Friday, February 19, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Well guys, it's that time again.

It's Friday and as you already know it's your day to pick the topic.

But I would like to dedicate today's blog to a segment of the population the snot nosed liberals just love to hate.

                                                       The American Redneck...

They look down their snotty noses as they're sipping their wine and munchin on their salads thinking how much better they are than everyone else.

In their nice fluffy, politically correct world there's no place for the redneck.

But what happens when that fluffy, make believe little world turns to shit?

What happens when the Zombie Apocalypse takes hold?

Who will they turn to save their sorry asses then?

The very people they've hated all their miserable lives?

The American Redneck.

                                           Rednecks of America, I salute you!!!



Kevin McGinty


  1. Mornin'...Nunya here.

    Kev says:" They look down their snotty noses as they're sipping their wine and munchin on their salads..."

    To which, I may add:

    " they so happily and joyfully laugh about killing babies and selling the parts...."

    About "protecting" the liberals against zombies?

    Hell, no! Protect our own...against the liberals...who ARE the zombies!

    A country boy can survive...

  2. Didn't see the OBF, so reposting here.

    I used to engage batshit using logic and statistics to refute his BS, trying to provoke a kitty meltdown. He ALWAYS bailed out, because he was wrong and I proved it.

    But you cant win a rigged game.
    From now on, I will give him the BWOR treatment. Posts are invisible to me. Just as KTT suggested.

  3. What happen Yellow clam get up early and approve you posting another blog, oh shit this is a private blog, disregard. Nunya I see you are on a roll this morning, They are thinking how to counter I bet, I see jj is back as Starman, Now we have Batshit and now Starshitand clam shit, when will the shit end.

  4. That's the problem.

    The shit never ends...

  5. Speaking of rednecks, I saw a show about Hank Jr the other night. They interviewed him along with him playing some songs on the acoustic, just him and a couple of his band guys.

    It was great. That man speaks for everyman, he truly does.

    Amazing thing. I say a little blurb on him in the NRA magazine, they ask country music people what their favorite gun is. He said it was his cannons. He showed them, he actually owns a bunch of civil war cannons. He is a huge civil war collector and historian. And yes, his cannons work and he has everything to fire them.

    Anyway, he changed the words on one line of one of his great songs.

    He said "our country will survive". That's the song where he says what we all think about the bat boy. You know the line. "I'd like to spit some beechnut in that dudes eyes" and you know the rest.

    So let's hope he's right. I think he is. I think the revolution is underway. Despite Lucy's insane claim the only reason for the huge Republican victory in the mid term was gerrymandering, voter fraud and vote tampering.

    I just wish all these liberals who are promising to leave the country if Trump is elected actual would. They always promise that and then don't do it.

    But good times are ahead my friends. I know it. Don't sweat the small stuff. Don't let the assholes get you bogged down fighting about CJonline blogs and other crap. That's what they want. Keep us busy and distracted so they can finish destroying our country.

    But big surprise you worthless liberals. There's a whole shitload of us out there. And we got a mouthful of beechnut looking for one of you to spit it in your eyes. Here it comes folks.

    Hillary in prison. obamacare repealed. Mexicans back to Mexico. Muslims informed in no uncertain terms. Don't start nothing, won't be nothing. But you start it, and hell is going to rain down on you until you crawl back in your caves and pull the rocks down over you.

  6. Good day patriots of the bunker and hello to all the shit heads and CJ shit heads.
    So I was out enjoying the fine weather on the HD [even though a little windy] and stopped in to have a adult beverage at sister Sara's. The live blog was on and after catching up with the bs going on and seeing her try to get some info which never happened it was pretty evident as to what was going on. Those pukes that were on their for CJ tryng to say how fair and balanced they were was just so far over the top it was sickening. They are some of the worst liars I have ever seen. Why I bet Hillary couldn't out do them.[not really]
    The one funny one was when Sherm put jj in his place. Now that was funny, Stupid jj just doesn't get it. Nobody really cares about him.
    But what was another funny was how stupid that loon Lucy was. If she had any more brains she would be in the state hospital for impersonating a human being. Scared to death that some one will find out who she is because of her ignorant and false blogs and what comments she makes. She lies ? or makes up fantasy stories so bad that any normal person can see thru it. maybe she has some type of bi polar.
    But these pukes like her, Old Wednesday Night Gay Guy, Yellow Pee or Puke, St Jackoff, Mainshaft, and looser ggimmie some jj in the closet show what type of people we have to deal with.
    I dont have any faith in CJ and the mods I do not wish them any good fortune. You get what you pay for and they will all get a pay back sooner or later. So all you shit heads pukes just remember to watch over your back cause that flat tire may not be a flat tire. Ha Ha He He

