Monday, January 2, 2017

Nunya's Year In Review...

I know it's a long shot but I have considered the possibility that you guys get tired of hearing me babble on week after week about the same old stuff.

And with that in mind I thought I'd kick off the new year by sharing my week in the lineup with a guest host.

You guys all know him.

And you know his work.

So without further ado I'll get out of the way and let our good friend, Nunyabiz have the floor...


"C-J Online Blogs Year In Review"

January 2016: Topeka Capital-Journal  "apparently" makes resolution to stifle conservative voices in this election year, 2016, considering the very-public and undeniable actions throughout year.

February: Apparent appointment of kicked-off blogger (who has apparently resurrected himself several times) as "Official Unofficial Moderator" on CJ Online blogs. Duties include "Word and Phrase P.C. Police", and "Resident Tattletale". CJ bows to all demands to censor many common innocuous words  and phrases, at the whims of this "self-appointed and tolerated-by-CJ moderator".

February/ early March: Censorship reaches fever pitch, with bloggers who express conservative views having many posts removed, and some even banished from site for no legitimate reason, often with no explanation.

Early March: Most conservative bloggers mysteriously disappear from site, much to the curiosity, amusement and great satisfaction of the liberal bloggers. CJ Online blog traffic grinds to a crawl, with very little interesting or factual content for anyone to read, or to debate.

March: CJ Online moderators bend rules for liberal bloggers, allowing select liberal  bloggers to continually post outrageous falsehoods, innuendos, unproven allegations, and just plain proven-lies in their low-traffic blogs.

April 1: Conservative bloggers suddenly reappear, just as mysteriously and quickly as they disappeared, much to chagrin of CJ Online staff, and liberal bloggers. 

April-early June: As the Primary Election campaigns were heating up, and early primaries were adding up, so was the rhetoric from all sides of the political spectrum, on the blogs. Thanks to the reemergence of conservative bloggers, CJ Online blogs were again attracting more traffic (and more revenue for TCJ). The well-thought-out and factual conservative blogs also attracted much more vitriolic attacks, devoid of all substance, from the liberal bloggers. The liberal bloggers were free (despite TCJ policies) to continue to post outrageous falsehoods, innuendos, unproven allegations, and just plain proven-lies in their blogs, of which few responses were ever generated, for obvious reasons. The "Official Unofficial Moderator" had free-rein (despite TCJ policies) to cajole and harrass conservatives, and to continually post the same things, over and over and over, again.

Late June-October: After Hillary Clinton's collusions to dishonestly (and perhaps, illegally)  secure the Democrat Party nomination, and Donald Trump defied all predictions to secure the Republican Party nomination despite bogus polls, the Democrat Party's dirty tricks, and even entrenched RINO's who feared for their own futures, facts and falsehoods about both candidates went nuclear, from both sides, making it nearly impossible to know what is real, or not.

Early-October: TCJ chooses VERY curious time to update its website to a "new and improved" site, a mere month before the election. In an OBVIOUS cynical ploy to try to stifle the voices of conservatives so the left-leaning staff at TCJ could better "control the narrative" (as leftist mainstream media has been trying to do for years), they changed their blog format to connect to personal Facebook sites, in a miserably-failed attempt to positively identify all bloggers. Obviously, bogus Facebook accounts started popping up like Whack-A-Moles, especially from liberal bloggers. Many, many previous bloggers decided to just not play along with this farce, and CJ Online blogs thinned-out greatly. 

Mid-October- November 8 (Election Day): New website is extremely disappointing. Buggy, with poorly-functioning "features". (Try  their "Search" feature. It's completely useless to find ANYTHING inside CJ Online, as it takes one only to an external "Google Ads" page, with four completely irrelevant links. It's COMPLETELY useless.) Meanwhile, they had managed to keep the website "buggy enough" to discourage much debate in the month prior to election, especially from conservative voices.

November 9-present: TCJ 'tweaks' SOME bugs to finally allow a bit less frustration, though site is still poorly-designed. The site is "MORE" crazy, in that to dig in to find anything even very recent, it's more and more clicks on "MORE", with not much "more" appearing, necessitating more and more clicks on "MORE"! Very frustrating.

