Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What if...

First and foremost I'd like to apologize for being so late with today's blog.

I got an early start and mowed the yard then one thing led to another.

Well, long story short, it's been one of those days where the more I did the more there was that needed doing.

Anyway, I came across this video on Drudge a couple of days ago. and it got me to wondering.

And worrying.

I've never really been one of those doom and gloom kind of guys but the way things are shaping up around the world I'm not so sure anymore.

What happens if that insane little bastard really does hit South Korea or Japan with a nuclear bomb?

Do we respond with overwhelming force and vaporize his ass along with the rest of his country?

Then what?

Is China and Russia just stand back and stay out of it?


What happens there?

What about Iran and the tens of thousands of terrorists they finance (with the help of Barack Hussein Obama) all across the Middle East and Europe?

Here's what I do know for sure.

If it does happen, all this phony shit the left whines about won't mean a damned thing anymore.

It'd almost be worth it just to shut them the hell up...

Kevin McGinty


  1. What If???? That is a damn good question. Well if any son of a bitch hits this country with Nuke let it fall on DC, That way we won't get tied up in weeks of hearings before we decide to fight back. Just Saying....

    1. Sarge, I have to agree with you. Talk about efficiency.

    2. Good morning PK, nice to hear from you again, are you and your going to make it to the summit? I do hope so.

  2. About the other blog (over there) on the Comey thing. I have a response for those pukes, and it's "poof-ready" (no censorable stuff):

    To all those foaming at the mouth over Comey's firing.

    Nobody respected or trusted Comey. Dems or Republicans. Nobody. Why would anyone believe he could properly investigate, and who would believe his report?

    Darned good reason to get rid of him. For both sides.

    Why just now?

    Because Trump had finally gotten a well-respected (from both sides) Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, in place (despite usual obstructionist tactics of the Dems), and after he investigated the matter, he recommended it, properly sent it up the chain of command, and Trump acted on the recommendation.

    "This will cut the head off the investigation!"

    Comey isn't the entire FBI. The FBI still has ALL the data from any investigation. Nothing has been lost, and nothing has been stopped. The data is available to ALL personnel still working on the fake Trump/Russia scandal that was concocted by the left. Despite all these agencies strongly proclaiming there is NO evidence of ANY "collusion" between Trump and Russia, as in all this time NOBODY has found ONE SPECK of evidence, this charade continues. Maybe they can get someone who can be trusted to finish it up PROPERLY in there?

    Be honest...who would have trusted the findings, coming from Comey? NOBODY! When Trump is rightfully exonerated of any wrongdoing in this witch hunt, the left is going to scream "COLLUSION within the administration!!!", anyway, and especially, if it was Comey who made the proclamation!

    But...OH!!! Wait a minute....yessss. Did you just see that?

    NOW, we can see why the left is so rabid! With Comey 'finishing it up', the left could have KEPT IT GOING, just because it WAS Comey who was in charge! "We don't accept his findings! We can't trust him!"

    The two big Comey things happened on Obama's watch. Why didn't Obama have the spine to fire him? (Because, Obama was, is and always will be...spineless.)

    It's time to give them 90 days to come up with just ONE piece of credible evidence to move forward, or just STOP IT! With all the felonious, treasonous leakers, and all the resources of all the media, and all the investigative agencies' power, and everything else out there...they should have been able to come up with at least ONE thing, by now. Why haven't they? Where is it? Where's the proof?

    Meanwhile, it IS time to start digging into all the treasonous felonies of Hillary Clinton, and the Obama adminstration. Time to start full-scale investigations, and bring them to justice. We already KNOW Clinton broke a bunch of laws, and we KNOW someone leaked Flynn material. Those are FACTS, and the evidence is there, right in front of us.

    It's obvious the lying liberals just want to drag this out into future election cycles. Time to take off the gloves, and start punching back...HARD!

  3. Nunya I hope someone will copy and paste that on the other blog, I am no longer there or I dam well would. Right under Diggers nose.

