Friday, January 13, 2017

Ice storm Friday

Well, we made it to Friday. Ice coming. But I'm stocked up. Hope everybody else is.

So you know me, here's a little video of one of my favorite guitar pickers, Dan Crary doing a old John Hartford song I've always loved. I heard him do it 30 years ago or so and never heard it since so I was happy to find it.

Hate to go here, but I almost threw up from a story on Drudge. Seems Madonna had an anti Trump tattoo put on her, well....her vajayjay. Sorry, I know the thought of that turns your stomach. But the only thing I could figure is she wanted it to be someplace lots and lots of people would see it so.......

Anyway, off we go again.


  1. And Nunya, you could copy your post on this blog. I always miss your posts cause I don't post my blog at three AM. But it was a good one and I hate to see anybody miss it.

  2. SSAH, maybe she put it some place no sane man would ever go?

  3. True Ray. But maybe she wanted a lot of godless left wingers to see it. And they would have no compuction at all about going there. No threat of sanity among that crowd.

  4. Well shoot. Just in the time it took to post this blog a bunch of comments turned up on the last one. So go catch up on those, it's funny stuff you don't want to miss. Then come on back here.

    Guess I'm going to have to start posting the night before or something.

  5. Good Grief Safe, night before is fine, unless you want me to give you a wake up call, Lol I am sure when you are read we will be Happy, Stay safe watch this ice coming in. Hey Capt they changed the label on my Beer to Milwaukee's Best ( LAGER) Imagine that taste the same to me.

  6. 7 days and we can watch Trump tell Obama "YOU'RE FIRED!"

    Can't come soon enough for me...

  7. Did anyone catch that news blip of a passerby in Arizona who assisted an Arizona State Trooper who was attacked by an assailant?

    From the article:

    "The trooper says, ‘Please help me,’ and asks the uninvolved third party for help, “ Milstead said. “That person retreats back to his vehicle, removes his own weapon from the vehicle, confronts the suspect, giving him orders to stop assaulting the officer. The suspect refuses. The uninvolved third party fires, striking and killing the suspect.”
    A second motorist stopped and got on the troopers’ radio and called for help. "

    Stories like this support keeping the 2nd Amendment. If not for the passerby and him having a gun to assist the Trooper, the Trooper probably would not have survived. The Trooper is recovering in the hospital there.

    Oh.... 7 more days and counting... celebration on Jan. 20th.

  8. Listen, can we not reference Madonna's Va jay-jay....
    I'd appreciate it, I'd like to keep my breakfast down.

  9. Let's just save it for the pedophiles and perverts over at Cj.
    Thanks again.

  10. And for those who like tying little Asain girls in plaid skirts up...

  11. Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one.

  12. Say, anybody else remember when obama got elected and we all protested and disrupted the inauguration? And we tried to stop the peaceful transition of power?

    Yeah, me neither. Because it didn't happen.

    Remember what we actually did? We organized. We held peaceful rallies. We started the TEA party. We ran candidates we agreed with. We educated the public and ourselves. We blogged and spoke out and challenged the godless left every chance we had.

    How'd that work out? Pretty damn good. We cost the democrats the House, the Senate and now the Presidency. States flipped to Republican control.

    The democrats have lost:

    900+ legislative seats at the state level

    12 Governors

    69 House seats

    13 Senate seats.

    How's all this rioting and protesting and screaming and screeching working out for the democrats? See the above list.

    And you know the funny part? They are just dialing it up. Nobody ever accused these people of being smart, and for good reason.

    Keep it up democrats. It's working better than you could imagine.

    FOR US!!!

  13. At Ben Carson's confirmation hearing one of the godless democrats asked him "what do we do to help the people on government assistance"?

    "Get them off of it"

    You gotta love that guy.

  14. Now I have to go back and read the previous blog!!!! I am not going to get anything done. Oh well, at least I know it will be worth the time.

    And Rikki, I saw the story about the Arizona LEO's rescue by an armed citizen. It just re-enforces my opinion that the best deterrent to a bad guy is an armed good guy.

  15. I just added another video to the top of the blog.

    I think we should try to book these guys for the next summit. These are my kind of pickers.

  16. Hello!

    Madonna is someone I'd rather not think about . . . in part(s) or otherwise.

    We went out for a while. Coming home we saw a fox. This guy/gal was gorgeous. Coloring was similar to a swift fox, but it was quite a bit bigger. Guessing a variation of a red fox. He/she came from one side and crossed in front of us without a care in the world. Makes my day to share in the beauty of the earth God gave us.

  17. PK, I must have a fox living some place in my back yard, come by in the mornings and evenings by the patio door, drives my cat nuts, a real pretty one also. Hope all is well with you.