Also, many times during and after website change, the staff at CJ Online  sought to "justify" and "explain" their decision to change, and their blog format. It is completely understandable that they should be defensive, and try to come up with excuses. The political leanings of most of the staff are very well-known, and the timing and execution leaves no doubt in anyone's mind about what they were attempting. They even alienated some who would normally agree with them. Just the fact that they were even attempting to "justify" their actions suggests that they HAD to try, because if the perception wasn't so strong...(if it walks like a duck...) they would have felt no need to do so. 

Lastly, with yet another "excuse" (amongst MANY bogus ones) by the whining left to explain why Hillary Clinton lost (and refusing to believe the obvious MAIN reason...that "It was Hillary") the editorial staff at TCJ has joined the chorus to denounce..."FAKE NEWS!" 

It is understandable that they would object. As a "legitimate" business, whose top motive is profit, but main agenda has been exposed through all this to "control the narrative", it would certainly irk them that non--leftist, non-1%er, non-corporate FAKE "Fake News" sites are trying to use the same propaganda tactics of  misinformation, deflection, deception and outright lies to compete with today's leftist mainstream media's "legitimate" corporate "Fake News" sites.

In closing, we can logically deduce that the tactics of TCJ, and mainstream media worldwide, have been  thoroughly exposed for what they really are. Having lost all credibility, completely devoid of "journalistic integrity" and "objective reporting", and their exposed tactics having greatly contributed to Trump's election...just like Hillary Clinton's deserved and devastating would seem that judging "C-J Online Blogs Year In Review" would render it a completely disappointing year, and a dismal failure. 

It remains to be seen if they will "clean up their act" in the New Year, to  report and act honestly and fairly, with truth and without bias, as they are supposed to do.

Early indications show not much hope for that.


  1. I think I got your point Kevin, but can't read it very well, it is all in white, But what ever you said about Nunya I say Amen to, He is one great piece of work. Keep it up Nunya, I need the material. Lol

  2. Sorry guys.

    Not sure why but this is the way it turns out when I try to copy and paste something onto this blog.

    I'm working on fixing it as we speak.

    Only problem is that it'll be tomorrow night befor I can get it finished...

  3. Lol it will be tomorrow night before anyone's this blog is up.

  4. Whew glad it was you. I thought for sure some CJ troll had Bleach Bitt your blog.

  5. Yup Skippey, thought Hillary was still trying to wipe it clean with a rag.

  6. This damn flu crap is wiping me out out. It is hard to get any rest with this shit.

  7. That started out as a short taunt of the Urinal's "Year In Review" garbage, and I got carried away. Kept thinking of Got way too long to post on this blog (without breaking it up into several posts). So, I just emailed to Kev, and gave him free rein to post, or even just use it as an idea for his own.

    I also edited, and removed the references I had for Battlestache aka MWN... aka L.N.Collier, and mentions of DeShazer, Gin and Johnson....just in case it might end up "over there".

    Thanks Kev. Anyway...seems like I am fighting a post-op infection, right behind where they did surgery. Called primary Doc early yesterday...they were closed. Called surgeon go. Went to two "clinics", neither helpful. Went to third one, the swabbed and ruled out Strep. Then, sent me to ER. 4 hours later, sitting amongst all the crammed-in sick people, and certain ones clogging it up as their very own "free clinic", they drew blood, and said will need another round in about 20 minutes. 101.9 fever, stabbing headache, chills and trembling...they didn't think to offer anything like a Tylenol to TRY to lessen fever and headache. Damned ER TV BLARING!!! People who seem not to be able to use an "inside voice". 4 and a half hours later, told them I needed to go home and take something to try to lessen fever and headache, and I'd rather get sicker at home, then in there, since they aren't doing anything.

    Worst part is, I'm convinced that infection is related to the surgery I got at their place, and now I'm miserable, and going to have use what's left of my meager personal time at work.

    I guess they just figured "Hey, we can make even more money treating an infection...AFTER surgery...give me that unsterilized tool!"

    Just my freakin' luck. If anything like that is gonna happen to ANYONE, it'll happen to me.

