Saturday, February 22, 2014



It's been brought to my attention that a few people visiting this friendly little room of ours aren't happy at all with the way things are done.

Fair enough.

From here on out I'll do everything I can to make sure every comment is given the consideration it deserves before simply deleting it.

In an effort to be all fair and balanced I've developed a Complaint Department to address such concerns. If for any reason you feel you're being unfairly singled out please feel free to fill out the following form and I'll make sure it receives the attention it deserves.


                                                BUTTHURT REPORT FORM

                         Date and time you experienced the Butthurt: _________________


  • Live Journal
  • Massage Board Post
  • Comment Thread
  • Chat Room
  • Blog Post
  • Random Joke/Cartoon/News Item
Other (Please Specify) __________________

                              PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT THE BUTTHURT.

  • Someone posted a comment I disagreed with.
  • Someone posted a cartoon or drawing I didn't like.
  • Someone wrote a story that brought up bad memories and made me cry.
  • I found out my internet boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on me.
  • Someone posted pornography and sullied my innocent virgin eyes.
  • I lost an argument in a Chat Room.
  • I asked for a little critique on my opinion and got it.           
Other (please specify) _________________

(Y)  (N)  Were there tears?
(Y)  (N)  Was there permanent mental scarring from the Butthurt?
(Y)  (N)  Did you miss work due to the Butthurt?
(Y)  (N)  Were you forced to employ a coping mechanism such as turning off your computer for a while and going outside?
(Y)  (N)  Was there any lost sleep from the Butthhurt?


  • They're a big mean poopy pants who should be banned from the internet forever.
  • They deserve to be hunted down and shot on their own front porch.
  • There should be laws to punish people who don't agree with me.
  • They should be kicked out of America.
Other (Please specify) ________________


And there you have it.

 Hope that helps...

Kevin McGinty


  1. I coulda swore that tallinthesaddle had about 10 comments on this blog.

    What has happened to his free speech right?



    1. Fill the Butthurt form out and send it in. Everything will be ok then MF Gimme. Maybe you should make extra copies. I think your going to need them. Ha Ha He he

    2. Maybe if you were really tall in the saddle like me you wouldn't have to worry about it. MF Gimme

  2. Ha! Ha! I love it, thanks. I hope we can make it a sticky because we all know that our trolls are always getting their feelings hurt. Maybe we need to send CJ a copy also.

  3. For MF Gimme and any other trolls.

    You have what we call irrational sense of entitlement. It wont kill you [ maybe yes, maybe no] ,but it will cause you to believe that you deserve shit for doing nothing.

  4. And that, is the only thing they're good at...


  5. Seems a little lengthy to me. Maybe create a short form like the Democrat tax form:

    1. How much did you earn last year? $_______
    2. Send it in.

  6. gimme, if you got off the saddlehorn, you wouldn't be so tall in the saddle. Just a suggestion. But the butthurt might go away at that point also. CAPOI

  7. my second laugh of the day! absolutely love this; Kevin, give thought to making this form go national? seeing it on huffpo would be a hoot...


  8. You can thank our good friend, Sara. She's the one who sent it to me.

  9. Sara,,,thank you for sharing that with Kevin..

    CAPOI, great and much-needed writings on your blog...may you be blessed with a big following as time goes on...


    1. If you google it you can find some to print or save to your pc. I always try to keep some handy. You never know when your going to get one of those crying in their beer libtards and you have to save them from them selves. Kind of like our turnip plucking trolls. Except I really don't have any intention of trying to save them on here. My paying customers is different story.

    2. Thank you cats for the kind words. I am trying to follow in Kevin's footsteps, but I do not think that I can ever achieve the creativity that he has. CAPOI

  10. FCC update...courtesy 92.5 fm and the Washington watch program, hosted by Tony Perkins. he interviewed Ajit Pai, FCC commissioner since 2012, who came out opposed to that study when he heard about it. also pointed out that his agency has no legal authority to be going into newspaper offices with their little study...newspapers are not subject to any sort of FCC licensing. the man sounded very sincere and forthright on the air...not at all pleased by this.


  11. Sargejr/Stan

    Gees I am the last to know when a new blog goes up I use to be the 1st, I just got my e-mail thing me about this, Oh and Gimme just shove it up your ass.

  12. Getting to the party late as usual. Tried to catch up on the other blogs. Looks like I missed a lot of fun too!! Damn, I hate that when it happens. Hey, you little flaming hemerrhoid gimmie, I agree with Stan. Just shove it up your ass, if you can get anything else in there with your head.

  13. Good evening Stan and T42, it has been a fun filled time over here. And thx to Sara for the form that Kevin shared. I have copied and printed it up to share with several of my friends and family. However, I do not think I will share it in the church's newsletter : ) CAPOI

  14. Kevin, I posted a video from a TV show on my facebook page that you might want to use sometime. I think the title of it was the most truthful 3 minutes of tv.


  15. Just checked out your video, Gday.

    Very powerful and oh so true.

    And yes, you can bet I'll be using it soon.

    Thanks for passing it on...

  16. Anyone out here??? It is only 2 AM:):)

  17. Sargejr/Stan

    Yup Joe I am out here but not for long, Going to get some zzz's, If your a Race fan, the Daytona 500 runs today.

  18. You lazy guys gonna sleep all day or what?

  19. I am just rolling but feel like a rock.

  20. Well, Joe, roll on over and check your email.

    I just posted another blog...

  21. that jackwagon commercial still ranks as one of my all-time favorites...I laugh every time I see that. perfect educational opportunity for every crying liberal out there...gimme.