Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What the hell has happened to my country?

I'm old enough to remember when the democrat party was actually the loyal opposition.

Harry Truman was a democrat. And he dropped a couple nukes on Japan to end WWII. And he broke the steelworkers union when they threatened to go on strike and derail the economic recovery America was trying to achieve after the war.

John Kennedy was a democrat. Also a decorated war veteran. And the first supply side economy President. He knew tax cuts created economic growth, and proved it. He also stood fast in the face of Russian aggression, taking us to the brink but not backing down.

George McGovern was a pilot in WWII, flew bombers. A genuine war hero.

What did these democrats have in common? They were social liberals, sure. They believed things I don't really agree with, things traditional liberals have always believed.

But they also loved their country, and everything they did was because they truly believed it would make America better. And they believed in free speech. Liberals used to say "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it". Man has that changed.

What we have today are not liberals. We call them that for the sake of convenience, and so people know who we are talking about, but they aren't the liberals from the past. They are godless left wing extremists. They hate this country and want to see it destroyed and replaced by some utopian monolithic pseudo communist totalitarian government. They would reject Truman, JFK and McGovern today and kick them out of the party.

We are seeing a coup in progress. A large, well funded group of grossly stupid people trying to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States. They have lost election after election over the past eight years. Some 1,100 seats across state and federal lines. The House, the Senate and the Presidency. So they have resorted to this festering lie filled campaign to weaken and overthrow our government. They have been roundly rejected by the American people, but they refuse to accept it. They have reached the stage now where they will take by force what we would not give them.

And make no mistake. They will not stop. They don't sleep. They don't accept defeat. They don't take back lies they tell when confronted with truth. They have no moral center. They have no principles. They have no boundries. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. They will destroy anybody and anything in their path.

I fear for my country. This relentless never ending drum beat of hatred from the left is taking its toll. I can feel it and I bet you can too.

I still don't know what to do, but we'll keep blogging and talking and voting. We won't give up.

#Never Give Up, Never Surrender


  1. Same thing that happened to my country Safe and I am highly pissed off about it.

  2. Remember that old saying "keep on truckin'"? It was everywhere...t shirts, stickers, notebook covers etc. That's about all that's left to do,I guess, whether they like it or not.
    Either that, or bury our heads in the sand and hope it all just goes away...

    Problem is that I can't breathe with a nose full of sand.

  3. Just came from your latest at the urinal, Kevin...
    I'm thinking we're winning even when it seems as though we're losing.

  4. Well done over there, Kevin. I would have gladly taken blame, but ultimately, it's your blog and your credibility on the line, and keeping that is most important, to keep it going. The libs aren't going to quite know what to do with that, since they don't understand the concept of "integrity". I'm sure they'll be in to knock over chess pieces and crap on the board, anyway. πŸ˜‚

  5. Good blog here, Safe!πŸ‘Œ

  6. Levin podcast: "If Comey was sitting on this "terrible injustice of obstruction of justice" from his "memo", all this time....wasn't HE "obstructing justice"? And, his "memos" are taxpayer property. Let's see ALL of his memos, during his entire tenure! The FBI MUST have them.

  7. Well all this and as far as I know- no one has seen the memo? Last I heard was a call was made and part of the memo read to a reporter and then everyone's head explodes.

    Besides, I don't really care if he asked to stop investigating Flynn. I would rather know who leaked the information, Flynn is already history, but the leakers are still active.

    The demoncrates (not misspelled, though I may do a lot of other spelling errors)just want to start another civil war like they did in 1861. _

    1. And they will get their ass handed to them again.

  8. So let's unpack this memo business a little bit. We have been hearing the breathless screeching from the godless left for a couple days now. "Impeach!!! Criminal Obstruction!!! Horror of horrors!!!" Even old RINO McCain says this compares to Watergate!!!

    So first. Where's the memo. So far we have an anonymous source that says they saw the memo. And the left wing hack democrat newspapers are reporting it as if it's a fact. So...

    First, produce the actual memo. Then Comey testifies under oath that he wrote the memo and it accurately reflects what was said. Under Oath Then we may have something to talk about.