  8. Sarge, do your best to rest. There's a lot of bad TV that can put anyone to sleep! Or read CJOnline. Works for me 😀

    CJ certainly has not helped it's cause. Heard through the grapevine, so not sure if this is true, someone posted on CJ and apparently another person claimed it was a fake Facebook account, which it was not. CJ cut off this person who was accused of using the fake account even though the account has existed for years and has the person's real name. If true, my take is some liberal jerk didn't like an opposing viewpoint and CJ was happy to make its wussy liberal friend feel safe and loved.

    It was a long time ago, but I remember when the media kept news and opinion separate. Anymore it's difficult to tell the difference between news stories and op-ed pieces.

    I'll stop rambling. Y'all have a good day.

  9. PK thanks!! After hearing what Nunya is going through I am starting to feel better, Wishing the best for You Nunya.

  10. Fixed the font. Good reading, I want everybody to be able to read it.

  11. Nunya, you take care of this thing. I worked at a hospital that treated difficult infections and I know you don't fool around with these things. Since you know it's not staph, that's a big relief but you still need to get it under control Probably some antibiotics but don't let it get away from you.

  12. Been reading the idiots over on the urinal blog. Are we going to hear this popular vote crap and electoral college nonsense for the next four years? Probably. Like all losers when they get their butts whipped they whine endlessly about everything except how they got their butts kicked and why.

    I blame the whole participation trophy generation for this. Everybody is a special little snowflake and nobody ever loses and everybody is supposed to care what you think even when they don't.

    Sad to see our country sinking into a cesspool of godless left wing enemies of America. They won't be happy with anything less than the complete remaking of America into a Marxist totalitarian central planning giant government monolith.

    Which is why the Republicans need to take control of this country. Support President Donald Trump. Move his agenda forward. Make America Great Again.

    If the liberals want to whine and screech and stomp their feet, let them. Who cares? Ignore them, laugh at them, ridicule them and humiliate them. But don't compromise. Don't give one single inch to them. They are out of power by the will of the American people. And we did that for a reason.

    It's called the Conservative revolution. And we won. Now get out of the way or shut up. Simple as that.

  13. Thanks for bailing me out, Safe.

    Maybe one of these days you can show me how this site actually works...

  14. Nunya, stay on top of that infection. I am not saying it is MRSA but you certainly don't want to take any chances. I would send you some high powered antibiotics but they wouldn't get to you before you get in to see the doctor.

    And Sarge, when I was teaching I used to be sick all the time. Now that I am semi retired I hardly get sick at all. I've heard this stuff going around takes at least a week before you start feeling better. Drink lots of WATER and try to rest. The body needs rest to heal itself. Hope you and Nunya get to feeling better real soon.

  15. Texas Rose, that is my problem I can't seem to be able to rest, I am up now to take some sleep aids, and having Hot spiced apple cider, going back to bed now.

  16. Well...FINALLY get to see doctor this morning. They got lab results back late yesterday, and moved my appointment from this afternoon, to first thing this morning. Gee...I wonder if they saw something that might need attention? On my FIFTH FREAKIN' DAY of dealing with this crap, with NOBODY out of 6 clinic/doctor/ER places willing to actually PRESCRIBE something to help?!

    The stuff got REALLY bad Sunday, and I figured (wrongly) that I could call my primary Monday to get in. Surgeon off playing golf, or something, too.

    Welcome to "Health Care America: Obamacare Era".

    And...I HAVE insurance! It's HIGHER THAN hell...and all this is STILL gonna cost me out the ass...for STAYING F****** SICK with no relief for 5 days...but, hey...why complain, right?

    There are people here illegally, and people we're paying for with our taxes who deserve care, also...right? It's "a right"...right?

  17. Something different this AM, straight from the Urinal.

    I can't believe the city let that eyesore get like that, in the first place. I figured they may have "zoning laws", or something to prevent an operating business from appearing so "blighted".

    That place is crammed full of 99% trash, that they charge too much for. If I was Owl's Nest, I'd roll in a bunch of big recycling containers. "Metal". "Wood". And just plain landfill ones. "Mattresses and Upholstered Furniture"!

