Thursday, January 26, 2017

On torture and sedition.

Suddenly everybody is talking about torture again. The left is going ballistic again. Cranky old John McCain is mumbling about it. The media is outraged again. Why you might ask?

Well, because President Donald Trump is trolling them again. He says he's perfectly fine with waterboarding terrorists. And the usual outcry ensues.

Personally, I agree. I think when you are dealing with sub human animals who live by a code from the seventh century, and do the things these people do they deserve no quarter. Torture the hell out of them. I don't care!!

But we all know it won't actually happen. But it's got all the wing nuts fired up. I think sometimes President Trump just does this stuff for laughs. He says something just to fire these people up knowing the resulting idiotic blathering that is sure to follow will just reinforce our low opinion of the godless left. I think it's brilliant.

So what is torture? I say it's torture having to listen to one after another godless left wing seditionist parade in front of the TV cameras saying the stupidest and most untruthful things. Or watching a bunch of anarchists riot and destroy our country because they lost the election. Or watching the once proud and loyal democrat party collapse into a heap of smoldering communist anti American rubbish abandoning every principle they once stood for. That's torture. Seeing these idiots on every channel I turn to. Saying things no intelligent thinking human being would ever do anything but laugh at.

And while I'm rolling here, let's talk about sanctuary cities. President Trump is dropping the hammer on these rebellious seditionists and I say about time.

So somehow the idea is fashionable among the democrats once again that if you dislike federal law you can as a city or state just ignore it. And do so publically. You know the last time that happened? In the 1850-1863 years when the democrat party announced it would not abide by Federal law regarding slavery. And the Federal government made them pay for it. Tariffs and economic sanctions hit them hard. But they chose open rebellion and civil war over obeying the laws of the union.

Is that where we are again? Are these seditious anti American cities who are challenging America's sovereignty and laws going to openly rebel against America? Our last president allowed it. Encouraged it in fact. He was one of them. Those days are over.

I say cut off all federal funds. Every penny. No federal business to be done in those cities. No travel allowed to those cities. No event held there if there is one penny of federal funding used.

As General WT Sherman told the democrats in the South when he began his marches, war is hell. And the only way to win a war against these kinds of people is to make it so painful to continue they will realize their folly and stop.

And we are at war here people. So let's remind them there is a price to be paid. obama did it. He punished Conservatives, Christians, our military and patriotic Americans every chance he got. So let's show them how it's really done.


  1. Well I'll be damned.

    Dow breaks 20,000.

    President Trump approval rating now 59% and climbing.

    Guess the godless lefty wing nuts were wrong about both those, huh?

    Seems like all we've heard was a bunch of squealing about how President Trump was taking office "with the lowest approval rating in history" or some such nonsense. And how the market was going to crash and probably never recover according to Nobel prize economist Paul Krugman.

  2. We have to do what ever it takes to kill the terrorist and get them to talk we need to do it, a little water on a towel won't kill them, Or we just inject their ass with Pigs blood, like I say what ever it takes.

    1. How about taking a field phone and some commo wire. Cranking it up on him? Better living through electricity. It's even environmentally conscious, since the power doesn't come through the grid, but from you cranking the phone up.

  3. Senile crazy old Nancy Pelosi just compared the Christian beliefs of Republicans and democrats this way:

    "while we're doing the Lord's work, ministering to the needs of God's creation, they are ignoring those needs which is to dishonor the God who made them."

    So apparently she believes good Christians advocate for the murder of unborn children, marriage between sexual perverts of the same sex, forcing our daughters and wives to share a restroom with male perverts, forcing our teenage daughters to shower with teenage boys and lying continuously and without end.

    She must have a different bible than me. Mine pretty much would define the democrat party as godless reprobates in need of finding Christ, not as people who know him.

    But then, this is Nancy Pelosi, so......

  4. No that is Nancy Pelosi is a stupid brain dead asshole, she doesn't have a clue what comes out of her mouth, she and the rest of her commie leaders are all washed up and they know it, I wouldn't waste the piss on their grave's.

  5. That women need some serious mental therapy.

  6. this title alone to this CBS editorial has got me so infuriated I can't make myself read the editorial just yet....

    There's still idiots trying to find ways to get Trump out of office...

  7. Well, I just got done blasting CBS.... I went to their "contact us" page and gave them an ear full. Folks, there ain't a one of us who's perfect - no mortal is perfect.... that title of "perfect" solely belongs to God Almighty Himself.... Below is what I sent to CBS - ten to one I'll never receive a reply.


