Sunday, January 15, 2017

Unprecedented my foot...

If I had to choose one word to describe the press conference Donald Trump held last week I'd have to go with, "EPIC."

First off, it came right on the heels of a hit piece CNN and the online pile of garbage (Trump's own words) BuzzFeed ran with on Monday.

Both "Fake News" organizations ran the story about the Russians claiming to have video of Trump paying prostitutes to urinate on a bed Obama and his wife had supposedly slept in at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow.

During the press conference Trump called them out on it and an made ass out of some mouthy CNN reporter.

And the butthurt that followed was almost as "EPIC" as the initial smack down itself.

"An unprecedented attack on the first amendment." they whined.

What's unprecedented here is the fact that they're finally going up against a republican who refuses to bow down to them and cower in fear the way he's supposed to.

It's funny how none of these "Fake News" snowflakes had a problem with the way Obama went after Fox News.

They were silent when he attacked talk radio.

And they laughed with him every time he mocked and ridiculed conservative pundits.

The tables have turned and those days are over.

And I think Fox News' talking head Neil Cavuto said it best.

Five days to go guys.

Things are going to get increasingly crazy but we can't waver.

President Trump and the American people are counting on our support because things are about to get real.

Welcome to the Revolution...

Kevin McGinty


  1. The arrogance of that pompous, egomaniacal narcissist Obama will eventually come full circle back on him, and bury him under his and the Dems' mountain range of lies and deceit.

    The liberals are ALL flopping around like fish out of water, right now. They had assumed that the evil brought forth the past 8 years would stay under wraps with the Clinton Crime Syndicate in charge, and that they would be able to do even more damaging evil, with the full cooperation of the lying "press".

    Now, they know President Trump and his cabinet will have the keys to all the files and intel, all the data, all the corruption and collusion, especially with the media...and are rightfully scared out of their wits.

    Their entire multibillion dollar media organizations are now at great risk of completely imploding in on they so rightfully deserve.

    They (media and Dems) are a large pack of weak, impotent sheep backed into a corner in a fight for their own survival against "The Truth"...the American people who have had enough...which is why they are trying literally EVERYTHING they can to distract, divert, and try every dirty trick and lie they can think of to hang on by their last fraying thread of relevance.

    I can envision in a few years the complete extinction of some very large and once-all-powerful newspapers, many small ones (such as TCJ), and the total collapse of some major cable and television networks. This will be a GOOD thing. A great part of "draining the swamp".

    I can see a possible VERY WELCOME shift in what kids are being taught in schools, starting with public grade- and high-schools.

    Eradicating the rat-infestation from colleges may take more time, but with some new campaigns further exposing the corruption, the pure vitriol, intimidation and hate that American kids are being exposed to for brainwashing...perhaps at least some of the WORST examples...especially in the northeast where about 90% of faculty are rabid liberals...maybe we can shift any public education money, and maybe convince parents to shift their private education money, to schools who start teaching kids HOW to think...instead of just WHAT to think.

    If those northeastern and left coast colleges start experiencing massive drops in enrollment, the American people will be happy to "educate" them on the reasons.

    Of course, these are only wishes for "Hope and Change", but it's much better "Hope and Change" than the last version, which "changed" things to MUCH worse, and destroyed "hope" for MANY millions (ESPECIALLY the ones the unfulfilled promises (lies) obviously targeted, in its blatantly racist/sexist/everything-else-ist goals).

  2. They can't deal with Trump kicking their asses, and that he did Bigly.

  3. Thanks to B-Ho's Marxist takeover of the student loan industry the Feds now have total control of the student loan market. The godless libs thought that gave them the control never imagining things would change.

    So let's cut off loans to who we want and increase them where we choose. No more loans for ethnic studies, women's studies and other worthless crap. Loans for real degrees people can earn from and contribute to society. No loan forgiveness. You borrowed it from us working stiffs you pay us back. Made a stupid decision? Got a worthless degree or dropped out and now you owe us 50 or 100K? Tough shit. Pay us back. Welcome to the world of responsibilities.

  4. That's what I like about you guys.

    There's no way in hell you can walk away wondering what you were trying to say...


    So, now we have butt hurt from "never trumpers" who feel like they are being left out and not getting to contribute what skills they have to the new administration?
    Screw them.
    They picked their teams, picked their sides, so now they can lie in their bed.
    Personally, I think they did us a service. If you ain't "in it to win it", you aren't needed.
    Establishment repub/GOPers?
    Ain't nobody got time for that.
    They can go kick rocks...

