Thursday, May 8, 2014



It's kind of hard not to feel sorry for the crazy old bastard but Harry Reid's obsession with the Koch brothers has reached an all time high as far as crazy goes.
According to his latest rant the Koch brothers are the "Main Cause" of global warming.

This crazy old bastard is an embarrassment to The Senate, his Party, and Americans everywhere.

The Democrats are going to lose the Senate in November and a lot of the thanks will go directly to this crazy, slobbering old bastard...

Kevin McGinty 


  1. Harry the fool has been hit in the head to many times, and he is making complete fools of the democrats. But that doesn't take much work to do.

  2. OK which is it? Zillionairs or Billionairs?


  3. apparently they didn't do ENOUGH nuclear testing in Nevada!

    I dropped my quarter.

    Watch my Machine while I go Fetch it.

  4. He was back til someone dropped that POOF bomb on his ass.

    Checkmate little boy...

  5. Seriously though, the way I see it the more this crazy old man runs his mouth the better it's gonna be for the republicans in November...

  6. I used to think that Nevada wasnt too bad. But any more I just can't figure out how they keep this idiot. The libs really should try and keep their attack dogs in the barn. With people like Dirty Dingy Harry[smells like greased pig] Nasty Nancy Pelosie, they are doing more damage to themselves than the whole tea party could have done to them . They just keep making fools out of themselves. So funny it reminds me of that M F er guy than used to post on CJ Looser

  7. It's been that way ever since the America so stupidly put the inmates in charge of the asylum.

  8. Pay no attention to our MFin troll...

    I'll stop by in the morning to take out the trash before I head out...

  9. The real disgrace is for over 50 years the leftist's have muscled their way into school districts and systems across the country, Dumbing down our kids and even those kids dumb stupid parents to the point they will finish them off with this common core BULLSHIT and a pound of weed!
    So the result is people like Harry Reid Pelosi and Obomma Momma leading them around by the nose while the queers are boning 'em in the asS.

    But not you,,
    you log cabin Republicans,,

    I know you Keep yer bones to yourselves.

  10. i pray everyday that this nation wakes up and discovers that the Discomfort in their BuTT ain't hemorrhoids
    but a carefully choreographed ass dance orchestrated by the leftist's extremist's.
    I can ' hear the founding fathers now,,

    " GAY WHAT??"