Thursday, January 5, 2017

Free For All Friday...

Well boys and girls, just like that another week has come and gone.

It's Friday and it's you day.

Before I get out of here though I do have a couple of thoughts I'd like to share.

Two weeks from today we can finally say goodbye to the worst president this country has ever had.

The problem though is wondering just how much more damage that bastard can do between now and then.

In just the last couple of weeks he's stabbed the only true ally we have in the Middle East, Israel.

With the help of a compliant media he's ratcheted up the same hatred for Russia that he has for whites ever since the first day he took office.

And now he's sent troops to the Russian border.

God help us get through these next two weeks before he can something that pushes us and the world past the point of no return...


Kevin McGinty


  1. Does this blog honor freedom of speech?

    1. Absolutely...

      Well, unless your name happens to be Batshit.

      Yhen in that case you can kiss my ass...

  2. And he is not moving. I just hope we don't have to see his face. I wish he would move out of the country. The least he could do would be to move back to Chicago. He fits in with all the other thugs that run that city.

  3. Morning Rose and Kevin, I think if Obama is ignored he would leave, but the media won't do that.

  4. Good morning everyone. Still alive and kickin'! Feeling better, f****** thanks to "medical community". Had to pretty much sweat out infection on my own. Five days fighting post-op infection, starting Saturday afternoon. Sunday REALLY bad, but figured Monday, call Dr. Too long to go into here, but MY docs not available Monday, and through 3 pharmacy 'walk-in clinics', ER, and my own doc AND surgeon (neither who even wanted to deal with me Tuesday), I FINALLY got antibiotics Wednesday morning (my doc calling late Tuesday saying they had lab results finally from ER, and they need me to come in FIRST THING Wednesday!). I broke the 101+ fever, and sweated out MOST of infection Tuesday night. My doc even apologized, and here is what he said:

    "I'm really sorry you had to go through all that. The medical world is a mess the past couple years. Hopefully, soon, they can straighten this all out."

    Yep..."Obamacare". Which brings me to...the Urinal:

    "Though many in the group said improvements are needed to the current system, they didn’t see why it should be scrapped altogether."

    “It’s crazy to reinvent the wheel,” said Roxanne Mettenburg."

    "Reinvent" WHAT "wheel"?!

    Obamacare ain't no smooth-rolling "wheel"! WTF?!!!

    The TWISTED, stripped "lug nuts" behind Obamacare removed all the existing actual lug-nuts on every wheel of the health care vehicle...without even using in the driver's seat...and FLOORED the damned thing!!!It IMMEDIATELY lost ALL it's wheels, didn't go ANYWHERE, and they're still flooring it, trying to completely blow up the freakin' engine!!!

    "Reinvent the wheel"? Are you nuckin' futz, lady?!

    "However if Congress does go forward with a repeal, they want to see a detailed plan of what it will be replaced with."'s my response...(clearing throat)..."uh..hmmm...WE HAVE TO PASS THE BILL TO FIND OUT WHAT IS IN IT!"

    Hmmm...haven't I heard that somewhere, before? Hmmmm....

    "The group also advocated for universal health care and an expansion of Medicaid in Kansas."

    No KIDDING?!! Who'da THUNK IT?!

    Poor Lynn. Had a roomful of morons to endure.

    ON topic: 15 days is still PLENTY of time for that evil anti-American, petulant-spoiled, tantrum-throwing Imam Obama to try something truly-horrifying...and I have no doubt that he is 100% capable of doing so. Watch each others' backs, and let's keep on our toes, folks.

    BY THE WAY! Been a little slow this week, and didn't get to the "Hate Crimes" blog...but left a little something over there, too, this morning. Can't let a blog finish up without having the last word! (It's OK...Kev and Safe! I was just kidding about that "thread killer" thing! You should know that I can poke fun at myself, by now!)

    Have a good Friday, folks.

  5. Well, if I had my say a few friends and I would gladly move the Obama family's items out of the WH, pile em up in the east lawn and have a very large bonfire/party. Then just simply blame it on the Russians.
    Deplorable, isn't it?
    Just think of the moving costs we could save as taxpayers.
    If they like, I would spare Michelle's weaves, because I fully understand the importance of those.
    See, I may seem deplorable but yet I'm culturally sensitive.
    I'm a nice guy.

