Wednesday, January 11, 2017

obama's farewell speech. Now just leave please

First of all, if you haven't read Nunya's comments on the last blog, go back and do so. He does a great job of summarizing obama's final lie fest. I'm going to give you my take but his is a good read. We saw it about the same I would say.

So here's what I heard from the disgrace in chief.

Fellow Americans, me, me, me. I, I, me, I, me, me and me. Big lie, big lie, small lie, bigger lie, even bigger lie, small lie, small lie and small lie.

Me, me, me, me, me, me, I, I, I, I, I, me, me, I, me and me.

More lies, more lies, more lies, me, me, me. Lie, lie lie, lie and lie some more.

Let me be perfectly clear.....lie, lie and more lies.

Together we.......lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie some more.

But you get the drift. That's about all it was. One lie after another lie. Nunya breaks it down as well as it can be broken down, no need for me to repeat what he already said so well.

But you have to wonder what planet this guy and his slobbering slathering bunch of spit licker followers are living on. It sure isn't this one.

Everything he said was a lie, starting with hello and ending with goodbye.

But it is the perfect ending to the worst presidency by the worst president in our history, wasn't it? He has done nothing but lie since before he was elected, so why shouldn't his last speech be one long continuous lie.

By the way, full disclosure.....I didn't watch it. I choked through a few highlights and that was everything I needed to hear. But one thing you can always depend on. If obama's talking, obama's lying.

So now we get to watch the irrelevant and discredited and disgraced democrat party spend the next four years doing everything they can to screw each and everyone of us in every way they can. Their campaign of destroying America will not be abated or diminished.

The difference is now we know enough of America has seen what they are doing and declared Enough!!! Now all this crap they are pulling is only showing the American people they did the right thing by rejecting this Marxist Anarchist bunch of America hating seditionists.

I just hope they don't figure it out and shift their tactics. It's working so well for our side I want them to just keep doing everything they are doing. Like they say, when you are in a hole, stop digging. They not only aren't stopping digging, they're bringing in a backhoe.


  1. And by the way. The big reveal of the intelligence report on the Rooskies and Trump? Turns out to be a hoax posted on 4Chan and taken seriously be the intel community.

    Hammertime probably knows a lot more about this one than I do, he is much more knowledgeable about that world than I am, but it appears the CIA is acting on a report they thought was from British Intelligence that was actually done by some basement dwelling toad on 4Chan.

    Really gives you a lot of confidence in all the CIA Russian hacking assumptions they are making, doesn't it?

    1. Trump needs to get rid of all of the upper echelon MF's in our intelligence community, because they are all obamma supporters. obamma used nazi/communist tactics and put people in place that would not get in his way if he actually tried to take over this country.

      I'm hoping the last election opened these socialist/communists eyes that they will have a hell of a time controlling the american people if they try to take over this country.

      I have also seen some other good news where some foreign countries are eliminating george soros funded non governmental organizations from their countries.

  2. I'm tellin you obamma is delusional and a legend in his own mind. Posted this on last blog and have already read Nunya's take. All I can say is obamma is a worthless piece of shit, always has been always will be! As Nunya said in his take.....obamma needs to "STFU"

  3. Hey Safe, Rick Wilson was sent the make beleive story, because the kids at 4chan new he was going to resist Trump and another reason which I'll explain later. Rick Wilson sat on the little forwarded gem, until Trump was going to blow up the intelligence community(which is a neccesity).
    Little did ol Ricky know it was a complete farce. In all actuality, Rick Wilson was being trolled because his "son" is into the whole "golden shower" fetish.
    It's one of the most hilarious things since Podesta got pissed.

    The lesson is simple. If you are an unknowlegable and un-technologically refined elitist white man, don't be so gullible. Otherwise you are just going to put a shotgun in the mouth of your political career,and made to look like the buffoon you are.
    And the kids will dance and relish in it.
    You may not like the alt-right, but at its core it can be one of the most beneficial movements as far as cleansing our country of people that don't have its best interest at stake.

