Wednesday, January 18, 2017

You un-American bastards just keep doing what you're doing...

Quote of the day:

"It will be the first one (inauguration) I've missed since I've been in Congress." -- Rep. John Lewis

Hmm, what do you call a civil rights icon tuned political hack/race baiter when they tell a blatant lie?

You take President Trump's lead and call him a liar.

But hey, that's not what I really wanted to talk about.

What I really wanted to talk about is the "Fake News" bullshit today's agenda driven, corporate owned media is shoveling.

According to the bought and paid for talking heads, because of Donald Trump America has become more divided than it's ever been.

That's a bunch of crap and they know it.

I suppose it's possible that today's delicate little college kids who run for their safe spaces at the sight of sidewalk chalk probably fall for it.

And I suppose it's even possible that a few of the older reality denying leftists (reilloc) believe it with all their godless little hearts..

As for the rest of us, we know better.

During the 60's the democrat supported left-wing anarchists, communists, socialists, and other assorted America-hating domestic terrorist groups tried to bring this country to it's knees.

They failed.

The same democrat supported, left-wing anarchists, communists, socialists, and other assorted America-hating domestic terrorist groups did everything they could to disrupt the inauguration of George W. Bush.

They failed and Bush went on to serve two terms.

It's basically the exact same thing they're doing today.

And what's the common denominator here?

Democrat supported, left-wing anarchists, communists, socialists, and other America-hating domestic terrorist groups.

The exact same democrat supported, left-wing anarchists that have burned America cities to the ground, successfully called for the murder of American cops, physically assaulted Trump supporters, blocked major highways, tunnels, and bridges, threatened to kill Donald Trump and rape his wife, and are promising to disrupt Friday's inauguration.

And the friggin media want us to believe Donald Trump's the problem?

Screw you.

Here's how it's going to be.

Starting at 4:00 tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, a "Make America Great Again" concert featuring Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood will kick off the uniquely American tradition coined "The Peaceful Transfer of Power" whether the democrat supported, left-wing anarchists, communists, socialists, and other America-hating domestic terrorist groups like it or not.

You godless liberals can cling to your irrelevant and pathetic popular vote argument till the cows come home.

You can blame it on the Russians till if it helps you get through the day.

And Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights icon turned political hack/race baiter and his 60 some fellow democrats can boycott the inauguration or not.

It's not going to make a bit of difference.

Just like we always have, America will move on.

On November 8th the American people made their decision and elected Donald Trump. 

The inauguration will go on as scheduled. 

And in less than 48 hours from now, he will be the 45th President of The United States.

Get used to it...

Kevin McGinty


  1. In case you haven't noticed I've made a few changes.

    Let me know what you think...

  2. Give it up, gimme.

    A new look to celebrate "Making America Great Again?"

    Something like that.

    One thing that hasn't changed is the fact that this is still and always will a "Troll Free Zone..."

  3. And you gimme, are still unwelcome here.

    Now run along and bother someone over on that other website where worthless trolls like you are protected...

  4. I like the new look. Fresh. Great choice.

  5. Love it I can read it so much better I love the white back ground. You did good. I am never going to talk bad about you again.

  6. Lol... I'm glad you like it but be careful about making promises you might not be able to keep...

  7. Ya, Right I reserve my right to extend and revise my remarks.

  8. So is gimme jimmy fish bait boy hanging around? Bet he's pissed over him and his traitorous seditious buddies getting their ass kicked to the curb.

    And all their whining and boycotts and trolling won't make a tiny speck of difference.

    And now them and their Kenyan Muslim president can now crawl back into the sewer they crawled out of. You are no longer relevant. Now shut up and get out of the way while we fix the damage you people have done.

  9. It's kinda hard to tell whether he's pissed or not.

    All he ever does is babble on about Red Bull or some such...

    1. Oh hell, he's just after 2,500 of Soros' money. Added up with all the stamps it's a great payday. All for nothing.
      It's typical of the culture.
      Pay no mind, because he pays with his...

  10. Red balls? He's got red balls? He better get that looked at. He might have caught something from buttstash boy.

  11. Finally, I get a president that suits me. Suits my country. And sticks reality right up the ass of every godless lefty out there.
    Just like the second crusades of 1099 AD, it directly in the face of those that thought they have the balls to take what's ours. Red balls at that, lol.
    Sit down and hold on all you piece of shit communists. Things are going to get fun.
    Too bad you don't have the salt for it.
    Hot knife through butter.
    And America will strengthen because of it.

  12. The background looks cool Kevin (smiles)

  13. Kudos on the changes. Much better...just like America will be after tomorrow! Good change is good!

    Now then,

    I bet if he hurries, he can still get Obama to release his worthless, violent drug-dealing ass back on the streets to continue to terrorize Americans.

    But...he'd better hurry! Only one day left to join Obama's violent, destructive, anti-American, terrorist "Civilian Security Force" that he said he wanted (and has been assembling).