    Have a wonderful chilly day folks!

  6. Good morning! Kevin, great topic!

    Unlike his predecessors, I'm pretty sure Obama will be a meddling former president. If he does, I hope there will be a reaction that will get through that thick skull of his and he will shut it down. If he will find a cause to support, fine, be vocal about it. However, his causes will just be a continuation of destroying America. I, for one, am glad to see him go.

  7. You're doing a heck of a good job getting comments removed over at that other website, Batshit.

    Here's the deal though.

    Nobody cares anymore.

    Participate trophy coming your way...

  8. So what troll name is buttstash using now? What a loser. Pathetic.

    And when you are attacking our buddy Sarge, and you got the trolls jumping in backing you up, you pretty much know you're on the wrong road. If those are your friends and supporters you're on the wrong side of history as the Marxist soon to be former president likes to say.

    Let's remember who the enemy is here. It's the likes of buttstash. If he's siding with you, you're on the wrong side. Simple as that.

  9. Looks like he has several FB accounts going on. And of course he has his little band of closet queens to fall back on.
    But I really cant understand why some posters on the urinal are so fascinated with some of the posters on here. I that's such a big problem for them as they claim then why dont they just step up and do something instead of sitting in their little corner of the world and crying like a snowflake. But I guess when you lower yourself to the level of their fan club you just have to go with what they give you. Show your Ass and people will think your an Ass.

  10. Horrible shooting at Ft Lauderdale Airport. my husband is traveling from D.C. to Dallas. Usually has a stop in Atlanta then on to DFW. I hope his flight wasn't diverted to Florida because of the weather.

  11. Hi Texas Rose, Is there a way you can contact the airline he's on to find out? Hoping the best for your hubby as he travels homeward. Hugs.

  12. Thanks Rikki. I have called the airlines but all the lines are backed up. I have an app on my home computer that tracks flights. I'll check that for information. He should have been home by now.

  13. Keep us posted Texas Rose.... and we'll keep the situation in prayer. Sending you lots of hugs.


  14. He just called and he has landed. Should be home within the hour. Then off to drink margaritas. My heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones in the horrible shooting. The idiot Obummer hasn't even reached out to authorities in Florida. Heartless fool.

    1. Glad everyone was safe TR. I believe there was ground stop ordered in Ft Lauderdale so it would of kept your family out of harms way. Glad storm didn't derail flight either.

  15. Answer to prayers Texas Rose about your hubby.... I'm very happy for you. Hugs.

  16. Suspicious of the whole shooting situation in Florida. Guns in checked bags is legal. Ammunition is not.
    Either the gestapo TSA agents aren't doing their jobs, or the guy was never on the plane. Something is a foot.

    Few years back, I flew to Vegas with some Leo's. Checked guns and badges were allowed, and I watched as they were required to throw all rounds into a garbage can. True story.

    1. Hey Hammer, just so you know, checked firearms are legal, and as long as the ammo is not in the firearm or magazine for the firearm, and locked in a separate storage container, they can both go in the same checked bag. Trust me, I speak from experience. Traveled to Seattle a few years ago, and told my wife I would not go unless I could take self preservation defensive protection. Took along a sidearm and 50 rounds of ammo. Didn't have any problems when I flew out of MCI. Just had to let the airline know the firearm and ammo was in the bag, and place the appropriate paper work with the firearm and ammo inside the bag that the airline provided. They then told me to step back and wait to see if anyone came out to talk with me, which they did not. I figured they were checking me out on a camera or something.

      Now, when I flew home from the Seattle airport, that was a different story. When you tell the airline, they send you to a different spot where they open your bag and claim that there is powder residue all over the inside of your bag, like you have actually fired the firearm, trying to see how upset and nervous you will get. Didn't work on me, and they sent my bag to the plane and I made it back to MCI without a hitch.

      This issue in Ft Lauderdale, had nothing to do with the rules to take firearms along for people that are not unstable, and are law abiding citizens.

  17. Good grief OBF has been taken over by a bunch of left wing nerds. They are having a closet group therapy hug. Never thought I would see that many back room phony balony's

  18. As I already have stated, hammer is above the fray. And will remain that way. But........

    "As for me, I like to call nasty people names and I like fist fights and mixed martial arts (MMA) too, Something about warm blood rolling down my face gets the adrenaline going."

