Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Third Annual Room 235 Truckhenge Summit and Bullshit Session Update...

Won't be long now, boys and girls.

Saturday, May 27th afternoon till the last person decides to leave.

Just a quick update to let you guys know things are moving forward.

Just talked to Sarge a little while ago and we're going to meet my son who's hauling the camper out to Truckhenge sometime this afternoon to start getting things ready.

I've been keeping an eye on the extended forecast and it looks like the weather could be a little dicey this year.

So far there's about a 30% chance of showers with a high of 79.


Never fear. As usual I have a backup plan in case it does rain.

Well, not really.

If it rains we'll either huddle together under the awning or just hang out inside the camper until it passes.

I do recommend you guys bringing a rain coat or an umbrella just in case though.

Unlike year's past we won't have the whole place to ourselves.

I found out a few days ago a DJ friend of the Lessman's will also be having a little get together down by the catfish pond about the same time.

Because of our VIP status Thomas Lessman offered to reschedule the other party if we so desired.

I assured him nobody in our group would have a problem sharing the place with another party.

I did however remind him that we planned on doing a lot of shooting and he assured me there'd be no problem at all with the shooting range.

Just like year's past, Sarge will be providing most of the meat, tables, and chairs.

My family and I will provide the camper, grill, a few more tables and chairs, a big pot of my wife's beef stew, water, soda, cups, plates, bowls, chips, paper towels, trash bags, and whatever else we can think of to drag out there.

The Lessman's will provide the perfect place for us to have our get together. Oh yeah, and Peacocks.

But it comes at a cost.

$200.00 to be exact.

All we ask from you guys is to throw whatever you can into the Mason jar on the table to help Sarge and I cover it.

$5.00, $10.00, $20.00 or what ever you can will be helpful and greatly appreciated.

So far the only one I've been in contact with from that other website is our good friend, The Pink Flamingo lady. She said she'd be out if she can.

As far as Contra goes, the email link he uses on his blogs doesn't work. I've tried letting him know about our get together when he's shown up on one of my blogs over there but so far I haven't heard anything back from him.

Other than that you guys pretty much know the drill.

Bring whatever side dish you want, your choice of beverages, and maybe a lawn chair.

And like always, any family member, like minded friend or neighbor you think might enjoy coming out will be more than welcome.

But for now I gotta get busy.

If I'm not ready by the time Sarge gets here he's gonna have a fit.


Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaMay 24, 2017 at 4:24 AM
    Apparently, while real news was happening the other day (Manchester), a few real news organizations covered the horrific event, while the Fake News ones (CNN, PMSNBC) kept regurgitating their phony Trump/Russia crap.

    It's doubtful any of liberals had any idea what was going on....just as I assume most of them completely missed Trump's historic Saudi speech (but are experts at what the media tells them to parrot!)

  2. NunyaMay 24, 2017 at 5:44 AM
    More "rip us off more" tax crap over there.

    And some numbskull, Dick Heckler, over there asking "whaaaaaaa....WHY do Republicans want to defund education?! Whaaaaaaaa!!!!"

    Hey, Dick....why doesn't "education" start acting responsibly? If you believe that old claptrap that "IT'S FOR THE CHI-HIL-DRENNNN!!! WHAAAAA!", then you are truly a Dick, and deserve to be Heckled.

    Posting a Huff-n-Puff article...sheesh!

    Hey, Dick....maybe they can quit WASTING our money by not "spending down last year's budget" on CRAP, just to justify asking the same or more in next year's? ALL government does that, and it needs to stop.

    Maybe they can lighten up on massive over-administration? That would work very well.

    Maybe we should tie any budget to a true accountability, and force them to quit wasting money!

    "Education" spending has spiked in the past 30-40 years, FAR outpacing any other, and what to we have to show for it? Flatlined "achievement".

    Yeah, Dick....let's just keep dumping more and more money into THAT old non-running, rusted-out wreck!

    BTW...WHY are we letting them use OUR tax dollars to fund both sides of these lawsuits to keep raising our taxes?!😠

  3. Still Safe at HomeMay 24, 2017 at 7:45 AM
    So here was CNN, the Commie News Network after the Manchester terrorist loser bombing.

    "In todays lead stories there was some kind of boom in England somewhere....but our leading story....Another unnamed anonymous source has come forward and said he heard somebody talking about a memo that may have been written definitively linking Donald Trump to the Presidential campaign which we know for a fact Russia hacked. So we now have that "smoking gun" we've been searching so desperately for. This could be the information that finally brings this administration down. Here's about twenty minutes more on that breaking important story!!!!!

