Monday, March 6, 2017

What about this wiretapping deal? Isn't this a bad thing?

So President Trump tweeted that the obama regime wiretapped him during the campaign. Did it happen? Is it true? Is it just ravings of a racist Hitler President?

Let's talk about it, shall we? What evidence is there that it didn't happen. That seems to be the standard of proof for the godless left these days. Remember when Harry Reid stood on the floor of the Senate and said Mitt Romney paid no income tax? Said he heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy. So the left caterwalled and screeched and demanded Mitt release his taxes to prove it wasn't true. They did the same thing to then candidate Trump. Here's pack of lies, now you prove it's not true. So, let's take that approach.

James Clapper says it's not true. Former head of NSA for obama. Guy who perjured himself when he lied to congress and said the NSA wasn't collecting metadata on our phone calls and email. Nope, he says. Not happening. Only it was. And he admitted he lied. What happened? Absolutely nothing. Democrats didn't care. Republicans were too cowardly to press the issue.

James Comey says it's not true. He want's the NSA to go public and deny, deny, deny. Guy who let Hillary off scott free after she committed multiple federal offenses like breaching national security and lying to congress. Didn't bother to investigate her selling influence all over the world while Sec of State.

obama minions say it isn't true. But then obama spent eight years lying to America about anything and everything. Maybe you remember a couple. If you like your insurance....If you like your doctor....and too many more to list.

So far, I haven't seen a shred of evidence this is not true.

So my theory is this. It happened, and obama and his apparachiks were counting on Hillary winning and their cover never being blown. They never imagined Trump would win, and suddenly he and his team would have unlimited and unfettered access to all the intelligence and wiretap information. They figured it would stay buried. And surprise! The truth is coming out.

That would explain the massive insane effort to get President Trump out of office. And create this fictitious firestorm of a scandal with some imaginary Russian connection. To distract from the shitstorm that is coming their way. That's what they do.

Remember, this is a lawless bunch, this obama regime. Eric Holder held in contempt of court for refusing to release documents related to his illegal gun running operation. obama stonewalling and withholding information constantly. His regime denied more freedom of information requests than any president in history. Hillary deleting 30,000 emails after congress subpoenaed them.

These people lie for a living. I don't doubt for a minute this happened. And I think it's going to get really ugly. As the truth comes out, they will resort to anything to stop it. Riots, violence, volumes of fake accusations.

I expect this to get very interesting watching the democrat party get the long overdue justice.


  1. Before he was elected wasnt Trump a private citizen? Beck is emphasizing that point again this morning.

  2. Correct. But obama has a history of wiretapping private citizens.

    Remember when he tapped FOX news reporter James Rosen? And his parents? And tried to get him named a criminal co-conspirator in a criminal case to justify it?

    Or when he collected all the phone records of AP reporters?

    That's just a couple that he got away with. There are probably thousands he did without any authorization.

    I suspect they didn't bother to cover their tracks very well assuming Hillary would be next in line and they didn't need to.

    Most criminals get caught because they are over confident and careless. I have a feeling this criminal sees his future as pretty bleak when all this gets uncovered.

    I suspect this is where all the secret claims of President Trump colluding with Russia are coming from. They keep claiming they have transcripts.

    And I suspect President Trump just blew that up with his tweet, because now they are forced to deny ever wiretapping him, but all this alleged evidence comes from that source. So if they continue this Russia hoax, then they get exposed for illegal wiretapping.

    President Trump is much smarter than these idiots. They don't know it because they are typical godless liberal elites, but he is eating their lunch right now.

    The harder they press this secret document crap, the more people are asking just where did these secret documents come from.

    President Trump just flipped the script on the crooks. Look for extreme desperation to set in very quickly.

  3. Basically, President Trump just told them to put up or shut up.

    Well done, my friend...

  4. I wish Trump would do more than tweet or whatever they call it, I am not into that social media crap. Actually FB and tweets are anything but social!! For the most part they are for chickenshits to hide and spew crap they won't say to another person's face.