    "Brock, You are my friend, any day!"

    -Will Loebeck at Cj OBF

    "Thanks Will and back at you.

    Like they say when one door closes another opens. " BM at Cj OBF

    Will is person that clearly is supported by KTT over there now, based on the later comments in the string.

    All I'm going to ask is, KTT who gave you the donkey punch and hurt your feelings? Is there something new that hasn't been, that now is, that really pisses you off? Especially coming from the guy who stressed to ignore people that you didn't want to exchange ideas with? And you support this new entity(that could be trolling you?) of garbage and the threat of violence at a summit?

    You suprised me KTT. I thought better of you. I feel stupid and foolish for it now. I'm feeling let down immensely.
    Not sure this is the guy I spoke to this last May.
    All the luck to ya in all your ventures. Wish only the best for ya, but please don't condone violence. That ain't you. And dude, please make sure you know who your friends are. Picking and knowing who they are can make all the difference.

    Later folks, I think I've posted enough for tonight. It might time to just think for a while. For goodness sake, everyone stay warm! Peace.

    1. Hammer, I really would like to responded to your comment,But I just don't have the words tonight my friend, stay well, never change, be who you are, not what others think you should be.

    2. You know, I met KTT at the first summit, and there was just something I didn't care for. Spoke with him for just a few moments and just decide to keep my distance. That is the best way to handle that kind of person. I could care less what he or anyone else thinks of me or my conservative views, and that was not the place to handle someone like him. It looks as though he is snuggling up with people that will use him and cast him aside when the time comes.

      Sarge, I'm with you, never give up, and never back down. Whatever you said or did to KTT, from what I know of him (just from the few minutes I spoke to him at the first summit)and his smugness, he probably deserved it.

  19. Well, you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    Used to just be the godless left wing trolls always disrupting and stirring up shit. Things change I guess.

    Like they say, don't start nuthin, won't be nuthin.

  20. Sarge, you got lots of friends here and over there too. Just here we don't allow trolls.

    This is a troll free zone. If it flies it dies.

    # I Stand With Sarge

  21. Sarge, I'm here too. Hugs ~ Rikki

    p.s. check your fb inbox.... it should have a notification on the top blue ribbon icon that looks like an envelope.

  22. SSAH, and Rikki, I do know who my friends are and I thank everyone of them, but remember we all error at times, just learn from it is all I can say, but if anyone over plays my error, I am going to fight back. I will adapt, and improvise and damn will over come, can't help it. :)

  23. I have a hug reserved just for you Sarge when we see each other at the Summit

    1. I will be there to except that Rikki, good lord willing. Stay well.

    2. I'll do my part on staying well if you will also. please check your facebook inbox.

      ~hugs Rikki

  24. Well if anyone is up good morning to you. 4 degrees out, good Grief.

  25. g'mornin to you also Sarge...

    yep I know.... Jacob woke me up so he could go outside... he didn't take long and we're back in the house... going to get some more zzzzzzzzzzzzz's though....

  26. Rikki, rest well, I may just do that also, I am fell a lot better, head stuffed up still, but breathing much better.

  27. Rose, I'm glad your husband made it home safe and sound...

  28. From the Urinal, the headline is "definitive" (and, the last word from YOUR most-trusted source, CJ Online. "Trump won because of Putin!")

    What government agencies and other important entities have been hacked by foreign entities during Obama's reign of terror?

    The U.S. electrical grid

    The Pentagon


    Department of Energy

    Federal Election Commission

    U.S. Postal Service

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    Department of Defense


    Office of Personnel Management (in which China obtained sensitive information on 21 million people)

    State Department

    The White House

    Nearly ALL of those could have had truly catastrophic consequences, whether economically, or as a threat to our defenses.

    How LOUD were the Imam Obama caliphate clowns when any of those happened? (Crickets.)

    No...the MOST SCARY thing to THEM, and the one they MOST object the recent alleged Russian hacking around the election...and it's ONLY a big deal NOW, because that bitch who was supposed to star in "Obama III, Transgendered: Fundamental Transformation Complete" lost her role, and the country decided we didn't want that lousy sequel, starring an extremely unklikeable lying wench, since the first two episodes were so horrible!

