Sunday, December 4, 2016

I've Had Enough of Their Bullshit...

Quote of the day:

"Moving on doesn't mean you've forgotten about things. It means you have to accept what happened and continue living."

Author Unknown.

Believe it or not I've tried not to rub winning this election into the faces of those misguided souls who voted for Hillary Clinton.


Because I know all too well how it feels to be on the losing side of one of these things.

We all do.

But here's the deal.

We tried to warn them.

But they just wouldn't stop pushing.

They wouldn't stop with the non-stop attacks and name calling.

The attacks against Christians has been a sight to behold.

The attacks against white people simply because they're white has been relentless.

Somehow or another anyone who supports traditional marriage is an extremist which must be destroyed.

Speaking out against the brutal murder of unborn babies makes you a monster.

Objecting to our daughters and grand daughters being forced to shower with sexual perverts of the opposite sex gets you labeled a bigot.

We tried to warn them we didn't want their Obamacare.

They did it anyway.

We tried telling them we wanted the border secured.

They flooded the country with illegal aliens.

We told them we were worried that Islamic terrorists would infiltrate their Syrian refugee program.

They called us racist Islamophobic bigots, told us to shut up and brought in thousands anyway.

We told them America needs jobs.

They told us the best they could do was to raise the minimum wage.

These attacks aren't just coming from your every day run of the mill, brain-dead liberals either.

They're coming from the leaders of the democrat party.

They're coming from the talking heads and so-called experts in what passes as today's mainstream media.

You'd think the way Trump humiliated them in the election they'd knock it off.


If anything they've just gotten worse.

I'm no longer interested in trying to reason with them.

And I don't give a damn about their delicate little feelings.

It's time to start treating them like the irrelevant pieces of shit they've proved themselves to be.

From here on out they just need to sit their asses down and shut up.

We won.

Get the hell over it...


Kevin McGinty


  1. Well, I was working on a FB page to get on the Urinal, but not sure I even want to.

    Their new webpage is so funked-up, it's ridiculous. You can tell clueless liberals run it. They offer little upfront, but keep wanting "More", "More", "More" just to find anything on that crappy site! Hit "More (whatever)", and it loads up just a TAD BIT "More".

    I think they did that on purpose. Wanna know why?

    "Click count", for their advertisers.

    "LOOK!!! We are averaging xxxxx clicks a day!!!"

    What a pathetic bunch of conniving retards over there!

    Leftist, lying morons, tying their own nooses.

    And, I see the hater liberals are still allowed to break all the "Rules of Civility" over there. Good thing Batshit is an official distributor of personal lube products, so he can have plenty of free samples (say...a case a week) when he P.A.L.s around, and engages with all the Urinal "staff", huh?

    Anyway...time for work. Keep up the good fight! Drive'em even more insane than they already are!

  2. I have no problem rubbing their face's in it Kevin, besides it the shit will mix well with the egg on their faces.

  3. Interesting observation over the weekend. Now that Fidel Castro has assumed room temperature it has been interesting to observe the reactions from the left.

    I remember when the likes of Oliver Stone, Sean Penn and big fat tub of goo Michael Moore gushed and raved about what a wonderful guy Castro was. Literacy rate, they said. Free health care they said.

    No mention of the hundred thousand or so people he murdered in his purge of all opposition. Of the prisons full of those who would dare dissent. Of his purge of gays. Of his enormous wealth accumulated while his people starved. But they can all read!!!

    I've always wondered why they love dictators and people like Castro but heap scorn on American citizens who disagree with them. Attacking us in the most vile and hateful ways imaginable.

    They love a Cuban dictator who murders thousands and hate their fellow citizens.

    So why this weird love for these dictators? Castro, Chavez etc. Well, pretty simple really. These dictators think exactly like our liberal elitist friends. They hate America. They love tyranny. They hate people being able to express their opposition to their tyranny. They love being able to crush those who would dare oppose them in any way.

    In short, they hate America and all the rest of us care about. The liberals and the tyrants all seek the same goal. An imaginary Socialist liberal utopia where a select few grow enormously wealthy while the rest of us contribute all we earn to their lifestyle. It's the mastermind theory. A few people who consider themselves smarter than the rest of us make our decisions for us. See, if we are left to our own decisions, we will probably make the wrong ones in their eyes. So, don't take that chance.

    Now the difference is, this is America. We have a long history of throwing off tyrants and totalitarians. And now we just did, again. The liberal utopia was well under way, and our little revolution stopped that dead.

    Kevin listed all the examples of the totalitarian central planning dream the commies were implementing so well in his blog. And that's just part of it. If allowed to continue unchecked, it would have only gotten worse.

    You know why that type of power hungry madness fails in America but works elsewhere? The second amendment. Simple as that. When you have a weak hungry population that can't defend themselves, they are easy to control. That's not us, folks. And they know it.

