Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inauguration Day Friday...

Quote of the day:

"I want their souls. Fuck hearts and minds" -- A very good friend to us all and I'll just leave it at that.

Well guys, we did it.

Looking back at everything that was thrown at us along the way just makes this day that much better.

These screaming leftists had no idea what they were in for when they decided to take on the American people.

They attacked us at every turn.

They mocked us.

They ridiculed us.

And we shoved it right back up their asses.

I'm proud to call Donald Trump my president.

Today we celebrate and tomorrow we go to war.

And I'll proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with each and every one of you in the battles that lie ahead...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Happy NOBAMA DAY, everyone!!!

    Well...that is...if Blitzer's thinly-veiled hope and "here's an idea!" suggestion doesn't occur.

    Was he complicit in conspiracy to rile up some fellow lunatic leftist(s)?

    Or, was he just hoping out loud?

    Or, was he actually doing a service to warn the security detail that even HE knew his fellow nutjobs may be crazy enough to try that, and to be extra, EXTRA careful?

    Wolfy Blitzer...keep your head on swivel, and it still won't help. Karma's a bitch, and nobody on Earth has to raise a finger for it to happen. We rely on a higher authority to deal with evil irrelevant piss-ants like you.

  2. Yes, we did it! Today is Great Friday. The swearing in of Donald Trump as our 45th President is one of the best things to ever happen. I'm proud to be an American. God bless the USA.

  3. Hmmm...lemme see...what other liberal lunacy can I find?

    Here's something:

    "The Women’s March on Topeka, like the D.C. event, is meant to promote solidarity, Christensen and fellow organizer Stephanie Meehan say. The pair say the message will be respect for people of all stripes, regardless of race, creed, gender or any other differences."

    “We want the march to be inclusive and representative of all communities,” said Meehan, a professor at the University of Kansas who also graduated from Topeka High."


    Lemme get this straight...they are calling it "The Women’s March on Topeka" (sexist, as men aren't in the title), woman band(s)

    Columnist and educator (and race-baiter) Glenda Overstreet

    Highland Park High principal Beryl New

    Climate science and indigenous peoples researcher Paulette Blanchard

    Attorney Fatima Mohammadi

    Education activist Heather Ousley

    Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

    Artist Ana Marcela Maldonado Morales

    Independent living researcher and professor Dot Nary

    Mental health clinician and transgender activist Stephanie Mott

    Well...hmmm...all women (and one decided he wanted to be).

    Lemme see...what was that I read earlier?

    Oh it is:

    “We want the march to be inclusive and representative of all communities..." I missing something, there?

    I mean...all I see is "hypocrisy" and bullshit.

    Maybe one of our little anony mouses can try to explain?

    OOOPS! Never mind. (And I DO mean "never...mind", as in "No mind", as in "brainless", from them. What was I thinking?! They can't ever explain ANYTHING!!!)

    Wonder what they, the Topeka Capital Pisspot and other leftist morons would say if someone organized a Men's March On Topeka, had all guys speaking and participating....and laughingly claim “We want the march to be inclusive and representative of all communities?"

    Any guesses what they would say?

    Criminy...those people just go out of their way to out-moron each other, don't they?!

  4. I have only one thing to say to the Obama's and the rest of the Liberal commies...KISS MY ASS! Get the Hell out.

  5. Well...then there's this:

    "In 2004, Julius Shaner Hayes was sentenced to 20 years in prison for possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of crack cocaine, along with a 30-month sentence for violating parole."

    Well...sure. He's a good bet! Already violated parole...what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

    “With today’s action, the president has granted more commutations than any president in this nation’s history and has surpassed the number of commutations granted by the past 13 presidents combined,” wrote White House counsel Neil Eggleston."

    WOO-HOOO! Setting more records for the most damage! Released more criminals to the streets than the past THIRTEEN Presidents....COMBINED! I guess maybe Obama should get an award for THAT! Maybe another Nobel!

    And, in a touching statement:

    “To the president’s 1,715 commutation recipients and 212 pardon recipients — you have been granted a second chance because the president sees the potential in you,” Eggleston said."

    Well...of COURSE HE DOES!!! He sees the potential to continue his legacy of destroying this country by unleashing more terror and crime upon the good citizens of this country!

    That Eggheadston idiot was actually trying to make it sound like a good and honorable thing!

    Hey, Egg...UP YOURS, buddy! Karma...he's all yours!

