Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Well, looks like we got rolled again

This spending bill was everything we would have gotten if the hillbeast had won, with a couple small crumbs meant to shut us up and let us pretend it's wonderful.

This thing funds obamacare, planned murderhood, the NEA and every other godless left wing vehicle of destruction, with increases to most of them. None of the promises we were made.

This is how you "negotiate" with democrats. Give them everything they want, then let them crow about the beating they handed you. Not what I expect to see.

What is with this big fear of the democrats. They have spent the last six years getting their asses kicked. Losing election after election. We got the House, the Senate and now the Presidency. America said enough is enough. And what are the Republicans doing? Letting the losers call the shots.

Anybody remember the democrats "negotiating" with the Republicans after obama won? Hell no. I remember "I won, elections have consequences". They passes a trillion dollar fake stimulus bill that was used to pay back all the democrats who elected them and provided zero stimulus. Then they passed obamacare which was probably the worst single piece of legislation in American history. They told the Republicans and all of us to go fark ourselves in no uncertain terms.

So now we control the power and what do we do? Oh, we "negotiate" with these losers and give them the farm.

This is not what I voted for. This is not what we expected. And I only blame President Trump for a small part of this. This is a bunch of RINO Republicans who are more worried about keeping the status quo and staying fat and happy than it is the President.

Hopefully he has learned something from this. That he can't trust his own party. And like I said before, he needs to skin a few of these RINOs and hang their hides on the White House fence as a warning to the rest. And we need to get some real Republicans elected in 2018. Primary every one of these RINOs. Drive them from the land. Pitchforks and torches.

And President Trump better whip these people into shape. The democrats lost the election but are still running the show. That ain't how it works, friends.

#Crush These RINO Weasels Under Our Feet


  1. Couldn't agree More Safe, I am thinking we got F..ked with out getting a Kiss.

  2. Exactly!

    We need to let those representing us know how unacceptable this is. Yes, Republicans are in a position to control, but giving in to a bunch of whining brats doesn't cut it. Yes, it does beg the question what are the Republicans afraid of? Do the dems really have something on them? Or are they closet liberals screwing us over even more? They must not understand the position they are in and what they have the ability to do.

    As for Trump, I realize he can't make things just happen. However, he needs to take a stronger stand - he was elected for the reform of this country and needs to show the Donald Trump who campaigned instead of this mild version. Just Trump winning the election started improvements outside of government.

    Please start doing your jobs. We can take you out in the mid-terms as easily as we put you in.

  3. As usual, Safe, we're on the same page.

    These gutless wonders AKA frigging republicans don't have a clue as to what it even means to be the party in power.

    Just like Trump, each and every one of them were elected based on promises they made.

    And when the time comes to make good on those promises they fold like a bad poker hand.


  4. As if rino gutlessness isn't bad enough, check out Conservative Review this morning...Daddy's princess is responsible for his new stance on the partshood industry and anything else conservative...

  5. Watching the Comey hearing on the tube and I just wonder how the rest of the world see's us. To me its pretty plain as my nose being above my mouth. God made us so we would smell B S stink before we got a taste of it.
    But do these people have a clue as to how we are viewed by the world? Its pretty easy for me to see it. No wonder this country has so many world problems and get pushed all around the globe. These hearings just go to show the rest that we truly are out of touch with our own people and the rest of the world. Poor Hillary got beat because of this kind of stuff? We are being played for a bunch of dumb ass's.And those baboon's in DC are the ones making the poor working people look like a bunch of Hyena's

  6. I am getting more pissed by the min the more I hear, and Comey is having a joke of a hearing to boot.

    1. Its just all a dog and pony show. I am just not sure who the dogs or the pony's are any more.

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  8. Okay, I will try this again, I sent off an email to Lynn, Pat, Jerry and the Donald telling them what I thought of their ass kissing budget. I am positive they will read it and ponder for weeks- not.

