Monday, January 9, 2017

What in the wide wide world of sports is going on over on that other blog

Remember when they did the big changeover to facebook logins, allegedly to promote civility and more interesting conversation or some such nonsense? So all us old timers, some of whom had been posting over there for many years were wiped out. And they said, oh, we're going to validate facebooks and verify accounts and blah blah blah.

Well, we all suspected that was just a big pile of horse manure. And surprise of surprises, we were right.

Now the trolls have fake accounts, obviously more than one account for some of them and the whole lopsided attack against our side goes on, only with fewer people defending our positions.

Our long time friend and contributor to our little blog family here, who is a charter member of this blog family, SargeJr has been attacked relentlessly. On OBF they dogpiled on him like the bunch of bullies they are. Even people we thought were friends were jumping on the pile.

And what happens? Sarge gets an abuse warning. I guess for defending himself against an attack by a bunch of godless left wing trolls.

So I think it's pretty obvious what's what.

Now, it would be tempting to suggest to our friend Sarge that he just avoid that place and save himself the grief. But that would be wrong. That would be surrendering to the godless trolls, wouldn't it? Like all bullies, they would learn if they pile on and take advantage of the liberal policies of the CJ Urinal who allows them to behave the way they do, they can drive off any poster who they disagree with. And that's the ultimate goal, isn't it? Like all godless liberals they are totalitarians at heart. No opinions but theirs are acceptable. And any means is justified to accomplish their goal of shutting down any opposition. We've certainly seen that demonstrated on a daily basis after this election.

And our patriarch and founder of these blogs, Kevin is in the same position. The easy way would be to say the heck with them, why bother? But like Sarge he continues the fight behind enemy lines. And they are both taking it to them.

So this blog will always be a true exchange of ideas, free to any and all who wish to contribute in a civil manner. And not free to trolls who don't. We can do that just because we can. The urinal will always be what it is, a left wing godless website that allows some opposing thought, mostly because Kevin's blog is the only one anybody actually reads, but it will always be occupied territory.

So come here and say what you want. No trolls allowed. No attacks on our friends allowed. This is a no bullshit zone. Keep it real.

So as much as I hate wasting time talking about the CJ Urinal, I wanted to get that off my chest. So there we go.

# Making America Great Again One Blog At A Time


  1. And go back to the last blog and read Nunya's comments if you haven't. He is in good form this morning. Must be feeling better.

  2. Yup Nunya is still kicking ass and taking names, oh my friend thanks for the kind words they mean a lot to me. my point of staying over there other than to have Kevin's back is because I earned that right and I have no plans on given up my rights to free speech, Like one of my handles ( Iwillnevergiveup). Thanks again.

  3. What happened over there is very unfortunate.

    But what it exposed is some of our conservative friends acting like the left wing extremists by demanding the collective group think of the hive.

    Sarge refused to support their boycott of the NFL so collectively they decided to destroy him.

    They called him every name in the book.

    Called him a traitor, unpatriotic, and accused him of carrying water for me.

    But the good news is that it exposed some of these people for who and what they really are...

  4. Damn straight you earned the right.

    And the ironic thing is your sacrifice was also to support the trolls that hate you to have the right to do what they do. Too bad they don't understand what sacrifice is all about.

    I suspect the biggest sacrifice any of them makes is when mom forgot to buy them Doritos and they have to eat Cheetos instead. And they probably whined about it until she went to the store and got them Doritos and made them some mac and cheese.

  5. And Sarge, you watch all the football you want. You damn well earned the right to watch whatever the hell you want without anybody questioning it.

    #I stand with Sarge

  6. I watched football all weekend long and the only one mad at me is Mrs. Papadew.

  7. Papadew: I can relate to that Lol, and It is sure nice to hear from you, it's been awhile, I hope all is well with you and yours.

  8. #IstandwithSarge also...
    ~hugs Rikki

  9. Another good thing is that new friendships were made.

    But I never thought I'd see the day when my good friend and former partner would side with Battlestache aka Sgt Ed Williams aka Carson Cristo.