  7. Dan, Nice to here from you my friend, bee awhile you and Sara are making it to the Summit this year right? If you can't make it, send Sara out, you know I will see that she gets home safe right. Well it is going to be may 21st as of now, so You and Sara will most likely be on Harley's, Oh and watch those Deer, can't have any more close calls like last year, Hear Me!

  8. I can't post this video on CJ because it isn't PC but it is a darn good video to watch.

  9. Oh man, the boys are lighting up the CJ blog. They ran millich or milkich or whoever the hell he is right off. He tried to keep up and they made him look like an idiot.

    Great job fellas. That made me laugh out loud. You out trolled the troll.

    That's how you beat them. Mock them, laugh at them, never take them seriously. That drives them crazy. And it makes them more desperate and eventually they will explode.

    Good job guys. Keep it up.

  10. But if they explode won't they blow troll shit everywhere?


  11. Troll shit hoses right off.

    I guess maybe old bat boy didn't win much after all. Looks like him and the rest of the trolls are getting their ass handed to them by the patriots of the two three five.

    Laugh at em boys. It makes them crazy.

  12. Awesome to see the post of the walking dead trailer. I certainly enjoyed the mid season premier. Hope you other walking folks did too.

    Justice was straight kicking ass and taking names today. He was funny and the sword he wielded very sharp.

    And safe, hank Jr little snippet in the American rifleman was a good little read. He is one of the real Americans. And boy would I like to see his collection in person. Americana...

    And btw, this country needs another liberal president like a fish needs a bicycle. Thanks justice....

    Later peeps.

  13. Be well Hammer.

    Oh, the season opener...

    The best episode ever.

    I loved the way Daryl blew the hell out the shitheads in the first scene...

  14. Hammer, the show was on a channel I get that has lots of music. Aud possibly. I should have recorded it. He showed his cannons and talked about them.

    That man speaks for a lot of us.

    And the boys of the two three five were chopping up trolls today like the walking dead, which the trolls bear a remarkable similarity to, except the trolls aren't quite as smart.

  15. The funny thing is that we're living the Zombie Apocalypse as we speak.

    They just call themselves liberals...

  16. And I couldn't help but laugh at Batshit when he finally made his pathetic appearance today.

    The pussy's been so severely neutered the only thing he could come up with is an attack on Bristol Palin.

    What a pathetic irrelevant little troll he's become...

  17. Hey batshit.

    Look at the pretty flowers.
    Just look at the pretty flowers............

  18. Good morning! Nunya here.

    Looks to be a nice day, today.

    Got up and threw a few barbs over at the Urinal, just to start my day off with a few chuckles. Looks like y'all have been keeping them on their heels, over there.

    Batshit fumbling around for interject. I mean...Bristol Palin?! How the freak "that's SO last year!" and irrelevant can you get??!!

    "Uh...uh...well how about THIS!" he puffs out his chest, and brings up something even MORE irrelevant and outdated!

    Liberals just LOVE outdated shit! ALL their arguments are opened from rusty, bloated, botulism-laden tin cans, whose date codes have expired years...or DECADES..ago!

    They just can't defend the present, and their actions and beliefs.

    As I mentioned over there...despite Kev's suggestions to 'neuter"...Batshit CAN'T be neutered! Gotta have balls in the first place!

    Have a great day!

    (Damned 'captcha'...wanted "bodies of water"...and displayed none! LOL!) (Try again!)

  19. News Flash

    > A big earthquake with the strength of 8.1 on the
    > Richter scale hits the Middle East.

    > Two million Muslims die and over a million are
    > injured.