  9. Elites, all of them, live and move and play in their own exclusive bubbles...they want for nothing economically and they are utterly clueless about how life is for the rest of us.
    Which is fine...their wealth doesn't bother me.
    What does bother the hell out of me though is when they go after power positions over the rest of us then use it to control every aspect of our lives
    Then they have the gall to make promises they know they won't keep and we're just expected to go away, stay off the lawn and wouldn't be caught dead standing in the checkout line at walmart.
    Our only value to these people is what we are forced to cough up via taxes in order to fund all of their perks and accoutrements.
    And they wonder why so many have lost trust...
    It is all becoming one big sick joke.

  10. Swamp swimmers...
    Remember who Fred Upton is? goes congress his opinion teally matters on votes. He's the guy who led the war on incandescent light bulbs several years ago. Wanted us to have to use those squiggly mercury bulbs.
    Well , Fred slong with his butt buddy Billy Long(both rinos) were holdouts on supporting ryancare 3.0...until this morning...
    Why? They were called to a private meeting with the Donald and will now support it.

    Would live to hear how that one went...

  11. I just have to wonder how hard it would be to get the people who can not agree on a new health care bill, to be brought together and someone actually be in charge of the meeting, asking and making a complete list of the things in the current Obamacare they like and they hate, making a separate list of what needs to be added/ taken away, to make it cost less, cover pre-existing conditions, make it more competitive in the insurance market to bring the cost down, make pricing in the hospital and physician market common knowledge so that people can shop around for care, and make sure that insurance premium costs are also published so that people can make good decisions about insurance coverage. Compromise on changes only when they can not meet the objectives that they demand. They need to make it so good that the Dems would look like idiots if they did not support the new plan, and the Repubs like-wise! The goal has to be to produce a plan for much better and cheaper healthcare, not necessarily just a political win on either side! Do this for the people, not the politicians!
    As far as the hearings this morning, Comey kept talking about "intent" when it came to charging or failing to charge those who mis-handled classified information, whether it was Hillary, Anthony Weiner and/or his wife Huma?. My question or thought is just when did "intent" become a consideration for mis-handling classified information? It was always my understanding that ignorance is no excuse for breaking laws! Comey somehow has gone out of his investigative role and has determined himself to be a prosecutor or a judge in determining whether someone is guilty of something or not! How has this been allowed to happen and why should we, as citizens stand for it? There have been countless other people who have been charged for crimes or potential crimes that also probably did not "have a clue" about whether what they were doing was considered "illegal", or would not admit it if they did. Why are these people, who should know the rules better than anyone, be allowed a pass from Comey and apparently it is allowed to stick?

  12. Beats the Hell out of me Gary, I like you always thought a law is a law no matter who broke it, but we see if you are in Government it is different.

  13. Yup...we are just "the people", and I am trying to figure out when all this started...I cant be sure but I think the watergate burglars were among the last big league administrative officials to do serious jail time. Then Scooter Libby...
    Still others were made political scapegoats for lesser offences.
    But these days the list of people who should stand trial has grown very long and some are still involved in governing and politics.
    It hasn't mattered how much we remind them of it.

  14. I have to admit that this ride we’re on with President Trump is like no other – but one thing is for certain…’ll never be a dull ride. The corruption there is so deeply rooted that it’ll take a long time to “drain the swamp.”

    Just saw this on CBS news website…. Remember David Axelrod – Obama’s former top advisor…

    David Axelrod debunked Hillary’s claim about how she blamed Comey in her statement “I was on the way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28th and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me, but got scared off..” David Axelrod is quoted as saying: “[FBI Director] Jim Comey didn’t tell her not to campaign in Wisconsin after the convention, Jim Comey didn’t say ‘don’t put any resources into Michigan until the final week,’”.

    Also, David Axelrod – bold enough to say “One of the things that hindered her in the campaign was a sense that she never fully was willing to take responsibility for her mistakes, particularly that server”.