  6. I saw that story last night and had pretty much the same reaction.

    By now every single one of them had expected to be slapping each other on the backs for a job well done.

    I hear Taco Bell's hiring...

  7. Good morning folks, looks like good weather today. Enjoy it. Friday can't come soon enough for me, we will have a New Commander in Chief, Hell I am going to take that day off! :)

  8. The greatest things we should teach is ACTUAL history, to lessen all this "blame-game" BS about whose ancestors were so evil.

    FIRST thing is the REAL history of trans-Atlantic African slavery, starting with the 1500's (well before the U.S. was even involved) to the 1800's when the U.S. stopped it.

    FIRST thing is to point out exactly just who went into the interior of Africa from the coast, and gathered those people up. (Black Africans). Then, just who were the main transporters to the New World (Spain and Portugal). Then, show how many of those 12 million went to South/Central America and Carribean, and contrats that with the 330,000 sent to the U.S., during a MUCH shorter time period.

    Then, expand from there, and teach why Spain and Portugal were shipping to the New World, in the first place. (Because they brutally conquered much of South/Central America, and up into what is now the U.S., wiping out, raping, pillaging and interbreeding with indigenous populations).

    Teach them about the history of the deadly conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards, where they "stole the land", including up into what is now the U.S.

    Teach them about the Mexican-American War, and the Treaty of Guadalupe, where Mexico legally sold the southwest above the Rio Grande to the U.S. (land that THEY "stole" in the first place). Teach them that the U.S. COULD have just completely taken over Mexico, if it had wanted, but came to an agreement, instead.

    Teach them that if they want to continue to hate and blame present-day people who had absolutely nothing to do with any of that, then at least learn about their OWN ancestors, and accept their own responsibility for what theirs did.

    Or...just STFU, quit blaming and hating, and try to figure this shit out.

    Of course, the liberals don't want that, and that's why it isn't being taught.

    They entire agenda depends on keeping people ignorant, to manipulate and keep riled up with hate and divisiveness.

    They rely on that for Democrat voters.

    We need to flush the corrupt, lying, leftist-run education system, and replace it entirely with honesty, actual history, and integrity.

  9. So a bunch of whining pouting godless cowardly democrats are going to boycott the inauguration. They sez "he's not the legitimate President". They sez " We don't like him". They sez "but but but we won the popular vote". And so on and so on.

    So will President Elect Donald Trump be any less President of the United States because a bunch of godless democrats don't like it? Is his power somehow diminished? Is this going to change a damn thing? No. The answer to that is NO!

    Does any of this posturing and hand wringing and noisemaking change the fact that the Republicans now control the House, Senate and the White House thanks to the will of the American people? No. Does any of this change that the democrats killed the filibuster on appointments so they can't stop a single appointment President Donald Trump makes? No.

    Does any of this change the fact that this exact behavior is what cost the godless democrats 900+ State legislative seats? Or 12 Governors? Or 69 House seats? Or 13 Senate seats? Doesn't change a thing.

    What it does do is prove to each and every one of us that we were correct to vote for Donald Trump. And show the rest of America what the party they supported is really all about. And what the character of that party really is. And show the godless democrats where the real power is in America. In the factories, the farm fields, the Police and Fire stations. With the working class of America, not the coastal elites and the commie professors at the commie universities.

    I for one hope not a single one of them shows up. In fact, maybe they should boycott the legislative session coming up. Maybe they should all just stay home, get in bed, pull the covers over their heads and cry like babies. That might help.

    # Let's Get Started Making America Great Again

  10. SSAH Poof that went to Kevin's Blog also.CJ

  11. Here's some good news. The Clinton Global Initiative is closing. Apparently when your business is influence peddling and you run out of inventory you close up the shop.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Pretty much proves what we said all along.

  12. So old John Lewis is skipping the inauguration. He says:

    "I'm boycotting this one cause this guy is that bad. Really bad. So bad I'm not going. And I've never done that before. Never, ever, ever. Really. This is the first time I've done this and that shows you how bad this guy is that it would make a civil rights icon like me skip his inauguration."

    Of course unless you remember 2001 when he skipped George Bush's inauguration because he wasn't a "legitimate" president either. Funny how that works. Maybe he's so old he can't remember 16 years ago. That's possible.

    And you know what a terrible impact that had on George Bush, which translates to no impact whatsoever. Not only did he serve his term but got reelected to a second term.

    Maybe him skipping the inauguration will impact President Trump just as badly. He can skip the next one as well.