    So they try to accomplish with lies and hateful rhetoric what their dictator friends accomplish with guns and gulags. But America may be slow to catch on sometimes, but catch on they do. And we have just witnessed a non violent revolution.

    Viva la Trump!!!

  4. And I forgot to mention the black lies terrorists group has openly expressed their love and respect for Castro. Why you wonder? Because he sheltered cop killers. There are several who fled to Cuba and are living there without fear of extradition.

    Another reason why we should have kept the sanctions in place, and kept the pressure on this little commie empire until they at least coughed up the cop killers.

    And guess what? That just might happen. No more commie loving cop hating president. Let's hope President Elect Donald Trump takes action on this embarrassment.

  5. Well, reading over at cj I see we have a few fighting for Hillary, now talk about being uninformed, I am almost feeling sorry for their sorry asses. But I am moving on to greener pastures.

  6. I see the godless liberal defending the black lies matters terrorist group in their praise of Castro over on the urinal.

    So he says one guy doesn't define a movement, right? The praise for Castro came from the Black Lives Matters account on, which has 12,600 followers.

    It is common for domestic terrorist groups like the black lies terrorist group to claim to have no "single leader". This is the lesson learned from the domestic terrorists from the sixties. When you claim to have no "single leader" then you never have to be held accountable as a group for anything anybody does in the name of your group. It was just the action of one person, blah blah blah.

    Funny though, every time somebody who could be even falsely accused of being connected to the TEA party the godless left railed and ranted about how the entire TEA party was racist. Odd how that suddenly changed.

    So that defense is hollow and meaningless. Next point.

    When a group openly calls for the murder of police officers and the overthrow of our civil society, using violence, demonstrations, vandalism and terrorist language to promote their un-American agenda, they are a domestic terrorist group. Simple as that.

    If it walks like a terrorist, and it talks like a terrorist, it's a terrorist.

    And as for the commie loving police hating president, well, that's pretty self explanatory. He was the one who praised Castro and shut down the sanctions and visited there. A country who still imprisons it's citizens for opposing the government. Who still is under the strict rule of communist oppression, controlled completely by a ruthless dictator named Castro. So yeah, he seems to have a fondness for commies, as does his party who almost ran a commie for president.

    And as for him hating the police, after all he did invite the black lies terrorist group to the white house, heaping praise on them for their actions which include calling for and actually murdering police officers.

    So I think the label commie loving police hating fits him pretty well. And I'm really glad we have a President Elect who will support our police instead of those who want to murder them.

  7. Just read Alan on the urinal. Now he imagines he is Jesus, asking God to forgive us "because they know not what they do".

    Now I've always known he was pretty nutty, but this takes the cake. This guy is one strange cat.

    I'm glad there are people like him posting actually. So the rest of us can see just how crazy the godless left has become. And that's pretty crazy.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Come on Jakey-Wakey, answer this one for your ol' buddy and pal, The Remf - which one of those am I? Feel free to assign several to me, but if you do, please say which one MOST describes me.

      This ought to be good.

  9. Well gee, anonymous...
    Does my mullet, tats, and jacked up truck qualify me?
    Great piece of trash from salon, btw.
    And of course Trump never got the skilled worker or educated guy's vote, huh?
    You are as always, disconnected and out of touch.
    Imagine that....

    1. Salon sounds like an extremist site? Don't ya think....???

  10. Replies
    1. Okay all is working fine now, Thanks for the standby. OH and SSAH That Alan you were taking about is just a nut case.

  11. We'll Hammer, what do you expect from a godless spitlicker like him? Rational thought? Hardly. Old st Jack always love posting those links to some godless left wing subversive America hating website, doesn't he?

    So are we supposed to do anything but laugh? You suppose he thinks that excrement has any impact around here? That's rich.

    #Making America Great Again

  12. Now Jackie, you get back under that porch with the rest of the curs. And you tell em Trump's coming. And America's coming with him!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Hey Jackie, I've seen Hammer in his jacked up truck. What a sight. Big chrome stacks belching black diesel smoke, tires as tall as a car, blasting Kid Rock at 120db, mullet blowing in the wind. Dead coyote tied to the grill. Roaring down the road throwing empty beer bottles in the air out the window and blasting them with his magnum.

    And I didn't even know they made gun racks to hold 12 rifles. Impressive. Shotguns, rifles and assault rifles.

    What a sight Jackie. Bet you'd crap yourself if you ever crossed his path.

  15. Trump Has just gotten another 50K jobs from a Japaneses Investor for in this country, Good Grief he hasn't even taken office yet. A man on the move!!!

  16. Lol... Really it's alright.
    Jackie just hates America, and Hammer embraces it. That's why I succeed and flourish.