    Apparently, to the Demoncrats, "the straw that broke Shiek Obama's camels' back" was not all the hacking during his reign that exposed TRULY sensitive information (like Shrillary's server), it was...(the Dems) "OH MY GOD!!!! They hacked stuff that exposes how utterly dishonest and evil we are!!!"

    NOW they're trying to use THEIR lack of cyber-security ALL DURING OBAMA'S 8-year campaign of domestic terror, against Trump? Trump had nothing to do with the past 8 years of incompetence! WHO DID?!

    That's right...OBAMA!!!! The Obama gang of thugs KNEW about all that hacking! To a reasonable person, that means that anyone associated with Obama, or the DNC, should NOT be trusted going forward. They have just PROVEN their complete incompetence, and their objections to try to use this as some form of "election illegitimacy" appears only pathetic, weak...and, as liberals ALWAYS do...hypocritical. It has just exposed their dastardly dishonest tactics, collusion with mainstream media, lies, backstabbing, etc.

    Hey...ALL you ignorant, evil liberal bastards, whining and stomping and throwing your little crybaby hissy-fit Obama-like wanna blame someone who is REALLY responsible?

    Look in a mirror.


  29. Hacking, Part 2:

    "Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a hidden campaign to influence America’s presidential election in favor of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, U.S. intelligence agencies declared Friday..."

    DEFINITELY did that! We can't give you "PROOF", though:

    "The intelligence report, an unclassified version of a more-detailed classified account given earlier to Trump, the White House and congressional leaders, withheld any evidence to back up its assertions." what? Been doing that since Al Gore invented the internet. Us to them, them to us, them to others, everyone to everyone. What...the Obama regime wasn't aware of that? If they were, why didn't they do something about it all those 8 years?

    "There was no suggestion that Russia affected actual vote counting or tampered with ballot machines, said the unclassified version..."

    DIDN'T directly influence election, chalk up one for "not influenced".

    "But the report said Russia’s actions included hacking into the email accounts of the Democratic National Committee and individual Democrats including Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, and using state-funded propaganda and paid “trolls” to make nasty comments on social media services."

    DNC and Podesta shouldn't have been so incompetent and ignorant. Do we REALLY want thse people running our country? Chalk another one up AGAINST the Dems.

    "...using state-funded propaganda and paid “trolls” to make nasty comments on social media services."

    You Obama did to Israel? Just exactly like that? How DARE THEY!!!

    Chalk one up for "liberal hypocrisy".

    "The unclassified version included footnotes acknowledging that it “does not include the full supporting information on key elements of the influence campaign.”

    In other words, "It's there..."trust us"." Riiiight.

    "A senior law enforcement official said the FBI in its investigation had repeatedly stressed to Democratic National Committee officials the importance of obtaining direct access to servers “only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated.” The official said the FBI had to rely on a “third party” for information, but eventually got access to the material it needed."

    In other words, the DNC didn't want OUR people looking into their web of deceit, and stone-walled the FBI (being the lawless anti-American obstructionists they are)...and who could blame them?! The FBI got the info from a "third party".

    Who was this "third party"?

    A hacker?

    Would seem to me that the people who should be under investigation and held accountable are ALL the people in our government who were careless, ignorant, malicious, dishonest and incompetent all through the Obama years, and let ALL this happen.

    THEY "own this". Maybe we should start from the top, down?

    The DNC, and liberals in general, ARE SO clueless, ignorant, incompetent and hypocritical that you'd think maybe our ol' buddy, Batshit, is in charge of all of it. hard to believe there are that many more one-brain-cell organisms running around out there voting Democrat and trying to run things (into the ground), but we apparently have a massive zombie-like epidemic, with MILLIONS of people just as braindead as ol' Batty, trudging around all over the country.

    Wanna blame someone? WHO, exactly, has been in charge all these 8 years, sending conservatives "to sit in the back of the bus" (as Obama so blatantly-racist uttered, as is his tendency).


  30. Paid trolls eh? Interesting that. Imagine the Rooskies paying trolls to......for example......disrupt blogs by patriotic Americans who opposed the godless commie democrat party.

