Friday, June 16, 2017

So whose winning this fight, exactly?

If you were to just listen to the left wing apparchiks over on the urinal, or the democrat operatives that run most of the mainstream media, you would think the godless left is in control and President Trump is on the ropes ready to fall. Is that true? Can the party that lost over 1,100 seats in the past six years be the controlling power? The party that lost the House, the Senate and the Presidency? Can they really be calling the shots?

Not only no, but HELL NO! Of course you have to listen pretty carefully to hear it, but President Trump is doing much of what he said he would do.

Unemployment is dropping. Not just phony numbers based on phony data from the phony democrat party, but it is going down, and people are returning to work. Jobs are coming back to America. Companies are making commitments to expand and hire. By the hundreds of thousands.

The stock market is going great guns. I've made more money since President Trump got elected than I did all last year. By a lot. And of course that follows the democrat promise that if Donald Trump was elected the markets would collapse and maybe never recover.

We are seeing a President putting forward a budget that cuts spending on the gravy train that the democrats have used to buy votes forever, and pushing money into where it should go. Military and infrastructure spending.

We have a Conservative judge appointed to the Supreme Court.

We have enemies knowing they better not screw with us like they could under the Marxist obama.

We have a renewed pride in America, at least from the half or more of citizens who love this country and are patriots. And we are seeing the godless left exposed for what they are and always have been. Violent, hate filled seditious traitors who would destroy this country if given the chance.

Illegal immigration. Way down. The borders are closed for business. We don't even have a wall, but the illegals know the days of catching a ride to Phoenix from an Immigration officer are over. And deportations happening. The gangs are being broken up and sent back to the hell holes they created.

Our President is trying his best to keep us safe, but the liberal courts are blocking him at every opportunity. Not his fault. This lays purely on the shoulders of the godless left. And the blood is on their hands when something happens.

So don't despair. We'll fight on. Not since Abraham Lincoln was elected have we seen the democrat party show their true colors like this. And that led to a civil war. Which they lost. And they will lose this one too.


  1. And be sure and go back to the last blog and read Nunya's comments. He is in rare form this morning and you need to read what he has to say. He posts all this great stuff way before I'm even awake so it always misses my blog posts. Which is a shame, because he always needs to be heard.

  2. The early birds get the good info. Lol And Trump is still kicking the Libs asses they are in a panic.

  3. So for you anti-second amendment gun grabbing godless liberal...

    You try to murder us then use that as an excuse to take our guns away?

    Are you people really as stupid as you seem?

  4. As long as they keep trotting out phony Trump/Russia crap, Sessions can't go after THEM for their utter failure to protect us from any possible Russian involvement of anything. If anything DID happen....THEY were in charge. is this going to do anything but stall?

    THEY know they can't get Trump, and even if they find involvement, THEY dropped the ball.

  5. "Involvement" from Russia...not tied to clarify.

  6. Hey y'all, President Trump has reversed Obama's Cuba deal....

    I applaud this.

  7. Been hearing depressing stuff about "repeal" of Obamacare. The same shit, painted different, is still shit.

  8. Picking up signs of dindu unrest. Still fail to see the importance of raising your hands when a Leo has a gun drawn. Imagine that....

  9. Want more "rules"? Liberals shouldn't mind. They love rules, regulations and oppression.

    "No current or former member of Congress, the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch or any other elected or appointed government employee shall engage in public vitriolic rhetoric, blaming, name-calling, or any other personal attack on any other government employee, or any citizen, under penalty of law. Penalties may consist of fines, jail and/or immediate removal from office or position".

    I think Trump and most conservatives could do that. It's all counter-punch, still. If this rule was enacted, I think they could all stay out of trouble.

    I also think at least 95% of Democrats wouldn't last an hour.

  10. They are our EMPLOYEES. We are the BOSS.

    We should demand it. No vote. No contemplating. We're sick and tired of our employees acting like idiots, and instigating violence.

    THEY don't get to decide.

    "Just shut up, and do it! Or, get out of our house!"

  11. Is everyone ready? Crank up those air conditioner and sit back and relax.

  12. Helluva a t-storm woke me up around 1:30 am. Ka-BOOM!! KA-BOOOOM!!!

    Fell back asleep, but was up at 3, anyway.

  13. Lightweight.

    I was getting ready for work at 12:45...