    Live and learn I guess...

  10. That was indeed a heart breaker Kevin - seeing that unfold as it did.

  11. Lay down with dogs and you get up with fleas.

  12. Here's how I look at the godless left and the trolls who support them.

    I'm not interested in finding common ground with them.

    I'm not interesting in having discussions or reaching some kind of consensus.

    I'm not interesting in "sharing dialog" or searching for solutions with them.

    I am interested in crushing them into submission, and destroying their dreams of electing more godless left wing totalitarian fascists. And that's what we just did in 2016. I don't care if they are distraught and weeping and giving speeches that don't matter. I don't care how they feel.

    We just ended eight years where they attempted to destroy everything we hold dear, to "fundamentally transform" America into some kind of godless liberal utopian monolithic government run by them. We destroyed that dream and now we have the pleasure of dismantling that hateful and dangerous agenda.

    And we should enjoy every minute of it. Every job crushing regulation that is cancelled. Every unlawful unconstitutional executive order that is overturned. Every unconstitutional overreaching destructive law (obamacare) that is repealed. I say we celebrate every single time.

    Every time another Trump appointee gets confirmed by 51 votes in the Senate and the democrats start whining about unfair that is.

    I say we crush these enemies of America under our feet. I say we laugh at their tears.

    And I say no quarter to the enemies of America. And if you want to be friends with the enemies of America, then you are dead to me.

    But that's just one man's opinion. I may be wrong.

  13. SSAH, stand by you on that with you as always. And Anonymous, speak up like you got a pair asshole, whining dickhead.

  14. Our ol' pal Mousey shows up!! Hey pal, if that's your two cents worth, I think you owe us some change. We don't need "safe spaces." We're tough.

    And you can quit with the Russian stuff. I'm sure you were for indulging them when they were Communists. But hey, then they were only threatening us with nuclear Armageddon. Now they've gone and ruined things for the Queen Bee, in your "minds" at least. THAT is unforgiveable, right Mousey?

    But I don't need the Russian lesson. I don't need to go to Riga in the near future. I can work for Trump. The Queen Bee is angrily buzzing somewhere in Westchester County. But even she shows more class than a bunch of Hollywood "stars." She'll attend an inauguration.

  15. Well, Mousey, I've never been booted by CJ. Just not much point in posting there. And remember: other than Kevin, I was the earliest one to put my real FaceBook account out there.

    I just like it better here.

  16. And fish bait boy, if you ever said anything that wasn't the equivalent of a mouse fart, it would stay and we'd let you play in the big house with the adults. Guess you'll just have to stick to the JV team over at the CJ Urinal, where you belong, with the rest of the godless trolls.

  17. Anyone imagine the look on the faces of the Iranians that were on those patched together rafts that tried to approach an American vessel when it returned fire?
    Bet they crapped their pants when those shots were fired off their bow.
    I have a feeling the naval commander knows the next president will not expect him to cowardly ignore aggression on the open sea. That's why he put the 50 Cal into action.

    As a side note, I'm pretty sure our boats won't strafed by aggressive aircraft anymore. Funny how that ended, huh?

    That's what you get when a real leader is elected, and the current panty waste administration goes bye bye.

    International waters bing made safe again!

    1. Wasn't the last strafing of an American ship by a warplane done by our great friends the Israelis to us? Of course LBJ wussed out on that one.

  18. Another fine morning 50 with some rain maybe. not bad for the first 10 days of Jan.

  19. Better enjoy it while we can.

    It's supposed to turn to crap by the end of the week...

  20. G'mornin.... yep it's gonna turn slippery - they're talking icy conditions.

    I haven't had coffee yet - need some.

  21. Brock Masters has these observations on his blog over at that getting-more-irrelevant and shrinking leftist-propaganda tabloid, the Pravda-Urinal:

    "I don't doubt that the release of emails had an impact on the election, but what I am asking is are we better off because of it?"

