Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Call This Tolerance...

I received an e-mail last week from a reader who said I needed to quit being so controversial. He said he’s enjoyed reading this column ever since it’s inception but unless I stop being so one-sided in my writing, he’d have to stop reading it. Really?

Look, I’m not looking to lose any readers. And I don’t intentionally set out to offend anyone out there. Well, maybe I do get carried away from time to time. But there’s usually a reason for it.

Maybe I could be a little more tolerant. You know, like some of those tolerant liberals we keep hearing about. Like the one’s who couldn’t wait to get their mugs on TV to call the Tea Party-Tax Protesters a bunch of racist, ignorant, rednecks.

It’s funny. The voters in California, you know, the most liberal, progressive, state in the country just voted against another round of massive tax increases. I don’t remember hearing anybody in the media calling them names. I guess when a bunch of liberals oppose tax increases, it’s okay.

Maybe I could model my column after the tolerant way Miss California was treated for having the nerve to give an honest answer to a question about whether she supported gay-marriage or not. Yeah, that tolerant, liberal judge couldn’t wait to get to his blog to announce to the world she was an ignorant bitch. The main stream media went crazy. Late-night talk show hosts and comedians had a hay day with her. Maybe I could be more like them. I guess freedom of speech is only supposed to apply to a certain way of thinking.

I was reading one of our local blogs the other day about the proposed, state-wide smoking ban. One of the left-wing loon, bloggers said the only people who participated in the dirty, filthy, habit of smoking were inbred, ignorant, hillbillies. It wasn’t long before there was a bunch of them yucking it up. Yeah, that was cute.

If a person has the nerve to say they oppose abortion, they’re labeled a religious-zealot and a racist. If you’re a Christian and make the mistake of publicly admitting it, you’re immediately mocked, ridiculed, and called every name in the book. All in the name of tolerance, you know. If you don’t follow the cult of global warming, you’re just stupid and believe the earth is still flat. If you don’t buy into the theory that we all evolved from some damned ape somewhere, well, you’re just an idiot, a religious-zealot, and need to be watched.

I believe with every fiber in my body that Obama’s policies will turn this nation into a socialist country. In my opinion, there’s no way you can call it anything else. I’ve written several times about the many things I disagree with him on. The color of the man’s skin has nothing to do with it. But still, I’m called a racist. Whatever.

I’ve been called all kinds of names because I think the whole GITMO argument is ridiculous. I mean, other than making the left feel good. Why move them? Nobody’s been able to tell me what the difference would be if we moved them into American prisons. They’ll still be locked up. Some of them indefinitely. What will be gained if we move them into the general population of an American prison? Nothing positive, that’s for sure. But still, the name calling continues.

I really thought that once the left had the president and both houses of Congress they wanted, they’d calm down somewhat. If anything, they’ve become more emboldened and have gotten much worse.

Here’s the way I see it. Whether you and I agree on a certain topic or not really isn’t important. What‘s important, is the fact that we all still have the right to our own opinions. And thanks to the brave men and women who’ve fought and died for this country, we still have the right to express them. And I for one, plan to continue exercising that right.

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  1. i'm only going to say this one time so pay attention you loser.
    but in a sense of fairness i'll write real slooooow so that even an uneducated ignorant freak like yourself can keep up.
    who do you think cares about what you have to say? your so called column in the metro news is nothing but a joke gone horribly bad. and this pathetic excuse of a blog is even worse. how many people do you think are reading the hatered you spew anyway?
    face it mcginty. you're part of a dying breed and once your kind is dead and gone the world will be a better place.

  2. I'm glad you're only going to say it once.

    But in the mean time. I rest my case...

  3. Easy, Kevin. You almost made Anonymous pop that thrombosed hemorrhoid sticking out of his ass. He needs to put some ice on it and tuck it back in, now. Don't you understand, Kevin? The only purpose of your column's existence is to print things that make people feel goooooood about everything. Your real job is to produce typographical morphine for us. Now get on it, Man!

  4. I'll try a little harder on that typographical morphine thing, Fred.

    But for now, if I've made our Anonymous buddy even come close to popping a hemroid, I figure my work here is almost complete. LOL...