  4. Still Safe at HomeMay 24, 2017 at 7:53 AM
    Looks like the end of FOX news is looming at hand. First they fire O'Reilly, who was no real conservative but still grilled the libs, then Roger Ailes, who made FOX what it is. They are hiring liberals right and left to dilute the message and the rumor is they are gunning for Hannity now.

    FOX has dropped in rating from first by a mile to third. Rupert Murdoch is turning the operation over to his sons, who are a couple of flaming liberal idiots.

    Obviously one of the last holdouts for real news and information is on the ropes. The takeover of the media will be pretty much complete with this one. Media Matters and Nazi collaborator George Soros are winning this one.

    I suggest everybody turn to alternate sources these days. I'm going to take a real look at Mark Levin's new internet TV show. If I can stream it to my TV I may just invest in it. I'll pay for true conservative TV if I have to. I won't be surprised if Hannity turns up there.


  5. Still Safe at HomeMay 24, 2017 at 9:25 AM
    I find it amusing to hear the Russians have said what they hoped to accomplish by mucking around in our elections (which they have done for years) was to cause people to doubt the legitimacy of the American electoral process and create turmoil around the elections.

    They were never really successful at it, but now the godless democrat party has done for them exactly what they wanted to accomplish, and in spades.

    The Russians must be sitting watching the democrats destroy our electoral system and marveling at how the democrats are doing everything they hoped to do. They must be simply amazed not only at the lengths the democrats are going to, but how successful they are at achieving it. This is the very definition of the term the old Soviets used, Useful Idiots.

    But the left has always carried the water for the Soviets. From the Frankfurt School importing communists after the war, to the hippies protesting the Viet Nam war and openly supporting the Soviet communists. The democrat party merged with the American Communist party years ago. They have always been communist sympathizers.

    For crying out loud, they almost ran an old New York Street Communist for President. Bernie the commie Sanders honeymooned in Russia. He's a full fledged communist hiding behind the socialist label. Marx always saw socialism as a rest stop on the road to communism.

    Nothing new under the sun. But it's never been quite so open and accepted as now. Scary stuff.


  6. I'll be at the Summit....with dessert and donation - hubby will be at work so I'll be solo.

  7. We have a booth at the big outdoor event at the Owls Nest Flea Market Saturday and my attendance is mandatory.

    If you all came by and bought stuff and we sold out we could close early but otherwise we are there until 4:00 then pack it up and head home. Plan is to make it as soon after that as I can.

    Unless it rains in which case the outdoor market is postponed a week and everything changes.

  8. If anything warrants being "investigated" it's the Obama Administration allowing known gang members into the United States!!!


    If you’re asking about the link in the post I posted…. Looks like it happened in 2014 - the article doesn’t say which country the illegals came from (and I won’t speculate).

  10. Okay back on the summit, I hope all show up that can and any new people are welcome, even those that want to beat me up, but wait until Kevin says all me chores are done. Please. :)

  11. Kevin; Sara looked pretty good holding that shotgun, would have been better if you showed the one with that M-16 and with those Bud's on here Hips.

  12. However Roger, if you're asking about our little gathering.

    It's just east of the Oakland area on Seward.

    Google it and you'll find more links to it than you'll ever need.

    We'd all enjoy meeting you...

  13. Oh Roger, I meant to say Google Truckhenge...

  14. Lol... I seem to have lost most of my photos of Sara.

    I was just glad I still had this one.

    But here she is all grown up.

    And to think she was still a child when she scared the hell out of ol Batshit...

    1. Oh Kevin I cant believe you put that picture up. But at least it was before the swim in the catfish pond. That wasnt all that good of a idea. But I am ready this year for any thing that comes my way. Hope ole Battshit didn't get cold feet when he see's that shotgun. Of course he wouldn't have to worry. I wasn't hitting very good that day. He could almost out run the shot as bad as I was shooting. Maybe I will use a AK this year.

  15. Sorry y'all.... maybe Roger should have clarified what he was asking about.

    1. Rikki with all the talk on this page I think everyone knew what he was asking, hope he and if he has a family they come also, some one has to help eat all the food.

  16. Well it looks like everyone is sleeping I guess they have the right Idea.

  17. About "Keeping it classy":

    Melania Trump is accomplished, kind, graceful and truly "classy". She has not disparaged and personally-insulted large percentages of Americans. And, to any numbskull who thinks "she won't even hold his (the President's) hand, or that he is disrespectul for going through a door first, nice job parroting the ignorant leftist Fake News pit bulls. It is protocol to go first, to walk ahead, and the President just reached back so she could touch his hand to let him know she was there, and ok.