    "We know about the lies, deceit and attempts to influence the Presidential election by the DNC and the media because of the release of their emails?"

    "Again, I condemn the hacking but we are better off knowing the truth."

    Hell, most of US already KNEW what a conniving, lying, cheating, backstabbing, anti-American, anti-Constitutional pack of Satan's disciples Shrillary, the DNC and the media is.

    WE weren't the ones that needed to "know the truth".

    And, now that the truth has been presented to the liberals...they can't and won't accept it.

    Well...on second thought...that may not be quite accurate.

    They ALSO knew...and it is EXACTLY the qualities they want in their unholy, divisive, destructive, deplorable candidates.

    They're just pissed that the evidence got posted all over the place.

    By the way, Meryl Streep...STFU and go back to your energy-hog manison, you hypocritical skank. You don't know "Americans", you over-rated 1%er rich beeatch. You probably have some scripts there to read for yet another REALLY boring-ass 'artsy-fartsy' movie that normal people couldn't care less about, but your high-horse peers in Hollyweird will deem 'genius'.

    If I was Trump...I'd start working down the debt by going after all those anti-capitalist Hollywood Hypocrites who made their fortunes from capitalism, and start making THEM pay "their fair shaaaa-ha-haaaaair!" Go after any deductions and loopholes. tax the crap out of them. Start charging them "carbon tax" for the MASSIVE amount of energy used to make movies, put on concerts, travel, limos, etc. Put the screws to those namby-pamby little insignificant twits!

    What Americans SHOULD do? Don't go to the movie theaters. Don't buy Hollywood DVDs. Don't buy secular crappy liberalized music. (Eat me, Springsteen, you mumblemouth idiot!) Don't watch Hollywood anti-American immoral network TV, ESPECIALLY almost ANYTHING on NBC, like those pathetic, unfunny 'comedies'.

    Let'em wither and die! Their poison can just damn well kill themselves. Just like the Demoncrat party is doing to itself. Just like that little penii-pincher Buttstache keeps doing to himself.


    Have a nice day!

    1. brock masters is as irrelevant as hiliarry at this point. He's just like the rest of the MSM trying to talk about the russian hacking.

      What he should be talking about is what was in the leaked emails and how the left wing radical demoncrats rigged their primary to make sure hilliarry would even win the nomination. Talk about rigging an election? The demoncrats were worse than the russians with what they did.

      The oh so great moderate brock masters has fallen for the left wing radical trap and has been sucked in with all of that "lets work together" bullshit.

  22. George Will has an amusing read, today:

    Nothing like looking back on just a FEW of the TOTALLY insane absurdities of loony-leftists for a good chuckle.

    Would be even more funny, if it weren't so damned scary, knowing about 1/2 the country actually seems to really be that freakin' STUPID!!

  23. California...where NOTHING is too degenerate, and fiscally suicidal, to do!

    Yeah...why not? Only $100,000! Not like they could FEED people, or something, huh?


  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Messed up previous post, here it is:

    Here's something:

    Steep's deplorable and utterly INSANE comment:

    “You and all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now,” she said, her lip quivering. “Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners and the press.”

    "In Streep’s twisted reality, the true victims are Tinsel Town starlets with their faces botoxed and their bodies stuffed into over-priced gowns."

    Poor widdle Howwywood hypocwites! Awwww.....cry me a freakin' river...skank!

    ...and, an observation about how "deplorable" Streep and her fellow "celebrities" really are;

    "The self-adulation on display in that room Sunday night was laughable."

    "We're not talking about brain surgeons or police officers. We're talking about people who play make-believe for a living."

    "And as Twitchy reminded us, out of all the people in that room, Miss Streep had absolutely no right to claim any moral high ground."

    "In 2003, she gave convicted child molester Roman Polanski a standing ovation after he was awarded an Oscar at the Academy Awards. She saluted a child molester – a deviant who had sex with a 13-year-old girl after drugging her."

    "So the next time Streep wants to get all high and mighty -- maybe she ought to just sit down and keep her mouth shut -- and spare us the self-righteous indignation."