    And speaking of flourishing, sarge is correct. Getting another jolt in the economy from softbank. Another Trump success fifty or so days before he takes office. Its possible that Trump can do more positive than Obama has done, even before Trump takes office. That's devastating to a legacy. Especially since Obama has claimed Trump can't do it, not prepared, wrong temperment....
    All false.
    It's funny though, while draining the swamp we may very well drain the fuhrer Obama’s legacy.
    I say good.
    Job well done.
    And it hasn't even started....

  17. Hammertime, you got that right we are moving on and taking no prisoner.

  18. Well I finally went and bit the bullet. I now am on FB So if I send you a request you will know it me.

  19. Good Skipper, I been messing around so much, look here I lost my avatar , don't have clue on how or how to get it back, Good Grief.

  20. He should be grateful for the time his comments were allowed to stay up.

  21. The only reason Safe and I allowed it in the first place is that we realize being a troll is all he has left.

    It's sad really...

  22. Ya but you give them stupid son's of bitches a inch and they will steal a mile, feeling sorry for them days are over.

  23. Buttstash gives his Urinal buddies an inch, all the time!

    I see Kev and Safe put out an "invitation photo" on the page, with Hammer and Sarge, to the misguided liberals to join us all at next Summit,even though the delicate little pansies may intimidate us with their superior "air(head) power"!!

    Not much to bother with at the Pravda-Urinal. I may go one "More..." in, but that's it on their new crappy "click-bait to generate more phony traffic" shatty website.

    I did find an AP (Associated Progressives) blurb about a Lawrence middle school teacher resigning over "alleged racist remarks", but Googling turned up nothing about what those "alleged remarks" were. Searched the Lawrence Pravda edition (LJW...which I assume stands for "Liberals Just Whining"), and found nothing there to indicate just what was uttered that could have been absolutely proven and verified.

    Oh well, no need for "facts" or context, when you run "Fake News Sites" like CJ Online and LJW, huh? It's the progressive message that's important, and not facts or information.

    We have a snowflake at work...a big, bad, fat, lazy union steward, who puts on his headphones everytime I go over to the other side of the room and mention something to a couple other guys like "Hey, guys...Trump isn't even president, and he just created 50,000 jobs in one day! Obama became president, and NOBODY hired for YEARS, and the only ones who did were crappy low-wage jobs!!! We're gonna be GREAT AGAIN! Ha-haaaa!"

    Yeah, the poor guy has been wearing his "reality averters" quite a lot for a month, now. We were thinking of leaving some coloring books on his bench. ~~~~~sniffle, sniffle~~~~

    Then, we reconsidered. Being a dedicated union leader, we figured he might demand a coloring book for EVERY employee, since..y'know...just like any good socialist/communist regime...ALL workers should have exactly the same pay and benefits despite abilities, performance, etc. So, we figured we didn't want to buy HUNDREDS of coloring books...because...y' NOT do so..."It's just not FAAAA-ha-haaaaair!!!"

  24. Anyone watch Trump last night?

    Says some good things. Gives reasonable, hard-working, taxpaying, God- and Constitution-loving, THINKING people "hope" for REAL....POSITIVE...."Change"....instead of the degradation of our society into hopeless socialism, class warfare, greater descent into pure immorality and ever-greater divisiveness that spurs racism, hatred, violence, destruction, more poverty and we've just endured for a grueling 8 years from an administration bent on destroying America from within AND without, led by an evil, conniving despot, the likes of which this country has never before endured, in the totality of his agenda, the dishonesty of his gang of thugs, and his arrogant, megalomaniac "god complex"...intent on doing as much destruction as possible to this country during his terroristic, treasonous reign.

    January 20 can't come soon enough. As predicted, they'll keep trying ANYTHING to avert a Trump presidency (Jill "Franken" Stein), and Emperor O still has a month and half to try more evil, dastardly crap. You can bet your bottom dollar they are plotting more crap, at this very moment. That's just who these bottom-feeders are, and how pure evil works! Do NOT let down your guard! It ain't a done deal, until January 20!

    OH...and Batsy, Jacko, Lunn and the rest...they can hop aboard the train...but they have to ride...not in the back of a passenger car...but in the coal cars. They can make themselves useful, and contribute to society by shoveling out the bottom of the cars (once we get the coal industry back up to speed, and put people back to work...THANKS union members, for voting away the Shrill and helping to keep YOUR JOBS), instead of always just shoveling out their manure. It's actually a "promotion"!

  25. Great picture of Hammer and Sarge. That should show the godless liberal trolls they are welcome at our gathering for sure.

    Just heard obama giving a speech. Looks like he is shifting into full community agitator mode. Guess we know what he's going to do when he retires. Unlike every other President in our history who acted with grace and dignity and kept in the background to allow the next President the chance to succeed, he is going to continue his agenda to destroy America. I would not have expected any less from a commie loving cop hating seditionist like him.