    OK, I'll ask it. Are buttstash, fishboy, st Jack, mainline and the other trolls who constantly harassed us with lies and misinformation paid Russian trolls?

    I believe they are. I say their unAmerican behavior makes them suspects. I say they are paid Russian operative who attempted to disrupt our electoral process.

    We have more than enough evidence at this point. I am absolutely convinced based on the evidence presented by 17 intelligence agencies. I say these people should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    These paid Russian trolls should be punished.

    They should be outed on these blogs whenever they appear and we should demand they admit their crimes and stop immediately.

    #No More Russian Trolls!!

  31. Just for the record that Sgt Ed Williams is full of shit, I have NO record in this State or any other State, neither I or my wife even have a Veh moving violation, He is a lying son of a bitch, Now he might be talking about my decease son James Jr who did have a record as most know out here, So I make it clear he is a lying prick, He post that on Kevin's OBL friday this morning.

  32. Here is my reply to him:

    ED you are lying I have no record in this state or any other State, Not even a Veh moving violation, You may be talking about my deceased son James Jr who does have a record, so if you have any integrity clear that up. Thanks, Think he will retract that? Now we will see what type a person he is.

  33. Not to worry about how we here at the Bunker feel about you Sarge.... I read what was said over at the other site... the person (and their trolls) that posted all that garbage is full of crap.

    I will always consider you and everyone else here at the Bunker family.

    ~hugs always, Rikki

  34. And this Ed ?? nerd is like the bottom of Batt Shit and Gimmie's barrel. Reminds me of all the prick nerds from CJ. And these are the people Brock has in his corner. Hmmm

  35. Rikki, Thanks, I guess all I have to do is quit watching football, and all will be okay again.

  36. All those nerds are doing is trying to stir up shit with lies. They want to be as shitty as they can be in hopes of getting you to go off on them and then they can gloat about how they ran you off. Not a one has the guts to face you face to face. They want to hide and slash the typical Liberal method. Making up fake accounts just to try and disrupt Kevins blog. This is what CJ Urinal and the left is all about. This is how the work. If a person is so dumb as to let some Liberal influence their opinion of a person they they should be treated like the puke they are. I see that there are some posters who have some very big problems with us and try to act like they really are true conservatives but in reality they also are at the bottom of the barrel. Hope they enjoy their time and friends in that barrel. Because they will get their due in time. Hide and watch as they come crying back wanting forgiveness.

  37. Skippey, I think that now Sgt Ed Williams is Learnedhand over on CJ the guy that turned me in aka Handjob. But we move on I hope.

    1. Yhea He does sound very familiar. POS

  38. Well in his story's he is making the same errors as Handjob did.

  39. Well look here I just got a warning from CJ Emily for inflaming other posters, I mean give me a break, I have been attacked all day and I get a warning and a comment or two removed defending myself, Good grief, just can't win. I am getting to old to keep messing with those children.

  40. Well that's what you get with a pathetic excuse for what used to be a newspaper, now another godless left wing mouthpiece.

    That's why I didn't see the point in the whole fake Facebook account so I could post there. Bunch of trolls. CJ never meant a word of that civility crap or any of the other bull they were selling. It's a home for trolls and godless liberals and lying leftists.

  41. I'm staying here. No chickenshit lying godless trolls allowed. Let them stay over there in the swamp. That's where they belong.

  42. SSAH good point, the people on Kevins blog on cj is libs, they just pop out of the wood work, and the first person the go after is me, it is all Kevin's fault, he works to hard and long hours, I just try having his back, now those asshole are posting their comments and about 15 minutes later they remove their own comment so no record of what they said. So when Kevin gets home he doesn't see them, but I damn sure do. And they don't go unanswered.

  43. Lol... Oh, I see em alright.

    And Batshit is right back at his same old tattling to the teacher.


  44. Hey Batshit, just so you know running to the mods to get a comment deleted does little if any good after the message has been delivered.

    But tattle away, dipshit.

    Another participant trophy coming your way...

  45. Kevin you do know they have cloned a few more batshits over on cj, don't you. But nothing we can't handle.

  46. Replies
    1. Yup! And I guess that new guy Sal Moskovics is jj gimmie.

      But anyhow Good morning everyone.