  18. Love your choice of videos today, Safe...

  19. They're both pretty good. I used to see Dan Crary a lot mostly at Winfield. Saw him once in a set with Doc Watson, Tony Rice and Mark O'Conner. Those guys are flat picking royalty.

    The other guys I just ran across but that's good stuff.

  20. Sarge, last 4th of July our next door neighbor had a fox stay in their fenced yard. After fireworks stopped for good it moved on. We think it would roam at night to feed and felt safe in the yard. It would wander out some during the day and watch the neighbors. When out the neighbors went about there business and kept their distance. When they mowed, it climbed on the woodpile and watched. I think this fox was familiar with people and could tell it was safe in the yard. That one was much redder than what we saw today and beautiful as well.

  21. If there's a lib out there who believes Putin stole the election from Hillary, I have some prime beachfront property available in Arizona. Better hurry though because John McCain has been looking at it.

  22. We have ice. Now it will get interesting. Stay home. If you absolutely can't, be very, very careful!

  23. Well good morning no ice here yet the best I can tell.

  24. Lemee see...what kind of pure nonsense has been pissed into the Urinal, this day?'s one!

    As if ANYONE would take ANYTHING she says seriously? I think she sees Shrillary as a role model...on how to be an abject failure at EVERYTHING!

    Of course, little Jonny Shorman puts HIS own leftist political 666-mark into his writing:

    "The former Democratic governor honored the legacy of President Barack Obama while steeling for Donald Trump’s presidency in an address to Living the Dream’s executive leadership luncheon in Topeka."

    "Honored" Obama ("YEAAAA!!!!") while "steeling" for Trump's presidency ("BOOOO!!!") Hey, Jonny...they teach you anything about "journalistic integrity" or "objectivity" in your little leftist journalism classes? went to KU (Kremlin University), where they probably offer "Journalism As Propaganda 101"...right?

    "The world is full of difficult challenges, Sebelius said, and America faces a lot of controversy coming off of the election."

    Yeah, well, Katy...YOU people ran a traitorous, lying, totally-unlikeable criminal wench, effect...YOU people pretty much got Trump elected, and CAUSED all this controversy!

    "Sebelius served as Health and Human Services secretary in Obama’s cabinet."

    Another EPIC FAIL in her "legacy".

    "Sebelius, while saying that she primarily lives in Kansas now, quipped that it was a good time to get out of Washington, D.C."

    Yeah, IS tough to stick around somewhere, when you've completely humiliated yourself, huh?

    "Dale Cushinberry, the event’s emcee, urged the audience to move toward each other and not away."

    I respect Cushinberry. I think he's an honorable guy, and believe he can rise above the morons who surround him.

    “At the end of the day, we have a lot in common,” Cushinberry said. “I believe 87 percent of the people in this world want the same thing. They want to have a job, they want to take care of their family, and they want to enjoy life."

    Not sure where that "87%" came from...but, sure...I can't argue with what he said.

    "We let the small percentage of people divide us on issues of race, religion, economics.”

    He did, however, fail to identify that "small group". They are called "liberals".

    Now, then...just to put a period on THAT, this entire article was about "diviseveness" and "not working together". And Sheriff Jones ends it

    By continuing to highligt the divisions, and urging ONE particular group to "be the first to make the change".

    "Sheriff Herman Jones ran through a number of people of color who had been the first make achievements in their field, including Obama."

    “They’re the first to change. Where are you? Are you making change? Have you taken steps to be the first?” Jones challenged the audience. “Many of us in here have talents beyond recognition but have we fulfilled our talents in our communities? We have a lot of great leaders in this room but have we done that to leave a legacy of ourselves?”

    WHY do these messages, as well-intentioned as they may seem, ALWAYS have to focus on the "differences"? Couldn't that very same message be applied to ANYONE?

    No, unfortunately, not. Not when you are a liberal writer, a liberal activist, a "community organizer", a Democrat, etc., who MUST keep the hatred and divisiveness alive to keep yourself relevant in some small(minded) way.

  25. Here's something:

    "A Pavement Condition Index study conducted last year for the city of Topeka shows 57 percent of its lane miles of streets are in poor condition compared to 18 percent in fair condition and 25 percent in good condition."

    “The current PCI for all streets gives an overall system average PCI of 55, which places the system in the category of fair to poor,” it said.

    "Public works director Jason Peek said last July that the city spent $116,000 to arrange for Stantec to conduct the assessment."

    Any of us could have easily saved the taxpayers $116,000, by stating the obvious.

    Good grief...and they wonder why we taxpayers are so "disgruntled"?

