Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Welcome to Conquered Europe...

Alright guys, once again I'm going to ask you for a little of your time today.

Well, I'm going to ask for quite a bit of your time in order to watch a video brought to us by Henry B of cjonline fame.

20 minutes to be exact.

Like usual there's nothing I can add to it that the video doesn't already cover.

It's real, it's happening right now as we speak, and it should scare the hell out of every one of us.

The one thing I might add is that this is the exact same thing the left is trying to do to our country with the wide open border with Mexico.

Can Donald Trump stop it?

I don't know.

But as of right now he seems to be the only one with the balls to at least try...

Kevin McGinty


  1. My time hell the blogs are coming so damn fast I don't have time to shit in Batsface, Damn good thing I have this little Icebox right behind me so I don't have to get up for a beer. Good Grief.

  2. Hang on, Sarge.

    We're just getting warmed up...

  3. Must be nice to be young, I can't remember that far back. But I will be here when it counts thats for sure.

  4. It's very real. Very.
    But it is different here, in our homeland.
    Folks have the ability to be more ready.
    The tools are available.
    The training can be carried out.
    Some of us already do.
    Will you?

  5. Well Hammer, it just might get to the point where we don't have a choice...

  6. You boys are wailin on the bat fag. All that lets be friends and celebrate his fagginess didn't last too long, did it?

    When you ignore him like that he just gets nastier and repeats his shit over and over. And at some point he'll lose it so keep it up.

    Like most godless liberals he's not very bright so he just keeps doing the same thing over and over. But you know what I always say. If that's all you got......

  7. And you got Jimmie the bait fish on the ropes too. He's sputtering and spitting. That is some funny shit watching him twist in the wind.

  8. Making fools out of fools is almost too easy and it almost makes me feel guilty.


  9. Hell Kevin. They do all the work. All you do is feed them the bait. They hook themselves and put themselves on the stringer.

    Remember, these people are not the smartest people you are likely to meet.

    One time when I was handing MWN his weekly pimp slapping I told him my old dad said about people like him, "If bullshit was music you'd be a brass band". He said he and my dad probably would have gotten along pretty well. Which was a terrible insult to my pop.

    In fact, my dad would have probably smacked him upside his nappy head if he started that shit with him. My old pop wasn't a highly school educated man, but he spent a year in the South Pacific fighting the yellow menace and another year in the VA hospital recovering from his injuries. He worked every day of his life and he did pretty well for himself and his family.

    But I never saw that man take one ounce of shit from anybody. I don't know what he would think if he was alive today. He ran a service station in a black neighborhood. He treated everybody the same, and was much respected by the people who traded with him. He gave people credit on a verbal agreement who couldn't get credit anywhere else for anything. And you know what? They paid their bills on time and were loyal customers. And surprise, our station never got robbed or broken into or vandalized. And if a kid brought his bike in with a flat tire or needing repairs we helped them out. My pop's rule was never a charge for it. Of course all this was through the fifties and sixties.

    Times have changed, haven't they? Now there's no service stations or grocery stores or even Kwik shops in that neighborhood. It's not worth the cost of doing business. But I guess that's all the white man's fault. White privilege and all that shit. I mean, we're the ones robbing the stores and stealing everything that's not bolted down and murdering Police Officers in the parking lot, right? That's why Dillons is closing and they're all mad because that's the last grocery store anywhere near them. I guess they should have treated them like the neighbors treated my dad all those years. Mutual respect goes a long ways.

  10. Yes it does, Safe.

    And just look at the video and you can see for yourself we have a new wave of takers coming our way.

    What a damn mess the libtards have created...

  11. Good morning...Nunya here.

    That's a disturbing vid.

    And the liberals just DO NOT GET IT!!!

    I don't mind for one second if they all wanna do something so suicidal...but I DO mind when it takes US with them!

    We could only hope that if Trump gets elected...millions of them would vanish to...wherever.

    The fewer idiot liberals around, the better for EVERYONE.

    I hope those in the fed-gov keep their promises to quit. I hope those libs who say they'll move...MOVE! Go'll like it better where YOUR brand of oppression is allowed.

    Commit yourselves to impoverished subjugation at the hands of Socialist/Communist/Fascist/whatever-ist dictators.

    This is the U.S.A. DON'T get to 'celebrate diversity'...if it goes against our Constitution and divides people...which is what liberalism does.

    Screw liberals. The whole lot of'em. Greedy, self-serving, immoral assholes.

    Speaking of THAT...I just posted a little story about "a guy with a handlebar moustache walks into a bar" over in the Urinal. MFA is his name ("Mr. Friday Afternoon"...or whatever else you can make of that...but cannot write over there!)

    Have a good Friday!

  12. I saw you little story Nunya.

    As usual I loved it and I'm pretty sure MFA will soon become a regular...

  13. Just in case anyone's listening Free For All Friday's up and running...