  14. Lightweight, Hell I was on my 2nd beer at 4:00 :):)

    1. Good grief just looked out back and I have a good size limb down off my only tree I have left, Oh well it will give my Grandson something to help me with.

  15. This may be a two- or three-parter.

    Part 1)

    So, here we go again, letting a court get away with 'legislating from the bench', and doing the job of state budgeting that only legislators are permitted to do.

    "Supreme Court preparing to review Kansas’ new K-12 finance law"

    "House and Senate members during the 2017 session passed a bill raising state investment in K-12 schools by $285 million over two years. Much of the cash was earmarked for the 25 percent of the state’s 450,000 students performing poorly in math and reading."

    Here, we reward schools that perform poorly. If one in four can't read or do math, that's not a money problem. It's a "curriclum problem", lazy parenting, and/or the constant barrage of liberal ideas from all angles soaking into those kids, making them lazy, unmotivated and feeling "entitled to everything for nothing". More taxpayer money dumped into a lousy system won't fix any of those.

    "Alan Rupe, an attorney representing plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said the state had the burden to prove the law conformed to the education article in the state constitution."

    "In his opinion, it didn’t."

    “The Legislature needs to dig deeper into its pocket book and reach higher with its goals in order not to sacrifice another generation of Kansas kids to an inadequately funded school system,” Rupe said. “While we appreciate the effort of the Kansas Legislature, the simple fact is, it is not enough.”

    Alan Rupe. Being paid from taxpayer dollars paid into the system, to educators, filtered down through unions, and (after they take their cut to force all taxpayers to, therefore, donate to Democrats) paid to Alan Rupe, to turn around and sue...the taxpayers! So, the taxpayers completely fund the "plaintiff" side of the lawsuit.

    And, since the state is "the defendant", taxpayers ALSO completely fund THAT side! What part of the Kansas Constitution forces us to continually sue ourselves, in this ridiculous, obvious conflict-of-interest manner? Every freakin' year?!

  16. Part 2)

    I'd like to know the total costs of all these lawsuits (from both sides...of which the taxpayers entirtely fund), and the costs of the judgments added in, total. How many millions of dollars? Billions, perhaps? Just to raise taxes?

    I wonder how many of those wasted dollars could have actually paid for something in those schools? Or, maybe gone to infrastructure, or some other state government function...(of which it is actually responsible)?

    I bet a LOT of poor people could have fed, or helped with medical, etc., with all those dollars wasted paying lawyers and educators and unions to use taxpayer dollars to sue taxpayers, paying for the defense, also. Why do they hate the poor? Why are they wasting education dollars to get more education dollars? Are they just that greedy and heartless?

    Rupe, again: “The Legislature needs to dig deeper into its pocket book...the simple fact is, it is not enough.”

    And, it will NEVER be enough, especally for Rupe. As long as he can keep getting more wealthy, and as long as the educators are able to keep using taxpayer money to pay for both sides of the will NEVER be enough. Year after year...never.

    Don't fix the schools. Just keep forcing taxpayers to pay for both sides of lawsuits, AND more taxes, to keep dumping down that toilet of a failing public education system.

    "Following oral arguments before the Supreme Court, the justices issued a decision in March that said overall funding had to increase to meet adequacy provisions of Article 6 in the state constitution."

    Under Article 6:

    "1. Schools and related institutions and activities.
    The legislature shall provide for intellectual, educational, vocational and scientific
    improvement by establishing and maintaining public schools, educational institutions and related activities which may be organized and changed in
    such manner as may be provided by law."

    "5.Local public schools.
    Local public schools under the general supervision of the state board of education shall be maintained, developed and operated by locally elected boards. When authorized by law, such boards may make and carry out agreements for cooperative operation and administration of educational programs under the general supervision of the state board of education, but such agreements shall be subject to limitation, change or termination by the legislature."

    No "adequacy clause" in that. All I see is the local schools can TRY to band together for suing the taxpayers...but the legislature can shut that down. #1 states "the legislature" is in charge, overall. Not "courts".

