Monday, May 1, 2017

It's Immigrant day, or something

So it's immigrant day, a day for the loony left to march in the streets, chant, riot, destroy stuff, steal, vandalize, block traffic and working people, make outrageous demands and proclaim President Donald Trump to be a fascist, Nazi and actually Hitler. Or as we call it, Monday.

I can't even keep track of what they are protesting on a given day. I don't think they know either. It think they just roll out, pick up their signs George Soros paid for, collect their stipends and head out into the street and act like a bunch of two year olds who didn't get their breakfast.

Protests, riots, marches. Blah blah blah. Does it ever stop? Does it ever change? Does it even matter?

These people won't rest until America is just a faded memory of everything that made her great. And they won't stop this crap either. It will just get worse and worse.

But it gives us something to laugh at, if nothing else. They are pretty funny you have to admit. Reading the loons over on the urinal, which I do less often all the time tell me everything I need to know about these people. They are batshit crazy, simple as that.

But they hate us, and they hate everything America believes in. They want this country destroyed and replaced with some version they dreamed up while they were on drugs. Just the fact that the democrat party has openly and happily endorsed Socialism/Communism as an acceptable governing system for them pretty much says it all.

Let's keep up the fight folks. And as for immigrant day, well, it's just another day at work for me. I could care less about a single one of the phony issues the godless left has dreamed up to get all steamed up over. And I suspect most of you feel the same way.

#Making America Great Again Through Liberal Tears

#We Keep Score By Counting Liberal Tears, And We're Winning, BIGLY!


  1. I have to buy a few groceries this afternoon...hoping T-town is quiet...

  2. Immigrant day? Do we have to have a license and is it Bow or Gun season before day light or after sun up? and what is the bag limit?

  3. No it doesn't matter.

    It's just another day for these idiots.

  4. Not on topic but worth a heads up...drudge headline and accompanying article.
    Hedge fund operators on the right and how they operate...
    No better than the ones on the in Soros...imho.

    Just as Pogo said: "we have seen the enemy and he is us!"
    Koskinen still at the IRS helm and no word on the status of not-so-Sharpton's tax bill

  5. Give us the senate, the house and the presidency! Have we got a deal for you!
    From dollar omnibus continuing resolution funding until september...
    Money for military but only half of what Trump asked for (15 billion)
    No wall money but 1.5 billion for technology and "infrastructure repair" on border
    295.9 million to puerto rico medicaid fund
    1 billion healthcare\pension fund, retired miners
    8 billion disaster relief funding
    34 billion national institutes of health
    Pell grants restored
    990 million famine relief "food for peace"...sudan, yemen, somalia, nigeria
    103 million combat opioid abuse
    68 million local law enforcement agencies, manhattan area mostly, reimburse for Trump family security
    Planned partshood gets their money figure given but they usually get around 2 billion a year
    No cuts to domestic spending programs as asked for by Trump...

  6. Not happy, but I didn't expect much. You can't change the big government machine in 100 days or 100 months. I don't think much will change until we bottom out and their is an uprising.

    Look at the budget above, most is not for what the government job is really suppose to be! Government paternalism has robbed people of self respect and initiative, it has millions of people on self imposed slavery. Social programms have taken generations of families out of workforce and rewards them with subsidizing poor habits and behavior. They lose self respect and any moral values, then when giving everything, they will never have enough. Government budgets contribute to loss of self respect, ambitions. Then we know the saying about idle hands!

  7. Sad but so true...we go down; I think we will...recovery will be hell and a lot of people will not handle it well.

  8. And those running this mess will not suffer...theyve got theirs.

  9. And not even a real budget. Just another continuing resolution. Disgusting

  10. Liberals just seem to not be able to distinguish, at all, the YUUUGE difference between "immigrant"...and "illegal immigrant".

    "Immigrants have a positive blah, blah, blah...yak, yak, yak"

    Why are liberals so damned stupid?

    (Because they've been programmed that way, I guess.)

  11. And, now...the Urinal PROUDLY PRESENTS...more "Fake News Taxcut-Bashing from two esteemed know-nothings, comparing apples and oranges!!!...

    "Jared Bernstein and Ben Spielberg: Kansas is evidence that trickle-down tax cuts don’t work"

    “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers", says they.

    I say “If the liberals can get you believing irrelevant data, they don’t have to worry about truth".

    Those two dunderheads are trying to use Kansas' example of tax cuts to apply to the entire country.

    HEY, goofballs...consider THIS!

