Wednesday, December 7, 2016

And the "Biggest Piece of Crap of the Year Award" goes to Some Leftist Puke Named Coleman Bonner...


Yes, I know I'm running late.

Stupid computer anyway,

Anyway, let's just skip all the bullshit and get right to it, shall we?

I came across a story last night I thought you guys might be interested in.

Evidently some left-wing internet troll named Coleman Bonner decided it would be a good idea to run his mouth about one of worst wildfires in Tennessee's history on his Facebook page.

Keep in mind his disgusting rant was posted after 17,000 acres had been laid to waste.

After 14,000 people had been evacuated.

After 1,700 structures had been burned to the ground.

And after 14 people had lost their lives.

Here goes.

"Funny story. I was recently in Gatlinburg. Had a terrible time. I felt the place was a cesspool of consumerism and a bastion of the worst aspect of southern culture. Turns out a wildfire just burned most of the town to the ground. Good riddance, Gatlinburg. And good luck you mouth-breathin', toothless, diabetic, cousin-humpin', Mountain-Dew chuggin', Moon-Pie munchin', pall-mall smoking, Trump suckin' pond scum. (Chuckles and smiles like the liberal elitist I am.")

Unfortunately for our little internet tough guy the company he worked for Express Oil Change and Tire Engineers isn't owned by a bunch of liberal pukes and fired his ass as soon as they heard about it.

Good riddance you piece of unemployed shit...


Kevin McGinty


  1. This cute little liberal should have to go back to Gatlinburg and help clean up.
    Instead he will probably go back to Frisco and tromp through the shit from the homeless strewn about all the sidewalks. From his people, I might add.
    I hope his Facebook and Twitter prevent him from getting a good job.

  2. Better late than never Kevin, I have been busy to day on e-bay looking for a 4 burner propane stove for the summit so we don't have to carry but one small grill, like Travis has, Just got to be prepared, found some nice ones. Got it under control, it will also go good in my survival gear.

  3. Well pretty easy to tell why his name is BONNER He likes those Bones. I got one for him, a nice cold Bud bottle right up where he gets his Bonner.

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  5. I am hanging in there Sargejr. Not enjoying this cold weather. Guess I should have got me a bed warmer before it got cold and all the phat girls got them. Oh well old heifers always survive. Just trying to keep up on the p c. Multi tasking isn't one of my better known qualities as some of you may have seen. Well ever one stay warm and safe.

  6. Always good to hear from you, Sara.

    Take care of yourself and clear your calendar for the third month of May.

    We have a whole lot of people wanting to meet you and that crazy brother of yours...

  7. Sara don't panic, Kevin ment the 3rd week in May hahhahaha

  8. I posted this on CJ and they removed it.

    Hillary Clinton’s night on the 9th of November went from a celebration to an absolute meltdown once the election unexpectedly turned on her, leaving Trump as the victor. Some of the remnants of Hillary Clinton’s rampage in the private VIP area was discovered by the hotel custodial staff the day following the election.

    Hillary Clinton’s post election celebration plans included hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks, live performances by various celebrities, such as Cher, who came believing that Hillary was going to win the election, a five-hundred-thousand-dollar special effect glass ceiling that she would break through in a dramatic display once she walked out on stage at her H.Q., among millions of dollars worth of other celebratory preparations, all paid for by the Clinton Foundation in full.

    The most notable damage was located deep in the VIP room of the Clinton camp. A custom 150 inch ultra HD TV, a gift from the Saudi Arabian government, was found with a broken screen. The damage was caused by a $950,000 bottle of champagne that was believed to have been thrown at the screen by the former presidential candidate some time during the election.

    Early in the morning, the custodial staff were greeted by flipped-over tables as the floors were covered with expensive food, drinks, and appetizers. Broken champagne flutes and gilded silverware were also seen scattered around the would-be party room.

    The most telling sign of a massive meltdown was the cake. The pastry that had once proudly displayed the presidential seal, was violently flung against the walls in chunks. A broken topper from the cake in the shape of the white house was discovered lodged firmly into the drywall near the dessert table.

