Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Battlestache just got "Bitch Slapped" by another girl...

You guys remember all the crying and whining our local bad ass over on cjonline did over the thought of attending our summit a couple months ago.

Of course you do.

Just the idea of Sara Socks being there scared the hell out of him.

And he carried on about how scared he was for days.

Remember that?

I do.

Well, yesterday my good friend and fellow blogger Fl_Millstone (another woman) posted a blog dedicated entirely to Battlestache and the way he bullies, intimidates, threatens, harasses, and tattles on other posters as a way to either hijack the blog or shut them up completely.

By the time her blog had ran it's course our local bad ass slithered his way back into the hole he'd crawled out of and pouted.

For the second time in two months Battlestache has had his worthless ass kicked by two different woman.

Well done Fl_Millstone.

Well done indeed...

Oh, and since I can't say it on cj I'll say it here.

Battlestache, go to hell you little pansy ass son of a bitch...

Kevin McGinty