    Anyway back to Trump. He needs to throw out hard evidence. I don't doubt it was done, but he is only going to get traction if he throws out evidence. CIA and FBI are trained to lie, who would believe them, they are suppose to be liars, part of their job is deceiving. Then we know the saying about when politicians are lying. Trump don't help himself with these tweets. But then as I already said I am not into this so called social media BS.

  5. Trump's doing exactly the right thing.

    Think of it this way, Divemaster.

    How many times has the media said something along the lines of, Trump's done it now.
    This will be his undoing for sure.
    There's no coming back from this one.

    How many times have they been right?


    What he's done is change the subject.

    Nobody's talking about the new executive order he signed this morning.

    The media is too busy covering for Obama that they don't have time to screech about the Fake News about the Russians.

    They're in total meltdown.

    Well done if you ask me...

  6. Hope you are right, I been told many times I always look at what can go wrong, but that has saved my butt.

  7. Why is Loretta Lynch calling for violence and deadly demonstrations...and why is it ok?

  8. We need to get all these commie's s.o.b. out of this country, this getting out of hand.

  9. My point this morning was that he was a private citizen and that is the problem with all this fisa crap...too damned easy for them to target anyone...all thats needed is a few cronies in place and a hunch...

  10. Now Comey wants to know who had access to those reports...just now on fox...after his agency said to reject Trump's claims. Among other reports such as Michael Schmidt"s crap in the ny times. Back in jan he claimed info gained from he is denying wiretaps took place.
    The fan behind this guano storm is blowing harder...

  11. So either the WSJ and NYT are lying about "intelligence reports" that they published last fall.....

    Or they really did wire tap Trump personell during the campaign.....

    And if the the FISA courts denied it or not may not really matter.

    So they phrase "over playing your hand" really does apply.

    Well done, liberals.
    Well done.

    And God bless Mark Levin.

  12. Sounds like they are spinning in a blender, set to puree. Doesn't seem like they can get their stories straight, at all. "O' what a tangled web libs weave, when they've always practiced to deceive".

  13. Pretty good technique for swamp cleanup...

  14. I read Levin's book, Men in Black. That is a good book and shows how courts are destroying our rights as well as country, and that book was written a decade ago.

    1. Liberty and Tyranny is my fave...

    2. Ameritopia worth reading too..a good primer on origins of philosophies promoted by the prog left...wish I had the money to buy a truckload of copies of that book to hand out to of course. They'd never buy it but some might actually read a free copy....maybe.

  15. You ever been in a bar enjoying an adult beverage when some loudmouth drunk starts shouting and insulting people and won't stop? No reason, just a nasty obnoxious booze hound.

    And he won't stop until somebody like Hammertime gets insulted and grabs him by the throat and drags him outside and hands him a beating.

    Well, the democrat party is the obnoxious drunk and the part of Hammertime is played by President Trump.

    He just drug them out on the sidewalk and beat the shit out of them. They just didn't know when to shut up. Now he's beating their dead carcass.

    They got away with this crap for years. McCain, Romney, they just let the drunk insult them and looked at their feet hoping he would stop and go away. Then they started in on President Trump and got their ass handed to them.

    #Shit Just Got Real

  16. It would give me a warm, fuzzy feeling seeing a bunch of Obama's henchmen fill up some prison space. Topped with the Imam, himself....and the Shrill, getting their extended stay reservations. Nice to dream. 😆

  17. Sheep dogs, that partake in no games, have no problem taking out the trash others weakly ignore.
    With President Trump we may have the alpha that this country has so badly needed.

    It's time to suck it up, grab our lunch boxes, and pressure the alt-left. It's obvious that they are desperate.

    Desperation makes them weak and vulnerable.

    Pour it on.
    Bring light to the shadow.

  18. Trump is exactly what this country so badly needed.

    Remain calm.

    And stay focused.