  47. Good morning!

    Sarge, they're not worth anyone's time. CJ is definitely not worth anyone's time. IMO, it isn't good enough for lining a bird cage.

  48. PK, I know one thing for sure, is that if I had listened to you I could stay out of a lot of trouble over there. Lol

  49. Kevin, what happen to Betsy?? Do you know?

  50. Replies
    1. Hmmmm? am I getting see-nil or what ? if it is meant to be private that's okay. Most of the time what I don't know can't hurt me. Lol

    2. Sarge...remember all those fun comments I posted about Jacob my Bassett slobbering on your slippers (before Cj changed format?)..... Look on your facebook page... I posted a picture of Jacob there.

  51. Sarge, you're okay. I think some are just too serious and can't step back once in a while and enjoy life.

    Hope you're feeling better. It's not fun being sick.

  52. Rikki, I haven't been there for awhile I'll check in this weekend I hope.

    PK: I am feeling much better thank you, still a little rough breathing, flu on top of COPD is not much fun, but I am up and around, eating good solid food again.

  53. Another truck plows a group of people...
    This time its Israeli soldiers.
    Any bets on whether Obama acknowledges the reality of this?
    I didn't think so.

    Personally I'm looking forward to a better relationship with the world as President Trump takes the White house. Especially with Israel and Russia.

    And speaking of Russia, I wonder if a better relationship with Putin would allow Putin to back down the mentally deranged leader of North Korea?
    Just some thoughts on a cold Sunday morning...

  54. "Terror is not living in fear of bombings and shootings; terror is knowing you will wake up one day in a foreign land that you can never come home from." - LM

    Mull that one over for a second folks...

  55. Good morning, all you deplorable rednecks!

    And, GOOD GRIEF, Rebecca, Of Sunnybrook Farm!

    Oh, what a compassionate woman she is! SO in-tune with the world, and SO much the advocate for the down-trodden, and the least amongst us. Maybe she's working on her very own Nobel Peace Prize (which, as we all know, has been deemed a complete farce, ESPECIALLY with the awarding of Imam Obama!)

    Those liberals just CANNOT HELP themselves, can they?

    Here...chuckle at this "concerning" nonsense, which she starts off with, right off the bat ( that "right off the Batshit?"):

    "With the beating and torture of the special needs boy I started doing some deep soul searching about how I feel about how this election has brought out the hate and worst in Americans."

    Fair enough, so far. It IS concerning that a bunch of racist thugs beat and torured an innocent, helpless victim. But...check out this NEXT utterly-ridiculous crap, that she just HAD to throw in there!:

    "Each day I hear of more and more hate crimes and more about the KKK and Neo Nazis and it horrifies me."


    The KKK and Nazis did that?!!! Well, without any context, if someone reading didn't know the horrific story..."Of COURSE it had to be WHITE SUPREMICISTS! Who else COULD do such a thing??!!!"

    Not to mention...there are scant FEW stories about KKK and Nazis, and those that are, they are mostly leftist hogwash to divert attention from the REAL racists, anarchists and violent thugs incited and encouraged by the Obama administration.

    Haven't really seen "KKK" and "Nazis" splashed all over all media all the time. Not sure what kind of unreality propaganda garbage 'Becca is ingesting, where it's all top news and stuff?

    Hey, Rebecca...if you are going to pose yourself as above the fray, as an honest agent of "compaaaaassion" and "understaaaanding" should do one, or both, of two things:

    1) Quit inserting bogus accusatory and divisive bullshit into your scantily-read little blogs. It's imflammatory, and makes you look, either, uninformed, or proves you are pushing lies.

    2) Learn some facts, become objective about the truth, and write your crap from that perspective. I didn't see you castigate the attackers of that innocent victim by the liberal-manufactured micro-divided and labeled group. Why not? Would have canceled out your idiotic, untrue comment about KKK and Nazis, and put the blame squarely where it belongs? Can't have THAT, now, can we?!

    Nobody can take ANYTHING you write seriously, when you insert (for no reason other than to be a lying-liberal blaming everyone and anything else)that garbage that you just stuck into your unimportant, uninteresting little blog that very few people care to even read.

    Good grief.