    Let's use a hypothetical. Let's say oranges cannot be grown in some states. Let's say apples cannot be grown in some. (Or, at least for either, not on a large enough scale to be commercially viable). Let's pick Washington state and Florida. Washington.. apples, yes/oranges, no. Florida..oranges, yes/apples, no.

    If a federal tax cut is given only to the orange industry, the orange industry will benefit greatly in Florida, and wherever else they are grown. Say, California? But, it won't do a thing, directly, for Washington state.

    Same thing for if a tax cut only for apples, but not oranges. Washington will directly benefit, but Florida wouldn't. They may be growing some dandy apples in northern California, who is in the top 10 apple states.

    Either way, California benefits from either tax cut, and especially from both, and the other two don't directly benefit from both.

    Let's imagine Mississippi has neither an orange or apple industry. Neither of those tax cuts would directly benefit Mississippi, or any other place without those industries. Kansas would see a slight benefit from apples.

    BUT, since companies only pass taxes on to the consumer, anyway, anyone who buys apples and oranges, either personal or truckloads (Sara Lee pies, Minute Maid OJ, Mott's Apple sauce and juice) will benefit from NOT-rising prices, and THOSE companies may benefit many, many communities by keeping people employed (who are, after all, about the only NET-POSITIVE taxpayers that exist), AND the companies, people and communities who supply other ingredients, from all over the U.S. Not to mention the local stores and restaurants, etc., who sell goods and supplies, food, homes, cars, etc., to ALL of them.

    What do places like CA and FL, and many CO, etc., ALSO have, that Kansas doesn't?

    LOT'S of industry, and ESPECIALLY..."tourism". They get a LOT of money flowing in for "just being there".

    Kansas doesn't. So, trying to equate the tax situation in Kansas to apply to the entire U.S. is not only dishonest and obviously's just plain stupid.

    It's not even "apples and oranges", actually. They are trying to compare "apples and oranges and everything else", and it can't be done!


  12. Hmmmm....$17 MILLION of never-used IT equipment sitting in Docking Building. Obsolete by now, no doubt.


  13. To a liberal a tax cut is robbery. They think it's all their money and if we want to keep it since we earned it we are robbing them. The whole socialist/communist thinking has gotten so ingrained in the godless left they are beyond hope.

    The Kansas tax cuts would have worked much better if the state government cut spending along with them. But that didn't happen. This state government is bloated, top heavy, overstaffed, overfunded, poorly managed and run by bureaucrats who function only to perpetrate their own existence. There are managers managing managers, supervisors that supervise one person. There is a culture of spending every last cent of money allocated then asking for more. These people live to further this morass of useless poorly skilled and low functioning blobs of human flesh that run this clusterfark of a government.

    $17 million in never used IT equipment? Haven't heard that one, but I don't doubt it for a second. Probably purchased with money left in the budget at the end of the year that needed to be spent because heaven forbid any agency come in under budget. Probably equipment that was not needed and went directly to the basement knowing it would sit and rust.

    That's how it operates folks. And when Kansas voters last election purged the conservatives and elected a bunch of democrats and RINO Republicans to the state the set it in concrete. All the anti Brownback propaganda won the day for them. Now there is no hope of ever gaining any kind of fiscal responsibility. The answer will always be raise taxes and spend more.

    This state is a mess but no worse than our Federal government. Those idiots just passed a spending bill that was just what the democrats wanted. You would think the democrats won from the looks of what the RINO Republicans are doing.

    President Trump needs to skin some Republicans and hang their hides on the White House wall to let these people know what's what. If he doesn't, we are doomed.

  14. Bunch of spineless bastard anyway...

    1. Amen on that spineless gutless bastards.

  15. ....what....???
    Being reported now all over the internet (saw drudge headline) that Trump wants govt shutdown in sept.
    He has gone along with this charade of a cr funding as I outlined above in order to stop a shutdown that would have begun on sat.
    Shutdown panic game plan and he bought into it???
    Says senate needs to change rules on vote threshold and "elect more repubs..."

    I am at a total loss for words...all I can do is smh in wonderment.

    1. Update: Rush having conniptions...reconciliation only needs 51 votes and the damn thing can always be VETOED!

      Good fricking grief!

  16. More news...lil Kim's last missile launch not necessarily a fail but an essential step in nuclear warhead development and success.
    Found this on lame cherry and followed the dots. Led to following websites among others:
    Young conservatives
    Daily caller
    Yonlap aka ytn...( s korea cable news)
    Korea times. Also s korea news agency
    Gordon Chang interviewed on fox

  17. Pence on Rush...he got an ear full of how fed up people are with the endless broken promises and can kicking by rinos...May that message be conveyed to the oval office forthwith.