    Remember before Obama was nominated and nobody knew about, and Michelle introduced him in glowing terms...and he walked out, looking down his arrogant nose at all...and completely ignored his wife! Now, THAT is "classless", but just what we have come to expect from someone who identifies with, and defends, all things Islam, where women are below even second-class citizens. I guess Michelle was ok with being "a prop" for 8 years.

    Now then, Michelle Obama has PROVEN to be mean, nasty, 100%-divisive and condescending. She was proud of our country ONLY after fools voted her divisive husband into office...for one reason only. Not to mention, she is extremely racist. Absolutely no class.

    And by the way...anyone touting her "school lunch" debacle as positive is ill-informed, and quite frankly, stupid. It's universally-accepted as yet another dismal-failure from that administration, like everything else is. If "obesity rate dropped",'s easy to make that happen when you give people unappetizing crap that they refuse to eat! A "starvation diet" will do that! Meanwhile, Michelle never looked like she missed any fatty foods that she likes so much! 😂

  18. ^^^^I "poofread" that to make it acceptable. (Did have to edit a few words out!)

  19. Kev, you (or anyone) gonna be home between about 4:30 and 5:30 tonight? Bowl?

  20. I'll be here.

    And I'll be glad to rid myself of this burden.

    Now I understand how much pressure Sarge was under when he faced a similar situation a couple of years ago...

  21. Ashhole being Ashhole again. Comment on the Rogin "opinion": "Really only saving grace has been how incompetent he (Trump) is at actually accomplishing anything, because best I can tell his chief domestic policy goal is "provoke a violent uprising."😂😂😂

    Ok, first of Ash...the story is about the State Department. That is "foreign policy"...not "domestic". Stay "on topic", please? The CJ rules stipulate that, and if you weren't a liberal, you'd risk getting your post pulled.

    Second, you no doubt are not aware of his many great accomplishments, so far, because it's obvious you only get your info from all the "Fake News" "Russia, Russia, Russia" sites, and are totally ignorant of anything else going on. You probably even missed one of the greatest Presidential speeches in history, in Saudi Arabia.

    Finally, the ONLY ones stirring up "violent uprisings" are the fascists and racists of the left, including colleges, mainstream media and Democrats.

    Good gosh, Ash...unbury your head, and look around!!!😂

  22. Ok, Kev. Sorry I caused your "Irritable Bowl Syndrome"!😂 Will stop by after work.

  23. A quick update:

    After Sarge left yesterday I drove around the place a little with hopes of finding a little fire wood.


    Anyway, my youngest son and I will be heading out this morning to gather up as much as his young back can handle.

    I predict one hell of a bonfire will soon be coming our way...

  24. Hell, I have a TON of brush behind my fence that could be burned! Damned maple trees, anyway!

    A Head Start story "over there". "8 of 10" people to be booted.

    Then, Kala askes some good questions about exactly WHAT needed change.

    Here's a possible clue:

    "Stottlemire said Community Action is adopting a new early childhood curriculum that is less rigid and structured than past curricula. She said the terminations aren’t the result of staff not agreeing with the changes, but acknowledged the program is being taken “in a different direction.”

    “It really brings a different level of quality and relationship between the teacher and the classroom staff and the children,” she said, adding that Head Start is “very supportive of letting children develop as who they are.”

    “This curriculum allows for far more individual development and a lot more freedom,” Stottlemire said. “It’s about how we interact with children. There’s also a sense of really wanting high-quality customer service in our agency. We’re excited about bringing in that curriculum and bringing in folks who will be part of this new development.”

    See it? Second paragraph? “Very supportive of letting children develop as who they are.”

    The earlier they can get to them, the easier it will be to brainwash and indoctrinate. Or, am I the only one suspicious of that statement, which should be suspicious based on what we see going on these days in taxpayer-funded "education".

    Would be interesting to know exactly "what" needed changed, and "why", huh?

  25. Well it is mowing time what a bummer.

  26. Just read this from Kurt Schlichter on Town Hall. He says it way better than I can so I wanted to share part of it.

    His response to the usual soft cowardly responses to the Manchester bombing:

    "Enough of changing your Facebook photo to the flag of the abattoir du jour, enough of the candlelight vigils, and enough of the #_____Strong hashtags. No more pleas for unity and pretending not to understand. We’re not unified, and we all understand, even if we refuse to admit it because of some bizarre suicide pact Western culture decided to join when no one was looking.

    Grieving doesn’t work. Hugging doesn’t work. Cowardice masquerading as enlightened passivity in the face of our enemies doesn’t work. Just ask the little girls blown apart in Manchester.