  17. Part 3)

    Here is the important one:
    "6. Finance.
    (a) The legislature may levy a permanent tax for the use and benefit of state institutions of higher education and apportion among and appropriate the same to the several institutions, which levy, apportionment and appropriation shall continue until changed by statute. Further appropriation and other provision for finance
    of institutions of higher education may be made by the legislature.
    (b) The legislature shall make suitable provi-
    sion for finance of the educational interests of the
    state. No tuition shall be charged for attendance at
    any public school to pupils required by law to attend such school, except such fees or supplemental charges as may be authorized by law. The legislature may authorize the state board of regents to establish tuition, fees and charges at institutions under its supervision.
    (c) No religious sect or sects shall control any
    part of the public educational funds. (b), it says it shall supply "suitable provisions". I that could mean "adequate", and after the districts spend-down their money to claim poverty....I suppose that's where they get to scream and stomp for even more. To me, "suitable", or "adequate" is just what they need to get the job done, effectively and without waste or abuse of funds, and there should be a statute that absolutely prevents them from 'spending-down' on nonsense, and each district should be examined through a microscope to make sure they are spendly wisely.

    Another HUGE part of these K-12 lawsuits, though, is " equity in distribution of funds that the court previously upheld", apportioned among the districts. I suppose that means an equal percentage per student per district, and some other factors. "Johnson County gets WAY more, total funding, per student than we do in Nemaha County!"

    So, they want to "redistribute"...y' provide "equal opportunity".

    And, there IS an "apportion among and appropriate the same to the several institutions, which levy, apportionment and appropriation shall continue until changed by statute."

    BUT, if you read the entire thing, it's not talking about K-12. It's referring ONLY to "higher education", which is defined as "post high school". Go back up and read (a), again, under "6. Finance."

    So, THAT part of their argument is entirely nuked, if they are trying to stick to the Kansas Constitution. I suppose they just hope nobody notices? Wonder if Trabert knows this?

    Those are the only things in that 'school funding' section that remotely have anything to do with this. They are using very thin arguments, with regards to referring to the Kansas Constitution.

    Why are we allowing this?

  18. That's odd...???

    The usual gang of knucklehead liberals aren't mouthing-off about those "terrible, evil guns, and the uneducated rednecks clinging to them and their Bibles" over there?

    "For Georgia escapees, end of road is a driveway in Tennessee"


    I bet they have steam blowing out their ears, wanting to scream SOMETHING...but can't figure out what!

  19. Gee, Kev. Your blog over there sure has those goofballs spinning and slobbering like a pack of Tasmanian devils on meth!!


  20. Ol Blue just keeps getting nastier and Asshat is gloating.

    Blues losing his mind, Asshat thinks they've got Trump for sure this time and MeKeena just runs around goosing butterflies.

    I'm going to start comparing Digger's posts to the one's the shooter posted before he finally snapped.

    Same rabid hatred.

    And about the same age...

    1. Anyone can tell he has some kind of mental problem.

  21. Yeah...almost all the crap they are puking out as "truth" hasn't been proven, has already been DISproven, or is just some collective-fantasy wish they all believe, with no basis in reality, or even simple common sense!It really does make you wonder if they are more than just gullible lunatics...but are actually dangerous psychopaths, like that most recent murdering headcase.

  22. Stopped at the Dugout dive for a couple beers. Bookish-looking dude sat down at bar, ordered food and a beer. He started conversing, brought up North Korea...and "Isn't that TERRIBLE what they did and are doing?"

    "Yep", I said. "It's worse the Soviet Union at their worst."

    Bookworm agreed, and said "Somebody should stop them!"

    "Well"...I said..."we may have just elected a President who might be able to, but the Democrats keep pushing this fake Russia crap,trying to stop any progress in his administration."

    Bookworm says "Trump DID collude, and he should be gone!"

    I calmly reply..."Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats were in complete control of ALL law-enforcement and intelligence agencies BEFORE THE ELECTION. If it happened.. why didn't they stop it? How is THAT the fault of someone who wasn't even in the government, then?"

    Bookworm's response?

    "This conversation is OVER!!"

    My Tucker Carlson response?

    " can't explain how someone not in power got all this hacking done past incompetent people IN POWER?!"

    Bookworm moved around the his "safe space".


  23. LMAO...

    Don't you just wanna slap these people?

  24. "Who is winning this war"?

    They have most of everyone's children. Except for the good parents, who stay involved. I know you all are. I know others who are.