    I have no patience for asshole celebrity hypocrites. May karma come around to them all.

  26. I'd hate to have to ever start a day without my daily Nunyaism.

    You guys have a glorious day...

  27. Rikki, I hope you got your coffee. Mornings are rough until that first sip.

    Tonight our not-so-beloved White House resident is giving his farewell speech. News reports state rather than discuss his accomplishments (really?), he will discuss where we are as a country. I take that to mean he will "lecture" the conservative population, telling us how we are destroying this country. I'm not sure I will watch because, lately, whenever that jerk gets a microphone in his face, he berates the right, blaming us for screwing up his plans to transform this nation. He's the last person we need to lecture us. If anyone needs lectured, it's him. He doesn't get it. Thank God he can't have another term. Thank God Hillary didn't win. We now have a chance to straighten out this mess. In 10 days we will be greeting President Trump. My hope is obama will disappear into the woodwork and keep his mouth shut. I won't bet on it happening.

    1. Hi Preachers Kid (smiles) - yes I got my coffee. I agree with you that I don't think Obama will go away quietly - and a hearty amen on Hillary not winning - that would have been worse than anything Obama ever did.

  28. Confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions begins today.

    I want you trolls to pay special attention to the way your beloved democrats attempt to destroy this man.

    That'll give you a good idea of why you keep losing elections and why you'll keep losing them until you rid your party of these extremists...

  29. But the good news is that thanks to Harry Reid's nuclear option you celebrated there's not a damned they can do to block his nomination.

    Thanks Harry...

  30. Yup and Many of them Kevin are his so called friends for years, and they will try to treat him like a rabid dog. Sometimes you just don't know who your real friends are. But he will after today.

  31. They [Libtards] will do everything in their power to try and bring him down and insult him in front of his family and the people of this country. They will go to new lows and will not hesitate to make sure they hurt his family in front of him. These pukes will show just how low life scum they are. And our Libtards from CJ will no doubt chime in to show us all just how low they are in the cesspool.

  32. It's funny how that friend thing works out sometimes, huh Sarge?

  33. The only difference now Skippey is that people are finally paying attention.

    This comes on the heels of Hillary calling us deplorables, the media calling us every other name in the book, and those snooty Hollywood pieces of shit looking down their cocaine filled noses at us.

    Dumbasses still don't get it...

  34. Ya Kevin it is. I have seen that a time or two in my life time.

    Hi Skippey!!

    1. Back at you sargejr You all healed up now?Looks like some nice weather coming and then some more of the nasty stuff. Some times I really have to stop and think about why I am here and freezing my rear of. Hard headed and to lazy to change.

  35. Speaking of Meryl Streep, anybody remember her last big venture into political activism? When she testified before congress about the use of Alar by the apple industry. In her scientific expertise as a highly paid movie actress she helped the out of control EPA in their quest to ban a chemical that was vital to the apple industry. She spoke as a well know scientist, I mean a well paid actress who recites lines other people write about how frightened she was about the use of Alar on apples. Alar was then banned, and the apple industry suffered significantly until its use was restored.

    An actual scientist, Dr. Joseph Rosen, said this: There was never any legitimate scientific study to justify the Alar scare.” Note the use of the title Doctor, not highly paid actor who read lines other people write.

    The degree of exposure to Alar estimated for it to be dangerous would require you to consume 5,000 gallons of apple juice per day. That is a fact.

    This is what we are dealing with. Crazy left wing godless liberals who only repeat whatever lines others have given them attempting to disrupt and derail the American government. I would consider these people to be seditious anarchists who represent a clear and present danger to the American government and the American people.

  36. Hey, everybody remember when obama was elected and when his confirmation hearings for his cabinet took place all those crazy racist TEA party people disrupting the hearings and shouting obscenities and hate speech at them? Me neither. Because it didn't happen. Because these people are Marxists and dedicated to the overthrow of the American government.