    1. Damn another Poof to CJ, I am getting worn out with all this copy and paste, Lol

  13. Eight years ago this month, our nation was preparing for the change in power that comes with the election of a new president. As our new president assembled his Cabinet, criticism was not tolerated. Any negative comment was quickly attacked, some were labeled hateful and others racist. The news media seemed entirely supportive and offered many positive words of praise.

    Flash forward to today. Our new president-elect is attached daily by the public, the media and by Hollywood. They make many outright false statements. Some on the left have accused the,president-elect of being illegitimate because only about 50 percent of those eligible to vote actually voted. In fact, about the same number of votes were cast for Obama in 2012 and 2016. I don't hear the media setting the record straight and condemning the lefties who are shunning the president-elect Trump. Instead they often join in fray.

    in 2012, we were admonished to have an open mind and give the incoming president a chance before criticizing him even though we had a precursor of his ability to run this country. So, now they change their ways. Typical of the left. They're more wish washy than my washing machine.

  14. OK, B-Ho just pardoned Bradley Manning, traitor and sex pervert. The guy who leaked a ton of state secrets to Wikileaks while in the military. A traitor. And obama just pardoned him.

    I think we've heard about all the crying and whining from the godless left we need to hear now about Wikileaks and Russia and hacking and the election. I think obama just closed the book on that entire left wing talking point.

    Remember about five minutes ago when the Russians feeding information to Wikileaks was the worst thing that has happened since, well, ever?

    I'd say that deal is pretty much over. If you can pardon Manning for leaking national security documents while an active member of the military then you haven't got a leg to stand on concerning the whole Wiki election situation.

    I told you these people, obama in particular would burn this country to the ground before they were done. Their theory is if they can't run it, they'll destroy it.

  15. Pardoning this freak makes me really pissed, but what I really really think best not be put in writing.

  16. Fantastic perception, Safe.
    We can all be angry or how ever we feel about this (wo)man. It's true as a military person committing this act does involve a higher level of "maliciousness" simply because of an oath that was taken and swore upon. Personally, I don't take his(her) actions lightly.
    But, safe you are correct to point out that an American releasing security sensitive info is no different than Wiki doing it. Except---people had to be swiftly transported out of certain countries due to names being named pertaining to the help our military received from those individuals in a particular theatre. Manning put lives at stake, and wiki simply did not.
    Wiki on the other hand, helped Americans by disclosing truth. Truth that some of the left still can't accept to this day.
    I am grateful for one caveat, though. The American taxpayers won't be on the hook for the doctors to chop off his "willy", if in fact he does suffer from being confused or trapped in the wrong natural sexual state. I have my doubts, and like others still believe that this is merely a defensive tactic during the court martial. Regardless, I don't specifically have to contribute to sex assignment surgery with my tax dollars.
    It would also be more reasonable to evict this person out of my country, after the commutation.
    Let him move to Europe where he will be embraced for what he is. And maybe some wild eyed Muslim could fancy him and commit a legal and allowed migratory rape?
    It would be fitting I think....

  17. Not thrilled about Manning being pardoned either. However, the silver lining in all this is we shouldn't have to continue paying for he/she/it's perversion therapies.

  18. I don't know but wondering if he doesn't get released till May and can Trump rescind that order from asshole obama release order??

  19. Wanted to save this, but I'm posting it anyway.

    What is this??!!

    Men do not only speak in terms of anger and hostility, but this article states that we do. In fact, colleges seem to be teaching it now.
    Personally I'm offended, because that certainly isn't the truth. Men and women are certainly different in many ways. But telling me that I'm violent inherently, is no different than saying women are inherently weak because of the passive nature of nurturing.
    Pretty silly stuff.
    The idiot hipsters in skinny jeans need to come up with something better than that. The whole concept is a farse, and should be condemned.

    Not trying to derail and detract, it's just that I'm short on time and wanted to put it out there.
    Carry on peeps, carry on!

  20. Hammer, just about everything taught at most colleges and universities is utterly ridiculous. There are a few schools that are good.

  21. The three Rs have been replaced by the three S's sensitivity, self-esteem, and safe sex and as a results you have functional and sensitive illiterates. Who can you blame the NEA.

    Then you have political correctness in an attempt to limit freedom of speech to stifle the truth.

    This is a plan by the liberals to raise a generation of do whatever feels right, believe ion freedoms as long as they fit the perverted agenda and end destroy the country. Then add government out of control controlling our lives like how much water we use or what light bulb.