    I'm short on time, and I hope this makes sense to all. Maybe between work and basketball practice I can go a little more in depth.

    And for the record, I beleive a few here may also understand how kids these days can be instrumental in disclosing truth with the aid of technology. Some may have actual hard evidence of it in their hands. Because it also exists at Cj. Beleive it or not....

    Ta-ta for now peeps....

  4. When all you do is regurgitate what the democrat human centipede segment in front of you excretes you really don't know what you're doing, right? And most all of the godless lefties just regurgitate what the other segments in the democrat human centipede excrete.

    They swallow it, digest it and excrete it for the next segment to swallow.

  5. Here's more Global Warming Hoax bologna.

    Bill Nye, the fake Science guy says man made carbon is causing the rains and flooding in Northern California. He says that's why we need the Paris agreement.

    Last year he said man made carbon was causing the drought that was affecting California. And that's why we need the Paris agreement.

    Seems a little contradictory. But then, I'm not a brain dead liberal who believes anything thing I hear from the Apparachiks.

  6. Those silly kids and their technology.

    Can't be too careful nowadays, huh reilloc?

    1. Some people have to learn the hard way...

  7. Sorry, reilloc is tied up at the moment.

  8. My comment to obama is hit the road Jack and don't come back no more, no more.

  9. Quote of the day

    When a toxic person [Libtard] can no longer control you,they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair,but stay above it,trusting that other people will eventfully see the TRUTH just like we all have.

  10. True skippey!
    The truth always sets us free.
    Or for the left---it should land them in prison.

  11. The truth is just that.

    The truth.

    It has no agenda...


    For those that may not exactly understand what is happening, and why this 4chan thing is important, here is the basic and complete explanation. Not sure if anyone cares, but it should clear it up. See the link above.

    Here's the little remark that got Ricky in trouble. You do not provoke that which you do not understand.

    And not sure many here watch, understand, or appreciate Southpark either. But Matt and Trey certainly condense it to a comical and poignant art.

    Viva la resistance!

    Everyone needs to understand what the alt-right is. Many tend to label it stereotypically (imagine that) and do not understand its usefulness. Its purging those that do not have America's individual freedoms at heart.
    They are well read, self taught intellectuals that are the next generation. To them, Libs are considered uneducated, stupid sheeple who know not what individual thought and logic is.

    And of course if you are a dirty shit head old man leftist, you will be outed for your bad behavior on the Internet.
    Yes, even your nasty femdom porn.

    Game Over.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Clarify. I'm seeing possible sarcasm. This is where assuming an avatar would help.
      We can have a discussion, if thats what you want....

    3. And I'm fine with a discussion, too. I'm from that "spoiled generation" that has "done all the damage." While there's a grain of truth to what you say, it is way overdone. And as far as your unpleasant descriptions of people who aren't here to defend themselves goes, I don't care for it. But I imagine Safe will be by soon to comment on that.

      I'd rather have conversations with posters with the stones to at least identify themselves with an avatar. Or even some fake name like Captain Howdy or Springheel Jack.

    4. I went ahead and pulled it. Too suspicious for me. That nasty just says troll.

      Everybody agree? Didn't look like any discussion was coming forth and that post has been here all day.

    5. Hammer and myself both smelt "troll." And it's difficult to have a productive discussion - or even argument - if one side isn't on the level.

      And that reference to Lucy was just a bit over the top.

  13. Well lets get started, good morning every one.

  14. Good morning!

    Looks like TWO, TWO, TWO hits in ONE!

    Over at the Urinal, two hit pieces on Trump.

    GOOD for him! That's why he was elected! And, good for him to shut down that idiot CNN lackey, and calling CNN what it is..."fake news"!

    Of course, the writer of that "analysis" dribble is concerned. GOOD! Her and her cohorts are becoming more and more irrelevant by the day!

    And then, we have this festering rotting offering:

    “As far as hacking, I think it was Russia,” Trump said. “But I think we also get hacked by other countries and other people.”