  26. So should Trump punish sanctuary cities? Hell yes.

    The Civil War started over just such behavior. The Confederate states felt the government was overreaching in passing laws that affected their economic viability in restricting slavery. The government had every right to do so. So the Confederate states decided they did not have to obey or follow laws they felt were wrong. That led to secession and war. Abe Lincoln said you are either part of this union, or you are rebelling against it.

    The cities that refuse to abide by federal law, and the states that allow it are in rebellion against the government of the United States. Simple as that. Either you obey and follow the law, or you are in rebellion.

    Funny thing, it was the democrats who rebelled then as well. Seems this democrat party is quite seditious in it's very core, isn't it?

  27. Here's something interesting. Shows how things never really change. General William T Sherman, of the famed Sherman's march to the sea at the end of the Civil War had this to say about the press at the time:

    “The American press is a shame and a reproach to a civilized people. When a man is too lazy to work and too cowardly to steal, he becomes an editor and manufactures public opinion.”

    "I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are."

    "If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast."

    Guess the press hasn't changed much in 150 years, has it?

  28. Just shows that the old saying, "The more things change the more they stay the same" still rings true today...

  29. Kevin you talking about me?? Lol

  30. I posted the following on urinal and get a message that basically said it would be reviewed before posting. What a crock, I hardly ever go there anyway. Liberal are kind of like little snowflakes, one or two aren't bad, but you get too many wet snowflakes and the roof can collapse, I think the American roof is bowing. Well below is what I tried to post on CJ.

    Double their wages! Look they went into the job knowing the salary, so suck it up and sleep in the bed you made! Any wage increase should be for only new people on the job, not those who came in at the salary knowing full well what they were accepting- especially doubling! I guess if they wanted the same raise say as a state employee or social security, I would say fine.

  31. Bud Fuller, It that was a green banner saying that it is under moderation, that is telling you that you are not on CJ anymore, You have to work like hell to get back logged in. Take it from me I went though it, took me 3 days.

  32. After that I went to the Bill Self article and made a comment and it went fine.

    I don't really care that much, actually find it amusing.

  33. I hear that Bud, I only went over there at all was just to even things out a little.

  34. I say the more the merrier, you can't let one side only have their say of things. Well aboard here and over there.

  35. SSAH, Calif is now sending a Bill to Jerry the idiot Brown who is going to sign it, making California into a Sanctuary State, How will the Feds handle this Mess?

  36. Fine with me. Be a sanctuary. Ignore federal law.
    But no food stamp money, no highway money, no bridge to nowhere money, no federal dollars whatsoever.
    And if states can ignore federal law, then lets change all state related gun laws to the citizens benefit. That's what I say...
    I'm not Safe, but I think he would agree California is setting a dangerous precedent, and it won't happen. Especially with Trump.

  37. Agree. California is also making noise about secession.

    Probably start with cutting off all federal funds, then proceed with the real action.

    Last time states voted to secede it didn't go well. They voted among themselves to do so, and felt completely justified in doing so. They felt it was legal and constitutional for them to do so. The result was a Civil War which resulted in the death of an estimated 700,000 young men.

    General W.T.Sherman said about the south seceding...."You may as well say, 'That's a valiant flea that dare eat his breakfast on the lip of a lion."

    California has always been crazy. This would be crazy, typical for them. What liberals fail to understand is defiance of federal law is rebellion and cannot be allowed to stand. By allowing this nonsense up to now look what we have.

    If it requires force it needs to be dealt with. Dissolution of the Union is not an acceptable option. And make no mistake, that's what this represents. The people of the Confederacy thought the Federal Government would negotiate a peaceful settlement and allow them to coexist with America. Lincoln said no.

    There are many misunderstandings about why the Civil War happened. It wasn't slavery. It wasn't a fight for states rights. It was rebellion against America. The Confederacy considered it a second revolutionary war. The United States considered it a revolt. War followed. The Confederacy, right or wrong decided it did not have to obey Federal law. The line was drawn. Lincoln said that it would not stand, and it didn't.

    That flea having his breakfast better be aware that's a dangerous place to be.

  38. And that wall can run up the Arizona Nevada border just as easily. When Californians find they need a visa to enter their former country that might make it tough to do business. No trucks, trains, planes or ships in or out.

    And I bet President Elect Donald Trump won't negotiate a friendly trade deal with California under those circumstances.

  39. New blog finally up and running...

  40. Wow, the dow is just screaming right now. Gonna get an interest rate increase. Private pensions can now start to recoup. Pretty solid stuff.

    See what happens when you drain the fuhrers legacy?

    And this would only be just a warm up...

    It's time to MAGA!

  41. They would have a rough time if they had to depend on their own resources like electricity and water. Cut them off and let the perverts take care of themselves.