  4. About that video. All plausible stuff, but always throws a "nutty conspiracy-theory" thing into it, when it's some scary-looking 'anonymous' guy, like that.

    Nothing in there that should get anyone tossed into Gitmo. May have played better without the goofy "scary mask", and just used normal graphics and knock off the heavily-edited spliced-together almost Max Headroom-like narration, designed to sound and look like "we are the warning, with inside information, and prepare, you must".

    Sorry. I can't take videos like that seriously. Almost looks like a spoof, to me. Which, ironically, diminsishes any legitimate message they MAY have.

    Just present info. Try to use facts. No need to display your face, just use graphics, if anonymous is what you want.

    Knock off the deep-state spy with insider-knowledge, cliched bad-movie "intrigue" productions, and just say what you want to say.

    That kind of cheeziness just gives detractors all the ammo they need to shoot it all down.

    Sorry, just the way I see that video. ;)

  5. I know, Sarge. Was hoping someone else might poof it over. If not, no big deal.

    But, would be kind of fun to rile them all up again, and see them chase their ignorant lies and denials around in circles some more!

  6. Well I have some extra time so off it goes. Any time you all need something moved just let it be known and off it will go one way or another. I also have some connections with some other posters that can help out. I am sure that they really hate me as much as any one else so it will really pee them off to see me posting for the bunker.

    1. Good Sara, the things Nunya and Safe say need to show up over there, be discrete though, you don't want to get booted, some times you might have to edit a word or two, but both of them birds do a good job cleaning it up, Lol

  7. Seoul...believe only 35 miles or so from lil kim..we have a large base there and south korea is an ally...the lil fat guy is said to have massive artillery squirreled away all along that border. If he is to be taken out it must happen before he gets a chance to unleash it on the south.
    Kim has lived off subsidies from other rogue regimes for decades, fed his military well but starved the rest...and poured every spare penny into armament. He's bat guano crazy and because of that fact he cannot be underestimated.

  8. Sarge, I've been getting myself "moderated" out of existence there. Anytime I'm critical of someone other than Boz, my post doesn't get put on. I guess I've hurt some tender sensibilities.

  9. Ken, I hear you I got tired of editing every dam thing I posted over there, it was getting to be a job with no pay, so IGAVEUP, but I will stay prepared. Won't be long Kevin will only be giving the Lib's a form or safe space by themselves to play with themselves.

  10. Gee looks like the urinal is down again. getting to be a everyday thing.

  11. Over at the Urinal 502 Bad Gateway 502 Bad Gateway


    1. Skippy just close your browser and relaunch it, and CJ will come back up, I get that offend.


    In reading this article about Senator Rand Paul, there’s things that he is saying that should point the media’s eye back on the Obama Administration….
    But will it? Probably not. Give the article a read – it’s a good read.

  13. Gonna leave this one for skippey, or anyone else that might be curious as to how antifa handles the tools.
    Guys name is "dragon lord"...
    I had to wipe tears from eyes from laughing so hard as I post this. Hope somebody enjoys it!

  14. I dont know whether to laugh my self sick or hope he shots either himself or one or more of his buds. On second thought I hope he does shoot himself and a bunch of his bud's. With idiots like this running around it wont be much of a shoot out with them. Like bang your done. Gun blows up in his face.

  15. Somehow I knew you could appreciate the video.
    If SHTF, their will be just alot of lightly used equipment to pick up off the ground.
    Pretty sure we all know from who...

    1. Yup we can sell them, Never fired and only dropped once.

  16. That's the kind of moron who SHOULD be reported to authorities. Idiot said twice it's "for killing Nazis", (threatening murder), he's a stupid fascist "Antifa", he obviously has no clue what he's doing, he's got his stupid-ass face covered like a terrorist (as if he thinks nobody will ever be able to identify him..."DUH!!"..and covered BECAUSE he knows he's planning on breaking laws). That idiot is dangerous, mostly because he is SO freakin' stupid!!!