    Second, since when does what President Trump hopes become an official request? He said he hoped this ended it. I hope Hillary Clinton goes to prison, doesn't mean it's going to happen. That's stretching the definition of obstruction beyond the breaking point.

    Third, what criminal investigation is he supposed to be obstructing? They have already said they haven't found Flynn committed a crime nor are they investigating it as a criminal matter. So where's the crime investigation the President is supposed to have obstructed. Seems like you need a criminal investigation before you can obstruct it.

    So once more we have the godless left in pursuit of overthrowing the duly elected President of the United States.

    And the generated outrage over the fake news story of the President giving out classified information is just more of the same. Lies, hyperbole and outright sedition against America.

    And as a result of the godless left creating this false impression there is something happening the stock market is falling like a rock. Which doesn't bother the godless left because the welfare checks keep coming, but it pisses me off pretty good.

  9. Desperate people (and politicians) do desperate things...
    Actually, we have a right to all of his damned memos and foia requests have likely increased tenfold thanks to this. Comey has probably been running game since he took that job and has caused major damage to rank and file agents who risk their lives going after corruption. Day after day they are called to investigate. They do the hard work around the clock to gather evidence and submit it to their bosses whose job it is to request arraignment and prosecution for criminal acts. In the political world, this is where much of their work ends up getting shelved especially at the highest levels.
    Can you imagine the morale buster that would be?
    "I just do my job as best I can and go home."
    I haven't forgotten that long-ago quote and the person who said it remains an investigator to this day.

    1. Note: this applies to all of the fed and state agencies btw...we owe all of the good men and women a huge thank-you.

  10. It's such non-news that the only reason the Lame Stream Media goes with it is that they're blinded by their hatred of the Donald. Of course you can't obstruct a non-crime. But as we've pointed out before, no one is really being swayed by anything. When impeachment is considered against a Dem, they never break ranks. We're learning that, too. It drives them nuts. I mean, they're not merely engaging in partisan attacks. They're clinically demented over him.

    As far as Manning goes - alles klar. I'm not worried about her/him/it. I can defend the misconduct there. I (and a lot of my veteran buddies at work) were more worried Pres. Obama would pardon Bergdahl. Now there's a traitor - and a coward, to boot.

  11. At zero hedge: Comey to testify at 9:30 am next tuesday in hearing. Courtesy tweet from Chaffetz...also said Comey has a new phone number πŸ˜‚

    1. Dahhh...woops...stafs loozin herz memree...hearing is next wed not tue.
      Shee better rember too feeds us!!!

  12. Putin claims to have transcripts of that meeting betwren Trump and diplomats; willing to turn them over to white house??? Heard on Beck and all over internet.
    Were diplomats wired? But wait...heard a blurb yesterday that russian press allowed in the room but not u.s. press. Maybe so. Damned if I know.
    What universe is this?

  13. At this point, the Russian press probably has even more integrity than our own!πŸ˜‚

  14. What is wrong with that Ash over on C.J., must have brain damage?

  15. At conservative review: story about Erdogan's bodyguards attacking about a dozen people who were protesting PEACEFULLY outside the Turkish embassy in dc. Some were Christian yazitis, about as peaceful as you can get...
    Erdogan is no ally these days. He is as brutal a dictator as any in that region of the world.

  16. Robert Mueller appointed special counsel by DOJ...Rosenstein made appointment.

  17. And just exactly is Robert Mueller?

  18. Some bimbo on Carlson laying out her case for impeachment by citing everything that has been proven false, and nothing that has been proven true! πŸ˜‚ Tucker throwing all the poo back at her before it even hits the wallπŸ˜…

  19. Mueller previous FBI director, amongst other things. No nonsense kind of guy. Probably won't put up with any b.s., may disprove everything quickly, and it's POSSIBLE he'll make the liberals sorry they pushed this. Of course, they'll be trying to disqualify even him, any time now. 😠

    1. Damn, I'm gonna need more popcorn...

  20. They've gone all-out Batshit Crazy.

    I watched a little bit of Fox News earlier this morning, got fed up with it and have been outside working in the yard ever since.

    Screw the bunch of them...

  21. And Safe, once again you nailed it.

    My hat's off to you, Sir...

