Friday, July 10, 2015

The Flag Hating Race Hustling Band of Terrorists Never Met a Mother Fucker Like Kid Rock...

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything here in the Bunker and for that I apologize.

There's been so many things we could have talked about in the last few months without worrying about what we say and how we say it.

Anyway, a few days ago those fucking race baiting sons of bitches who are running around the country demanding this and demanding that, telling us what we can and cannot say or do, even having the nerve to tell us what damned flag we can or can't have.

For the most part they've gotten their way as one pansy ass son of a bitch after another bows down, kisses their ass, and begs for forgiveness.

A few days ago they demanded that Kid Rock condemn the Confederate Flag and cease using it as a prop during his concerts.

Kid Rock issued his epic three word response via Fox News a couple of nights ago.

In typical Kid Rock style it was simple and directly to the point.


And that my friends is the exact same response we all need to start using.

I'm sick and tired of all this pussy footing around trying not to offend these sons of bitches and I'm not going to do it anymore...

I know me being an old guy and all this is going to sound weird but I've always been a huge fan of Kid Rock and and his work.

And now he's gone and made me proud...

Oh, sorry about the language...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Yes it is getting tea totally out of any real person's mind. Just one thing after another now days.These so called human's are not going to stop until we put them off of the planet,some how ,some way. Some times a person just has to treat them like the pond scum sucking pieces of slim they are. They want to be treated like they are the ones to respect but will stop at nothing until we ate chest up in a hole. That is their way of thinking. But when you are dealing with scum like I see over on C J blogs [which I really don' have time or space to name them] we have to get in the pond and throw them under the scum. It's a dirty nasty job but some one has to do it. We all have a part in this war on these scum bags. Do what wever it is that you can and do best That's my story and I am going to do it. Even if it means having to pay a fine for hitting one of those scmmy Libs with a beer bottle. [ Notce I didnt say Bud bottle? Just in case I have to borrow one of the Capt's non domestic beer's]

  2. Well Kevin I had one hell of a time get this again, I can reed the one comment from sara and nothing else shows, I think I have to up date Java, might have to have son do it, I agree with what you wrote, but must ask was that approved by the Mrs?? Lol And Hi Sara.

    Sargejr 12 jul 2015

  3. It most definitely received her seal of approval.

    Anyone out there who thinks I'm the most uncompromising son of a bitch they've ever come across hasn't met my wife...

  4. Well I met the whole bunch of you and quite a group it is Fantastic they are, and I damn well know the little lady won't take any shit off anyone, but she sure is pleasant to be around, now you that is another story that I will leave alone for now....


  5. Yeah, she's pleasant alright.

    Just so long as she gets her way...


  6. And Sara, thank you so much for stopping by...

  7. I really have to hold back on my thoughts about our so called Liberal posters. I really would like to say what and how I feel about some of them. Oh hell its all of them. I don't want to offend any of our ladies from here. But I still would like to give old MWN a piece of my mind and maybe some of his little trolls. I am still waiting for ole Gimmie some to come and try to give me some. But they never ever seem to want to confront me. I am easy to find just send me a message on FB boys and the game will be on.

  8. Wonder where all the Dickheads are today on the cj blog, damn well they are not working, Sure would love slap that asshole St up side the head a time or two, what a worthless piece of shit he is.


  9. I noticed that also. Must be some free thing going on some place. Or else they are all at the mall sucking up the A C. Did you hear the new one about how Chelsea Clinton isnt Bill's daughter? Pretty funny. But its from some place I wouldn't want to repost. Maybe false but still pretty good conspericy story