  56. Nunya hits it on the head, AGAIN!
    Well done.
    Only thing I can add, is the fact that recently within the last year there have been two rallies by the extremists labeled as the "KKK". Both were scheduled, organized, and implemented with peace and allowed by constitutional rights.
    But..... They both ended up in violence and arrests because BLM showed up (unscheduled and with 2x4's in hand) to add their inappropriate confrontation to the rally.
    Seems first amendment is for some, not all, eh?
    But we all know hypocrisy.
    Except the left.
    I suppose when you wallow in shit all the time, at some point you might not smell it anymore?
    Funny how that works......

  57. Nunya, Oh how I wish I could post that on her blog word for word, but I am old but not completely stupid yet. Lol, Like Hammer said you nailed it.

  58. Lol... You'd get the boot for sure.

  59. I haven't looked yet but is Batshit first up celebrating her courage?

  60. Gees I don't want the boot, and I haven't looked either but will soon.

  61. Nah, that ain't the "stache". That dirty old man of an attorney would have more sense than to attempt to provoke anyone over here.
    He's probably busy under another pseudonym on another site.
    Maybe check a tennis blog, or a femdom site?
    Not sure.

  62. Not so sure claiming to be Battlestache is a wise move...

  63. No it isn't Kevin, it is a death sentence. But all them asshole can't even think.

  64. Looks like an Anonymous infestation this afternoon.... where's the *poof* button?

  65. I'll be on the road a couple of hours and deal with him when I get home.

    In the meantime you guys have fun smacking our little troll around...

  66. Are all those anonymous jerks so infatuated with everyone here at the Bunker that they are coming out of the woodwork just to stir the pot? These anonymous creeps are nothing but losers!

  67. safe travels Kevin... it's still cold, snowy, and slippery out there.... we can get some hockey sticks and slap the anonymous pucks back and forth until you get back.

  68. Look here creeps....

    Talking down to me is not where it's at jerks......

    You mess up the blog over at CJ and try to come over here and stir the Bunker - you're pathetic!

  69. Curious if Jimmie ever found any real music, or still listens to his usual dope smoking drivel?


  70. We need a serious exterminator here....

  71. Lol, Rikki you couldn't be more right.
    But, just like most pests it isn't threatening. Just really annoying.
    Like that one fly that get in the house in late spring...
    Just needs a good swatting.
    And in this case, mama should of swatted him a long time ago!

  72. Hammer, I've gotta bug zapper that is the size of a badmitten racket and it sizzles those pesky bugs, I think I can use that here just instead of using a hockey stick, I'll just grab my bug zapper!

  73. those anonymous pests will definitely "see the light"!


    Yo, Jimmie. You gonna get ya some new shoes when you civilly disobey with Sharpton?
    In this past year, all I have seen is burning of black neighborhoods and looting some gas stations. You guys gonna step it up or what? What's the plan?
    And is Sharpton on crack, or what? My goodness the dude lost some weight. I know that ain't no Hollywood juicer diet. Must be some east side supplements or sumptin.....

  75. Good Grief Who are you all talking to? :)

  76. Sorry folks. Just got home from church and checked my phone. Heard there was some worthless godless troll flinging dog crap all over our blog.

    Think I got it all but you know how it is when you scrape dog crap off your shoe, sometimes you miss some.

    Entertaining as it is it certainly shows you the level of intelligence these godless trolls have, doesn't it? Or rather the complete absence of it.

    I don't know about you but I'm hoping President Elect Donald Trump gives serious thought to rounding these seditious bastards up and throwing them in reeducation camps until they get their heads right. I vote yes on that.

  77. Was that jj the minnow coming over here to swim with the big fish, Good Grief he is bait.

    1. Oderiferios stanky dough bait sarge.
      Ya'll gave him the perfect handle for the Internet a long time ago.

  78. I'm here to help. I can answer all your questions in one response. Would you like to hear it?
    C'mon, don't be so afraid.
    Just address me, and I'll help you out. Easy peasy.....

  79. I apologize. I shouldn't make this about me. I'll give you your answer anyway. Afterall, I am the nicest most helpful person towards our "friends".
    So here goes anonymous guest.....

    Go fuck yourself.

    Simple enough?

    I thought so.