  37. And by the way Meryl Streep. When you are such a pompous asshole that Piers Morgan calls you out on it, that's a bad performance.

    Except of course for when you gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation.

  38. Yep, this Godless bunch just loves their pedofiles.

    Actually they celebrate every kind of sexual perversion known to man.

    The way I hear it is one of their favorite sexual perversions is what they call bondage.

    And the younger the better.

    Anyway, that's what I heard...

    1. The depths of deviance of these people is unfathomable.
      Nothing sacred, no limits, nothing taboo.
      Black hearts....

  39. And these freaks have the nerve to look down their cocaine filled noises at me?

    I don't think so...

  40. Did anyone catch CBS Sunday Morning on Jan. 8th? It had this remarkable story about a harness racing horse who is now 40 years old. I never realized that horses could live so long. In looking back at racing horses, Secretariat lived 19 years. It’s a cool story.

    When you get the chance – Google CBS Sunday Morning and the story is there or use the link above. Stories like this are more newsworthy than Meryl Streep any day.

  41. hey y'all... I received this link via email from my Uncle (one of my beautiful Mom's brothers) - a Marine Vietnam Veteran -

    The story is from 2015, but still very much a beautiful story. It talks about an amateur photographer who was going past the Fort Snelling National Cemetery and took this photo of a bald eagle perched on top of a head stone. They contacted the widow of the soldier buried there and she was delighted to see it and that an eagle was watching over her husband.

    Just wanted to share this beautiful story with y'all.

    ~hugs always, Rikki

    1. This is a pretty nice little story Rikki. I'm sure everyone already knows how I feel about those who served.
      Special people.
      And they certainly deserving of such an iconic sentry.

      Thanks for sharing it, because I missed it.

    2. Thanks Hammer (hugs). Looking at the photo of the eagle on the head stone - this quote comes to mind "photos are poems without words"... (I don't know who wrote that - I saw it somewhere though).


  42. Surprise, looks like Ash McGonigal is a real person. I picked up a copy of the CJ birdcage liner today (it was just laying there, I would never buy one) and he had a letter to the editor.

    Seems he doesn't think our President Elect should be allowed to appoint a Supreme Court Justice. Because Trump or something.

    Apparently for the godless left neither the constitution nor being elected by the citizens of the United States matters. If the godless left doesn't like you, you can't be allowed to hold your office.

    I used to wonder if these people were real or just invented apparitions who posted these crazy things. Now I know. They're real. And that's even more scary.

    1. I certainly see where you are going with this.
      But, I still wouldn't put it past these people to just create an imaginary contributor to spread hate, discontent, and propaganda.
      I(we) saw what they have done to the blogs.

  43. SSAH, I seen that this morning also, amazing isn't it?

  44. I post on a different name over there at CJ and have for years. Lately I get most of my posts deleted and there are no nasty words nor are they picking on any person, just stating an opinion that must not be in line with C.J. perverts types who are ruining this country. Oh well, even though I am retired, much too busy to spend time caring about C.J. I have not seen any posts with the name Sarge, but as stated, I don't spend much time reading. Same with F.B., many family members are on there all the time. I just don't care to post information as I know without a doubt the government is accessing everything. And I mean everything, even here, Amazon, Google searches................. Before retiring I had 40 plus years as an system software tech and know how this stuff works.

    Yea C.J. reminds me of these perverts out in hollywood and their statements that should be cause for tar and feathered, then thrown on a box car heading for Canada.

  45. After reading, once in a great while I do use Divemaster over at C.J.

  46. Divemaster: I am surprised that you have not been called Sarge, most new people are. Imagine that. Oh and if you spell a word wrong, you will be called him. Just Saying.

  47. Well I do a lot of wrong spelling, but my browser will correct. Still, at times, I type something wrong that ends up being a word so spell correction doesn't catch it. However, they word I type makes no sense. I always figure it gives the word police something to keep them occupied.


    Well, did the aspiring little Muslim terrorist get his case thrown out? Yep. Thrown out like a barbarian throwing rocks on his hajj.