    I truly feel that Hillary’s interview with the Women for Women International thingie is just another stage in her nervous breakdown – I definitely do not feel sorry for Hillary – she done it to herself. When / if her book on why she lost to President Trump gets published……I ain’t wasting my money on it.

  15. Here’s a gem…. Obama is racist – but we already knew that….

    This CBS article talks about Obama before he met / married Michelle.

    ……..“According to Jager, such considerations weighed heavily on Obama and put great strain on their relationship. A mutual friend of the couple told Garrow he remembered Obama saying, "The lines are very clearly drawn…If I am going out with a white woman, I have no standing here." Obama, known as Barry for much of his young life, started going by Barack, and Jaeger recounts him becoming "irrationally furious" when she called him by his old nickname during a trip to Hawaii.”……

  16. Hillary is the poster child for liberals. Take no responsibility but demand everyone else fix your life. Hillary is entitled to whatever she thinks she should have, as Pelosi, Feinstein,Schumer, etc al. They will "share" with those who will vote for them. They will bestow upon those who help them until the help is no longer needed or wanted. Then one ends up under the bus . . . or dead.

    1. PK you and Steve making it to the Summit?

    2. When? Sorry I haven't been around. I've missed a lot.

  17. Hillary seems to get away with it, should have been charged over the mail server, I would already be sitting behinds bars- not Hillary. Then you got those that are just as bad, refuse to respond to subpoenas etc.

  18. Hell, Divemaster, we all would.

    And speaking of the Summit, will you be joining us this year?

  19. More crapweasel crap...Levin reported earlier that spendong bill has money for border security for egypt, pakistan and others (cns news) and these clowns left the sanctuary money in too...freedom caucus saying "no" vote.
    What a bunch of crap 🚽

  20. Susan Rice ought to be subpoenaed...and made to testify in an open hearing. But she lies all the damn time as it is.

  21. Rice, Hillary, Huma, Lynch...all ought to be in jail, but the Repubs protecting them, apparently.

    Gonna email Repubs and tell them I am unregistering, and will no longer vote for any Republican or Democrat, since they are both just two sides of the same deceitful, lying tarnished coin, and are all a disgrace to this country.

    Today, the lying weasels apparently will vote to "Revise and Retain" Obamacare.

    Might as well. They caved on the budget, and gave the Commies everything they wanted.

    What's the point, anymore. I've had it with ALL those lying pieces of shit!😠

  22. I think we're pretty much right there with you Nunya.

    What's the point of voting republican when nothing changes anyway?

  23. I had yesterday's cj blog written which was along the same lines.

    Then I figured why give idiots like Tom Digger the satisfaction.

    Deleted it and went on with my day...

    1. Good I was going to say you needed to quit feeding the idiots. And you can only read so much of that flake Tommie.

  24. Here's the difference between us and idiots like tom diggerdog. We elected Republicans who made promises, fully expecting them to do what they said they would do if elected. When they fail to do so, we speak up. We disagree. We openly had eagerly dissent. We don't stand with a party no matter what.

    And the party doesn't tell us what to think, we tell them what we think.

    The idiot side stands with their party no matter what. Disagree? Never. If the party takes a stand they don't agree with, they change their position to match the party. Hell, their leader, I don't remember his name, some anti-America racist fascist just announced you have to support murder of unborn children or you can't be a democrat. That pretty much says it all.

    When we disagree and are angry because the Republican party has let us down, that means we are angry. And yes, we will elect other people in their place if we can. But it doesn't mean we are suddenly turning into godless left wing fascists like them.

    We are not blindly loyal to a party, letting them tell us what to think and what to believe. We are working in the framework we have, the Republican party because that is the only choice we have without going third party which is a very dangerous place to be. It's not like there are two reasonable choices. There's one we're not happy with and one that hates us and everything we believe.

    So we work with what we have. And they better shape up or there's hell to pay. We have a lot more power than any of them think.