  80. Hammertime, you should be more blunt, quit holding back all the time. Put more behind your comments. :):)

  81. I'm working on it, sarge.
    It's shameful being so cryptic at times.

  82. Boring, Jimmie?
    You mean like your music, right?
    Good lord, you people have to have a blunt in your hand to enjoy anything...

  83. Poor jimmie wanted so much to come here for some attention, but comes here as the dickhead he always was. For Pete's sake's.

  84. Folding laundry, and taking out the garbage.
    Take it to the bank, boy.

  85. Just got home and it's good to see everything under control around here.

    Oh Hammer, good stuff...

  86. Yup jimmie this is your safe space also, you get to run your punk ass mouth before you get booted, we play with you like a cat does a mouse, but you have nothing on cj do you?

  87. Well at least I should say good morning bunker friends.

  88. More confirmation that Trump was definitely the right choice:

    From the Urinal:

    "‘La La Land,’ ‘Moonlight’ top a Golden Globes full of Trump talk"

    “Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if you kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts,” Streep said to loud applause."

    Sounds like a good start. Frankly, 99% of the pure CRAP coming out of LaLa land ain't 'art' either.

    Here's a bunch of hypocrite millionaires who made their money through capitalism , for 'play-acting'. Not for inventing...not for building or manufacturing something tangible and useful...not for doing anything that actually HELPS people or provides a useful product to make lives easier or better. Not to feed people, or heal people. Theirs is a cheap, flimsy product, a two-hour diversion FROM reality.

    Those 'awards shows" are a room full of people contributing next-to-nothing to society, all sitting around in a big circle jerk, congratulating each other outwardly, and seething from envy inside when someone else wins one of those "precious" (but completely worthless) "awards". It's like a convention of worthless, confused, irrelevant, hypocritical haters who society (those in the REAL world) wouldn't miss one bit, should they just suddenly disappear...much like an arena full of Batshits! In fact, the world would become a much better, more reasonable, less-hateful place if they DID disappear! I wouldn't miss ONE SINGLE movie or TV show or anything that those people ever made, or ever will make.

    I have ZERO regard for "celebrity", and couldn't care less what the hell they have to say. If a "celebrity" tried to cut in front of me in line somewhere...("Do YOU know who I AM?!) response would be "I don't care who the hell you are, get to the back of the line, asshole!"

    The only thing those awards shows are good for is to compile a list of crap NOT to watch, as most of the "winners" are complete, boring, leftist-propaganda garbage.

    A lot of those idiots were lining up to get face-time on Trump's goofy and uninteresting "Celebrity Apprentice", and just loved him THEN.

    But, NOW?

    Hey...all you wealthy, self-absorbed, self-important Hollywood Hypocrites...AND all you who think ANYTHING they have to say is relevant to anything...

    In the words of our good friend, Hammer....

    "Go fuck yourselves."

    This is NOT "your" world". STFU, and go enjoy the capitalism that you hate, making your millions doing nothing but play-acting, you hypocritical overpaid bloviating bunch of pansies.

    If I was Trump, on taxes and regulations and other things...I'd drop a neutron bomb on Hollywood. Make sure they pay "their fair shaaaaa-ha-haaaair!" I'd regulate the crap out of their massive energy use making these stupid movies. I'd drop the IRS right in the middle of Hollywood, and start bringing them ALL in for audits!

    Screw you, "Hollywood". We can live much better wthout ANY of you!

  89. Hahaaaaa!!!

    Here comes another "Trump is Hitler" , "Electoral College bad" moron!

    "From the gallery in the Senate chambers, I watched the six Kansas electors vote, applaud themselves and declare pride in what they had just done. They were roundly booed by the gallery, and rightfully so."

    Hey...Taffy Duck...they did their job...what the PEOPLE told them to do, AND according to the braindead idiot!

    Poor widdle Fwankie...need a coloring book? A thewapy puppy? about a wowipop in your cwying woom? No? Awwwww.....Just not gonna stop thwowing your widdle hissy fit? OK...go on in your room, and hide in there until the big, bad monster goes away, widdle Fwankie. Mommy will be in to breast feed you, and change your poopoo diapeys! Awwwwww....poor widdle Taffy Duck.....

    1. Being a lawyer, you would think that he would have some respect for the Rule of Law!