  14. Good morning one day and counting. Then the Lib's head explodes.

  15. Let's see...what else are those evil Bluesers up to?

    OH! here's something:

    SURPRISE, surprise, surprise! Dems oppose Education Secretary! Who'da thunk it?!

    Well...I can see why. I doubt she, or Trump, would let a despicable, sick-twisted, gay pedophile NAMBLA-supporter join her, as the "Safe Schools Czar" or the Obama administration did with Kevin Jennings. That's strike one, in the libs' view.

    Another is that they're scared to death that she might actually focus on "educating" the kids, instead of "indoctrinating" them, like the left has been doing for far too long.

    She migh insist on actual "results" for receiving tax dollars, instead of just throwing more money at failure after failure!

    “Public education is a critical component of our democracy,” the letter said. “Every child deserves the right to a quality public education."

    Well...not necessarily PUBLIC education...and if those clowns actually beleieved that, why haven't they provided it, being in charge for so long? Why is it such a failure under liberal ideas?

    "The Democrats’ letter said DeVos was unqualified to serve as secretary of education in Washington, D.C., and referenced legal conflict in Kansas about financing of the state’s public school districts."

    DeVos has been in the thick of all this for YEARS!

    “Kansans overwhelmingly support public education. To appoint DeVos is to risk further erosion of our public school system,” the letter said."

    Not true. Kansans overwhelmingly MIGHT...if it was working. Kansans are likely MORE overwhelmingly sick and tired of the clear conflict-of-interest of OUR taxpayer money going to taxpayer-supported public employees to contribute to unions and lawyers to force Kansans to dump more and more of our taxpayer dollars down the bottomless pit of "a failed education system", and never seeing positive results, despite funding rising and rising and rising.

    But...what other misinformation and bogus crap could we expect a failing little leftist-propaganda rag to print?

    It's just a good thing ol' senile Dirty Harry's .44 Magnum that he whipped out got taken away by the adults, and is now aimed at the real criminals, and those criminals are now flaccid as Batshit in a strip club, and powerless to do anything but get on their weak knees, and grovel and beg Republicans for any scrap they might receive!

    WAY past time to remedy this education mess the Dems created to keep people dumb and down! Our children deserve the best!

  16. Not sure what you did, kev...but page also loads much faster on my computer! Thanks!

  17. And, to butter the bread of my previous post:

    Of course, leftists will deny, deny, deny...attack, attack, attack, but the numbers are there.

    This is the key remark:

    "Public education will always cost a lot of money, but it’s how the money is spent that makes a difference rather than “how much.”

    Well...not in Looney-tunes-Leftist LaLa Land. To them, results matter not...just send MORE MONEY!

    I endorse DeVos. Time to put the screws to public schools, and hold them accountable 9not only for budgets and achievement, but also force them to "teach" kids HOW to think, using real history and useful concepts...istead of just WHAT to think, shoving their leftist-propaganda crap down their throats and turning them all into mindless little robotic marshmallows...or get the hell out of the way!

  18. A visit from a baitfish!!!

    On to weightier matters - I had some Jimmy Dean sausage for breakfast.

    Seriously though, I do like the new look of the place.

    Presidents get the Cabinet they want. It isn't like it will make much difference anyway. DeVos is one of the better choices.

  19. Here's what I would like to see at the hearings for the cabinet appointees. When a godless democrat asks a stupid question here's what I would like to hear.

    Godless democrat question: Will you support LGBQTYDXYZ rights like all of us sex perverts do?

    Cabinet appointee answer: F*** you. No. Next question.

    Godless democrat question: Will you join us in the fight to stop the imaginary global warming crisis?

    Cabinet appointee answer: Lick my balls. No. Next question.

    Godless democrat question: Will you support us in fighting for free college for snowflakes actually paid for by somebody else?

    Cabinet appointee answer: You're an idiot. No. Next question.

    I mean why are they trying to come up with some diplomatic answer to these stupid inane idiotic democrat questions? Who cares? They can't stop any appointments. This is all just grandstanding and playing to the communist democrat base. Harry Reid made them irrelevant in this process. The only way they can stop an appointment is if some Republicans vote against the appointee. And if any Republicans do that, they will face the wrath of the NEW Republican party. The one that has had it's fill of this bullshit. So I highly recommend against that idea.

    So like I always say.....F*** a bunch of godless democrats.

  20. I'm glad I had already swallowed the last of my coffee when I read that one, Safe...

  21. And gimme, today's your lucky day.

    Because we're all in such a good mood this morning we might let you stick around for a while.

    But then again we might not...

  22. Say, have you heard from the godless left how this year global warming was finally proven to be real. Why, we had the hottest year since the last hot year or something.

    They tell us how hot last year was but notice they never mention the actual number.

    Here's the actual number. The temp was up one one hundredth of one degree. 1/100 of one degree. And the margin of error is one tenth of one degree. 1/10 of one degree.

    So it's all bullshit, as usual. But they never give up, do they? When you're selling snake oil you have to keep selling even when you get proven to be a fraud. Or when Josie Wells spits a big plug of chaw on your white carpetbagger suit. Josie Wells fans will get that one.