  6. Voting him in got us in the fight. Today is the first day of that very fight.
    Let's take it back.
    Hail to the chief, President Trump!

  7. I'll be at work and I haven't watched an entire inauguration address since 1969. But this one should be pretty good. Especially considering what COULD have happened.

    At least Barry didn't do what I was afraid he would do. Bergdahl is left to the tender mercies of the UCMJ and Hillary didn't get pardoned for something "she didn't do." Now I don't seriously think the Donald will prosecute someone who goes to his family weddings, but it's nice to have the threat intact.

    Kevin, did you say something about a get-together?

  8. Nunya, women's march on Topeka is nothing more than a bunch of little girls (and one little boy) wanting to play dress-up. Anyone who doesn't know me, I am woman and I roar. Instead of yelling and ranting, get out there, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and put some blood, sweat and tears out there to make this world a better place. I'm tired of your estrogen-induced protests. You're not helping anyone except yourselves, and the help yourself is in the fashion of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who do what they do for nothing more than fame and fortune.

    Thank God Trump won! We don't need anymore far left liberal garbage. We need an about face from the abysmal direction we've been headed. And you little babies, grow up and look at the entire picture. Let's do what's best for the country, not what will benefit only your little group.

  9. And Captain, about that get together.

    Truth is I was bullshitting gimme.

    But why not do I?

    I know this is super short notice but there's no reason we can't get together tomorrow night and burn a few burgers.

    Anybody interested?

  10. I can't Kevin and trust me it kills me to have to say that..Got plans.

  11. Damn Sarge. Yes, I'm interested, but you'll have to PM me on FaceBook with the address.

    Sorry Gimme, I don't think we have fish food on the menu.

  12. Regarding the hearts and minds quote, Teddy Roosevelt once said this:

    "If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow"

    And so the traitorous Kenyan born muslim soon to be ex president (not soon enough) let another few hundred gun toting violent drug dealing felons out of prison. That makes over 1,700 of them now back on the street and back in the domestic terror business. I guess the only light at the end of the tunnel is knowing virtually all of these thugs and criminals will end up right back in prison or dead. That you can count on.

    Not to mention letting a sex pervert traitor, Bradley Manning go who by rights should have been tried for treason and exectuted. And a fellow terrorist responsible for murdering four New Yorkers in a bombing.

    I guess he had to give America the finger one last time. But the good news.....He's all finished and so is his seditious anti American party. The damage he did starts getting reversed TODAY.

    Guess that's what happens when instead of following the constitution and abiding by the will of the American people you imagine yourself to be a King and rule by fiat. Everything you do is overturned with the swipe of a pen.

    The longest eight years in the life of America is drawing to a close. The reign of terror is over.

    #Make America Great Again!!!!

  13. And I'm getting tired of hearing Bradley Manning called Chelsea and referred to by the female pronoun.

    Bradley Manning is a man. He was born a man and he will die a man. No amount of calling him something else changes that. No surgery or self mutilation changes that. Cut off any parts you want Bradley. Doesn't change a thing.

    He is a he, not a she.

  14. I don't Know about that MAN SHIT, SSAH He was born a punk and is going out as a punk, and if he every gets in a populated cell, he will become someones Bitch. I would have preferred a firing squad.

  15. How about this?

    How about those of us who can meet up somewhere for dinner?

    You guys kick it around.

    Anywhere you decide is fine with me...

  16. If I could nominate Golden Corral ("Golden Cornell" is just too damned far from here - Ithaca) or Coyote Canyon. I'd love to do this.

  17. I wonder if BlueStater is at this Historical Event in DC, hahahahahhahahahha

  18. Oh to watch Hillary and ALL of her little stupid mice following her down the sewer. Its a sweet day in the old town. Poor Blue I wonder if he is one of those govrn people that will be losing his job. Hey Blue they might have an opening around here in Ks. You may have to change your attitude though. You know how us Kansas people are

  19. Either one sounds good to me Captain...

  20. And Sarge, I imagine Blues about to jump out of a window.

    Remember how many times he promised he'd have the last laugh?

    I do...

  21. Yep, I suppose ol' Boswell Blue is having the Blues! But that's okay, he'll get used to it.

    He was pretty smug about this, wasn't he?

  22. YES!! Thank You Lord!! God Bless America.

  23. It's done. We have an American born, America loving President and we are rid of the Kenyan muslim pretender that was occupying the white house.