    Look at our tax system, we pay taxes all the time, sometimes called fees etc, still a tax. We are no more than sharecroppers for the white house. Indentured servants to a ruthless totalitarian regime that holds power of intimidation, financial retaliation and even imprisonment over our heads.

  22. Well good morning everyone, we got all day today and tomorrow and a half day Friday, and we can say Thank You lord!!

  23. Oh, and good morning boys and girls...

  24. Good morning!

    Hubby isn't up yet so I'll make my own coffee. I am so spoiled. "Spoiled rotten" might be appropriate. Almost every morning coffee in bed. Beyond spoiled.

    I, too, am thankful for Friday. It really will be GOOD Friday!

  25. Good morning!

    Let's not forget that Obama also just sent more terrorists (who've vowed to behead Americans) from Gitmo, and back into battle against us!

    Knowing his "legacy" is one ONLY of complete and utter failure, he's throwing his little-child, hissy-fit temper-tantrum on his way out, flipping off America with BOTH hands pumping every direction he possibly can.

    Never before have we seen such a wave of insanity and childishness from a president, and those who support his dismal PROVEN failures of policy.

    As deep as one can imagine the word "hypocrisy", for those people, it's a very, VERY weak word to describe what they are.

    Rotten from the core, we already knew. Now, their festering rot has eaten its way to the surface, in full view of all to see.

    This may be a good thing, eventually. When they discover how irrelevant they really are, maybe they'll just decay like the carrion that they are, and fade away, once America decides our money can be put to better use than funding wealthy 1%er crybaby hypocrites who play-act for a living, and music 'stars' who are ALL "image" and zero actual musical talent, and should just STFU because they ALL know nothing!

    Personally, I hope Hollywood, mainstream music and the mainstream media all die from their own disgusting disease. I have absolutely NO respect for them, and paraphrase Imam Obama's anti-American preacher (who does the Devil's work), the reverand wrong, "Rev." Wright:

    "God BAN Hollywood! Hollywood's CHICKENS...have come HOOOoooOME to ROOST! AMEN Buh-ROTHERS!!!"

    Don't go away mad, a-holes...just go away.

    Couple more days...maybe the tubes can be removed from the patient that the unholy liberals have made so gravely ill, America can start breathing on our own again...and start to heal!

  26. So along with letting the traitor Bradley Manning out of prison, which is a traitorous crime in itself, the Marxist obama has also let another wave of criminals loose. Over 200 drug slinging gun toting federal felon drug traffickers are going back to the streets to resume their life of crime. Oh, and just as an afterthought another 10 head chopping muslim terrorists out of Gitmo.

    And the obama spokesliar says there are more to come.

    Has there ever been a more dangerous destructive president in our history? I say no. This is simply insane. This man hates America (at least the half we live in) so much he's willing to turn lose criminals, traitors and terrorists by the thousands to reek havoc and destruction all across America and the world.

    And this is laugh out loud funny. I heard today that a poll taken by one of the fake polling groups says two thirds of Americans think obama did a great job and was a successful president. I guess if you measure it by his standards, burn the country to the ground, he was very successful.

    Stuff like this just proves to us we were not a minute too late in electing Donald Trump. We stopped the reign of terror from this Kenyan born muslim terrorist occupying our highest office, put there by his fellow America hating godless democrats. Now the time is at hand to crush these people under the steamroller of Patriotic American Freedom and throw them into the trash heap where they belong.

    #Two Days Until America Is Free From Godless Tyranny
    #Making America Great Again

  27. From Andrew McCarthy with comments from Instapundit:

    "The degree to which Obama has wielded executive power in favor of America’s enemies and against his own political opponents and scapegoats is breathtaking. The treasonous Manning gets an 80 percent shave off his sentence. Now we learn Oscar Lopez-Rivera, an unrepentant FALN terrorist convicted of waging war against the United States, has also had his sentence commuted. Taliban commanders are released, replenishing our jihadist enemies even as they continue prosecuting a terrorist war against our troops and allies, in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, a deserter who may, at least indirectly, have caused the deaths of American soldiers. Iran is enriched and empowered with tens of billions of dollars – including ransom cash – and a mammoth nuclear energy program (with the certainty that it will yield a nuclear weapons stockpile) even as it remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism calling for “death to America.”