    > Iraq, Iran and Syria are totally ruined and the
    > governments don't know where to start with providing
    > help to rebuild.

    > The rest of the world is in shock. Britain is sending
    > troops to help keep the peace.

    > Saudi Arabia is sending oil & monetary assistance.
    > Latin American countries are sending clothing.

    > New Zealand and Australia are sending sheep, cattle
    > and food crops
    > The Asian countries are sending labor to assist in
    > rebuilding the infrastructure.

    > Canada is sending medical teams and supplies.

    > President Trump, not to be outdone, is sending back
    > two million replacement Muslims.

    > What a guy!

    > I soooo love happy endings!!

    1. Skippy Knock it off I turned the TV looking for that Good News.
      Hear Me.

  20. This is for the people that are interested in what this government is doing with the farmers and ranchers. Just some more of how the liberals want to take away everything you have and have to rely on the government

    America’s farmers and ranchers, the people who grow the food that magically appears on our grocery store shelves, are under siege. Like swarms of locusts, federal regulators from the EPA, BLM, USFS, etc. are driving these hardworking producers who feed America into the ground. A relentless bombardment of threats, fines, regulatory takings, lawsuits, and other means of perpetual harassment is killing what remains of our family-owned farms. It is not only America’s food supply that is imperiled by this onslaught; equally important (if not more so) is the threat that these rogue federal regulators pose to justice, to the rule of law, to the very idea of limited government, and to the freedom of each and every one of us. The profiles of the victims provided here represent only a tiny sample of the thousands of our fellow citizens who have heroically fought, or are currently fighting, against a federal leviathan that is trampling their rights and taking their property

  21. Excellent link skippey. More people need to understand what's going on. WOTUS, and the further empowerment of the EPA is dangerous. Tension is building, and one of these days....

    1. I knew you would know this stuff. I read some of the other info on that web site. Haven't got all of it read but there is a lot of stuff on there that we don't never hear about. It is kept hush hush from the public. I highly recommend reading some of the articles on there.

  22. Maybe the plan is to force the local farmers out and take over the food supply. If they control the food, they control the population.

    Dark forces are at work.

  23. Good morning! Nunya here...

    Yep...'government'...regulatory agencies creating de facto 'laws' that they don't have a Constitutional right to do...control this...control that...control EVERYTHING!

    Nope...can't have that. Way past time to remind them that THEY are NOT the boss...WE are!

    Anyway....about 'rednecks'? A song I used to play in a band a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...AND, unlike a selfish, greedy, lazy, idiotic, braindead liberal voter who wants everything given to them...this is the only 'gimme, gimme' that I might ask for...(being single again, and all).

    HEY..."gimme, gimme"! See what I did there?!


    "Gimme, a-gimme, a-gimme...makes me wanna hurl..."

    Have a GREAT DAY!!

  24. Nunya here, again.

    Speaking of "Starfish"...(aka, Starman, Minnow...jjimmie...gimme-gimme)

    There has GOT to be a way to slip this little video in over at the Urinal.

    It's "Patrick Starfish" (of Spongebob fame) in a "Krabby Patty Eating Contest"!


  25. Oh I almost forgot. GOOD MORNING to the Shit Heads and also to the CJ Shit Heads.

  26. Well I guess every bodys gone to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so me too. Good nite Mrs??? where ever you are. sweet dreams till we meet again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. Good morning everyone, I see Batshit is back talking his bullshit, what a lowlife piece of scum he is.

  28. Well, 314 hits and he still doesn't have the balls to say anything.

    Good morning Bunker Dwellers.

    And good morning to all you shitheads as well...

  29. I heard a "Roomer" this morning.

    I say "Roomer" because obviously I have no way to confirm it but the way I heard it, Batshit is a fag and gets all butthurt when he's called out on it...

  30. I posted on Lucindas blog. Is there anyone dumber on the planet than Lucinda? Well except for Patty I mean.

    At least she has batshit defending the use of the word "fag". You just can't make this stuff up.

  31. That is no roomer, that's a fact, jjimmy told me so, he knows 1st hand, and we all know jj tells the truth. And he knows fags.

