Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Point For Me

Dang Armand, what’d I ever do to you? I think it’s safe to say we’re probably not going to be friends. But you know what? And I know it won’t matter to you, but I have a lot of respect for anyone who’s willing to stand up for what they believe in, puts it in writing, and signs their name to it. Yeah, I’ve been reading your letters for several years now. Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I don’t. They’re usually short and straight to the point. But last week’s was the first time I remember you ever making it personal. What is it about me that bugs you so much. Is it the fact I write about the things I believe in? Isn’t that the same thing you do with your letters to the editor? Or is it the things I write about? Serious question.
Armand, you might not like what I write about. But you’re still reading my stuff. I’ve tried my level best for the last year to generate a response in the form of a letter to the editor just to see if anyone is reading my column. Armand, you responded, and that sir, is a point for me. Thanks.
I read a column by a conservative writer named Russell Steen in the Hutchinson News a couple weeks ago. The fact that a conservative columnist is even in the Hutchinson News in the first place is huge. They’re one of the biggest liberal run newspapers anywhere around. Needless to say, his column made my day. He was telling his readers that “he’s been assigned to the far right.” But thinks it’s “odd that he was moved to the extreme end of the scale without changing his core beliefs since he was 19.” Like me, he opposes abortion. He talked about how “the pro-abortion crowd of the 70’s would have angrily denied that lucrative late-term procedures would become the logical extension of legalized abortion,” Can anyone say George Tiller?
Looks like Russell and I share pretty much the same beliefs about global warming. He talked about the “concept of buying and selling carbon credits being so stupid that it would be comical if it weren’t for the fact so many people are buying into it.” Personally I’ve never understood that concept either. Isn’t it kind of like ordering two double quarter-pounders with cheese, a super-sized order of onion rings and fries, but washing it all down with a diet-coke because you’re watching your weight? Maybe I’m just missing something.
Russell asks the question, who’s moved? Is it him, or has society moved the scale? It wasn’t all that long ago that it was simply understood that a marriage was between a man and a woman. People didn’t turn to the Government to solve all their problems. We could say Merry Christmas without offending someone. And having the nerve to admit you believe in God wouldn’t get you ridiculed. Yeah, who’s moved? He pointed out that “from the time of our founding fathers until the generation that won World War II his views would have been considered common sense.” Something that’s lacking in today’s world.
It’s funny how liberals claim to be tolerant, understanding, diverse, and inclusive. You know, there’s room for everyone. Anything and everything goes in their world. They tell us we should embrace the fact that public schools are setting up special places and times for Muslim students to pray. Let a Christian try this and you’ll find out just how tolerant they are. Let a conservative question global warming or evolution. Let a conservative ask why it is that a woman’s right to privacy trumps her baby’s right to simply exist and see what happens. Trust me when I tell you they’re anything but tolerant. They’ll attack you. They‘ll threaten you. They’ll try anything they can to shut you up. Yeah, they’re a tolerant bunch alright. As long as you agree with them.
I’d like to thank Russell Steen for his column. And Armand, you keep writing your letters and doing your thing and I’ll keep doing mine. Remember, we both have that right.
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  1. Great column. Keep up the great work.


  2. Thanks Steve, Glad to know someone out there agrees with me.
    I've been in Pratt for the last week. And I'll be in Hutchinson this week. Hopefully I'll be able to come for a few hours Wednesday morning. Talk to you then.