    Wouldn't surprise me if he gets a visit from our finest, soon. Seriously. 😠

    1. He's got a Facebook page. Central Ohio antifa.
      Apparently he can put rounds on paper at least. Must of figured out that the little lever preventing the charging handle from coming back is called the "safety".

      But to further your point Nunya, he has obviously purchased a weapon with intent. Openly posts his threat against 3%'s on his Facebook and YouTube. And has no general knowledge or demonstrated safe handling.
      It's a recipe for disaster.

      But then again, isn't any commie with a weapon?

      And then there's the whole "dragon lord" thing....
      My sides hurt from laughing!

    2. Here's the link.

      It could be trolling at the highest level. But, if you get well past the surface it seems like it's very real. Scary humorous.

  17. I dunno. I see YouTube videos and FB stuff, and even here, where people talk about "defending themselves", and display their weapons, etc. Not a thing wrong with that, at all.

    Now, we have some idiot outright stating that he acquired an "AK four seven" specifically to use in an offensive manner, by stating his terrorist threats to "kill Nazi's", which we know he means American citizens who may disagree with his fascist Antifa beliefs. (AK four seven. Guess they didn't teach him in school past the number "10", as in twenty, thirty, forty, etc. "How old are you, boy?" "I'm two three!")😂

    Anyway...I personally see this as an actual terrorist threat, from an unhinged punk threatening to go all Klebold and Harris on citizens. He is dressed as a terrorist, and making terrorist threats. There is absolutely no "use as defense, as is our right" intent evident in his idiotic ramblings.

    His stated intent is only to go "kill some Nazis", and since he has absolutely no idea that he IS the Nazi, that makes ANYONE in public at risk of being shot by that moron.

    He's a real "terrorist threat", no matter how humorous his idiotic ignorance is, otherwise.

    Maybe I should post that on FB, and see what others think of that idiot. Maybe it will go viral, and that idiot can explain himself to the FBI?

    There is a HUGE difference between posting our right to defend ourselves, and doing what that moron did...threatening to outright instigate a terrorist murder spree against innocent people.

  18. One other possibility is that it may all be a spoof, to make Antifa fascists look like they are...complete idiots.

    If that was the case, though, it's an unwise thing to do. Haven't seen the other page. Maybe will check it out.

    People like that with guns give good, honest, law-abiding, responsible people a bad rap, and shouldn't be tolerated.

  19. I see they are trying to tax our taxes now. WHAT THE ****! JUST STOP!!! 😠

  20. Checked out that FB terrorist page. I can't tell if it's a spoof, or NOT!😨

  21. I see the usual moronic snakes are all over there spitting venom in the Trump-Kobach story.

    Wonder why they are so afraid of honest, fair elections with required proof of the right to vote?

    (No...not really. I don't wonder, at all.)😂

  22. More "school funding" nonsense over there. From where does the money come to mount these lawsuits against the taxpayers?

    If it comes from the unions, it's not the unions' business to be into decision-making for overall school spending. They are only supposed to represent teachers and staff, and their pay and benefits, etc. Right?

    If it's from the schools' budgets, that money is provided by taxpayers to fund the operation and maintenance if schools...not to fund lawsuits against the people (taxpayers) who are providing the funding the funding.

    If they are using taxpayer-provided funding that is meant for staff pay, student instruction/supplies/lunches/equipment/etc., transpirtation, utilities and building maintenance...WHY are they allowed to use that money that we, the taxpayers, paid for THOSE purposes?

    If it doesn't come from either of those...from where DOES it come?

    If it DOES come from one or both of those.. WHY is that allowed?

    It's not what those funds are for. Why should taxpayers fund suing ourselves?

    Is all that even legal? 😕

  23. And...there's ol' Ashhole, right outta the gate, violating "Rules of Civility" in Ringer's column!

    He never disappoints, in his ignorance! (Well...he probably disappoints his mother, who likely wonders why she didn't just go ahead and have an abortion!) Check out all his bogus other crappola!😂

  24. Nunya, you are killing me softly with your sarcasm. Lol