  18. i am starting to think that we have been had again. These jerks are still playing to their back pockets. Now they say they cant do anything because they dont have enough republicans in office. I say they are a bunch of back stabbing liars. I didnt vote for them to go to DC and kiss on some libtard's rear. Shove it to them and dont back off. If it takes shutting it all down, then do it. Quit the rear end kissing. I am really getting sick and tired of this and just what is it going to take to get it thru their heads? Hate to say it but some times there is a place for a radical anti person to come by and show them the smoke.

  19. What frustrates the hell out of me is that they keep doing the shutdown meme even though it's a fake panic button the damned libs keep using and we, the people know this!
    Necessary services to keep stuff going are already taken care of. No Obama to shut down parks and vet memorials. Worst that could happen is non-essential employees might get some time off. Big woop. Many of them are overpaid seat warmers anyway.
    Bunch of horse excrement.

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  21. Needed to revise my post, so I'm replacing it with this one....

    I watched the interview between CBS's John Dickerson and President Trump.... I applaud how our President talked with John Dickerson - and how he ended the interview.....

    I was combing some of the other newspaper sites.... came across this from the Washington Times:

    Talk about a “boo hoo” session…..

    "Hillary: “I was on the way to winning until Comey probe, Wikileaks”…

  22. From again. 25 arrested ans site gives names and mug shots of all but 3 juveniles. Many were wearing the usual black garb.

  23. just read that story you talk about cats.... jeepers - just wished the craziness would just stop - it never does accomplish anything but wide spread destruction, etc.

    p.s. I still think that Hillary is going through a nervous breakdown - being that she's writing a book about her failed attempt for the White House....of course blaming everyone but herself for her failure.

  24. Summit question.... I'm planning on bringing a dessert - Chocolate Cherry upside down cake.... anyone else bringing desserts?

  25. No.not me...probably be a fruit salad maybe but havent decided yet...
    That cake of yours sounds heavenly, Rikki.

  26. Tried watching Cavuto on fox...he got Phil Gramm out of the woodwork to urge compromise...the former senator was a star in the 80s but these dems of today have gone full-blown socialist. Not the dems of his day by any stretch
    Next up at 4 was some new panel type of program...first up was that damned doughboy Rove. Screw him I turned it off. That old rino has become a regular on that network these days.

    Goin down...down...down...down...down.

  27. thanks cats (smiles).... I use Duncan Hines Chocolate Fudge cake mix... go at it like I do the Pineapple upside down cake (but I use cherry pie filling instead of pineapple rings)... comes out like a cherry glaze over the cake.

    With the chocolate fudge.... the cherry pie filling comes out like a cherry glaze like the pineapple cake...

    what can I say....chocolate and cherries are a fantabulously awesome combo...

  28. As a lover of cherry mash bars...I gotta try that recipe! Thanks Rikki. Am a born chocaholic. Part of my christmas package this year was a bunch of chocolate truffles...I was in heaven!

  29. Now for some really crappy news...turned Rove off, turned Savage on and he's saying Kushner in league with Soros of all people. Of course I head for the web...numerous sites breaking this now. It started in the wsj. Daily caller has this: Kushner did not disclose his ownership in a real estate finance company called "Cadre"...partnered with Spooky Dude. He also did not disclose a billion in loans from some 20 different lenders.
    Soros also gave Cadre a 250 million credit line. Kushner lawyer says he talked with Office of Govt Ethics about it, "resigned from Cadre board, assigned his voting rights and reduced his ownership share."

    So...who is getting screwed here?

    I'm done. Nobody will convince me that Trump wasn't aware of this especially since his daughter is married to the guy.

    1. I have always said these guys are all peas in the same pod, that is Rs and Ds. They play us like fiddles to get their way for more money and power- at all cost to the nation. This stop gap budget is a joke and poor Donald looks like a duck.

  30. So..there's your deep state shadow government: Soros and his central bankers on the left, Mercers and their central bankers on the right...all the smaller wealthy elites under them chose their sides and the damned politicians are their bag men and women.

  31. When you smell stink there is something some where that is rotting. It will just be a matter of time until the stink takes over the smell and we all find out who cut the cheese.

  32. I've made it to the top!

    I'm racist, sexist, homophobic, islamphobic, and any and all other ist's or phobic's you can think of.

    What people don't get about me, and probably most everyone here, it's not necessarily the person we don't like. We just don't like STUPID!

