Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Just how devious is the ungodly left anyway?

A good friend to this blog, Hammertime, brought up an interesting point on the last blog. With the advent of fake news, a particular specialty of the left, just how far will they manipulate that one?

His general drift was they may use that resource to plant fake news stories to gin up the angry extremists out there into doing something stupid, so they can blame President Elect Donald Trump and his "basket of deplorable" supporters.

The pizza shop shootout could be one. A nut went to a pizza shop because of a fake news story about clinton operatives running a pedophile ring or something. I didn't really follow it too close. But the question is who really planted that story and why? There is every reason to believe the godless left would create that kind of story just to rile up some nut like this guy so they can tout it as just another example of right wing extremism or some such nonsense.

Remember these people are notorious liars. There is no tactic beneath them, or no act immoral enough to be beyond their reach. That's part of why I believe they are godless, because they have no moral basis for any of their actions. Everything they do is driven by a lust for power, greed and ideological extremism.

When the tape came out of President Elect Donald Trump talking smack with Billy Bush virtually overnight a bunch of hired bimbos appeared on the scene claiming Donald Trump grabbed them by their Joe Bidens twenty years ago on an airplane or some similar unlikely story. None of these people had ever been heard from before, and after the election they all went away never to be heard from again. And their stories were all pretty much debunked anyway.

They did the same thing to Herman Cain when he ran in 2012. They hired a bunch of bimbos to come forward with fake charges of harassment. Not a peep in all the years before, and the day he dropped out they crawled back into the pit they emerged from.

And there are hundreds more stories if you pay attention.

So I don't doubt for a second the ungodly left has and will continue to use these fake news stories to promote their destructive agenda. This is exactly how Satan operates. He's called the father of lies. Jesus said when his followers speak they speak their native language, lies. His best tool isn't to attack directly, but through lies and innuendo and accusation. Exactly what the godless left does. Coincidence? Hardly.

So hopefully they don't get traction with this stuff. You can smell the desperation on them. They lost the Presidency, congress and states all across the country. They have no power. Dingy Harry Reid killed the filibuster so they can't even slow down President Elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks, and later Federal judges. They see the country turning out to cheer him. The economy is already recovering. The military morale is improving. Obama is out there like a whiny little child who just got locked out of the clubhouse. They will get more and more desperate as they realize America is ignoring them. So it will only get worse.

So here's a parting visual for you. The toilet has been flushed and the democrat party is swirling the drain about to go down, so they are grabbing on to the logs floating in there to try to hang on. But the logs are going with them. Think about that one for a while.


  1. Good Grief a new blog right after I posted the good stuff on the other one, Lol I never post any good stuff, Unless I steal it from you or Nunya.

  2. Copy it over Sarge. That's OK you know.

  3. I see over on the urinal Alan the hack says there's "no question" the Rooskies hacked...well....something.

    Funny, but he's one of the same guys who opposes any kind of voter ID or voter integrity issues, and they always make the same claim, that there's just no evidence of voter fraud, despite thousands of cases of it.

    So now suddenly based on rumors from third parties we're supposed to overturn an election (that they lost) because, well....hacking.

    I swear, these guys must lay awake at night thinking this crap up. It just gets funnier and funnier, doesn't it?

  4. And of course Alan is the guy who always has the unhinged rants about "big money in politics" which translated from liberalspeak means democrat big money is just fine and dandy but Republicans should not be allowed to do the same.

    Wonder why we haven't heard the explanation from the left as to why hillary spent $1.2 billion and lost and President Elect Donald Trump spent half that much and won.

    I thought big money was buying elections. That's sure odd, isn't it?

  5. For me it's difficult sometimes to convey in writing exactly what I am trying to get across. Both Safe and Kevin do an excellent job with words. Kudos to them.

    Now, speaking to Safe's point....
    The left will use any tactic. And at times they are creative. They created fake news, and have now turned the tables on the right with the tactic.

    I wouldn't want to be inaccurate so I won't exactly say who or where the pizza shop story was derived from. It in its self is a little kooky. But, I will say that "pizzagate" actually started from wiki and Podesta emails.