    1. I was just about to say that. Amen!

  25. Who am I to disagree? I chose the "independent" tag because kansas offers no constitution" or "patriot" option..
    The political shell games have gone on far too long and working to undo all the damage is gonna be a lot of hard work. Hardest will be finding and voting for people who place principle and ethics above party and power.
    But fight we must...the Constitution must be upheld as the bulwark against tyranny that it was meant to be.

  26. And as much as it pains me to say this, that document was meant for the Diggers of the world too. Theyre just too stupid to realize it.

  27. looks like Obama is still trying to show himself as still being a leader of the free world (in my opinion).... he's supporting France's Macron in France's Presidential election.... I'm like - why is Obama doing this?!

  28. Likely because he's a globalist elite, has money, power and a platform...and followers and hangers-on.
    Rulership by men and women who only profess the teachings of a higher power when it is politically advantageous is the stuff the Lord warns us of...
    Nowadays it's right out in the open for all to see. They truly believe that they are ordained and anointed to rule over the rest of us.

  29. These elites will deny reality right up until the moment some terrorist beheads a God versus Satan meme, Satan has claimed them long ago via giving them wealth and power in this life. They are blind to the deception...

  30. Canned Response from Moran.

    Our country is facing enormous fiscal challenges which will have a disastrous impact on the economic future of our nation if left unaddressed. Thank you for sharing with me your concerns about the “omnibus” agreement that would fund the government for the rest of Fiscal Year 2017.

    The funding agreement before Congress will fund the government through September of this year, the end of Fiscal Year 2017. This legislation will keep the essential functions of our government open, allocate $1.52 billion to strengthen border security and increase national defense spending by $12.5 billion.

    I believe there is no proper substitute for a regular-order budget process and am committed to righting our nation’s fiscal course. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I support a full and thorough appropriations process in which Congress drafts, debates and passes all 12 subcommittee spending bills to fund the government rather than resorting to an omnibus package. Focusing on one bill at a time will allow Congress to concentrate on reducing spending and lowering the national debt, while keeping the priorities of the American people in mind. With funding negotiations beginning in earnest for the next fiscal year, I have called upon my colleagues to return to the full appropriations process. As this process continues, I will be sure to remember your thoughts.

    I am grateful for the opportunity Kansans have given me to serve them in the United States Senate. Please let me know if I can be of service to you or your family in the future.

    Very truly yours,

    Jerry Moran

  31. And whatever you do be sure to vote for me...

  32. Blshblahblahyafayadablubblubbleahhhh...
    Sure, Jerry whatever you say Jerry...
    Sellout rino should have been out years ago.
    As long as he's been there I cant recall one time he's ever stood against the mob and fought for balanced budgets, opposed cr funding or against these omnibus packages.
    But he does have beautiful teeth, does he not?

  33. It's about time you rolled you butt out of that bed...

    1. I was up at 3;30 and I had a little computer down time, its obamas fault.

  34. Gee, Kev...the Liberafa at the Mediafa Urinal probably ain't gonna take too kindly to you practicing your 1st Amendment rights with that "Fascist" blog you just posted over there about a fascist speaker...speaking against fascism!!!!😂

    To Sunsara Taylor (the irrelevant 21st Century Schizoid Woman) ...."If you go carrying pictures of Chairman ain't gonna make it with anyone, anyhow!"

    A Maoist...against fascism? Meds might not even help that!!!😂

  35. Lol... I'm pretty sure they don't take too kindly to anything I have to say...

    1. Yup and I know they didn't take to kindly what I had to say either, or maybe it was how I say things.

  36. EGADS!!! They ran a CONSERVATIVE columnist over there!! You guys GOTTA check out Ringer!! I'm sure the fascists will put him through the wringer!

    Ashhole has fired the first fascist anti-1st-Amendment shot over there! "Pull it!", the Ashhole demands!!

    Hey, FASCIST!!! He has as much right to have his column ran, as your anti-American socialist/commie/fascist radical-Islam supporters do!

    Sheesh! Someone needs to shove something up the orifice through which the Ashhole speaketh!!!😂