    Now, if they would just throw this treasonous family out of our country.

    But they won't.

    So I'll settle on drawing some pictures of the pedo Mohammed....

  49. And speaking or radical Islamic cockroach terrorists:

    Maybe Barry didn't want the shooters real name out? Worried about that crappy tarnished legacy that undermines American ideals?

    So glad this maybe the last time I get to experience a Muslim president, hiding Muslim barbary by simple "slight of hand" in regards to information.

    Get your shit, and get out of our house Obama family.
    And hopefully President Trump has been gifted with a couple pallets of Febreeze. The communist stink has to be awful.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Good Grief morning comes around fast. Now for the big question? How much damage will that idiot obama do in the next 9 days?

  52. Excerpts from Imam Obama's divisive, accusatory and downright nasty speech:

    "AUDIENCE: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!"
    "THE PRESIDENT: I can't do that."
    "AUDIENCE: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!"

    Geez, those people are morons!

    "In 10 days, the world will witness a hallmark of our democracy."
    "AUDIENCE: Nooo --"
    "THE PRESIDENT: No, no, no, no, no -- the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected President to the next. (Applause.) I committed to President-elect Trump that my administration would ensure the smoothest possible transition, just as President Bush did for me. (Applause.)"

    While he has his minions trying every underhanded thing possible to screw it up. the coward he is.

    "And the good news is that today the economy is growing again. Wages, incomes, home values, and retirement accounts are all rising again. Poverty is falling again. (Applause.) The wealthy are paying a fairer share of taxes even as the stock market shatters records. The unemployment rate is near a 10-year low. The uninsured rate has never, ever been lower. (Applause.) Health care costs are rising at the slowest rate in 50 years."

    (" many falshoods can I get these idiots to bite on?")

    "While the top one percent has amassed a bigger share of wealth and income...blah, blah..."

    Can't leave out that tired old "1%er" drivel.

    "After my election, there was talk of a post-racial America. And such a vision, however well-intended, was never realistic. Race remains a potent and often divisive force in our society. Now, I've lived long enough to know that race relations are better than they were 10, or 20, or 30 years ago, no matter what some folks say. (Applause.)"

    The bastard set us back at LEAST 50 years, fomenting hatred and violence. What a crock!

    More to come.....

  53. Obama "Screw Half Of You" speech", part 2:

    "But if our democracy is to work in this increasingly diverse nation, then each one of us need to try to heed the advice of a great character in American fiction -- Atticus Finch -- (applause) -- who said "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."

    SOB never took THAT advice, OBVIOUSLY, you bunch of backwoods rednecks, just clingin' to your guns and religion!

    "For white Americans, it means acknowledging that the effects of slavery and Jim Crow didn't suddenly vanish in the '60s -- (applause) -- that when minority groups voice discontent, they're not just engaging in reverse racism or practicing political correctness. When they wage peaceful protest, they're not demanding special treatment but the equal treatment that our Founders promised. (Applause.)"

    Well...maybe all those black Africans who gathered up the slaves to sell to the Spaniards and Portugese to ship 12 million to the New World (with only about 330,000 landing in the U.S.) should share some of the responsibility, instead of 100% of the white people living today who had no part in the 1% of whites who owned slaves back then, or the larger percentage of blacks back then who owned them? Let's set the history straight, Oblamer!

    "Take the challenge of climate change. In just eight years, we've halved our dependence on foreign oil; we've doubled our renewable energy; we've led the world to an agreement that has the promise to save this planet. (Applause.) But without bolder action, our children won't have time to debate the existence of climate change. They'll be busy dealing with its effects: more environmental disasters, more economic disruptions, waves of climate refugees seeking sanctuary."

    Oh...puh-LEEEZE!!! Just STFU alarmist "professor" O., you don't know shit! "The sky is falling!!!"

    "Because of the extraordinary courage of our men and women in uniform, because of our intelligence officers, and law enforcement, and diplomats who support our troops -- (applause)"

    How DARE he take a bow for the military he has decimated, the law enforcement he has started a jihad against, and..DIPLOMATS? Two words, Obummer..."Benghazi" and "Hillary". How DARE HE!