    Clinton’s splurge on party supplies was merely an echo of all the left-leaning polls and hype that "confirmed" Hillary Clinton's indubitable win. Misled by just about every prediction, Hillary Clinton personally planned one big party for her assumed victory. Once it became clear that it would not be Clinton's night, however, the mood of the party soured rapidly.

    A former staffer, who was fired during the rampage, said that the atmosphere around Clinton went from "queen of the hour" to "the girl who was dumped on prom night" in only a few moments.

  9. Again, it's just fine and dandy for left-wing jerks to be the Aholes they are, but if a conservative does the same they are racist, sexist, ignorant bastards who should be shot on sight. The left is the largest group of (un)organized hypocrites. What a bunch of (choose your own descriptive noun).

    It's not cute. It's not informative. It's nothing but stupidity born out of hate.

    Kevin, I don't know where you find all of these idiots, but we need to call them out and teach them their behavior is unacceptable. This goes for the idiots on the right who do the same thing. And they ask, "Why can't we all get along?" The answer is, "Because you keep doing stupid stuff!"

    Good morning. Hope everyone stays warm and has a great day! Anyone going to the Chiefs' game? I'm going to enjoy it from the comfort of my recliner. And Sarge will have a cold one for me.

  10. PK, got you covered on the game tonight, don't be surprise if you go to bed a little light headed. Lol

  11. I'm loving these cabinet picks by President Elect Donald Trump. Not only are they great picks but it is driving the lyin left to the point of exploding heads.

    I'm really tired of hearing from them on all the reasons they don't like his picks. They wouldn't like any pick he made. They won't like anything he does. They hate him and all of us. So my question for them is.....

    Am I supposed to give a shit what you think?

    No. The answer to that question is no.

    I don't care if they like it or not. I don't care if they agree or not. I frankly don't care what they do.

    As for common ground, for eight years they've preached "common ground" which to them means completely abandon your position, accept theirs and that's what they call common ground.

    A real military man in charge of Defense. A heart breakin life takin United States Marine. Exactly who we need to undo years of social experimentation like putting sexual perverts in the middle of the military and putting social justice snowflakes in positions of leadership.

    An honest man in charge of the EPA, who isn't afraid to call out the climate change hoax for what it is, the biggest con job in the history of this country, done to advance the lyin liberal cause of destroying America while enriching a chosen few. Turn that agency upside down and shake it until all the lyin liberals fall out and scatter like the filthy cockroaches they are.

    A leader of the Dept of Education who believes in education. Who doesn't believe the educational system belongs to the lyin liberals to be used to indoctrinate our children and train them to be loyal little commies.

    Good stuff so far. And the liberals are shrieking and stomping their feet and waving their little hands in the air like the pack of spitlicking mutts they are. I love it. They enjoyed screwing us for eight years by packing the government with lying liberal party aparachiks and laughed about it. Well, welcome to the revolution.

    Now sit down, shut up and get out of the way. We've got work to do fixing all the damage you did.

  12. It's already happening folks. How about this from the CEO of US Steel:

    "United States Steel would like to accelerate its investments and hire back laid-off employees now that Donald Trump will be occupying the Oval Office, CEO Mario Longhi told CNBC on Wednesday.

    "We already structured to do some things, but when you see in the near future improvement to the tax laws, improvements to regulation, those two things by themselves may be a significant driver to what we're going to do," he said in an interview with CNBC's "Power Lunch."

    In addition, the belief that the U.S. economy can grow at least 3.5 percent also adds to what the company can do, Longhi noted.

    "I'd be more than happy to bring back the employees we've been forced to lay off during that depressive period," he said, which could be close to 10,000 jobs."

    Remember when the lyin liberals like Paul Krugman, professional liar and godless left wing hack told us if President Elect Donald Trump won the markets would crash and wouldn't recover for years if at all? I remember.

    Well, the DOW is pushing 20,000 and NASDAQ is pushing 5,000. Some crash you lying pack of fools. President Elect Donald Trump has created more economic progress before he has even taken the oath of office than obama did in eight years. I'm loving it. And just wait, it will only get better friends.