  32. just a FYI - you won't see me anymore on Cj. I sent an e-mail Thursday afternoon to Eric Smith and continued to point out our complaint on Bat.... ended my email with "I will no longer read nor post on Cj". Eric Smith emailed me back wanting to discuss this over the phone. I waited til Saturday 2-20 to reply after I had a chance to calm down etc. In my reply I mentioned that I stand by my decision to no longer read nor post on Cj.

    No I was not booted - basically I revoked Cj's right to be one of my news sources - in essence with their supporting Bat - I booted Cj.

    You'll see me here at the Bunker though. and those who have my email can also keep in contact with me there also.

    Today is a good day - JAVA almost uploaded (smile) but I ran out of creamer so I'm drinking it straight this morning.... Kevin (smiles) this morning's coffee is regular Columbian - ran out of Blueberry flavor.... lol

    Later y'all - Rikki

  33. Rikki, Now you will be known by the company you keep, rest assure you are in good hands with the bunker people. Hell I am here what more can anyone ask for. Lol

  34. Well, I've been reading crazy Lucy's blog lately. Since I can't respond and say something that would just get me booted I can risk it. That is brain poison by the way, but I have the antidote. I'm a Conservative and am endowed with the higher brain functions required to know truth from bullshit. Liberals don't have that, by the way which explains a lot.

    But when I read that it is really tempting to create myself a new login and dive in. That's the easiest thing in the world to do. I have at least five IP addresses and several emails. But no, I don't care to do that.

    When I hear her attach Christians, the Baptists (of which I am one), the Catholics and say the horrible things she says and know I was booted for calling people like her unholy it is more than a little hypocritical, isn't it? She amply demonstrates exactly why that label is true.

    So we have people who actually believe by finding one obscure passage in the old testament, and twisting it until it screams they can prove God approves of abortion. The kind of logic that can come to that conclusion is absolutely frightening. Those are the exact types of people who Hitler convinced that it was their right and their duty to exterminate the Jewish race and by using the same kinds of calls to weak minded people who had no ability to discern truth from ideology.

    What kind of a person can believe that God accepts mankind killing that which he created? Every child conceived was knit together by God in the womb. Created by God for some purpose only he knows. And in our world of people who imagine themselves to be gods of their own making, they murder his creations and call it good.

    This is typical of people who claim the bible in their arguments but in fact have at best a passing acquaintance with the bible and God, usually none at all until they want to invoke his name to justify their sins. These are people who only read the bible looking for loopholes.

    And no, God did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of inhospitable behavior. That's one of the worst of the worst of the ungodly left's twisting of scripture. Lucy says a "careful reading" reveals that. I would suggest no reading, but listening to your favorite ungodly left wing commentators yields that interpretation. If you actually read it, it would be impossible to come to that conclusion.

    And no, God does not love sexual perversion. God does not abide sin of any kind. And we don't get to take a vote and decide which sins we keep and which ones are OK. And sexual perversion is a sin, simple as that.

    I don't really get how people can attack my faith and make wild claims like those without rebuke, but I get booted for stating a truth, that making those kinds of claims are the definition of unholy.

    But then, that's why I live here now. This is what free speech is all about.

    And welcome to our newest resident, Rikki. That blog over there is important, the folks there will continue to push the truth on a bunch of ungodly heretics and I love them for it. But over here you can say what you want and you are always welcome. Even liberals can post here, they just lack the courage when they know we can fire back. Most liberals are that way. They love being able to hide behind moderators who agree with them and will cover for them. This is the real deal here.

  35. Well good morning all. And a very special good morning to all our shit heads over at the CJ urinal and at CJ.
    And Rikki stay the course and I want to say that I do appreciate every thing that you did and are trying to do with those jerk offs at CJ. It is such a double stanard with those people that if just makes me sick that any one running a so called newspaper could sit there and say one thing and then turn right around and do the other. Why dont they just come out and say they are a Liberal paper and they back Hillary ? They would at least be honest and not be called the liars that they are now. BUT!
    And that looney toon nut case ignorant excuse for a female that even a four letter word wouldn't describe. Writes a blog that is so full of CJ TOS rule violations is just another side of them. They are so anti christian and hate any one that is christian it amazes me. I would hope that area ministers will call in and complain after her remarks against Catholics and Baptist.
    And the stupidest of all poster ole Mr Wednesday Night Gay Guy [ aka queer fag ] over there talking about what words are ok and what aren't like he is some kind of professor of CJ English.
    So other than all that Batt Shit being spread around it looks like a pretty nice week ahead.