    The protestors are destroying property, assaulting people, blocking entrances and committing acts of treason against the United States. I am certain most if not all of these seditionists crossed state lines with the stated intention of inciting a riot. They need to be rounded up like cattle and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Internment camps can be set up if needed. Tents and latrines is all they need. These people are disgusting and a disgrace to our country.

    The long nightmare is over. Now, lets get started....

    #Making America Great Again!

  24. Well I am disappointed, I thought, Maingate, St Jacques, Learnedhand, a bunch of Al's, and forgive me Blue, and last but not least for my old Friend MWN! Hello!!! I can't Hear You.

  25. I don't know if they have fish food either, Minnow.

    Hey Bait Boy, how were you feeling election night? You can tell your old friend, il Capitano. Why I'm nothing if not filled with empathy. You know what was the best part? When they showed all the cupcakes in the Javits Center crying out loud and some even assuming the fetal position! But that's okay, because I was laughing WITH them!! I'm serious, I don't know if CBS has aired something that funny since Hogan's Heroes!

    But hey, Fishie, I'll make this deal for you - you come and I'll do everything I can to dissuade ol' Safe from putting you on a hook.

  26. Sure, Finny! But why you be hatin' on ol' Remf for? Scaracouche is a pompous military coward. I'm the real deal. I even got through the IED with my underpants clean.

  27. Just read a transcript of President Trump's speech.

    He just handed the Kenyan obama and the entire godless left a hearty ass kicking. He called them out for all the damage they've done and promised to start to work fixing it.

    I bet obama was steamed. Getting called out as a failure and as the anti American he is right there in front of all America and the whole world. And all he could do was sit there. Then get on the helicopter and leave while we all laugh out loud at him.

    What a day. What a speech. I'm loving every minute of this.

    #Make America Great Again

  28. Watch yourself there fishboy. I'll block you again.

    1. Well, never mind. You already did it. Blocked.

    2. One would think that someone that small and insignificant would try a little harder to be friendly, you know?

  29. Said as only a baitfish can. Since everyone already knows who you are, why don't you just sign in as GimmeSum or Finny? Your posts might last a little longer, although your last one makes me question that assumption.

  30. He's not even a real fish. He's just a baitfish you would use to catch a real fish. That's about as low on the food chain as you can go.

  31. There's a song about him. Fish Bait Fish Bait Chicken Of The Sea

  32. Finally, a first lady who doesn't walk like a moose.

  33. PK, I am embarrassed foe these women. Not one of them, in their zeal to bash Trump's winning of the presidency, acknowledge Hillary's evasiveness about telling the truth or her unwavering support for her husband and his shoddy treatment of so many women. I have no respect for the women marchers.

  34. Replies
    1. I didn't notice it looked just like my speeling. Lol

  35. First time I ever watched an inauguration, thought Trump did a great speech. Those jackass no shows are mostly racist evil flesh and the rest just stupid pig food. Then I read where Topeka High had to have their whining march. Also read where some Kansas folks in D.C. got cut up and beat on, cops wouldn't do anything! Time to take care of ourselves the old fashion way, nobody should have to stand defenseless while a mob jumps them, that is when it time to take care of business, especially when politicians have cops scared to protect.

  36. Divemaster, I also watched from start till the parade was over, didn't miss any part of it, I couldn't feel more prouder of our country. I have waited for years for this day, America has been reborned today.

  37. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

    You livin in our world now liberals. This is Trump's hood now. And we his peeps.

  38. Welcome President Trump, If by chance you need some backup, just call on Room 235, we we are here anytime you may need us. Just Saying...

  39. And that speech was incredible.

    And what was even more incredible was the media's reaction to it.

    These snowflakes still have no idea what they're in for...

  40. The Hollywood elites failed.

    The "Never Trumpers" failed.

    The democrat backed communist thugs failed.

    Despite all their threats and tears the Inauguration was a huge success.

    And in true Trump fashion it came in ahead of schedule and under budget...

  41. And it really is refreshing to walk in here and not smell the stench of bottom feeding trolls.

    You done good Safe.

    Keep em blocked...

  42. The police didn't take no shit today, for sure.
    Betcha the media doesn't mingle so close to protesters and rioters anymore. Unless they like the taste of pepper spray, that is...

    I am curious what tommorow brings with so many other protests "scheduled". With people running amuck not allowed, I'm sure it will be suppressed like ducklings in an alligator cage.