    Sadly, the "mentors" these days to far too many are:

    #1) The mainstream media
    #2) Peer pressure from kids immersed in the vile mainstream media.
    #3) Schools...K-12, and beyond, whose faculties largely consist of disciple-graduates of 60's commie radicals, and their brainwashed liberal graduates.

    Who's winning this war? Not sure...but we had better figure out how to NOT LOSE, with two generations all fucked up and fixing to nuke our society...and themselves. 😕


    The urinal just posted this editorial y'all.... the very title pisses me off.

  26. Saw that Rikki.

    Headline: "Editorial: Don’t politicize the Virginia shooting"

    Sub-headline: "Democrats don’t deserve the blame for the horrific attack on our members of Congress"

    They couldn't even get to the story before they chose a side.

    Then, they go on to criticize remarks by Chris Collins and Newt Gingrich, who were pointing out that the pot is boiling over, because the left has turned the burners on too high...basically.

    Which, they are. Anyone who is paying attention knows the bulk of this anger is orchestrated by groups who are very well-funded. Their entire intent is to incite anger and violence, and yes, it is "political".

    That shooting can't NOT be 'politicized'. It was entirely political. He lay in wait to decide the best time carry out his politically-motivated plan.

    If the tables were turned, and if it was some right-wing nut trying to take out Democrats...the Capital-Journal would twice as thick, running every anti-conservative, anti-gun, anti-whatever story they could find, and make up a few, themselves.

    We know it. And, they know it. They don't want THIS one 'politicized' because it's their side that looks bad, and they want to ruin the least they can, and bury it as soon as possible.

  27. Here's something they wanted to make sure to "politicize". (Gotta keep that Trump/Russia Fake News going!):

    "Topeka native Brad Parscale, digital director for Trump campaign, could testify in House’s Russia probe"

    "Unnamed sources told the network (who else, but CNN?) that Parscale may be invited to testify before the House investigation sometime this summer."

    Gotta wonder why CJ would run with a story by CNN, from "unnamed sources", knowing full-well how many times CNN, NY Times and Washington Post stories turn out to be legitimate fake news.

    Did CJ confirm that information with at least two other reliable sources, as journalistic integrity demands?

    Here's how to keep the fakeness and obstructionism going, and cover their butts:

    "Topeka native Brad Parscale, digital director of President Donald Trump’s campaign, may be called to testify, CNN reported Friday."


    "The Senate intelligence committee is also interested in how Russian bots targeted political messages in critical swing states, CNN reported, but it isn’t clear whether Parscale also may be called before the Senate panel."

    He may be called in to testify, but it isn't clear whether he will be called in to testify? WTH?!

    If it isn't clear, then WHY DID THEY RUN IT?!

    I like his tweet, though:

    “#FakeNews Friday. Going to dinner,” Parscale tweeted Friday afternoon."

    Why would CJ run this "politicized" non-story?

    We know why.

  28. "Kris Kobach: Setting the record straight"

    The rabid dogs have been unleashed on this one.

    Not sure he should run for governor, though. He may be a little too polarizing, with way too much "Fake News" negativity blasted at him daily, from the Urinal.

    He did pretty much call CJ out for what they obviously are.

  29. "Letter: Tax increase solution involves canceling Capital-Journal subscription"

    This one is worth including an actual link to:

    I love it!

  30. Here's a prime example of a moron who thinks money grows on trees, and doesn't realize the KPERS Ponzi scheme is part of the problem. He makes sure to put in the typical ranting talking points that the left has fed him.

    "Letter: Legislators must make sure KPERS is funded through fiscal year, into future"

  31. Good Morning Nunya - I agree whole heartedly with your points about the urinal.

  32. I also agree with our friend, Nunya here.

    It's also the only way I even know what's going on over there since the only thing I ever pay attention to is the blogs...

  33. And just for the record the shooter made it political when he asked whether it was the republicans or democrats out on the field that fateful morning.

    Once he was satisfied they were all republican congressmen he returned with his gun and start shooting...

  34. I see Cj removed Nunya comments that that that guy GUY posted on CJ It is in their paper but not good enough to leave on the blog???? Idiots.

  35. I get the feeling they don't much like my objective analyses, and dissecting what was written to expose obvious and not-so-obvious hypocrisies and nonsense. "They've CRUSHED me!!!"😭


    1. Well you know that old saying... Fuck them!!!

  36. And the damn horse they rode in on.

    Oh yeah, new blog up and running...