Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Test From The Underground Bunker

Question: What’s a liberal hate more than Fox News?

Answer: Sarah Palin.

Question: What’s a liberal hate more than Sarah Palin teaming up with Fox News?

Answer: Nothing. Hehehe…


  1. Come on, Fred. I know you're itching to say something.

    Lay it on me...

  2. I was glad to see Sarah Palin joining to fox news. I don't know what Sarah will feed us with while on TV but I'm sure it will be tasty.

  3. 9uy, I'm sure it won't be moose stew.

    We'll get the chance to get to know the real, Sarah Palin. She's been given the biggest platform there is and will have the chance to meet her critics, face to face.

    Yeah, this is going to be good.

  4. Oh, hey, I think she's perfect for television. I always thought she was heading there when she resigned, and in the order she's doing it. Book, television, show. I also said then that she will never be prez. But I wholly expect her to return to politics. She'd be a great senator. The woman has the world at her feet, no doubt. I will probably watch Fox News more, now. I'm a sucker for their women: Julie Banderas, Rina Nina, Malini Wilkes, Catherine Herridge, Megan Kelley. Sarah is too evil for the presidency, but as 9uy says, she's still yummy.

  5. Yummy, indeed.

    And yes, she probably return to politics one day. But here's the thing, she has the power to effect policy simply by posting something on her facebook account.

    I also doubt she'd America would ever elect her to be president. A senator? Maybe. Who knows?

    I just like her because she stands up for what she believes in and won't back down from the idiots doing everything in their power to silence her.

    The more the loons attack her and Fox News the bigger they both get and the loons hate that.


  6. Hey Kevin ... Please post something to my blogs too ... My Bible School friend has been sending me some interesting emails.

    www.myownfaith2.com/blog.htm .. you know the surfing involved.

    Tommorrow I'll be heading for the statehouse to listen to the states rights.