  23. Besides that - hottest, where? For Kansas, 2012 (remember that) was hotter. 80 some degrees in March for a stretch, wearing t-shirts and shorts in February. But it was one of the coldest in other parts of the world. The damned Rhine froze over. "Settled science" indeed.

    I don't know if it's in Minnow's nature to be "good." But compared to some of his stablemates ... . He should use some user name other than "anonymous." But he mostly just does quicky swim-by stuff.

    1. Minnow, could go by dickhead for a uses name.

    2. "Gilligan" would be better. Not only does it accurately describe his contributions to the festivities, it has a connection with "Minnow."

    3. So would that make buttstach boy the Skipper?

    4. It sure don't make him "The Captain!"

  24. Comment from Instapundit this morning, very accurate:

    "ARMOR, TARNISHED: Rep. Steve King: John Lewis trades on status as civil rights icon, hasn’t contributed since. Lewis was a hero 50 years ago. John McCain was a hero 50 years ago, too, but that hasn’t stopped Democrats from attacking him — including Lewis, who compared him to George Wallace."

  25. But he could help us with a few of his observations. Did the Shunganunga freeze over this winter? What does the bottom of Lake Shawnee look like? What's it like to evade the hungry geese in the Kaw?

  26. The funny thing about their beloved civil rights icon turned political hack/race baiter is that it was the democrats that turned the fair hoses on him.

    It was his beloved democrats that released the dogs on him.

    And it was his beloved democrats that bashed his head in with a brick.

    1. And that why the Dems have the black caucus to keep them all in one Pen, Shame!

    2. Kevin, I wonder if that's what makes him look like a tortoise who's bit into a lemon?

  27. So the protestors are organizing a dance party protest in front of VP Elect Mike Pence's house. They will pass out rainbow suspenders and glow sticks.

    This is a real thing, I'm not making this up. This just about sums up how literally crazy these people are.

    Remember the last guy who wore rainbow suspenders? Mork from Ork.

  28. Just another "queen dance party" probably includes ecstasy and DMT. Godless druggies, all I can say....

    But, this is alarming.

    The timing of this is not appropriate, and it should not be tolerated. I hope Trump takes the biggest shit on CNN in the next 4(8)years.
    Awful, and would never of been allowed with a communist er, democratic candidate.
    This isn't a game. Trump gets touched, people will get hurt. I hope nothing comes of merely the speculation of an "event" at the inauguration. CNN should be on the clock of it does....

  29. Changed my mind, little bitch.


  30. Go get those red balls looked at baitfish boy.

  31. Hammer, I contend stuff like that is purely intentional. All this constant never relenting claims he isn't legitimate, he's dangerous, people are scared. All the lies that are told all the time about things he never said.

    All this is intended to stir up the godless left and just incite one nut job out there to decide to save the country by harming the President Elect. And there are a hell of a lot of radical left wing nut jobs out there.

    If anything happens these people need to be held responsible. They are actively seeking this to happen. They are doing everything they can to make it happen.

    This is treasonous, seditious behavior.

    I just hope a bunch of these godless left wingers meet the wall of bikers that is turning out to protect the President Elect.

    Alta-Right-Mont I'm calling it. Just start some shit with those guys and you'll find out what's up.

  32. Quote of the day
    "The people are responsible for the character of their congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt,it is because the people tolerate ignorance,recklessness and corruption."

  33. Don't you just feel like an American with pride again?

    1. The pictures of the first family in front of the Lincoln memorial will go down in the history books. This is what this country is all about. Libs will never get it. Go to the back of the bus libs and cry your little hearts out. The real Americans are in charge now.

  34. Morning in America Sarge. The reign of terror is over. ISIS no longer has a friend in the White House but we do.

    #Make America Great Again!!!

  35. It is okay you had to take out my relies to asshole baitfish.

  36. Sorry if I deleted you. That was not my intention. I'm using my phone and it's a little harder to control.

    I only intended to clear the dog shit. I guess I got carried away.

    I would never delete a family members post on purpose.

    1. Safe no problem, I just thought when you delete that asshole, the reply's go also. You are still SAH .

  37. Sarge I think you're right. I never noticed that.

  38. Replies
    1. Safe Papadew is like me he understands, shit happens, If you wanted someone perfect call on baitfish, hahahahhahahhahaah

  39. I don't think we'll hear from baitfish boy for a while. At least until I change my mind. Let's see how it goes.

  40. Too bad about poor little gimme.

    We gave him a chance but he just couldn't handle it.

    Evidently that's what happens when you have shit for brains...

  41. Replies
    1. Kevin don't know hope much you could see today, man it was great, this guy has it all together, BIGLY.

  42. I missed most of it and I'll miss most of it tomorrow as well.

    That's okay though.

    We friggin did it and that's good enough for me...

  43. Kevin, I really like the changes! Much easier to read. Thank you!

    Tomorrow will be change and I not only have hope America will be great again, I believe it will. I'm for this CHANGE and HOPE.

    See ya tomorrow along with President Trump.

  44. And just so you know Friday's blog is up and running...