Sunday, May 11, 2014



When you consider how much they do for us and how important they are to society as a whole every day should be Mothers Day.

To Mothers everywhere I hope your day is everything you hope it will be...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers.


  2. Out of respect for everyones Mothers I won't read between the lines of Dr.G 's comment.

  3. Yep !

    love yer Mom.

    love ya MOM!
    And love you too Mother of my children that Still insisted no Help with anything today.
    Stay away from my Fug shui she says..

    I did the dishes.

  4. this mom had a wonderful day, hearing from her children and going to two receptions for graduates...neighbors' high school seniors, whom I've watched grow up...both of these boys have their heads on straight and we need more like them.

    everyone watch the weather again tonight...looks like another round of weather radio squawks and warnings. yesterday we had Ping-Pong size hail out here; baseball size at forbes field. keep the flashlights, candles and shoes handy!

  5. Dr G, huh? my suspicions on that one.

  6. Happy Mothers Day Cats!
    sounds like you better replace yer Tin Foil hat with a cone shaped galvanized one
    to ward off them Hail stones,

    I see I spelled FENG SHUI WRONG!

    And I see I got more dishes to do.

  7. I had just pulled into Great Bend (my final destination for the day) and the tornado sirens started wailing.

    Evidently a spotter had seen one south west of town and it fell apart before it could do any damage.


    Glad you had a Happy Mothers Day cats.

    Oh, and gimme's comment.

    I'm pretty sure what he meant but I figured even a toll has a mother so I allowed it to stand...

  8. understand that, Kevin...and glad that tornado fell apart.

    Vent...thanks for the hat suggestion...fortunately the sunday storms did not amount to much around here but that hail did put a nice dent in the side vent on my tool real harm done though. probably let a few more wasps in this fall...already sprayed one nest in there.

  9. Sorry Kevin Can't wait for friday although I may repost this friday, This Country is going the way of Europe, to G.D. Dogs. And if anyone doesn't like my thinking piss off. These idiots in this government needs to be stopped, what are the Republicans doing nothing that I can see.

    A Home Depot in Dearborn MI was the latest victim succumbing to the demands of an organization that shouldn’t be in existence in the United States of America. An American company the home depot gets over powered by the Muslim Brotherhood terror linked organization CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has cast. The employees will be subjected to cultural awareness training. The CAIR states this will help them accommodate the religious sensitivities of the Muslim employees and customers. Corporate and Managers gain a better understanding of Muslims and are taught Islam.

    Does Home Depot believe they need to “better serve their Muslim customers”? Here in America isn’t it a practice of retail corporations to better serve ALL of its customers? What exactly does this mean? Why do corporate managers need to understand their Muslim employees any better than their Jewish and Christian employees?


  10. Dearborn the Model for the Muslim AMERICA!

    Hope I'm Dead by then.

    Who's the Donkey Bottom wiper the prompted you new CJ BLOG?

  11. Vent, Just the asshole name anyone of the pricks and you nailed it, a shot you can't miss.

  12. am not at all surprised by the home depot story...that is an employer in which it is ok to talk about wild parties, tell dirty jokes etc in the break room but don't dare mention God....that is also an employer in which the Topeka store forced employees at its returns desk to endure being called racists for refusing refunds to people for suspected stolen merchandise, then forced to refund anyhow by management...go in that store around sundown and you will probably see half of Topeka's crack addicts standing in a line at the returns desk with their bags of stolen stuff and awaiting their store credit cards which were then taken outside and sold to people for drug money. haven't done business there for quite awhile now nor do I intend to but that's how the place was just a few short years ago.

  13. So what the Hell did i say on kev's CJ blog that hadda be removed???
    I don't even remember what I said.

  14. Vent all you said was something about the guy shouldn't worry about room 235 and the guy should be picking out a dress to go to mrs obama's speech. something like that.


  15. OH YEAH!


    musta have been Htting a Nail on some fags head!
    with out even knowing it.

    Sorry FAG!

  16. Maybe you were not specific enough on the dress, Vent. Could be they needed color suggestions or maybe cordinating shoes? capoi

  17. Carl Demaio of San Diego.

    i apologize
    my Gay Slur is directed only at left leaning militant gays
    not Normal Gays,,,
    you know