Monday, May 29, 2017

A little filler till Safe makes his return...

Late breaking news flash:

Thanks to this "Super Top Secret" document the left may have actually found the smoking gun they've been waiting for.

And now for your viewing pleasure I present to you a guy who minces no words.

I'm fairly certain the Batshit's of the world will hate him but then they hate everything that involves the truth.

Alright, I gotta get out of here.

Kevin McGinty


  1. That was a whole lotta raw truth crammed into 4 minutes!! Maybe they should run that in assemblies in all public high schools and colleges?!😂

  2. Looks like that super top secret anonymous info came direct from Philly and Thorne at the bait shop

  3. I dunno, EFH...doesn't look like crayon! But, sure looks like someone was "calooded"-deluded!😂

  4. Merkel is an idiot. Trump tells all them we're sick of carrying the load for all those self-defeating wimps, and she whines and says in a snit, "looks like we can't count on the U S., we'll have to step it up ourselves".

    Well....IT'S ABOUT F^*&#! TIME those people stopped taking us for granted, and sucking up all our blood and money!!

    Merkel's an idiot.

  5. Wow! I wish I could do that. That's a great video and one more people need to see. I've been wondering for years how the Jane Fondas, et al., of the world know so much about international relations and the security we have in this country that allows them to show the rest of us just how stupid they really are.

  6. Noriega kicked the bucket.

    One less asshole here,

    One more in Hell.

  7. I'm still here. Sorry for my short absence, the Russians got me and held me hostage until I swore my allegiance to Donald Trump, which I have done.

    Actually, I wanted to apologize for missing the summit. I had planned to go, and fully intended to go, but a situation arose that made it impossible. I thought all afternoon and evening about everybody out there having fun and wished I could be there, but it was just not to be. Everything is taken care of and I'm back in the saddle, a little beaten but not broken. Sounds like a great time was had by all, which is exactly what I would have expected. Sometimes things go wrong all at the same time and there's just not much you can do. I know all of you have had that stuff happen so I know you understand.

    Glad the summit went well. Glad the weather held. And I missed not being there.

  8. Driving to work I was listening to the local news radio which is turning into an anti-Trump propaganda operation. Same station that plays Laura Ingraham, Rush, Savage and Levin has a morning drive news show that bashes Trump. Go figure.

    Anyway, I heard a story about the Syrian rebels fighting their government.

    Then the Philippine rebels fighting their government.

    Then a story about the rebels in America disrupting the Statehouse and legislature in Texas because Texas wants to enforce immigration law. The rebels don't like America enforcing the law. So they staged a violent protest and disrupted the peoples business.

    Seems like America is turning into a third world country filled with rebels fighting to overthrow their government by any means necessary including violence.

    Guess it was unavoidable. The influence of communism, the hatred for freedom, the love of the yoke of tyranny, the hatred for Christianity all leads to this path. Never thought I'd live long enough to see this in America.

  9. Sorry to hear that SSAH but glad things are fine, I was bad enough that you didn't make it BUT THE BEANS didn't make it ether! I waited all most a year for those bad boys. Lol This world is turning to shit. And now look the asshole Lib's found there smoking gun, we are doomed.

  10. So glad that everyone is doing well after the Summit! A great time and many, many thanks to Kevin, Linda, and their family and to Sarge for all that he has done!
    Really good seeing Ramona, Hammer, Roger R., Skippy, EFH, Sarge's grandson and some that I have already mentioned! I know that I am missing some, but please forgive me! Especially glad to finally meet the one and only Sara Soxs! What a thrill for me to finally see that lady in action! Too bad that "Bat" couldn't make it to the party! Anyway, just wanted to let all of you know how much fun it was and thank you for all of your contributions to the party! So sorry some could not make it but maybe next year, if the good Lord is willing!

  11. OMG Kevin! I just now had the chance to read the Offishal FBI document you just posted. I am, shocked and appalled, to put it mildly, that sources are finally telling us the truth!!! Such detailed information and undeniable sources cannot be dismissed lightly! Should we expect Trumps resignation to be turned in shortly?

    1. I meant to say above this that the CJ Urinal censors are apparently at it again. I posted the above, it showed up and then was deleted. I posted it a second time and it was deleted again! Now, can someone tell me why that post would possibly qualify for deletion! Just Shaking my head at those idiots!

  12. not sure what to tell you Gary.... maybe OMG and FBI possibly...who knows....try this: (only a suggestion)..

    Oh my, Kevin I just now had the chance to read the Federal Bureau of Investigation's latest document you posted. (then the rest as you have it written).

    Hope that helps.


  13. Safe, it's good to hear from you.

    I kinda figured something was up and I'm glad you've been able to deal with whatever it was you needed to deal with.

    Welcome back and if you're up to it you might as well finish out the week...

  14. More from the Land of Delusion over there:

    "Macron and Merkel-two real leaders"...

    Ashhole is far-out, man!! How does HE know if Macron is "a leader", and Merkel is a joke!

  15. A real leader?

    You mean like a leader that flooded their own country with millions of Muslims who are now attacking at will.

    That kind of real leader?

  16. I think I'll stick with Trump...

  17. From the commie staff of the Urinal:

    "Editorial: Our state needs political courage"

    "blah, blah, blah, blame, blame, blame.....", and then this:

    "We don’t claim to know exactly why these leaders have refused to vote for or endorse anything resembling a “stable, long-term budget solution that Kansans can be proud of” this session, but we sure hope it isn’t for political reasons."

    No such thing as a “stable, long-term budget solution that Kansans can be proud of”, when they won't do anything to DEMAND accountability from EVERY last person on the payroll, act responsibly with spending and quit wasting OUR money on crap, start shrinking the state government by eliminating nonsense that it shouldn't even be involved in, transition the Ponzi-scheme KPERS into 401k, etc., ...AND...QUIT letting them use taxpayer money (education lawsuits) to always keep suing ourselves to keep flushing more money down the education toilet that yields no progress!

    Fix THAT crap for "a stable, long-term budget solution"!

  18. Yeah, Kev...Merkel's a 'real leader', huh? Leading the citizens right to their beheadings by godless barbarians!

    Maybe Ashhole just doesn't know what's happening in the world? Anyone know if they let him get real news in his padded room at the asylum?

  19. Good morning everyone, oh and Nunya might as well give up on Asshole over there, he is the clone of Digger both stupid pricks.