    The "pizza" were children. Flavors and ingredients were assigned to different sexes and nationalities. A woman was actually caught in Haiti trying to smuggle children out to most likely be used in the "Lolita express". The Clinton Foundation actually made sure this woman avoided prosecution.
    Appalling, right?

    But where things get a little greasy is how the left turns this into a big conspiracy involving a pizza shop that was supposedly the hub of the activity. And by pushing the story of the pizza shop, those of us "awake" are discredited by even referencing the actual happenings divulged through wiki. They simply added a fake spin to a real story to bury in Internet conspiracy. Actually pretty creative if you ask me.

    My point is this. Fake news is the tactic to discredit real news. By adding some "kookiness" the whole truth gets vaporized. Example: More facts about the Lolita express and the debauchery are hidden because of the crazy addition of some poor guy running a pizza shop was the mastermind.
    Wiki gave us facts and proof, but the left twisted it and ruined any public consumption of the truth.

    Nothing changes the fact that Epstein and Clinton have been implicated in smuggling children for sex, in my eyes. Not even some pizza shop.
    And it shouldn't for you either.

    I have provided no links intentionally. If interested you can find the info.

    Later peeps, catch ya on the flip...

  6. Podesta the criminal has jumped in the Rooskie hoax now, throwing gas on the fire. Now some 55 electors are demanding a briefing on the fake rooskie hack of something, nobody knows what, but something. The fact almost all of these morons are already pledged democrat votes for hillary tells you what you need to know about this.

    So this podesta creep thinks our electoral system is endangered by the rooskies hacking something. Of course this is the guy who paying thugs to go to Trump rallies and pretend to be Trump supporters to agitate violence. I believe the term is agitprop from the old rooskies who first did this.

    So this criminal who paid rioters, who hired agitprops following the old Soviet practice now is all concerned about our electoral process.

    The guy who ran arguably the most unlawful, devious, misleading and lie filled campaign in American history and still lost is suddenly all concerned about the process.

    This just gets worse folks.

    These people won't rest until they have destroyed America as we know and love her.

    I'll tell you this. You want a civil war, this is how you get a civil war.

  7. Gone Phishing!!!!

    Podesta was stupid enough to lose his own social media accounts to simple Phishing. And this is the guy worried about Russia? He's an idiot. And Safe's right about him. He's a piece of crap, hanging on to a piece of crap while being flushed down the toilet.

    Here's another thought. Podesta is so ignorant he wants electoral voters to get a security briefing. Yea, let's expose high level security info to people with no security clearance. Another idiotic move.
    This guy is so old(no offense folks) he can't even operate his twitter or email without exposing risk. He is not tech savvy, and has the gall to scream "hackers". It was funny seeing his twitter tweet support for Trump in October. Those ol boys on 4chan,now 8chan ate him up. Good stuff.

    Podesta opening his mouth should be indication of fake news. Lips moving, means lies coming.
    He just need to suck it up, and fall down the drain...

  8. Hammertime No offense taken. I think. Lol

  9. All these allegations from the left of...well...EVERYTHING?

    They know that not one SINGLE one can derail things, because nothing has been proven to have affected the outcome. Something I haven't heard about, but wondered:

    What they MAY be doing (?) (conspiracy theory alert...wouldn't put it past them IF it's possible) is 'stacking the firewood'. Get ALL this crap together, put it on a huge pile (and try to keep gathering even more nonsense, JUST to cast doubt, and then right before the transfer of power, throw gas and a match on the whole bonfire.

    Force it to litigation, suspending the inauguration.

    If they can suspend that, and if the "Electoral College results" are in doubt, and they bring it to a Supreme Court fight, Obama may have a few more months, for "continuance of governance in a crisis". The 12th Amendment spells out the circumstances for several scenarios for the electoral college votes to be counted and certified.

    "The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice."

    BUT, if the Electoral College results, themselves, are the subject of scrutinty (by casting all these allegations of fraud, meddling, etc.) then obviously, none of that matters.

    This next:

    "And if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in the case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President-The person having the greatest number of votes as Vice-President, shall be the Vice-President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed, and if no person have a majority, then from the two highest numbers on the list, the Senate shall choose the Vice-President; a quorum for the purpose shall consist of two-thirds of the whole number of Senators, and a majority of the whole number shall be necessary to a choice."

