At the same time wished congrats to President Trump, and wished the American people happy new year.

    Funny, isn't it?
    I remember Oblabber saying something about going high, when they go low...
    Just mere lipservice, don't ya think?

    Three weeks and the petulant child and political corpse of the Obamas will be over.
    And boys and girls, I will drink to that!

    Have a great new year all of you!
    And thanks to the hosts of this wonderful place for allowing me to give my two cents. I look forward to 2017 bigly, as I'm sure you folks do as well.

  3. What happened over at the CJ? No one commenting on Kev's OBF? Anyway, I hope all you bunker dwellers and families have a Happy New year!

    I will have to agree with SSAH, ole Putin is still schooling obamma.

    Hammer, I will pretty much drink to anything :)) but I will definitely drink to the obammas leaving office

  4. Oh yeah, I will agree with moochelle on the no hope thingy.......

    No hope for socialism/communism....
    No hope for turning this country into a third world cesspool from where the dreams of obammas father came form.......
    No hope for overbearing federal government.........
    Noe hope for flooding this country with illegals, not only from south of here but all over the world.......
    No hope for instantly putting all of those illegals onto the welfare roles where big government can support them the rest of their lives and the illegals supporting big government for the rest of theirs......
    No hope for taking money out of the hands of those that earned it, and give to those that really don't deserve it..........
    No hope for "fundamentally transforming" this country.......
    and.........No hope for the delusional legacy of the obammas, and the clintons............

    And, in the words of moochelle, I can now be proud of my country, again.....I Hope!!!

  5. Good evening boys and girls.

    And I'm right there with you, EFH.

    For the first time in 8 years I'm proud of my country again.

    Oh, and I just edited Open Blog Friday over on the other website.

    Ought to get the left-wing America hating bastards blood pumping...

  6. To everyone here at Room 235, Happy New Year!

    I, for one, am happy to see 2016 behind me. In 20 days we will have a new president. A president I have high hopes will make America great again. I know I won't agree with everything Trump does or wants, but as long as he moves this country away from narcissistic neurotic behaviors of the left, we can be great.

    This stuff with Putin is absolutely hilarious in one sense, but has potential to become a disaster. Not sure about a Trump-Putin relationship, but I would think neither will put up with crap from the other. I don't expect them to "walk on eggshells", but a healthy respect can lead to good works.

    We need everyone who has the ability to take responsibility for themselves. We need to take care of those who can't. We need to give a hand UP to those who need a boost, and willing to lend a hand when needed to our families, friends and neighbors.

    What I'm looking forward to is living without pain and chronic fatigue. I believe I'm well on my way. The last 1-1/2 months have been big changes. Big improvements! I look forward to doing things and going places. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm thankful I can do housework again! Not everything yet, but more everyday. I still find naps helpful, but not necessary. After my husband, family and friends, the best thing of 2016 was when I got to say "I am a survivor!"

    Again, Happy New Year to everyone! A fantastic year is just hours away.

  7. Pk right you are, I am happy you are doing so much better, makes for a nice new year for many of us out here to hear that, but having said that I feel like shit, someone at my age, it is not good to get a bad, case of the flu, but last night and today I can feel it is passing on, it the flu not me. Lol Give my best to Steve and you two enjoy, 2017 riding the Trump Train. And Happy New Year's to everyone.

  8. Sarge I fought that for two weeks. All through Christmas. But I'm better now.

    Rest and fluids. Don't do anything but rest.

    Hope all my friends get better next year. We got a country to make great again and it's going to take all of us to defeat these unholy godless traitorous Marxist seditious lying left wing radicals that won't stop until America is destroyed. Rust never sleeps, but neither do we.

  9. It's flu season and about all you can do is rest. Drink plenty of fluids. I've been told beer doesn't count, darn it. Sarge, you need to get better so all of us 235 gals can hug you!

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Not fun being under the weather.

  10. 2017 is already looking good..... Donald Trump will be sworn into office, the Republicans have control of Congress - looking forward to seeing some progress made -

    Glad to see 2016 go - but I'm choosing to remember the highlights that made my heart smile... meeting y'all at the Summit and meeting up again at the other summit...

    Sarge - get well, things are too quiet when you're not here. (smiles).

    To all of my Room 235 family - I love each of you and giving you all hugs.


  11. Well, it won't be long and we will see 2016 behind us and year 2017 straight ahead. I have a good feeling about 2017. I feel it is going to be a great year. I feel greater hope for the country. I know I never felt such hope for the country while Obama was in office.

    I wish you all a fabulous new year. When I hold my glass for a new year toast I will have a toast for all my friend on this blog. I truly believe we all helped in some way, no matter how small that part might be, to say we helped push the Trump train forward. We all helped by writing our words, challenging the lefties and using our voice when talking to people and sharing our views about this current political arena.

    Happy New Year!!!�🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻 🍻⏰🍻🍻

  12. PK, I am glad you are feeling a little better. It is a slow process. I am thankful you are still here and appreciate your can do enthusiasm. So much depends on attitude, and you have the right attitude. Keep on, keeping on.

  13. Looks like there are some idiots trying to hammer Gary Hanson over on the CJ. Whats up with that? It looks as if the CJ trying to make everyone use their real names was just a ploy to get rid of the true patriots and allow the CJ trolls to use the CJ for their liberal left wing spew. NUNYA is right, the CJ is a pathetic website for a news outlet and will be out of business before too long. Too hard to navigate around and you really can't find what you're looking for.

  14. Just who the hell is Ed Williams and Carson Cristo anyway?

    1. No doubt a couple or the same ole CJ trolls. They sound very familiar.

    2. I ll bet they seven smell alike. What is it with those CJ trolls? They all smell the same. Peee Uuuu

  15. That is a good question Gary, who are those's two assholes Ed Williams and Carson Cristo? Do you Know?

    1. Hey Gary-Jimmie-Giveme-IWNGiveup you're the asshole that supports BLM anti-police anti-American NFL over love of country and God. You need to fight your own battles and stop backstabbing. We all took bets on how long before you would be over here crying and talking big. What 27 rejects now on CJ, ha ha