  22. Be interesting if Mueller connects the dots mainly to WikiLeaks and then to Seth Rich, and then to the DNC, itself. Be good to take out the leakers, also. Be a bonus if Clinton or Obama...or both...could be found behind the curtain.

    Just wishing. πŸ˜‰

  23. Yea, that Erdogan situation.
    Very odd.
    I figured by this time we would of seen some form of Muslim antifa take a stand over there. You know, some sorta haji dragon lord or something? Lol!
    But, of course I'm sure people over there want to keep their head attached.

    The folks in Berkeley would never stand up to some sort of international behavior like that. It wouldnt have a narrative value for them. And they don't have the balls. The virtue signaling individuals in Berkeley only look for cucked, guilty feeling, historically uneducated maroons to make their impression. Weak. Naive.

    But I'm reminded of my history books and lessons. Ones I know you know well, as many others here.

    Two thousand years ago, a son of a carpenter walked the shores of Galilee teaching a message of love. Six hundred years later a barbarian pedophile from the Arabian peninsula arose to bring a message of hate.
    The former preached what would become Gospel, the latter the Quran. One would offer salvation, the other the sword. One had missionaries, the other mercenaries.

    Do we see more missionaries or mercenaries these days?

    Of course we know what had to happen to repel the hordes. In fact it had to happen several times, starting with Urban II. Brought forth heros like "the hammer" and the order of Santiago.

    Violence is an awful thing. We see it rising ideologically here in our country with the left, and overseas with Isis, maybe Assad, and certainly with Erdogan etc...

    I know my history. I know our history. And I accept it.
    I'm just fearful of those who do not know it.... Fearful of those who ignore it....

    PS. Was saving this for Friday, but I don't know when I'll be back in. Too busy paying taxes, and hustling around with my boys. Don't get me wrong though, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    Later folks....

    1. Hammer, Erdogan is a thug but even the antifa clowns know better than to mess with that one. He just offs people. In that sense I guess those bozos have a few tiny brain cells left...

  24. There are some that think they could use section 4 of the 25th amendment. Heads are just exploding and nothing will get done. All Trump can do is defense. It's like everyone has lost their minds, Satan is controlling these people.

  25. I have some faith in Mueller...seems to be one who stays below the radar, doesn't do stage shows with the press and has no patience with leakers or other political hijinks. Was also a Marine. Was FBI director 2001-2013. Apparently he had retired but stepped out when asked to do this special counsel thing...something to be said for that I think. A no-nonsense type. Popcorn definitely in order because he is one who will follow the dots and will leave no stone unturned if he thinks there is a reason to look under it.

  26. Didn't take 'em long...posted at the free beacon just minutes ago is story that the Donkey Nitwit Committee aka DNC is already protesting Mueller and demanding some sort of special commission to investigate Trump and Russia...also talk of proposing a bill to establish a permanent commission.

    Already trying to gum up the works even more. Crapweasels of the first order.

  27. Good morning world, a tad early today but didn't want to miss anything. Don't ya know.

  28. Urinal runs column by an Anne Applebaum, of the Washington Compost (who is spitting out fake news fast and furious), about Trump unfit.

    Typical. Henry Brown provides some useful info, in the comments.

    Have to wonder why the Urinal would run ANYTHING associated with the proven-fake-news WashPo, considering all the total crap they've been caught lying about so often, recently.

    Never mind. No need to wonder why. The Urinal staff idolizes them, and hopes to grow up to be as big a shitter as WashPo, instead if just a tiny little insignificant, dying peepot.

  29. Not trying to jinx us here but according to the extended forecast next Saturday is supposed to be partly cloudy with a high of 79.

    Perfect day for a party...

    1. Okay, I have been watching my self, that sound like perfect weather.

  30. And Hammertime hit the nail on the head. See what I did there? Hammer....nail....oh, never mind.

    God created this world and everything in it. And He declared it to be good. He created man in His image from the earth, and breathed His breath into him and gave him life. And that man and the woman who came next walked and talked with God in the paradise he gave them. But sin entered the world, and all that followed led us where we are today. And that sin was ushered into the world by Satan, who was and is at war with God.

    God gave us a way to deal with the sin, He gave us a Savior, His Son. And Satan, who caused sin to enter the world in the first place has spent the last two thousand years trying to defeat God's will. He uses a lot of different tactics, but his basic methods involve lies and condemnation.