  36. Thanks y'all - hugs, hugs, and more hugs.


  37. I think it affected Eric to read my email where I mention that because of their support to bat that I was no longer going to read nor post on cj...

    probably just seeing the words "I no longer will be reading nor posting on Cj" got to him.


  38. Rikki you are getting my two thumbs up for your stand and what ou tried to do with the live blog.
    As I have said before the only way to beat these CJ scum bags is to hit them where it hurts. Right in the right back butt cheek. Right where the money hits them. I have encouraged people to drop their paper and to let them know why they are doing it. I for one will not let anything CJ has to do with any where near me.
    And as for Lucy in the sky [that girl had to be on LSD and Acid in the 60's] I would also hope to see the local ministers weigh in on this. If any one has a in contact let them know how this paper treats Christians.
    Sooner or later it is going to come back onto them. If may take awhile but what goes around comes around. A old man once told me," You can fool some of the people some of the time,and you can fol all the people some of the time but you cant fool all the people all the time.' Just like You cant Have Your Fluffy's and your Duffy's all the time.
    And remember Batt Ass you have a Ass kicking coming to you compliments of good ole Sara. Ha Ha He He

  39. Sara - thanks. Hugs. Terminology I haven't heard before sweetie is "fluffy's and duffy's" that's a new one... I know it sounds like "cant have cake and eat it too". (smiles). I'll have to use the fluffy/duffy on some folks... just to see their reaction... p.s. I'm kind of bratty that way (smiles)


  40. Question. I am thinking of just posting my Potpourri Sunday blog on my blogspot blog instead of CJOnline. You can get to my blog from Kevin's link on the right.

    What do you think?

    Rikki made me think of it by her leaving CJ. I am almost to the point of leaving completely but haven't decided yet. Think this would be a good transition.

    What say you?

  41. KTT - I think we all should send emails to Cj... Eric, Sherm, Tomari, Emily, Christian Gin, and Publisher Zach Ahrens telling them that we're all booting them as a news source and mention the why's and there to's.

    I'd read your blogs on BlogSpot along with Kevin's.



    They've proved themselves unworthy Thursday at the live blog... nothing will change nothing will get better... time to flush CJ down the toilet and good riddance to bad rubbish...

  43. I'm going to be bold enough to ask that those who have already been booted to send emails to CJ. They don't deserve our patronage.


  44. KTT, you and Kevin have so many views, comments more than any other blog on Cj... that number will decrease dramatically which will affect their sales ads, etc. Which will affect their popularity, etc, etc.,


  45. KTT, not sure for me I love getting into those low life bastards over at the shit hole, Might reconsider when or if I get booted. That prick Maingate and ass hole Milich, gets under my skin and I want to torment the dickheads as long as I can. HEY it doesn't make me a bad person.


  46. Ok KTT I would read your blog any where you want to put it. Except up Batt's Ass
    But here's my idea? and if you all don't think it will fly no bfd.
    What about some one that has a good way with words [as I dont] make up a form letter and post it. Then we could copy and sign it and send it to all of them on the list. That way we could flood their e mail box's with the same message. I have seen a lot of form letters that seem to work as I have gotten replies from them. Just my 2 cents

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Hey Bunker Dwellers and Oh...Good morning Shit Heads!
    I hope you leave it up on CJ, KTT! Although you would have a welcome audience in your own blog, like this one, the chances of the word getting out to those who read but don't comment, seems much less likely in doing so.
    It's just that I want the "independents" and "undecided" to have a chance to get educated and enlightened in the truth of what is going on in our political world. Anything you can do to promote that, as through the open blog on CJ, helps the cause, in my opinion!

    1. Sorry, did not add my name!

  49. Skippey, here's a draft.... if anyone can write in a better wordage in it.... go for it... this is just a quick draft... is ok to change wording, add wording, etc.