    That's a far more honest answer than you'll hear in the press, or from the Obama cartel. Point being, NOBODY is certain, but the left runs with it, anyway! "Kompromat THIS, aho's!"

    The media and the left have dug their own graves, they have one foot in them, and are teetering. GOOD!

    As for Rosie and all those other morons?

    “We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops,” a spokesperson for the Refuse Racism group told The New York Times."

    GOOD!!! PLEASE...make it at LEAST 10 years?! We are BEGGING YOU!

    And this utterly ridiculous tripe:

    "Asked to elaborate on why the group is targeting Hollywood out of all the industries in the country as their bargaining chip, the spokesperson argued that Hollywood “is, simply put, the base of the entire modern American culture. It is the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue that’s holding it together."

    Ha-HAAAaaaa! You have GOT to be kidding me?!!! That IGNORANT quote should be broadcast far and wide! The "Foundation"?

    No...morons. The 'foundation' is the Constitution, and the good, honest, hardworking people who love it.

    You people....YOU are the "jackhammers".

    I promise...we won't miss a single piece of garbage you don't put out...and if we are lucky, nobody will pay for any garbage you DO put out!


  15. What a bunch of dopes these snobs are.

    Go ahead and strike.

    I guarantee you'll give in long before the American people do...

  16. Trust me on this one. Hollywood isn't going on strike. These are the greediest money hungry human beings on this planet. They have a money making machine that runs 24/7 and they aren't about to shut it down because some godless left wing communist anarchist group demands it.

    They'll make lots of statements, and pretend to be outraged at this or that. The wealthy elites like Meryl Streep will posture and preen and grab some media coverage in their desperate attempt to be relevant again. Remember, Streep has a string of clunker movies behind her at this point. Her best days are behind her. Here's how it works in Hollywood. If you're not making them money, they don't care who you are or what you've done. They're done with you.

    Hollywood is struggling desperately to keep a dying system alive. YouTube and other short form video media outlets are stealing eyes from them every day. Independent filmmakers are having more and more success and all the old Hollywood empire does is provide distribution for them. Netflix, Amazon and the cable companies are making better TV than the old Hollywood industry and capturing all the viewers.

    Hollywood is no longer one big monolithic industry controlled by a central group of power brokers. And getting these people to agree on anything is like herding cats. If some of them go on strike, trust me the rest will kill them, eat their carcass and wear their skin like a robe.

    So we'll continue to hear nonsense from them, but believe me, they still need our money. Most of those people look wealthy but if they stop generating income for a week they're homeless.

    Let them babble and rattle on. That's what they do. Who cares?

  17. I think it would be cool if they would try to "strike." (Isn't it funny how they like to talk like a worker?). The international motion picture industry would continue, of course, and then more Americans might start to watch movies with subtitles.

    And as Safe presciently pointed out, their relevance and income would dry up pretty quick. As I said before, I would welcome this sort of development; but unfortunately Hollywood isn't self-destructive, just self-righteous. And as Nunya said, they are hardly "glue" for society - yes, "jackhammers" is a good term for what they do to society.

    I'd say that I'll boycott THEM, but that's a hollow threat. I haven't paid to see an American movie in a theatre since "The Crystal Skull" and I'm not planning on seeing any in the future.

    You might have figured out I really, really don't like these people.

  18. I think it would be cool if hollywood over paid jackasses would stick their head in that wood chipper and see what is stopping it up. Don't worry I will make sure power is not engaged.

    I seen liberals sissies are up in arms on a statement Steve Harvey made on Asians. Why don't people get over themselves, people are such whiners they can't take a few jokes pointed at them, what ever would Don Rickles have done? Then I seen a comment Steve was going back to the 50s mentality, you know that would actually be a good idea, we would have less crime and more families that controlled their children instead of the government.

  19. Good morning!

    Ice, Ice Baby....:^(

    Rather than chance getting to work, and then having to slip'n'slide my way home today on Topeka's poorly-maintained streets, I just took the day off!