    What that MAY mean (if no President is yet selected by March 4), is that Bumbling Joe Biden then becomes President, and (if 'popular votes' for Vice president is what they mean by "Vice-Presidential" votes), then if Krazy Klown Kaine won more votes, then he may become Vice President.

    Obama would be out then, but the "Evil Machine" would still be rolling, at least until things get sorted out.

    Another point is, IF the entire process is still in litigation, then one would have to assume that the Godless Dems would want the ENTIRE transfer of power suspended, including Congress, because "the hacking/fraud/kitchen-sink crap MAY have ALSO had an effect on the outcomes of THOSE elections!"

    So, in order to have "a working continuance of governance', Congress ALSO doesn't change, until it's all settled. Which could take some time.

    Then, IF something like that is possible, and IF it gots bogged down in a divided Supreme Court, Democrats would be screaming to "FILL THAT VACANCY!! NOW!!!"

    IF that happened, and they installed another anti-American commie, like Ginsburg, then it WILL be "game over".

    And, Hillary might not have won, but neither did Trump. Both might have been pawns in all this, set up from the start, orchestrated by the most evil occupier of the Oval Office, EVER, and his anti-American friends.

    I dunno...possible? Anyone know?

  10. Of course it's possible.

    And the brain dead socialisis like Alan and Batshit would call it "Democracy in Action."

  11. Dunno about that Vice president one. MAY be the greatest number of "electoral votes", and if that followed exactly the Presidential vote, may mean Pence could then be Vice President..?

    BUT, if the entire system is in doubt...would THAT even count?

    It APPEARS that obama, regardless, would have to turn it over to Biden, on that point. BUT, if the other two vice presidential candidates votes are tied up...who THEN becomes Vice President?

    I dunno...SOMETHING dastardly is up with this current administration. I can feel it, and I'm sure you all can, also.

    Does any of that even look at ALL possible?

  12. With these bastards anything's possible.

    What's to stop them?

    Their millions of brain dead followers?

    Their bought and paid for media lap dogs?

    Or our current spineless congress?

    Not a chance in hell...

  13. Well, now the lying scheming commie obama is claiming President Elect Donald Trump knew about, supported and encouraged the rooskie hacking. The rooskie hacking that still hasn't been proven to have happened. The rooskie hacking that the intelligence agencies don't even agree on the scope or intent if it did.

    Anybody remember hillary and her stern face and firm voice denouncing Donald Trump for even suggesting the election might be rigged? Why, it was an attack on democracy itself. The very foundations of our country. It endangered the very existence of our country to even suggest such a thing. Bunch of horseshit just like everything else that ever came out of her mouth.

    Now they are in full on dirty trick mode. Doing anything and everything they can to overturn the vote of the American people.

    I've said it before, but if you want a civil war, this is how you get one.

  14. What's to stop them you ask, my friend?

    The second amendment, that's what. This is exactly why the founders created it. This is exactly why the founders knew Americans needed to remain armed and vigilant against the encroachment of tyranny. Don't forget when they wrote the second amendment they just finished an armed rebellion against their government. And for a lot less than this crap.

    This is third world tin pot dictator stuff. The commies are in power. The people vote them out of power. The commies realize this democracy thing isn't working. What to do? Blow it up. Instill yourselves as the rulers. Destroy the people's ability to overturn it.

    And these shitbirds have the nerve to try to compare Donald Trump to Hitler. Are they truly that stupid? Yes. The answer to that question is yes.

  15. And now they claim to have 50 electors, all democrats except for one lined up wanting to see intelligence reports.

    And with a straight face the talking heads say it's not political.

    This is the closest we've ever come to completely lose our country for good.

    The American people had better pay attention...