    Topeka Capital Journal
    Attn: Zachary Ahrens, Publisher
    616 SE Jefferson
    Topeka, KS 66607

    RE: Live Blog and issues that will not be remedied.

    Dear Mr. Ahrens,

    Though being a part of the blogging community for (insert time frame), it is evident that the concerns that have been brought to the attention of the CJ Moderators for some time surrounding the continued attacks, mockery, and continued insults from Battlestache have unfortunately fallen upon deaf ears and blind eyes.

    The CJ Moderators have continually conducted themselves by a double standard when enforcing the Rules of Civility (i.e. Terms of Service). Things came to a head on Thursday’s Live Blog which was really a waste of time because the minds of the CJ Moderators were made up before the Live Blog began that in their opinion, Battlestache does no wrong. The CJ Moderators have closed accounts following Battlestache’s repeated tattle tailing. Obviously the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Battlestache has repeated got away with repeated posts, name calling, and personal attacks.

    Upon careful consideration , you are now informed that I will no longer patronize the Topeka Capital Journal / CJOnline. The Topeka Capital Journal/CJOnline will no longer be one of our sources for news.

    (your name or login)

    CC: Tomari Quinn, Eric Smith, Sherman Smith, Emily DeShazer, Christian Gin, Webmaster

  50. Thank You I got one off so far. Will work on more later when I have more time.
    Also any one want to add anything to this?

  51. Thank you Skippey. Just a helpful hint... I would have put all names in the "to who" part of the e-mail. That way they would have received at the same time. One email - get them all with one stone.


  52. K I would also like to find some type of words for describing Lucy's blog. I find her actions are in violation of several TOS rules and also find it very racist. The way she gets to put down other religions with her so called opinions abot Baptist and Catholics very disturbing. And there is a flip flop from the mods on the words that she used and the ones they have banned. Anchor Babies, unholy, ungodly but she can use words like fag etc. And people were booted off for using those words but the other posters seem to be able to use them. Any way.

  53. ok, I read Lucy's blog.... here's my thoughts - though written in incomplete sentences - you'll have to work on how you want your message to read.

    Include the blog link in your message - it'll be a direct route to her blog.

    Skippey - Lucy's blog is full of **** plain and simple.


    Laced with personal attacks, misleading and hatefilled information, knowingly posting something will undoubtedly inflame, taunt, and stir negative emotions that will result in negative conversation (opposite of promoting civil conversation according to your rules of civility)…

    Pushing an atheistic view of Christian faith – is a personal attack on peoples of both the Catholic and Prostestant faiths (ref., written by British author Steve Wells. The article written by Steve Wells is riddled with vast hatred for Christians and other faiths.

    Deliberately misleading post regarding Sodom and Gomorrah – the truth about Sodom and Gomorrah can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible and nothing about the demise of Sodom and Gomorrah had to do with Lucinda’s incorrect/deliberately misleading statement “Btw, just as an aside, Sodom & Gomorrah was more about the rich not helping the poor than it was about homosexuality. A careful read of that story in the Bible will make that clear.”

    Also, posting an atheistic link written by British author Steven Wells is nothing but blasphemy. This article is nothing but pure hatred and personal attack on Christians mainly.

    And for Lucinda to post that God approves of abortions is also blasphemous.


  54. Emily DeShazer 02/22/16 - 02:56 pm



    Word filter update

    Hi all! After a discussion among our online editors we've decided to add the word in question in the above blog to our word filter.

    another thing to add to the Lucy complaint is being that the word fag is now on the banned word list...that makes her entire blog in should be ultimately removed!!!


  55. The CJ Moderators shouldn't pussy foot around with Lucy's blog...they need to pull the entire thing.


  56. if anyone of us would have posted such a blog - it would have been pulled in a heartbeat for "personal attack"...and anything else the mods would name it.

    wishing I hadn't gone over there to read up on that pos blog.... makes me angry all over again the double standard of the damned mods



  57. K I would also like to find some type of words for describing Lucy's blog. I find her actions are in violation of several TOS rules and also find it very racist. The way she gets to put down other religions with her so called opinions abot Baptist and Catholics very disturbing. And there is a flip flop from the mods on the words that she used and the ones they have banned. Anchor Babies, unholy, ungodly but she can use words like fag etc. And people were booted off for using those words but the other posters seem to be able to use them. Any way.

