Friday, February 5, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Here we are again guys.

Another Friday staring us in the face.

And knowing you guys the way I do coming up with something to talk about shouldn't be a problem.

Stay safe and be well...

Kevin McGinty



  1. Right now I am just going to say good morning to the shitheads.

    To early to think right now, another global warming day today.

  2. And I'll join ya, Sarge.

    Good morning shit heads.

    I hope each of you get everything you deserve today...

  3. Top o' the mornin' to ya'll!

    What's Obama up to while everyone was distracted by that lying bitch, Hillary,and other things? (My apologies to female dogs. It WAS very disrespectful to insinuate that ANY dog could be as objectionable as Hillary!) about "an oil tax" of $10/barrel?

    Y' help with our "greatest threat"..."man-made" global warming...or cooling...or...uh..."climate change"...or whatever the hell they call it this month?!

    Yes...Obama. Not gonna be a 'lame duck'. gonna do EVERYTHING HE CAN to continue to do as much damage to this country as possible...and NOT JUST until Novemember.

    No siree...that "lame #uck" is gonna try to destroy us from within until his VERY LAST DAY in office.

    And, that's if he doesn't create some kind of "crisis" in the meantime, to suspend the elections and try to keep control...which is NOT an unliklihood, knowing how devious he is.
    BTW, here's his speech at the baltimore mosque (that is under investigation by the FBI for terrorist ties):

    Wonder what he talked about in the back room?

  4. I told you you'd have no problem coming up with something to talk about...

  5. Well even if we did we could always talk about the Shitheads, hell we could kill a week on them pukes.

  6. Good Morning to all the Liberal Scumbags and the CJ shit heads.Looks like St Jackoff is short on words this morning as Kevin and others have shown him his nature of not knowing shit about this USA. So carry on and enjoy our liberal global warming.

  7. Don't look for me at the summit.... it is not going to be possible for me to be there. y'all have fun though.


  8. Dang it... Well Rikki, if you change your mind you know where we'll be...

  9. will keep that in mind. but with how things look currently... it's a nada.


  10. 90 hits since this morning.

    Hi Batshit.

    I heard a "Roomer" that another girl just kicked your ass over on cjonline.

    Sucks to be you, tough guy...

  11. st. jacques and maingate had some comments removed....I'm ok with that


  12. Serves them right.

    It doesn't surprise me about Maingate but even as annoying as StJacques is usually gets his point across without crossing that line.

    But like we've been talking about the clearer it becomes to them that their Utopian dream world is about to come crashing down on their pointy little heads the nastier they'll get.

    Long live the revolution...

  13. Yes indeed they are losing it for sure, but Maingate is still trying bless his little black heart

  14. I figured out why he calls himself "battlestache".

    He is constantly TRYING to pull his head outta his ass, but always battling his 'stache, which gets hung up in there, and prevents him from doing so.....

    ...and, in the rare event that he actually DOES pull it out, it's utter confusion and chaos for him in an unfamiliar world (reality), and he immediately plunges it right back in.

    Good luck with the continuous battle-'stache.

  15. That must be how he got the name "Shithead."

  16. Ass face? I am not about to pass out a complement to that idiot batshit.

  17. Alright then.

    Shithead it shall remain.

    Good afternoon Shithead...

  18. And the Shitheads are out there and that's a fact.

    203 of them so far.

    Good afternoon all you Shitheads...

  19. Lol I was trying to make a funny Kevin, hahaha I have plenty of things I could call them but we do have ladies come by here. I wouldn't want to mess up my image.

  20. Super fantastic video. Some of you may follow Tommy Sotomayor, some may not. His stuff is off the charts good. Off the charts. Warning! Language!

    And don't watch this battlestache. You wouldn't learn a dam thing from it anyway. And I unapologetically stand behind Mr. Sotomayor.

  21. Nunya here...

    Y'all probably GUESSED that anonymous post that I forgot to ID myself on about why Battle calls himself that was me....

    ANYHOO...GOOD freakin evening!

    Had to give Milich a little reality lesson over on Truth's blog. Can I cuss here? I TRY not to do it often...but FUCK MILICH!

    FUCK all the rest of those clueless, greedy, self-absorbed, clueless liberals on CJ.

    Now then. I feel better.

    Think I'll pop open a beer, put on Pink Floyd (yeah...I KNOW..Roger Waters is a DIEHARD socialist...but...damn...that was some killer music!), and relax a bit after a hard week supporting myself...and the half of America who is too fuckin' lazy, greedy and irresponssible to contribute anything to this world.

    Upcoming...Kev...I AM working on ideas for some tunes. I just moved in recently and haven't even gotten ALL my recording gear set upproperly (HUNDREDS of cables and wires...3 computers synced, etc>..butM tryingto get SOMETHING together "The Summit".

    New house this'n'that, mandatory overtime...attempted punk-ass .."probable Obama-voter" break-in (not that I'm "profiling...but hey..98%?) resulting in a couple months downtime and an extra immediate unplanned $1500 in security measures (and a new Glock, since a shotgun is less handy quickly)...kinda puts a dent in my 'music plans'.

    We shall see.

    Take care all!