    But if you are Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative Obama critic, the Justice Department inflates an administrative violation into multiple felonies and aggressively advocates (thankfully, without success) for a stiff prison sentence. If you are a tea party group gearing up to fight Obama’s re-election, here comes the IRS. If you are “anti-Muslim video producer” Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and Obama needs a scapegoat for his derelictions in Benghazi, you end up in the slammer. If you are a deep-pocketed financial institution that Obama wants to make the culprit for the government-driven financial meltdown, or to raid so the radical left’s legion of “community organizers” can be funded, prepare to pony up a 9- or 10-figure “settlement.” If you are a police department, be ready to be scandalized as a practitioner of racially malicious enforcement. If you are Israel, brace for the “international outlaw” smear."

    Look at the way Obama treats America’s friends and compare it to the way he treats America’s enemies, and it’s obvious that Obama’s interests and America’s only rarely coincide.

    Good riddance.

    1. SSAH: poof to CJ, I can't help myself.

  28. Ringling Brothers is closing their circus after 145 years.

    Reason why is there are so many democrats out there acting like clowns there's just too much competition.


    “When President-elect Donald Trump replaces Barack Obama on January 20, the Democratic Party will find itself more removed from power than at almost any point since the party’s creation.”

    Dems need to face the reality of being at their lowest point. I realize that the Republican Party has its flaws, but I’d personally like to see the Democratic Party abolished because of their known and proven corruption. After all 2016 proved them to politically devour their own people – just look at the deliberate sabotage of Bernie Sanders’ campaign only to promote their favored Hillary Clinton in a blatant dishonest endeavor only to face hard reality that their dishonest deeds were all for not on November 8. Don’t overlook that on December 19, the Electoral College finalized their choice with their ballots on camera for all to see – finalizing that Hillary Clinton lost when they voted Donald Trump as our 45th President.

    The polls leading into the November 8 election were all stacked against Donald Trump – but November 8 proved them all wrong. Through all the foolish ill-mannered protests that the Democrats have staged, the efforts to abolish the Electoral College, and now a new poll saying that Donald Trump is the first President-elect to enter office with the lowest rating is lacking merit and means absolutely nothing to me.

    The damage inflicted on the American people as a whole during the Obama years has been devastating but the Democrats by their own stupid choice are too hard core blind to realize the damage.

    Since I love coffee a real whole lot – I raise my coffee mug in honor of fully embracing the change ahead – looking forward to what Donald Trump will do for all Americans.

  30. I'm afraid he's going to give Bergdahl a pardon. Manning is a pathetic creature, but he's got people who've blown whistles on the Dems recently in his corner and can make some claim to having done something in the public interest. Bergdahl put people in actual, not hypothetical, danger and is clearly a traitor. I'm certain he initially sympathized with our enemies (and I doubt if Manning did) and is a coward. He has a busybody hippie-dippie dad, to boot. Oh yes, Sarge, can you tell me how someone gets promoted to NCO in absentia? You're supposed to be boarded, right?

    And Obama acted like getting this guy back was like winning Powerball.

    I think a pardon is entirely too likely for this guy on the last day in office.

  31. Rikki, I raise my coffee mug with you, and will continue to raise it every single day during the Trump administration.

  32. Ken, I fear you are correct. I suspect the pardons coming in the next two days will be even more egregious and unforgivable than the ones so far. Pardoning a terrorist who murdered people in New York city, met with cheers from the communist mayor of New York City seems as crazy and unimaginable as can be, but just wait.

    This treasonous stuff just reminds us of everything wrong with this Kenyan born muslim and his party.

    We all wondered what obama would do when he had no political restraints on him. Now that he's decimated his party and left them weaker than they have been arguably ever, but for sure since the Civil War, he is going to try to leave America in equally bad shape.

    To those people who never subscribed to the theory that obama hated America and was systematically working to harm us and bring down our government, take a look around you today and feel the depth of your naivety and the startling lack of awareness it took for you to hold that view.

  33. Curious - question for y'all....

    When Trump is in office, can he push for stronger restrictions on which people gets brought to the attention to the President for pardon?? It would be cool if he could do this so that this won't happen again.

  34. Ken, I went in front of a live board from PFC to Staff Sgt. and after E-7 and E-8 was by a record Board. How Bird dog got his Promotions is way above my pay grade.

  35. I was thinking President Trump should pardon a bunch of Republican criminals just to even the score, except all the criminals are democrats so there aren't enough of any other kind to even be noticed.

  36. Still time to do some more pardons.

  37. He should pardon that Navy Submariner who took some pictures in sub and only showed to wife and kids. He made a mistake, didn't do any harm and didn't mean to break the law. Just like Hillary's servers and emails.

  38. Sorry guys, it turned out to be one of those days.

    New blog finally up and running...