    I don't care about race, gender, sexual preference, religion. It's when people act stupid I have a problem with them. Example: I'm supposed to accept what someone says, agree with them, tell them how great they are (probably should give 'em a participation trophy), and shut my mouth and sit down. Ain't gonna happen!

    One more time, it's what you do that is irritating. We're all God's children and God loves each one of us. I try hard to love everyone, but (and those of you with children know this all too well) it's hard to like someone who does stupid things. And even harder when they keep doing stupid things.

    If it's okay for you to have certain opinions, why isn't okay for me to have mine? It's fine with me you have your opinions, even if you are wrong. But I'm not going to get in your face. I'm not going to call you names. I'm not going yell and scream at you. I'm not going to tell you to burn in hell.

    I am going to pray for you. I am going love you, even if it goes against my grain. I am going to try really hard to show you grace and mercy because God wants me to show you grace and mercy.

    Why can't we all just get along? It's not that easy. It's being decent and reasonable. Compromise is not one-sided. If we don't agree, well, we have to find a way to make it work. Telling me I'm unrealistic and wrong and you not trying to find and/or consider ways to make it work, doesn't make me uncooperative.

    Now go protest and earn your $20 for the day. Beats getting up and going to a REAL job! Work hard and destroy someone's property. Isn't that the American way now?

  33. Problem is, the (real) conservatives will call out the RINOs, and try to toss those who have lied to us out, while the liberals will never admit any Dem ever has a problem, or is a low-life lying scumbag. So, their side sticks together through everything...even if it's suicidal to them, personally...and our side fractures and gets weaker.

    Time to email the Republican idiots, again.

    This time, I won't be so cordial.


  34. As I am wont to do at times, the Kushner story being one, I spent time reading comment blogs on national sites. To say that people are upset over thus revelation is putting it mildly. Havent tried calling the white house switchboard today but would not be shocked to find it in meltdown...

  35. Texting and driving aint just for young people. Was scrolling through news at the ksnt site and saw a story about a wreck on I70...75 year old lady lost control of her car. Told the cops she was...yep...texting while driving.

    Kids. Do you know what your parents are up to?

  36. Dam old liberal parents anyhow!!

  37. Kushner . . . Wow!

    Bet the discussion at the dinner table was interesting.

  38. No doubt. I knew the Kushners are liberal but doing budiness with the likes of Soros after all the damage he had done with his funding of these wacko radical groups was surprising.

  39. Yea drain the swamp, looks like that will send family down the drain, won't happen.

  40. Probably not...I'm reverting to type...spent 8 years watching what His Benevolence the Obamaness was up to...guess I'll do the same with the Trump Family Dynasty...

  41. And that damn shillary. Radio playing clips of her blame game on the news blurbs. That old harpy needs to go away. Go. Away. Please. Leave us alone.

  42. Fallout...

    Found on lame cherry...from drudge link to gateway pundit...
    ALIPAC, formed in 2004 by William Gheen to fight amnesty/illegal immigration has revoked their endorsement of Trump because he is not following through on stopping illegal immigration and more specifically DACA. His statement can be found at The man lays out his reasons in a well written and tactful letter. Notes that they are a conservative organization although they do have liberal Americans who support their efforts. They simply want it stopped and immigration laws enforced.

  43. "Clowns to the left of me...jokers to the I am...stuck in the middle with you"....😕

  44. I see Matty "The Johnson" liked his Sunday shit so much, he put it back on top page.

    Yep, floated to the surface like a rotting, bloated, stinking corpse burbling back up from the East River.

    Or, he's just too damned lazy to have written his Wednesday edition of commie-inspired "Conservative Bash". He is, after all, a lying, lazy flaming-liberal.

  45. And Trump had better clean house! NOW!!! And, he'd better start PUSHING LEGISLATION of the promises he made! "Pole vault or parachute it in"...just DO IT, DAMMIT! Getting sick of this crap.

  46. Shrillary just doesn't seem to accept the fact that she lost only because SHE IS A DEPLORABLE, LYING, CONNIVING subhuman, and enough people knew that to not vote for her.

    I predict some kind of truly-bizarre episode from that demented wench, at some point in the near future. A total meltdown, for all the world to see.

    Could be after her book bombs as bad as her last one did!😂

    And, I won't have sympathy or pity for her.

    More like a nod, and a "Yep...there's karma...doing its thing!"

  47. Rain, again. Must be all that global, no..."climate change" stuff causing the flooding. What else COULD it be?!

    If only we still had His Highness, Imam Obama, still in there to control the weather...this wouldn't be happening!! It's all Trump's fault!!!😂