    By the way, had a HP officer show me a text from a buddy of his in DC on security detail couple blocks away from the capitol. Trump paid for most meals for people running security, and did this out of his own pocket.
    Dat be respect, dawg.
    Pimp shit from a hard core ballin prez, if ya know what I'm sayin.

    Day one folks.
    Let's make them pay, all day everyday.

    Let's make sure the resolute desk is used as a foot stool anymore.

    Not sure about you guys, but I need a beer. We'll deserved, and cheers to the new chief!
    President Donald J. Trump!

    1. Man, how hard could it be to have a edit button?

      Edit to above post: Let's make sure the resolute desk is NOT used as a foot stool ever again.

  43. Lol... We knew what you meant, Hammer...

  44. It's funny how every single liberal puke has suddenly gone silent over on that other website.

    See, Trump's already "Making America Great Again."

  45. The silence is deafening, and telling.


    Not hearts and minds.

  46. So, any more thoughts about getting together tomorrow night?

    Captain Howdy suggested either Golden Corral or Coyote Canyon.

    And I'm thinking about maybe 6:30 or so.

    What say you guys?

    1. Hey, Kevin, just talked with DH, and he'll go if I will, so we're in. Name the place if it happens. (My kind of cooking!)

  47. One of the things that always pissed me off. When Reagan was in the Oval Office he always wore a jacket and tie out of respect for the office.

    Then comes pantsless billy clinton and you know what he did in there.

    Then we saw obama leaned back with his nasty feet on that historic dask made from wood from HMS Resolute.

    This whole bunch of godless democrats are a bunch of classless lowlifes.

  48. Watching the first dance. President Trump.

    Old Safe is making a prediction here. We're also seeing the future first woman President. 2024, Ivanka Trump.

  49. Rose, don't be embarrassed for them. We need to stand proud and together with everyone here in the Bunker and our millions of friends who are like minded. Let those who think they speak for everyone keep embarrassing themselves. One day they will wake up singing "What a Fool I Am".

  50. I thought it was interesting that there is a big women march tomorrow or next day who are all pissed off and they kick out anyone who doesn't think abortion is good, unless you agree with everyone can get abortion you are uninvited. So what I am saying is I believe those women marching are not only sick liberal whining ass losers, but murders of innocents children.

  51. No safe she is to private, and she is not one to get in to the dogfight pen , She Just has to much class.

  52. Good morning! Nice to wake up knowing that the president of my country is a man who wants America great again.

  53. Alright, concerning our little gathering this evening.

    I'm not sure how many are interested but my family and I will be at Coyote Canyon at 6:30 and we'll go from there.

    Maybe we'll see you tonight.

  54. I'm sorry guys but I just received a phone call concerning a major family emergency.

    I hope you'll understand that I'm not going to be able to attend our gathering tonight...

  55. I hope all goes well Kevin concerning your family.

  56. Good morning, all. Hope everything OK with family, Kev.

    I considered going down to the Women's March, and trying to ask why men are so hypocritically excluded from their lineup...but am worried I might have my brains sucked out by all the zombies down there, so will avoid it.

    Other than that, just going to take it easy today. Have a few projects around the house.

    Enjoy the weather, folks!

  57. I had one of my liberal relatives fly to DC to participate in that march. Damn I guess we can't pick our relatives, my brain just about explodes when I am at some of the family gatherings. Guess I am lucky to only have 4 liberals in the family to deal with.

  58. Divemaste, we have one in the family who is "depressed" what's-his-name, the 44th president and I can't think of his name, didn't get a 3rd term. Bothers her a bit Hillary didn't get elected, but depressed that guy didn't get a third term. This is what I married into.

  59. Any one going to the gun show Sunday?

  60. Hundreds of thousands women in DC protesting our President.

    That's a lot of sandwiches not getting made.

    Good for the airlines and hotels but otherwise.....should we care?

  61. Bunch of sicko in Topeka also,I sometimes think they may be stuck in poor relationships at home and need to take out their anger elsewhere. There was one sign, my pussy got claws. What a dumb ass!

  62. Good morning. I see the role model for women everywhere, that pinnacle of virtue and integrity, Madonna, has uttered a threat of wanting to blow up the White House.

    I dunno...but if I was a woman (or a femiman, like our liberal friends who often stop by), I sure wouldn't want a skanky whore who objectifies women as sexual objects being the spokesperson...or in her case...the "spokesdevil" for women!