  13. Already Making America Great and he hasn't even been sworn in yet...

  14. Sarge, some people think I'm naturally light headed, and I'm not talking hair color.

    SSAH, could you please tell us how you really feel? LOL You say things much better than I do. I'm glad we have common ground as well as common sense.

  15. So apparently Green Party candidate and professional nutjob Jill Stein thinks the voting machines were tampered with by....wait for it.....people could be walking around with floppy disks and reprogramming the machines.

    She actually said that on Neil Cavuto's show. And this woman wanted to be the President of the United States. And what's worse, she actually had brain dead barely functioning people who voted for her.

    This is just too rich friends. Floppy discs. Reprogramming voting machines with floppy discs. If that was some comedian using that line in his stand up routine it would be funny. But to think this is coming from someone who was actually considered a serious candidate by a bunch of Americans is frankly pretty scary.

    But then, this is the lyin left. So what else would you expect from this bunch.

  16. And the best thing about Trumps picks is that thanks to Harry Reid and his extremely short sighted Nuclear Option there's nothing the dems can do to stop it.

    They were so sure they'd always be in power.

    What a bunch of dopes...

  17. I think my favorite part about this is that the democrats blew up the filibuster so they could ram through all of obama's appointments. I wonder if they are smart enough to know just how stupid that was. Dingy Harry Reid was quite proud of it at the time, rubbing the Republicans nose in it.

    Now there's not a damn thing they can do to stop President Elect Donald Trump from appointing whoever he wants. Cabinet, federal judges and all.

    I remember trying to explain to our thick headed lyin liberal friends how stupid it was to hand all this power to a president. That there might come a time they would regret it. But they are so ignorant they couldn't picture a time when they wouldn't have the presidency.

    Even after a steady flow of defeats. They lost the Senate. They lost the House. They lost State governments, Governors and Legislatures in a steady and growing number. They still weren't able to read the signs. And they still aren't from what I can see. Which is fine. Keep doing what cost you all you power in the last eight years. Just keep it up. It's working great. FOR US!!!

  18. I've been thinking . . .

    Instead of trying to get them to understand, let's just move forward and get things done. If they won't get moving with us, we need to go on without them. I don't think we can do anything to persuade most of them, so why spin tires trying to convince them when we can make real progress making America great?

  19. John Glenn dead at 95, RIP John, May God watch over you.

  20. Lock him up!

    All 17 US spy agencies say Putin interfered in the election and Trump's still lying out his ass about it.

    Lock the piece of shit up!

  21. You got a link for that or are you just talking out your ass again?

  22. You talkn' ta me?

    I always have a link and you damn well know it.

    1. Oh Its ole Jackoff Jakey How you been? Hows that disease thing going for you? Ever get it under control? If you would quit hanging in Ole Battshit's ass u wouldn't catch that stuff. Of course you and ole gimmie both takes your turns with him. Maybe you could clean up and get some medical treatment before the next summit.

  23. Lyin liberals. That's complete bull crap.

  24. Kevin he doesn't have any ass, his mouth is his ass.

  25. NPR? That's your source? Now that's funny I don't care who you are!

    Hint. Never click on a link from jack. Not a trusted source.

  26. Here's the deal.

    I couldn't care less about his link.

    It was a test to see how his training is progressing and for a change he did alright.

    Attaboy, troll. You'll make a good circus monkey yet...

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  28. Oh good Grief, Asshole at least wait till he is in office before you show how stupid your raggedy ass is.

  29. Too late Sarge. He was born that way.

  30. What's he do, shit on the floor again?

  31. Yup. Flat out violated our terms of service. And that's how we roll. We're tough but fair.

    Rules are rules.

  32. You're getting him trained but sometimes they still need a swat on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

  33. I tell ya, good circus monkeys are getting harder to find all the time...

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  35. It looks like that Guy Gary Hanson over on cj got booted Imagine that.

  36. I take that back, I just seen him post.