    Say it.

    Say it, damn you.

    Then I’ll say it, for those of you too weak and dishonest to.

    Radical Islamic Terrorists.

    That’s our enemy. Our enemy, not just a bunch of misguided potential pals who would love us if they only understood how sorry we are for whatever sin we committed, or that some Crusader committed 800 years ago back when the men of the West were actually men and not the whimpering Ken dolls we watch pretending to be the best and brightest of our elites.

    There is only one appropriate reaction to the kind of people who strap on bomb vests packed with nails and wait for smiling, laughing tweens to come along before hitting the detonator and ripping their limbs off and tearing their guts out.

    The only appropriate reaction is righteous fury that turns into a grim determination to exact a retribution upon the bomber’s bros so thorough and so comprehensive that in a thousand years the few descendants of the survivors will still terrify their children with the story of the vengeance exacted by the avengers of the West.

    And then our enemies would fear us. Which they don’t today. Today, they laugh at us. And they should, because we are ridiculous.

    Read the whole thing at:

  27. Jeezhhhh....some twit named Amber of the Fake News Washington Compost has quite an uniformed fairy tale full of BS, completely ignoring the elephant in the room! Naturally, being completely anti-Trump, Fake News Urinal couldn't wait to run it!!😂

  28. Well SSAH you got a lot of good hits on Face Book on your post. :):)

  29. Ramadan starts tomorrow. Think I'll have bacon for breakfast, a BLT for lunch and pork chops for supper. I'm eating pork all day long.

    Anybody know when the big muslim rock fight with the devil is? That's the only time I'm rooting for the devil.

  30. Urinal "Editorial Board" trying to be as "Fake News" as NY Slimes or Washington Compost. Quite an aspiration, huh?

    "Editorial: Defending Trump is a mistake"

    "Our members of Congress should put the interests of their country over their party"

    (Funny they didn't say that the past 8 years when the Dems were trying to steamroll over EVERYTHING, "party-first", huh?!)

    "Over the past few weeks, he has behaved in a way that raises serious questions about his ability to lead the country. From the firing of FBI director James Comey to the leak of highly classified information to Russian officials, his erratic decisions have caused severe damage to American credibility and his own administration."

    Ummm....he could fire Comey at will, for nothing if he wanted. Comey deserved it. And the leaks? Seditious, treasonous Obama holdovers. Do your homework, CJ.

    "After the Department of Justice appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election, Rep. Roger Marshall released a statement that described the widespread scrutiny of Trump’s Russia connections as a “witch hunt.” He also echoed the president’s toxic rhetoric when he assailed the media: “There’s been a clear slant that has permeated our national political coverage. Half-truths and innuendo have defined the conversation.” He also scolded journalists for what he describes as the “empty accusations and absurd conjecture that have flooded the airwaves.”

    "Of course, he doesn’t bother to specify which “half-truths,” “innuendo,” “empty accusations” and “absurd conjecture” he takes issue with – that would require something resembling an argument instead of a volley of hollow accusations."

    It IS a "witch hunt". And "specifying which ones" would fill every volume of a giant Encyclodepia Britannica, because the lies and innuendos ARE coming from literally EVERYWHERE, every minute of the day. Including from the Capital-Journal fake news organization!! Like this VERY ARTICLE!

    Then, they veer off into the budget proposal, and whine about the "destructive budget cuts". Wonder if any one of CJ's "propaganda staff" have even actually read the proposal?

    Wondering if ALL these fake news mouthpieces don't need a good body slam, for being such destructive liars, working against the best interests of the American people?!

    Why haven't we seen any of the "breaking news" about Obama's proven unlawful domestic spying, on CJ? Or, any of the other proven nefarious and felonious deeds of the libs (except for in Room 235)?

    Why does CJ persist in joining the dishonest "Fake News" gang?

    Will they be forced to publish what are sure to be stories of indictments of Hillary and Obama people, once truths are undeniable?

    Will CJ eventually issue an apology for their lack of journalistic integrity, and possibly even fire some of the dishonest staff?

    On both counts...I doubt it.

    They have no ethics, and no integrity.

  31. "House adopts K-12 funding":

    "...(new bill) would differ because it would earmark additional state dollars to students not performing well enough in reading and math."

    Well...let's reward FAILURE, shall we. Why don't we include an incentive to schools to keep scores low, so they can sue the taxpayers (using taxpayer money for BOTH sides) to get activist judges to force taxpayers to pay EVEN MORE?!

    AND, around and around we go...swirling down that money hole!😠