    (PS...OH...and since I'm on a cussing streak...FUCK Battelstache and Auntie Em!)

    (Gee...I hope I didn't insult them enough to retaliate!)

    (Pardon my French, all)

    (On second thought...fuck the French..too!)

    1. Looks like our favorite demented old broad just put up another completely stupid, irrelevant, low-traffic blog over on CJ.

      Assuredly...just some more nonsense blather to knock Kev's to the basement.

      I think I may just keep with my past two responses to her insane blogs.

      "Good grief".

      Thatactually say more without saying much, than if i wrote more, huh? won't get me booted!

      It says" You are a freakin' insane idiot!" It says' "HOW freakin' STUPID can you actually be...and STILL keep displaying it in public?!"

      I don't really like driving up her insane blog counts...but I just can't help saying it.'s an idea.

      Even though it may drive up her counts...if everyone just responds with a simple "good grief!" is undeerstood that everyone knows she's a blathering,anti-American, progressive-socialist-liberal-Democrat IDIOT...and that's all that needs be said.

      Can you imagine 200...500...1000 or more people stubling upon that blog, and a dozen people responding only as "Good Grief!"...and nothing more? Nothing?

      that would say it all, just in'perceptual" numbers.

      She has 3 knuckleheads agree..and a dozen saying nothing but "Good Grief!"?


      May as well use it..back.

    2. AAAURGHHH!!!Yes...that was me...Nunya.

      BTW...any way to edit what I posted? I noticed a couple of typos...and Ihate to be a liberal-type who just doesn't give a shit!

      And....after several attempts to post...WHA'"S WITH THESE "clickjacking" warnings???!?

  22. LMAO... How long do think it'd take to be booted off cjonline if I posted that video, Hammer.

    Heads would explode.

    Sad thing is that I'd be booted because somebody had the guts to speak the truth.

    And we all know "The Truth" is now considered hate speech...

  23. And hell yes, Fuck the French, too...

  24. And Nunya, sorry about the edit thing.

    There's a lot of things I like about this blog but at the same time there's things I wish I knew how to change...

  25. No need to edit here. Friends don't care about typos. We know what's what.

    I read the outflow of godless liberal crap on CJ and just laugh. I mean really what a huge load of horseshit.

    These people have no idea how stupid they are, do they?

    Bat Boy is saying the rancher murdered by the Feds must have had it coming otherwise they wouldn't have shot him. Now this is the same asshole who claimed the thug Michael brown was murdered by the police. Is it possible to be that batshit stupid? Yes it is. Next case proves it.

    Mulch says democrats all lie. I agree. But he says Republicans all lie as well. I call bullshit. So the end result is he admits all democrats lie. He assumes if you agree you have to agree with the rest. But he was given the challenge to prove his claim and like all full of shit liberals he disappeared.

    These people are stupid as they are useless.

  26. I know, right.
    But I never presumed it could be used on CJ.
    Although I did post his video on the knockout game back when cats was still on. It made it overnight. But for some reason it came down and I got an email.
    Not sure why.... Lol
    Still the same, people should see it. Of all backgrounds.
    Good night to the bunker soldiers.

    And of course, goodnight shit face....

  27. Nunya never worry about spelling, just say fuck it. Just saying...

  28. Question!! Does anyone know if you can delete just part of a comment?

  29. Sorry Sarge but as far as I know you'd have to delete the whole thing and start over...

  30. Good morning Bunker buddies! Good morning Shit Heads! Looks like another reprieved Shit Head on KTT's blog this morning! AL ANON or whatever....Good Grief, as someone we know might say!! :) Now watching Meet the Press this morning... I usually watch it just to piss myself off..Hillary whining about this and that and defending Madeline Albright's comment about a "special place in hell" for women who don't vote for Hillary!! Man, is that a "War on Women" or what?
    Have a great Super Bowl day!!
    OP here!

  31. Kevin ya I tried it no could do, Hell most of what I say should be deleted in full anyways. Al Arm Just said some thing like that to IWNGU, Good Grief he had his nerve. They open their big pie hole than dis appear. Imagine him calling IWNGU Middle!! Geez

  32. OP; you and yours enjoy your day also.

  33. Good morning to all the bunker folks. And a good morning to all the CJ shit heads.
    I must say that the old saying about how to tell the libs are melting is by their attacks. Even lunatic Lucy in the sky [LSD Girl] had two blogs and has brought out all of her back up. Even got some of her suckers from the recycle bin on there. Looks like all the old usual suspects.Patty cake cant find her home,Batt Ass aka Mr.W N Gay Guy,St Jackoff,Alan missing in action,Yellow Pee,and so on. Even seen one reincarnated some A guy? Now who would want to be know as A Guy? But other than them all melting sown it looks like you all have everything under control on the blogs. Bet that Pee's off Auntie Em to no end.
    Well time to get some coffee, read the paper and get to work in the garage. Hold down the fort and stay warm. And above all[like the Liberal said about their POTUS run] Keep Your Powder Dry
    Oh sarge e mail coming

  34. Hate to break this conversation up but I do want you guys to know I just posted a new and exciting blog a few minutes ago...

  35. Skippy, got it and replied. Thanks for the heads up.