    Please, PLEASE God...don't let the power go out this weekend for ANYONE? Most of us need electric to run furnace!

    That's my only concern. Luckily, most trees are leafless, so that should help keep fewer broken branches from pulling down lines.

    Would be nice if the thing just loses all its potency (like the Urinal, Batshit, Hillary, mainstream "Fake News" media, Hollywood Hypocrites, Democrats, etc) and just goes away (like all of them SHOULD to make the world a much better place) , but not counting on that.

    Four days off, pretty well stocked up. May want to cushion my beer supply, though. May get out early, before ice starts coming.
    You know how us deplorable, backwoods rednecks just loves our cheap beer!! Kinda worried about some of you all, though.

    Seems some of you are getting all nose-in-the-air hoity-toity with your beer snobbishness, and your "craft brews". I think I even saw Hammer sniff a bottle cap of a beer one of you gave him, and say "Hmmm...good nose, my good fellow", swish his bottle a little (with his pinky stuck out, of course), and take a sip, swish it around a little in his mouth, smack his lips a few times and exclaim with a faux-British accent "bold, yet mellow...woodiness with just a HINT of fruitiness, OBviously using the purest northwestern spring water! A fine libation, INDEED!Buh-RAVO!"

    Yes, careful with that beer-snobby thing. Let it get too deep into you, and it's all over. Soon, you'll start ordering pink stocks and grips, watching The View...and worst of Democrat! YIKES!!!!

    Just a friendly warning!

    "Friends don't let friends become "anything" snobs!"

    (Sorry, Hammer! JUST KIDDING!!! Was gonna use Sarge, but he's kinda ornery, don'tcha know!)

    Actually, the most-likely "aficianado-speak" from any of y'all would be something simple, direct and"Wow, that's good shit, man! Thanks!"

    OK...enough of that nonsense for now. Let's see what kind of totally-insane, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, racist/sexist/everything-else-ist, hate-filled, hypocritical, crybaby crap the libtards are up to today!


  20. Nunya, I stocked up yesterday, 4 30 pk's if you get in need, hell you can skate this far. Lol;

    I haven't seen the democrats this mad since the Republicans ended slavery. Good Grief sore ass losers.

  21. Now that's something we can get into a raucous conversation about - beer. For real, Sarge, far from favoring the sort of brews Safe and myself go for, likes Milwaukee's Best. And there's a story to the "Arrogant Bastard" stuff - involving EFH, Safe, Cats, myself and yes, Bat-Scat. But indeed it is a good brew to bring to a party. The trash-talk on the label is enough by itself to warrant buying a bottle.

    Hammer was merely sampling some lighter foreign brews mostly. But give Safe and myself some time.

  22. In keeping with the subject of this blog, I have done the daunting task of tallying up all those I,I, I, Me, Me, Me, etc. "Surely, it can't be THAT bad, can it?"

    You decide. From Obama's "Farewell, and Screw YOU" speech transcript, full of lies and arrogance:

    My = 14

    Me = 9

    Mine = 1

    I = 32

    I've = 11

    I'm = 1

    There were a lot more of ALL of these following ones, but I separated the ones when he was talking about the United States as an entirety, and these, in which he is clearly referring to HIS party, HIS family, HIS agenda, etc., and excluding the rest of America:

    We =28

    We've = 5

    Our = 7

    Us = 2

    Final tally for Barack Hussein Obama's arrogant and self-serving, despicable "Farewell Speech" in which he refers to himself, or "his" agenda/family/party, etc.:

    110 self-serving references. In about 50 minutes. 50/110 = an average of 1 every .45 minutes, or every 30 seconds, or so. Some, he crammed together in rapid succession, some he went nearly a full minute or more between...which was probably torture for him.

    This is part of his "Legacy". Arrogance, divisiveness and selfishness.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  23. Kenneth...I just concocted that whole thing for a morning chuckle. I guarantee Hammer would NEVER behave like that...LOL!