  26. Good morning to all the bunker friends. Looks ice free here so far. Hope it stays away.

  27. Nunya, the city tells us the many ways we, the taxpayers, can report street problems so they can be repaired yet it's necessary to spend $116k to have professionals tell the city there is a problem. I'd do it for free!

    When I was working, I would report "many many potholes" between the alley and the corner. A crew would show up and take care of half or so. I would then call and talk to a real live person who would tell me they take care of the potholes that are reported. I called bull and asked how they determine which ones are not included in "many many"? Of course all they could do is stutter and back peddle. The city sent someone out to look at the street and talk to me, and a couple days later a crew was there to fill in the rest. The person sent to look said that section needs resurfaced, but nearly two years later it's never been done. Yep, our tax dollars at work or so the signs say.

  28. Well so far the rain is just missing us just south of us.

  29. And once again this major weather event that was supposed to impact millions of people failed to live up to the hype...

  30. Yep...concrete just wet, so far...very light, misty freezing drizzle. But, watch out for wooden decks and stuff. They ARE slick, right now. Temp right at freezing, if it warms up, shouldn't be much problem. I see they do have the trucks out treating highway.

  31. I have no plans to leave the house today. In fact the only actual plan I have today is to not leave the house.

    Bring it on...

  32. I see ol' Matt "The Johnson" is over at the pee-pot still trying to make his very own "moral equivalencies" to defend the Shrill, bash Trump, and divert the blame from where the blame belongs.

    "Stubborn political loyalty (along with visceral disdain for the other party) has the power to turn millions of reasonable people into euphemism-spitting, fact-denying lackeys who will say or permit almost anything as long as it makes their candidate sound a little better. The sight of such bare tribalism always gets me down, and it makes me wonder how we can so easily abandon our normal intellectual and ethical standards when it comes to people who are asking for a level of power and responsibility that most of us can’t even imagine."

    Yeah...well, many times have we seen YOUR'S and your cohorts' "stubborn political loyalty (along with visceral disdain for the other party) that has the power to turn millions of reasonable people into euphemism-spitting, fact-denying lackeys who will say or permit almost anything as long as it makes their candidate sound a little better"?

    Pretty much ALL LAST YEAR...right?

    "Although I don’t accept the increasingly pervasive “liberals are to blame for Trump” theory, I’ll admit that the sight of sententious college students and pundits treating Trump like a guy who takes off his Nazi uniform at the end of the day only to don his white robe and pointy hat for an evening of cross burning and hate rallying was probably a powerful motivator in the voting booths." just admitted it, Matty. But, you don't "accept" it? That's just silly!

    "Whenever Trump said something scandalous or nonsensical (or both), his supporters would invariably contend that Clinton was just as culpable for something similar. But this assertion ignores the totality of their positions, attitudes, actions, etc. in favor of superficial labels like “liar” or “reckless.” Consider the accusation of dishonesty. A few months ago, I wrote a column that acknowledged Clinton’s record of concealing the truth, but I also explained that her mendacity wasn’t nearly as ambitious or unabashed as her opponent’s. I’ll quote Trump: The man lies “big league.”

    What are you trying to say, Matty? Pretty much anytime anyone presented an ACTUAL PROVABLE lie of Hillary's, you, your leftist cohorts, and the liberal trolls at CJ DID THE EXACT SAME THING! JUST like YOU are doing...NOW! You are downplaying Hillary's OBVIOUS lies when you "explained that her mendacity wasn’t nearly as ambitious or unabashed as her opponent’s".

    Why do you insist on displaying your own glaring leftist hypocrisy so blindingly bright, every week, Matty?

  33. Looks like a cockroach got in here, Kev. It's blathering something about "God" in some disconnected, disoriented state as it scurries around leaving its filthy, diseased droppings all over. Hopefully, you get it before it procreates.

  34. Are you Ready for some, oh never mind. :)

  35. My plan was to stay inside all day, church was canceled as well as the annual meeting. Did go out just to see what was happening, concrete and blacktop was icy in spots, by evening didn't find any ice. Guess I did get outside for about 5 minutes. Seems we dodged this one, that is good.

    So far I have held back on the liberal facebook friends, I just can't believe there are two still crying like a baby with wet diapers. Wish the two were closer, I would go have a personal talk with them. However FB is not a good place for that, being that we are not face to face, it seems to embolden the screaming libs.

  36. Is there some big football game on tonite? Seems like I heard something about the Chiefs playing? I thought football season was over.

    How bout it Sarge? You know anything about a game? Or is it already over?

    Just messing with you Sarge. Enjoy the game and have a beer for me.

  37. Well safe the chief stadium is full of UN- patriotic Americans, Imagine that!!. Oh I having a beer for many others that are watching the games.

  38. Another new week and another new blog up and running...