    1. Sounds like you are well on your way to composing a carefully worded complaint about Lucy's blog....

      1. You find her blot offensive, racist, attacking religions, and disturbing.

      2. there's a flip flop as to how the mods conduct their judgement in enforcing the rules of civility.

      3. fag wouldn't have been a banned word if someone with common sense hadn't brought it up to the mods.

      4. Lucy's blog should be unpublished.


  58. Once again Bat Shit got neutered Eric pulled one of his posts (missed one) where he accused me of a personal attack. And of course he said there was no violation of the TOS for using fag. Seems he was wrong about that.

    And then Looney Lucy says, I have Zero problem with it...haha like anyone consulted you you loon.

  59. KTT - I wished hadn't of seen that damned blog.... it's gonna take me a while to calm down I'm so pissed at the double standard and the blog itself is nothing but a pile of shit filled with atheist a very hateful manner.

    I'm not going to post anymore this evening. Got dinner in the oven (baked fish breaded with bread crumbs mixed with dill weed, salt and pepper; brown rice for the side; haven't decided on the veggie.)

    I need to calm down - the hateful blog by Lucy, double standards by the mods, and the lefties posting their brainless crap....this is exactly why I don't want to go back to Cj anymore...

    later y'all

  60. Rikki I know how you feel. I really feel like I need to walk away from CJ. Like and respect 99.9% of the people there but people like loony Lucy raise my ire. She is so hateful and stupid.

    Of course I do take pleasure knowing she and Bat hate my blogs. The truth scares them.

    Dinner sounds great. Enjoy it.

  61. 474 hits and climbing.

    Rest assured they are getting your messages.

    And Batshit. .

  62. I understand exactly how you guys feel and I've considered walking away from the obvious double standards over there for years now.

    But all that'll accomplish is another conservative voice being silenced.

    I'm not going anywhere.

    And Batshit you can kiss my ass, you fag...

  63. If I were to reconsider getting back on Cj, write a blog.... mind you I said "IF" probably would go something like this....

    The Hyprocricy of Some People

    Certain individuals think they are doing the community a service with their blogs that have twisted views of the far left. Their statements are filled with misleading falsehoods that lack common sense.

    To boldly come online, post their negative idiotic propaganda truly is not servicing the community for all they accomplish is displaying their insensitivity and disregard for their fellow human beings.

    Their main goal in life as it appears by their statements, their blogs, and their behavior is to solely post stuff that is neither true nor beneficial. Their pretense is only displaying their lies to themselves. Their pretense is covering up that they really don't believe what they profess. Their pretense is more transparent than they are aware.

    Their hyprocrisy speaks more to their deceit than they are aware.

    When these individuals claim Freedom of Speech - with their hate filled speech with slanted misleading views - they are committing more than just a disservice to the community. With their hiding behind the Freedom of Speech is comparable to them being nothing but cowards. They hide like cowards behind their slanted perception of Freedom of Speech so they can post abusive hatred towards others.

    that's as far as my thoughts led me to. If anyone wants to borrow any words here for a future blog.... you're welcome to it.


  64. Well you could do like Lucy and just post your blog and then dont go back. That would really drive them batty.
    I wonder what would happen if someone wrote a blog like Lucy does. Only make it really out there in space. Then no one make any posts to it. Just go on and kind of ignore them. They would come unglued.
    I see Batt Ass ,and Yellow Puss are all worried about their names coming out. We all know that Batt Ass is lying has ass off. He doesnt post any where with his real name. Another of his dreams. He is too scared to put any thing out with his name or a track record. Any Yellow Pee is all worried about someone finding him. These people would sure be a bunch of easy pick offs for some gang banger's. Cant you just picture them all huddled together scared crying for help and here comes one of the bunker folks to help them. And instead of running off the banger's the bunker people just walk on by with their guns in the pockets.
    But like I have to tell some people some times. Dont ask me to come and pee on you if your in the gutter on fire.