  16. The scariest part in all of this is that we have millions of intelligent people who have been so indoctrinated through the public school system and then later in college by communist professors that they cannot recognize the truth even when presented the facts. Sadly PW and I have several nieces and nephews in this group. She is currently working on a paper that discusses how children in many of our public schools are literally being traumatized by the indoctrination process by humanist teachers and professors. (there is high pressure to get and maintain good grades, heck even pass some courses in college where political disagreement with a professor will result in a failing grade). PW and several other of our friends who happen to be psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. believe that children exposed to such indoctrination exhibit the same psychological stress that kidnap (and esp. long term) victims exhibit. (Think Stockholm syndrome) They become so traumatized by their environment that they become sympathetic to their "kidnapers" (the teachers) and even become adherents to the "kidnapers" views. Another effect of the syndrome is cognitive dissonance, which means that the victims of the trauma cannot even recognize reality.

    I told her that what she has written so far is fascinating and I think would easily get published.

  17. By the way, excuse my language. But traitorous seditionists trying to destroy my country get me pretty angry.

  18. Well, it's all over now. Hollywood has thrown it's weight into the sedition movement by making a video of B and C list celebrities promising the faithless electors all their slavish affection and respect if they only violate their state laws and vote against the will of the American people.

    Here is a partial list of the celebrities suggesting the overthrow of America, some of whom you might have actually heard of:

    Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, James Cromwell, BD Wong, Noah Wyle, Freda Payne, Bob Odenkirk, J. Smith Cameron, Michael Urie, Moby, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Christine Lahti, Steven Pasquale, Dominic Fumusa and Emily Tyra.

    List of washed up and never was actors who are mostly invisible and who are desperate for any kind of attention and willing to sell their souls for a scrap of public acknowledgement.

    Pathetic on so many levels.....

  19. Dennis, let us know when she's finished with her project. I'm sure we'd all like to read it.

    Also if she's interested I'd like to post it on that other website as well...

  20. Funny thing, with all the talk of California and other democrat strongholds now of secession from the Union because of the election of Donald Trump.

    Were you all aware that in 1860 South Carolina was the first state to declare it intended to secede from the Union. Wonder why they did that, anyway?

    Well, it was because of the election Abraham Lincoln. The democrats at that time decided the election of Abraham Lincoln was so radical an imposition on them as to warrant dissolution of the Union.

    Thornwell said this:

    "The parties in the conflict are not merely abolitionists and slaveholders. They are atheists, socialists, communists, red republicans, Jacobins on the one side, and friends of order and regulated freedom on the other. In one word, the world is the battleground – Christianity and Atheism the combatants; and the progress of humanity at stake."

    Bear in mind he was a pro slavery democrat.

    Seems like some things never change, do they? History just repeats itself.

  21. Remember folks this is Christmas time, we should cheer the Liberals for being a special kind of stupid.


    Did Kerry actually say something intelligent?
    I'll be a son of a gun....

  23. Here we have the Pravda-Urinal "Fake News" site running a piece on the Obama Crime Syndicate's latest fantasies, and announcing that Don Obama will make an announcement today:

    This will POSSIBLY be yet another chess move by the treasonous, anti-American criminals in the White House and DNC, moving closer and closer to what they hope will be some kind of checkmate, their final goal to suspend the inauguration, prolong Obama's reign of terror for a few months, install Biden, deligitimize ALL the election (including congresspeople), drag things out, and install a far-left commie, America-hating, everything-ist Supreme Court justice, the likes of Ginsburg.

    Pay careful attention to what nonsense comes out of Obama's mouth today. There will be clues.

    Mark my words.

  24. Not me Kevin, that is why I don't have any material to post over at the other one. Damn it!

  25. Obama bitch says we are entering a time of hopelessness....

    Nope. I don't think so. Not at all.
    She just says that because we ain't paying for the trips to Hawaii anymore.
    Too bad.
    So sad.

    1. Any more trips to Hawaii after the next one, that is....

  26. Sorry I didn't get a new post up today. Daughter is coming with the grandson home from LA tomorrow. Been overly busy getting ready. Short notice so we weren't prepared.

    Be spending a few days entertaining a two year old so I'll probably be a ghost around here.

  27. Family first SSAH, that is the bottom line Hear Me!

  28. Nothing to apologize for, Safe.

    I was just worried something had happened...

  29. Don't worry you all, you are not alone, I am still here.

  30. Out with the grandson. Imagine being two years old and living your whole life in Southern California and experiencing this weather. What a trip!