    What in the Sam Blazes is this out there for? Honestly! With all the nonsense pre-inauguration protests, recounts, introduction of a bill to abolish the electoral college and now post-inauguration about how some folks still have an issue with accepting that Donald Trump is now the President - nonsense like this article and all the damned protests needs to literally stop.....

    Donald Trump, unlike any candidate before him, faced the most unlikely odds ever seen in US History - faced opposition from the Democratic and Republican political parties, even had music artists and silver screen celebrities come out to bash Donald Trump.... did all that noise get them anywhere? No. Donald Trump still was sworn in as our 45th President despite all the ill mannered protests, noise, and negative chatter.

    You want to talk about corruption, lies, and deceit? Why not focus on how the Democratic Party devours its' own?! Have you quickly forgotten how Bernie Sanders' campaign was deliberately, intentionally, blatantly sabotaged?! What about how Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned in disgrace as DNC Chairperson as a result of the truth on how Bernie Sanders' campaign truly ended only to be immediately hired on by Hillary to work on her personal staff.... What about Donna Brazile and how she tipped off the Clinton camp on debate questions before the debates took place?

    And you.... the supposed trusted media who claims integrity - how in the Sam Blazes can you allow your website to post such an article as this one about "Commentary: An Obscure Way To Oust An American President"....sounds like to me you're trying desperately to sow seeds of discord! It's junk like this article that fuels the ill mannered protests that leads to vandalism, assaults, and lawless raucous!!

    Freedom of Speech is one thing and it should be always held dear....but when does Freedom of Speech endorse ill mannered protests, vandalism, and assaults?!

    Donald Trump is no saint..... Hillary Clinton definitely is no saint.... and you the supposed trusted media well you ain't no saint either!!

    There is only ONE perfect being.... It is God Almighty.... so do us all a favor quit trying so damned hard to blast Donald Trump.... remember for every time you point a finger at Donald Trump, there are three pointing right back at you..."

  8. You go girl.

    But you gotta keep in mind their goal is to destroy Trump at any cost...

  9. Thanks Kevin.

    Well, they can't bring out any more fake womanizing stories about him, they can't do anymore recounts, they can't get rid of the electoral college..... their anti Trump protests I don't think they'll ever stop.... and now they're trying post inauguration attempts to continue their ill fated attempt to still remove Trump... this time trying to sow seeds of discord saying Trump is insane.....well, it's not going to work.

  10. Here is a crazy women!

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    1. Well what the hell can one say at this time in the morning? Good Grief!

  12. Rikki, nobody in their right mind thinks Robinson (Washed-Up Post) or Krugman (New York Slimes) are in their right mind, or that the tabloids they write for are legitimate.

    Speaking of "Washed-Up Post", the Urinal saw fit to run an opinion from another irrelevant "writer" there (his "job" labeled "Politics Blogger"...which means he can't get a big-boy job, there?):

    "Sean Spicer, for holding a press conference without involving the press, you had the Worst Week in Washington. Congrats, or something."

    Exactly! KUDOS to Spicer and Trump! You think that was Spicer's "Worst Week", you weak-kneed, self-important "staff blogger" Washed-up Post's very own version of the irrelevant..."Batshit"?(Except Batshit is unofficially-official at the Peepot...but just as irrelevant.) Hey, Chrissy...I'm guessing your "Worst Week", and thousands more of your commie allies all across the country, haven't even imagined what YOUR "Worst Week" is going to be like...but it's coming. In case you haven't gotten the message...the mainstream media is on life support, and fading fast!

    The Trump White House is letting you know that they don't need you, and that Americans don't want you. Just go away. Get a real job, or something.

    Hey, Chrissy? To paraphrase one of your hopeful 'leaders'..."It's our job to tell mainstream media to STFU". Seem like you just haven't you gotten the message yet. Nobody cares what leftist Fake News people have to say, and nobody trusts you.

    Well, except...other leftist Fake News sites.

    Like...the Urinal.

    Oh...and can say what the hell you want to say at this time of the morning, bud. Everyone here knows you have earned that "right". (I a REAL "right"...and not one of those liberal wannabe "rights" that are nothing more than selfish, immature, immoral, greedy, envy-filled, hateful "wants"...if ya know what I mean?)

  13. And with that said I can head on down the road.

    You guys have a good day...