    Do not let the left and their lap dogs in the media get you down.

    This Revolution stuff is very nasty business.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    I'm all in...


    Dunno if the link works?

    Here is Snopes' weak assessmemt of Lyin' Lynch's call for blood in the streets. They try to downplay it by claiming she was referring to the civil rights movement, and the violence of that. But...wait? They also clearly printed her actual quote about "We did it before, we can do it again!" So...she IS stating that she thinks they should create more mayhem, violence, death and destruction. Can NOT spin it any other way. "We can do it again!" Where is the confusion? The bitch us inciting violence. Plain and simple. Better start sniffing around her trail, also. Maybe she, Val and Hillary could all share the same cellblock?

  20. That's exactly what she's doing.

    And just look around the country.

    Violence and chaos everywhere.

    The mindless drones are primed and ready to go...

  21. This wiretapping issue is bad. Very bad.

    Let me see if I heard this correctly. There were two FISA requests of which one was denied, and one approved. Now we are told there were none at all. Makes sense to me!

    I think Trump is correct about the wiretapping and he has more info that he is not sharing yet. I think Obama thought Clinton would be elected and all this wiretapping business would be swept under the carpet. Now he and his minions have been exposed. I think a number of blackmailers will be exposed with Obama being the head blackmailer. The media will do everything they can to keep the head blackmailer clean but it won't work. Trump will prevail and heads will roll. A lot of people will be involved with this corruption. And we still have no clue as to who Obama really is? That is a scary thought to ponder.

    A big hello to catsncats! I am so glad to see you back on this blog and blogging away! You were missed.

    1. And hello to you! So happy you are still around...purrs!

  22. Yeah, Hillary was supposed to win and none of this was ever supposed to see the light of day.

    But in order for heads to roll the republicans will have to have some guts which I'm not sure will happen.

    If anything this will shut down the whole idiotic Russia hysteria.

    And they'll lose even more support from the normal democrats who've been democrats all their lives.

    All they'll be left with is the hard core America hating leftists and the brain dead college kids.

  23. Well just for the record I will say this now, it won't be long now where we will see see killings in the streets, and that is between the Political parties, as in everyday citizens. That is if the law doesn't start arresting people that are breaking the law and do it on the spot.
    I see the shit flying soon, and I hope I am wrong but I won't hold my breath.

  24. Unfortunately Sarge, you're probably right.

    Maybe that's been the goal all along...

  25. The leftists are CLEARLY stirring this up! What they may be doing is trying to bait good, decent, law-abiding citizens into taking to the streets, armed to defend ourselves against the unholy anarchists as they start tearing shit up, and tearing things down. Taking on pissed people who have guns, with clubs and a stupid thing to do, but for those high up in this (who cower in their safe spaces while sending idiots out...just like Islamic terrorist "leaders" do)...sacrificing a bunch of their brainwashed morons is just part of their "by any means necessary" treasonous plan. Then, they hope, their support for firearms ban grow. Those animals like Obama, Lynch, Jarrett, etc., have absolutely no regard for human life. They don't care one BIT about their mindless robots they have programmed to march straight into slaughter. All they care about is their anti-American agenda. By any means necessary.

  26. The violence in the streets is going to ramp up. Hence the call from the criminal Loretta Lynch for violence in the streets.

    The godless left knows they just got caught in a massive scandal. They know that if this just runs it's course they are in deep kimchee. So they are going to escalate this sedition and anarchy they are promoting. They are desperate to distract from what's coming, which is prison time for democrats.

    They are still repeating the same old crap about the imaginary Russian bullshit, hoping people will be so angry about that they will overlook the fact that obama and his apparachiks were spying on American citizens. People are pretty tired of that unproven nonsensical rhetoric at this point. Now they are wondering just what in the hell this bunch of lawless Marxists were up to.

    I say we turn this into a holy war. Constant press conferences demanding justice. Congressional investigations. Demands for release of documents. Relentless. Outshout the spitlickers on the godless left.