    Can you imagine the creepies going through that place? EEEwwww!

    "She said the sale will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday starting Jan. 10 and will last until every last item is sold."

    Yeah...uh...good luck with SELLING "every last item". better budget in those big dumpsters.

    "Adams said work planned on the 16,000-square-foot building at S.E. 29th and Adams — which will be called Owls Nest Joyland — includes installing a new roof, tearing out the dropped ceiling, replacing the flooring and “knocking out some walls so we can open up some space.”

    And, don't forget..."Clean up the exterior and all that JUNK outside!"

    If i was them, I'd get rid of the most OBVIOUS "junk", first. Get it outta the way! There may be some actual collectibles scattered around in there. Hold them back for themselves, until after the business opens. Clean them up, and display them properly. Hold pre-opening sale for a period. Then, (without letting anyone know beforehand) advertise a week of "EVERYTHING in designated area FREE! YOU haul!"

    Anyway, the Owl's Nest is kinda "kitschy", and interesting to walk around in. If you haven't been to the original, and you like that sorta thing, you should visit. One of the nicer, cleaner, more-organized ones around here (complete with an interesting "maze" aspect, you'll need to navigate to see everything). Hopefully, they'll clean the place up real nice, like the original one, and have success.

    Good luck to them.

  18. News Nugget Obama, sending Troops to the Russian Border!! He is going get us in a war to get back at Trump, what a lowlife. Read more at Drudge Report.

  19. Well, here we go. obama and hillary were bound and determined to get us into a war with Russia. Now the idiot is going to do it just because crooked hillary lost.

    These people are insane. They've spent the last two months repeating the lie about Russia "hacking our election" which is not only a lie but a dangerous manipulation of the facts. So now they figure they've built up enough animosity towards Russia they can make an aggressive military move.

    I've always said this Marxist godless left wing radical would do everything he could to destroy this country, but I never imagined he would go this far. His hatred for America is going to destroy us.

    This is insanity only a godless left wing radical would believe. I hope the idiots who elected this creep are proud of themselves.

    Hopefully Putin will just laugh it off like he has so far, knowing obama is a raging lunatic and clinically insane. Hopefully there won't be shooting. Hopefully Putin will wait a couple weeks until the adults take charge of America again and take the country back from these morons.

    Pretty scary that we have more to fear from the outgoing president than we do from Putin. Our worst threat is living in the white house.

  20. Slimeball Chuck Shumer actually said this:

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats would work with President-elect Donald Trump only if he “moves completely in our direction and abandons his Republican colleagues.”

    “The only way we’re going to work with him is if he moves completely in our direction and abandons his Republican colleagues,” Schumer told CNN Tuesday. “90-95 percent of the time we’ll be holding his feet to the fire and holding him accountable.”

    Apparently nobody told him. THEY LOST! How stupid is this guy? Well, pretty stupid. Sometimes I wonder just how ignorant these godless democrats can actually be, then somebody like Chuck Shumer comes along and shows me. There is no bottom to their ignorance.

  21. Nunya, you seem to have a good handle on the situation, but keep giving it attention. I had surgery myself the day before Thanksgiving, but my VA urologist did a good job. But you don't need an MD to know that they effed up with you. What did the doctor tell you today?

    The cj-online is moribund. I read Kevin and Brock's blogs, but the discussion isn't what it used to be; which explains why I post here a lot more. Better class of people to boot. Well, they brought it on themselves.

    I'm pretty sure ol' Vlad recognizes Boy Wonder's gesture for what it is. To keep it real, he stood in for Western Christendom while the US took about a decade off. The wicked Ukrainians decided to treat their Russian citizens as second class citizens and the 92% Russian Crimea broke off and was annexed. If someone did that to Americans I like to think we'd come to their aid. And after 20 JAN 17 we might. We may get a breath of fresh air we haven't had since 1988.

    Chuckie can go pound sand. I hope he appreciates old Dingy Harry's nuclear option. I know I do. I also remember when a bunch of us, right there on Room 235 in the then-useful cj, warned them that they were using a double edged sword. Well, now they're getting to play "Harry-Kari" with it. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch.