    "And to all who serve or have served, it has been the honor of my lifetime to be your Commander-in-Chief."

    AAurgh!!!! He has DISHONORED every single military person going all the way back to the beginning of our nation!

    More to come....

  54. "But protecting our way of life, that's not just the job of our military. Democracy can buckle when we give in to fear. So, just as we, as citizens, must remain vigilant against external aggression, we must guard against a weakening of the values that make us who we are. (Applause.)"

    YEAH! And THAT'S why Trump got elected! The "weakening of values" from liberals who want grown men to share restroooms with our women and rip babies from the womb for "spare parts" , the FILTH from Hollywood Hypocrites, illegals who will not assimilate, flooding our country with radical Islamic terrorists....the list is long. THAT is what WE are "guarding against", and he and his unholy kindred evil spirits are promoting!

    "And that's why, for the past eight years, I've worked to put the fight against terrorism on a firmer legal footing. That's why we've ended torture, worked to close Gitmo, reformed our laws governing surveillance to protect privacy and civil liberties. (Applause.) That's why I reject discrimination against Muslim Americans, who are just as patriotic as we are. (Applause.)"

    Basically, "I have made it much easier for Islamic terrorists to infiltrate, and much more difficult to stop them."

    BRAVO, Emperor O! Your true colors are showing, brightly!

    "That's why we cannot withdraw from big global fights -- to expand democracy, and human rights, and women's rights, and LGBT rights."

    And, THAT'S why he loves Islam so much, and detests America. For all those "rights".....?

    "When voting rates in America are some of the lowest among advanced democracies, we should be making it easier, not harder, to vote. (Applause.)"

    Sure, why not? "Just show up! ALL ABOOOOARD!!!!" Citizen, not a citizen. It doesn't matter! Let's just make it even EASIER!! The Democrat party DEPENDS on it!

    "When trust in our institutions is low, we should reduce the corrosive influence of money in our politics, and insist on the principles of transparency and ethics in public service. (Applause.)"

    I guess he Hillary? And, himself?

    Now, then...BRACE YOURSELVES for THIS one!

    "Our Constitution is a remarkable, beautiful gift. But it's really just a piece of parchment. It has no power on its own."

    WHAT THE HELL?!!!!

    Just a piece of ass-wipe to him...but we already knew that from the start.

    "Some of you here tonight or watching at home, you were there with us in 2004, in 2008, 2012 -- (applause) -- maybe you still can't believe we pulled this whole thing off. Let me tell you, you're not the only ones. (Laughter.)"

    Well...we really DIDN'T expect to have an anti-American, anti-Constitutional Christian-hating Islamic-sympathizer in there, that's true.

    And, finally, as predicted:

    "My fellow Americans, it has been the honor of my life to serve you. (Applause.) I won't stop. In fact, I will be right there with you, as a citizen, for all my remaining days."

    he'll be 'right there", organizing anarchy and chaos. Spewing vitriolic hatred, and poisoning the well, to try to bring America down. To continue his "Legacy".

  55. At least he'll be a scant 4 minute walk away from a handy Islamic Center (largest one in the nation), in his fancy new digs (that he's building a wall around).

    Much more convenient.

  56. And continue it he will.

    Well done, Nunya...

  57. Now that is one thing this family did... WE boycotted his speech all T.V's were turned off in this house. I don't want to hear another word from that asshole.

  58. Yeah, we didn't watch it either.

    Linda flipped it over to Netflix and watched something or another and I went to bed knowing that in just 10 days Trump was going to tell Obama to shut up and get the hell out of his office...

  59. obamma is a worthless piece of shit! Always has been always will be. Time for him to leave DC and as nunya says, STFU

  60. The Left Lib sicko are really showing their nasty face deeper into the shitpile, they are spreading their lying shit all over with fake stories about Trump, bunch of low life's.