    We dropped a nuke on Japan to make them surrender. Sherman burnt and destroyed a path to the sea to make the South surrender. This war needs to end the same way. Make it so painful for the godless left to keep this up they will surrender.

  27. And encouraging violence in the streets from a bunch of cowardly snowflakes who only pull that crap when they have a huge numerical advantage against an unarmed helpless group is pretty foolish.

    They are promoting these idiots attack us. Not such a good idea. Things will get wet pretty quick if that happens.

    A couple places already have passed laws that let you run over these idiots when they are blocking the streets.

    #Read The Handwriting On The Wall Lefties

    #Winning This War Through Liberal Tears

  28. Their fatal flaw (among others) is that ordinary Americans who just want to live, love and be left alone to go about their business will just cower in fear and let them take over.
    Fools dont understand that we are quite capable of fighting to defend ourselves by whatever means necessary if we have to.

  29. I'm a quiet type who treats others with respect if they do same with me but if they start up with stupid crap I just get angry, not scared.
    And what do they do? Resort to mob mentality and anarchic methods to try to run us themselves they just whine, cry and throw hissy fits on social media.

  30. Interesting, I been telling people for years that all these smart devices along with wireless technology was dangerous. You don't need my 45 years of IT experience to know this is dangerous. People are going to have the government, no governments, running there household as well as automobiles. Any jackass on the street will be able to take control of your car, refridge, A/C....... The jackass won't have to have an ounce of IT sense, you will be able to buy devices/software to to the hacking.

  31. That scenario would unleash the hounds of hell among us...on them...heard Beck talking earlier about silicon valley and how some are worried for their safety if robots take jobs at some future point, say around 2030 or so. Pitchfork style.

  32. Anybody wanna bet how many snowflakes actually know how to survive, and build a fire other than with a trash can full of paper and a cheap lighter?


    ……“"The administration was wiretapping American citizens," Sanders said. "His administration could have done this."”

    “President Trump’s top aides are backing his unsupported claim that former President Obama ordered wiretaps on his campaign headquarters in Trump Tower. The White House says FBI director James Comey should also back up the president, even though Comey asked the Justice Department to deny the allegation.”

    Rm 235…Do I believe President Trump’s allegations of wiretapping? Absolutely yes, without a doubt. Look at what the DNC had done through the 2016 Presidential Campaign…. I have no doubt that the Obama Administration stooped to this low of wiretapping. Why isn’t the media talking about the DNC lies, cheating, and cover ups? Bernie Sanders was bought off so he would stop talking negatively against Hillary Clinton. It more than likely was hush money with promises of being appointed to a Clinton Administration position that made Bernie Sanders throw his support towards Hillary Clinton. Well what did that make Bernie? It made him a brainless puppet. After it was common knowledge that the DNC sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign, why haven’t there been indictments? There should be indictments handed down on the grounds of betrayal of trust for the fraudulent actions of the DNC. The bottom main line reason the opposition has been against Donald Trump since the primaries is because they are afraid of Donald Trump exposing them for the liars and cheats that they are.

    I was glad to see the media show stories about the March 4 Trump rallies – people standing up to publically support President Trump.
    The Anti-Trump protestors are why the rallies turned violent.

    “In St. Paul, Minnesota, six were arrested and charged with rioting and disorderly conduct after "50 anti-Trump protesters started a big fight in our rotunda area," Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Tiffani Nielson said. About 300 Trump supporters attended the rally before the skirmish broke out, she said.”

  34. THEY want to protest but how dare anyone who disagrees with them?
    Who are the fascists here?
    People are figuring it out slowly but surely...and what will summer weather bring?

  35. That professor who got attacked the other day when she tried to escort Charles Murray out in the midst of these idiots' hell raising actually came forth with a statement along the lines of some need to understand them...even with a neck injury she hasnt figured things out however.