    And yes, he has created many false religions to draw people from God. And yes, Islam and muhammed are tools of Satan. As is the godless left, who works on his behalf to drive God and his message from our society.

    But here's the good news. I've read the book. It ends well for those who stand fast and follow God. And it does not end well for those who don't. We may suffer persecution in this life. We may suffer the slings and arrows from Satan and his workers of inequity. And we will. But there is something better waiting, so stay the course. Eye on the prize.

    The left won't win. The left can't win. They may cause much disruption and suffering. Their ideological ancestors, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot murdered hundreds of millions of people. And they may accomplish even more. But that's all just temporary. As a famous Kansan once said, it's all just "dust in the wind".

    There will come a time when these people will stand before their Creator and have to give an account for their deeds. And I wouldn't want to be in their shoes then. I'd rather be where I will be, at the banquet table with all of you, enjoying the presence of our Savior for all of eternity. It will be a much more comfortable place than where these follows of Satan will be, trust me.

  31. Next Saturday we have an all day event at our flea market booth. They are having an outside market from 10:00 to 4:00 and we have a booth so I have to be there for that, then pack it up and haul stuff home. I'll be out after that's done.

    Mrs Safe made it clear, this is not an option so I will be there.

  32. See you when you get there, Safe...

  33. We all know what a foe Obama was to Law Enforcement and Veterans too.... found an interesting story in the Washington Times....

    Obama is being investigated.... I'm happy to see this. Read the article.

    Thanks, Rikki

  34. Looks like a nasty storm heading our way.πŸ˜•

  35. Someone needs to put a muzzle on McCain's big mouth.

    Anyway, still seems the only things getting "exposed" is the collusion and lawlessness of the left...but Republicans just refuse to go after them! 😠

  36. Lieberman for FBI?!😯 thanks.

  37. They refuse to go after them because they're gutless cowards...

  38. Lieberman...

    Yeah, let's just roll over and give the democrats everything they want.

    What a bunch of shit...

  39. About time to somehow get an online petition or something to tell those feckless f****** Republicans to start fighting back...or millions WILL do everything we can to VOTE THEM OUT and be replaced with conservatives, as soon as possible!!!

  40. Oh my..... ya mean I iz the early bird? (smiles)....

    G'mornin' y'all

  41. Replies
    1. Mornin' Sarge (smiles). I woke up too early - getting groggy again, going to get a few more zzz's before I have to get ready for work....

  42. Lightweights. I've been at it since 2:30 with no end in sight.

    Gotta love that white privilege...

  43. 3:45 is my normal time. Just...wake up.

    Cal Thomas urging Trump to "knock off the insults". Any person would be likely to fire back a few when being sprayed with lies and insults like a million machine guns constantly riddling him!

    About 20% of the population is doing all this. Gotta figure out a way to fight back HARD!!

    I still think some kind of "Verified Journalistic Integrity" designation needs to be created, in Congress...a "regulation"...whatever. Voluntary to sign up, to have a news organization (and individual journalists, columnists, etc.) that wishes to have that designation LIABLE to adhering to the rules, or face fines or loss of designation. Anyone who doesn't want to join, or is ousted? Then the whole world knows not to trust them. Nobody "forces" ANYONE to join, so that bypasses the First Amendment problem, right there. They can run whatever crap they's just that nobody can be expected to believe them.

    Hold them ACCOUNTABLE!!!😠

    Lyin' bastards.

  44. More anti-Trump, anti-FoxNews tripe over there (naturally...they're "Fake News"!)

    That Ramesh character ends with "But it's not surprising that Fox is tempted to respond to its situation by just not covering the news".

    No, Rameshnoodle...the mainstream media are the ones who refused to "cover the news"...ESPECIALLY during the 8-year reign of terror of Imam Obama!!!

    And, of course....Ashhole is first to spew his excrement in the comments.

    If Ashhole somehow got hold a brain, I doubt he'd have any problem sticking it up in where his verbiage excretes! Hell...he's such a big Ashhole,it'd probably pop right back out the first time he tried to say something!πŸ˜‚

  45. But then "Cock Holster" also fits.