    Of course, liberal illogic IS to do crap that makes absolutely no sense, and MUST be 100% hypocritical. The more of both, the better.

    So, wonder what the sentence is for publicly announcing you want to blow up the White House?

    Wonder if we'll have two high-profile trials going on at once, soon?

    Madonna, for her terrorist threat against our President and our country, and Hillary, for her "high crimes and misdemeanors"?

    We can only hope.

  63. Wonder why Michael Boore didn't rip off his "Bro" and burn it, in solidarity, at the "FemiNazi March"?

  64. Just as the evil media always intended, the word "pussy" will now be heard uttered by children at other children in its most derogatory manner.

    Only when they poison the minds of children at the earliest possible stages, and deprive them of any childhood innocence, will the unholy left be satisfied.

    That is their "Prime Directive".

    1. Nunya CJ would not allow me to use your comment, even though it is on the front page of their News Paper, what a bunch of assholes.

  65. Yea front page of CJ has a sign, my pussy has claws, yet when I try to post over there and just disagree, I get warnings and then have to enter some verification that then says I need to be more civil. I don't use Divemaster over there, but another name I know you have all seen. Well I guess I have used divemaster over there, just not much.

  66. Headline on that godless commie rag I saw today.

    "Call To Unity".

    Guess uniting all the godless left wing commie seditionists is unity to them.

  67. They call for peace, unity and all then nothing but filth spews out of their mouths about anyone who doesn't agree with them. Then Madonna says she wants to blow up the Whitehouse, why isn't the secret service on her like flies on shit? If I said that, they would come a knocking!

  68. Here's something scary!

    "When Samantha Spencer noticed a security camera in view of the dressing room she was in, she quickly became concerned."

    "The privacy of a young child could have been violated with the camera there, she said."

    That IS concerning! As bad as THAT is is...

    ...imagine the privacy AND safety concerns of allowing some complete creepy male stranger in the dressing-/locker-/restroom with the young child!!!

    ( creepy liberals...the latter is of no concern. No concern at all.)

  69. No KIDDING?!!

    Few weeks ago over New Year's weekend, I had a post-op infection, temp 102, and went to ER. I could feel it starting on that Saturday, went much worse on Sunday, and figured I'd go see my Dr. or surgeon on Monday.

    "Patients also can get in touch with their primary care physician..."

    Nope, not that Monday. Nor, the surgeon. Offices closed. So, went to a pharmacy "clinic", "Can't help you." Then, another..."Wait will be about 5 hours".

    Then, a different one. They did strep test, negative. Was there about 2 hours. Sent me to ER.

    I had started all this calling and driving around town right after 8 am. Got to jam-packed ER about 12:15 pm. "It'll be a couple hours".

    Now, I had figured I would get some antibiotics that morning, and then get a little bit to eat, and rest. I hadn't eaten since about 10 am Sunday morn, and not much at that.

    So, here I was, temp rising, running out of steam, getting worse. About 4:15 pm they took me back to draw blood, and said it would be about 20 minutes and they would need to draw more.

    About 6:30 pm, I asked how much longer, and could I at LEAST get a Tylenol or something for my raging headache and fever? No Tylenol...and "It will be a little while longer".

    About 8:45 pm, I had enough. I told them I am going home, so I can at LEAST get a Tylenol, and lie down.

    Tuesday morning, called Dr. "We can see you tomorrow afternoon" (Wednesday). WHAT THE....???!

    Called surgeon. "If the incision isn't involved, it's not our problem", basically.

    Meanwhile, Dr. office called back and said they had called the ER to get test results, and they weren't finished yet. At about 10:30 am. (Wonder if I would have still been sitting in ER at 10:30 am?) But, when they do, they'll call me back.

    They called back at about 4:50 pm, and said I should get in there "first thing in the morning!"

    Meanwhile, I was fighting this thing with only Tylenol, and literally sweating it out in bed or on couch.

    Wednesday morning, I went in at 8 am. I had broken the fever, on my own.

    "Well, looks you had some kind of infection. I'll prescribe some antibiotics to help it all go away."

    And then, the Dr. said, "Sorry you had to go through all that. The medical world is a mess right now. Let's hope the new administration can fix this mess."

    Gee...ya think so, Doc?

    Now, just awaiting all the huge bills for...nothing, basically. Because, I have insurance (unlike all the ones being shuffled in ahead of me at ER), and it's prohibitively expensive, especially the past few years.