  36. Ya got poor ol' digger running his badly injured hamster feets off again...;))

  37. Perfect anology, cats.

    Round and around and around he goes.

    Being that stupid's gotta be painful...

  38. ya know, the lefties will never get with the program- regardless of how simple or straight forward we try to be. they'll never catch on to the reality that they lost in more ways than they can count.

  39. The Digger takes "denial" to unimaginable new levels!😂 Good GRIEF!!! If Obama said grass was naturally pink, Dig would dig it, but if Trump said " Grass is normally GREEN"...Digger would write an 800 word essay about how stupid Trump is, and how saintly and perfect Obama is!! I think you guys are right. That HAS to be EXTREMELY painful!!😀

  40. Nunya what is painful to digger is that he keeps bending over in the shower of nonsense!

  41. Yah he just keeps right on droppin" that soap...

  42. Wikileaks latest: sez our smartfones tvs and other such devices are full of cia spyware...just now heard this on fox.
    I suppose if they get some thrill up their legs from looking at my ceiling or my cats sleeping on the furniture then by all means spy away...
    But seriously nothing shocks me much any more.

  43. The brilliant goys and gals on /pol/ were one of the first to release "certain" versions of vault 7 for those that use torrents...

    I think I'll sit back and watch some meme magic take place.
    Those kids are so cool, even the agency aspires to be them.
    But they lack the support of Kek.

    We are winning by the hands of a generation some have given up on.

    I stand and applaud.

    Shadows can't win when the lights come on!!!!!!!!

    Today is significant, and hopefully some here understand why. I'll leave it at that.


  44. Yep. I'm up. I am reading articles about how to get rid of the CIA. LOL

    1. Sorry Rose I went back to the rack at 3am just missed ya.

  45. Good morning! Is it true Batshit is gonna take the day off?!

    Posted elsewhere "For all those participating in "A Day Without ___", the responsible amongst us thank you for a reprieve from whining."😀

    Anyway, hey....I can see why Imam Obama built that wall around the "Obama-Jarrett Deep-State Nerve Center". I bet they've invested a LOT of ill-gotten (maybe even taxpayer?) money into security, electronic jamming and high-security comm stuff, etc., to try to secure their communications and keep their subversive activities on the down-low.

    Bet they're extra nervous, now that things didn't turn out as they had so valiantly attempted to cheat, lie, break the laws and commit treasonous acts to try to accomplish.

    I think President Trump needs to get a fly in the room over at the "Obama-Jarrett Sedition Center". 😂

  46. Good morning All! With all of the questions about wire-Tapping going on; whether or not someone was tapping Trump and his people, I thought the biggest bombshell was something that blew O'Reilley away the other night while talking to Gingrich. So obvious, that assuming it is true, which should be easily verified, Gen. Flynn WAS IN TRUMP TOWER when his call with the Russian was tapped! So, if that is true, then how could the answer to Trump being tapped be anything but true? Seems so apparent, if it was a snake, it would have bitten everyone in the ass! Now, whether Obama knew anything about it......Only a moron like Digger, Batshit, et al, would try to deny it!
    Now was this just something that I had failed to pick up along the way earlier, or is this something else that that the MSM and all of these liberal jerks had not even put in their pipe to smoke? Just wondering!

  47. Hammer says "Shadows can't win when the lights come on". True. Know what else happens when the lights come on? The filthy, disease-ridden cockroaches start scurrying for cover...and man...are they scurrying all OVER the place!! Kinda like watching Digger zig then zag, trying to get his/hers/its bearings!!😂

  48. O'Reilly got into the spy thing with Cotton last night. I got the sense that the senator was trying like hell to keep from saying anything that would

    compromise their investigation...old Bill is masterful at picking away at

    And Cotton did say that hearings will be as open as possible and starting 20 march.

    People will be "invited" to testify...but subpoenas will not be ruled out.
    I dont think we will see any shenanigans this time as in Holder-Lynch-Obama and I hope they all have to walk that walk.