  65. Bat is just a young man who spends most of his time playing video games. Got ya bat boy!

  66. Good morning 235, Well I see the BOY batshit trying to be all niceie to some over on CJ, Hell thought he was going to jump threw the screen to kiss Kevins ass, But we all seen that before, once a Puke always a Puke. So Batshit screw you!

  67. Good morning all.

    Nunya here.

    I agree with all your concerns, and am sick and tired of the double standards over there. I have an idea, but will have to send it to Kev, later.

    ANYWAY..ol' Krabby Patty is up to her usual pure-idiocy again!

    In the story of "Ethnic Studies" she goes BALLISTIC about NOT allowing ANY ETHICS COURSE from the BROWNBACK ADMINSISTRATION!

    HAAA-HAAAA-HAAAA!!!!!! MAN...what a buffoon!!!

    I mean...the entire story was CLEARLY not about 'ethics'...and all the previous posts were clearly not about it!

    That stupid twit apparently comprehends little-to-nothing of ANYTHING!

    Anyway...I had to lob a few out...just for fun.

    And, Lucinda's blog usual...pure diarrhea...slung at the wall to see what sticks.

    The woman has absolutely no ethics, nor morals and no character.

    It's no wonder she's such a big Hillary fan.

    I WANTED to rip her a new one ( do you rip a new asshole in someone who is ALL asshole?)...but refrained and tried to make it "non-flaggable" (though, with that bunch of pukes and the CJ mods...ANYTHING can be flaggable).

    Gotta get to work.

    Y'all have a great day.

  68. 543 hits.

    Top of the morning fellow Bunker Dwellers.

    And fuck you Batshit...

  69. Hey Batshit, did you capture that one?

    What a dope you are...

  70. I think we all need to just accept the fact that the majority of media in its various forms is biased and liberal.

    CJ is a left wing tool. They feel like most left wingers that it is their job to shape opinion. And one way to do that is to censor conservative thought. And they do it. And no amount of cajoling or reasoning or logic is going to change that. Lucy will always have a free hand to say whatever she wants and we won't.

    Twitter is doing the exact same thing now. They are closing accounts of conservatives and dropping their tweets from people who follow them. One day their tweets are on your timeline, suddenly they are not. They are doing their part to advance their cause of left wing control of thought. And by the way, their stock has fallen by about half and they have lost a lot of users. So there is a price for this ideological action. They just figure it's worth it. Left wingers tend to think that way. They know that when liberals are in power, the idiots who put them there usually do worse as we have seen, but the big players do very well.

    Obama being a great example. All his rhetoric about the rich and income inequality but where does he hang out? With his fellow wealthy liberals on Martha's Vineyard. And renting million dollar mansions to vacation in Hawaii. And flying around on our dime with the family flying on vacation at our expense. So he may talk crap on them, but he loves them. And they all know everything he says is a load of crap to make the ignorant left happy.

    That's why Bernie will never get the nomination. Because he really does believe the crap he spews. They all know the Hillbeast doesn't mean a word she says, it all just shit to feed the ignorant left wingers. So they know life will be just as good with her as with Obama. And that's also why they are pushing for an establishment Republican. Same story. That's also why they hate Trump. Because he may just do something to upset the whole scam they've worked so well for so long.

  71. Amen Safe.

    And it's also why I'll continue doing what I do over there.

    If they want to get rid of me they're going to have to force me out...

  72. Kevin, you're like Radio Free Europe. You're broadcasting the truth behind enemy lines. They would love to shut you down, but they just can't.

    Keep it up. You never know who you may reach. You never know who may read something you or another patriot might say and start thinking. And you never know when someone who was giving up on any hope change might come will realize there are plenty more like themselves out there and reinvigorate them to keep fighting.

  73. SSAH, I agree that is the reason I am Here, HEAR ME! I think sooner or later I will start liking the Guy you all call Kevin. LOL

  74. Behind enemy lines...

    I like the way that sounds...

  75. Speaking of the unvarnished truth.

    580 hits.

    I think it's time to give the shitheads something else to bitch about.

    New blog's up and running...

  76. 599 hits.

    Hey shitheads I don't mind you looking in but we've moved on.

    The least you could do is try to keep up...