  22. Hoping Vlad knows he's dealing with a moron of global proportions and just keeps laughing until the grownups take charge. Otherwise this is the Cuban Missile Crisis 2017.

    These godless despotic seditionist democrats and their Marxist leader would burn the world down before they surrender power. They are sick people.

    Don't be surprised at anything that happens from here until inauguration. It could get very very ugly and dangerous. It's time for congress to step in and assume it's role as gatekeeper and shut this idiot down before he does something the world will long regret. And he is entirely capable of it. And his godless democrat party is hoping he does. And will cheer the whole time, until the mushroom clouds appear.

  23. Maybe house arrest and confinement until he's out of office. He can litigate later. But for the good of America, unplug the phone, take away the internet and lock this treasonous bastard up.

  24. Well we got snow last night. Good Grief!!

  25. Good morning! Yep, we got snow, but not much. I do believe the fact that hubby insists I stay inside while he clears the snow has a huge impact on how I see the situation. He treats me better than I deserve.

    Mr. Schumer is an embarrassment. I wish he'd retire. He is the poster child for left-wing compromise . . . "My way or the highway." To the left, compromise is the other side(s) giving in.

    Obama is even more of an embarrassment. Really, sending Russians home is going to show Vladimir. How childish. I'm sure Vlad and his buddies are having a good belly laugh over this. Does Obama think the Russians are losing sleep over this. Even a two-year-old can see how stupid this is. God help us.

    Nunya, hope you're feeling better. We drove past Joyland yesterday and the outside looks better. Still work to do, but improvement is obvious. I got the idea the previous owner would acquire merchandise and just drop it in an unoccupied spot.

    I need coffee. I'll check back later. Everyone, stay safe and warm.

  26. I'm sure everyone has heard about the four Chicago animals who bound and tortured the mentally challenged young white man, all the while shouting things like F*** Trump and F*** white people.

    And of course the godless left is already saying the usual....

    Well, we need to investigate further before we determine if it was a hate crime. Just can't be sure, you know.

    And obviously, if this was reversed, and it was four white men doing this to a black man, shouting F*** obama and F*** black people the outcry would already be heard from coast to coast, blaming this on Donald Trump personally and demanding federal agents swoop down and make arrests. There would be no talk of "waiting for the facts" or any such nonsense. It would be Donald Trump's fault and symbolic of all the rampant racism the godless left claims is found under every rock and behind every bush.

    We've heard from the hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center that there has been some phony percentage of increase in "hate crimes" by Donald Trump supporters. This pile of filthy garbage is held up as fact even though it's complete crap. But never a word against the thousands of crimes committed against Donald Trump supporters, or people imagined by racist thugs to be Donald Trump supporters.

    We are in a war folks. We won the revolution, and now we get the pleasure of dismantling the godless left wing machine of destruction obama built over the last eight years. But like all wars, winning the peace will be much more difficult. What was it they said about "winning their hearts and minds" during the Vietnam war?

    I tend to go more with what Teddy Roosevelt said.

    “If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

    1. I'm right there with you Safe -

      This is beyond horrible and the African American men and women who carried out this racially heinous crime against this mentally disabled white man should be charged not only with assault and hate crime, they should also be charged with attempted murder – their victim could have died from being in shock from the extremely brutal beating he endured. He was bound and had his mouth taped shut – he damned near got scalped when they cut his hair to the point his scalp bled! And for these four African American people to boast as they publically aired this on facebook while they were beating this white man – well all I have to say that they are not human beings – they are filthy animals to do this. They need to be sent to the pen for life – no parole – the only way they’ll get out of the pen in a pine box.

      I'm going to be watching the media closely today just to see if there is a reaction out of Obama... Jan. 20th can't come quick enough.... I can't wait for him to be out of office!!

    2. these four animals who carried out this beyond horrible attack should be called "Obama's Children"..... these four animals need to be locked up and throw away the key.... maybe solitary confinement for life applies here!

  27. PK, tell your Hubby don't shovel, remember globule warming is here and it should melt soon.

  28. Sarge, I'll let him know. Besides, I got a new hair dryer so I can get an extension cord and take care of it, all while contributing to global warming. 😀

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