Monday, March 21, 2016

Let There Be No Doubt...

I don't have a lot of time tonight so I'm going to keep this short, simple, and straight to the point.

Any of you people who voted for Barack Hussein Obama and especially those stupid enough to have voted for him the second time owe the rest of us one hell of an apology.

We tried to warn you.

We told you he was a Muslim supporting, Communist loving, America hating son of a bitch.

You denied it and said we were crazy.

Since then he's sided with Muslims terrorists over Americans every step of the way 


And since he's on his way out of office and there's no need to pretend he gives a damn about America any longer the son of a bitch hops on his plane to show solidarity with those he admires most.

The brutal communist regime of Cuba.

It wasn't good enough just to meet with them he made a point to shove it in our faces by having his picture taken with one of the worst murdering communist thugs of all time. 

Che Guevara.

What a piece of shit you elected.

But when the population has been dumbed down to the point they have no idea what's going on in the world this is what happens.

Today's kids are taught that socialism and communism is cool.

It's all about making things fair.


Get a load of what this CNN Communist loving asshole had to say about it and your head will explode.


This is the world we live in today.

And these are the kind of dumbass people we're up against.

Is it any wonder that Trump's so wildly popular?

Kevin McGinty


  1. So Communism is equal and free? What a load of shit. Let's ask the poor bastards trying to get over here in anything they can fabricate, swim around sharks, days with out eating.....
    Yea, sounds like people really love the place.
    And you betcha, Trump sounds better and better everyday.

  2. I watched a little bit of that prick over in Cuba what a dick head. Slapping this Country in the face, it is time we take it back. I am now going for trump, anyone don't like it to damn bad!

  3. In the words of the communist asshole, and front man for a fairly popular group in the nineties Rage against the Machine.....
    "know your enemy"
    The enemy isn't our flag, but the God forsaken star that people seem to want to shine these days. I'll spit on that star, and raise the red white and blue over it.....

  4. I wish I had the power to tell Trump and Cruz to team up now, Trump on top Cruz is young and he will takes over after Trump after 4 years or 8 years it is a plus for Cruz either way. And the Rino's won't be able to stop them.

  5. I guarantee you things are just getting started, too.

    The way I see it unless we stand up now we're going to lose this country forever.

    Welcome to the revolution...

  6. Well to be honest my friend I have been fighting these sons of bitches in this government most of my life. Always thought I was alone, nice to see so many others, and now is the right time!! Go Trump lets stick it right up these commie assholes ass.

  7. Well I have to call it a night it will be days before I am done with taxes, and Wednesday I have a shed being delivered and built here at my house, and the carpet people for the other house should be here in two days, the carpet came in today. than call the realtors to get things started. Can't wait till this is all over with. Good night my Friends.

  8. Well now it is good morning Kevin.

    And to the shitheads as well I guess.

  9. I see Patty's at it again over at Lucy's place.

    She's urging her fellow comrades to sign some stupid petition to have King Obama revoke Kansas of it's Statehood until until such a time when they feel we've redeemed ourselves and shed our conservative ways.

    Good grief...

    1. She is a loon. Not sure having your statehood revoked is a bad thing.

  10. Now you got to be making that up... Right?

  11. Good morning. Nunya here.

    Who wants to take up a collection to send Batshit MFA, Pattysnakes, GimmegimmejjimmieMinnow, Looney Lunn, Loosebrained Lucy, Auntie Em and the rest a one-way ticket to live in Cuba? Seems they'd REALLY like it down's just the kind of oppressive, brutal, anti-American dictatorship system they so long for.

    I don't know why they'd object? The only thing is...they can NEVER come back.

    Hell, let's use some tax money wisely, and send ALL the far-left, anti-American, liberal Hollywood hypocrites, east coast elitists and lazy, shiftless people who refuse to work down!

    Hell, it doesn't even have to be Cuba. We'll give them a choice of any Socialist/Communist/Fascist country of their choosing. Maybe we can send Barry to a Muslim country, where he'll feel most welcome?!

    Once we get rid of all the anti-American dead weight dragging us down, neuter the EPA and other regulatory agencies who illegally create de facto 'laws', fix the tax system and nuke the IRS, then all of us proud, hard-working, honest, compassionate, patriotci Americans in the U.S. can get this country back on track.

    I think a few billion taxpayer dollars invested in that plan would eventually generate trillions in return, once we get up and running again, to repair the damage the anti-American socilaist/communist left has caused over the past century, or so.

    One other thing. Once they go, they can NEVER come back. AND, no American taxpayer dollar must EVER find its way into their lazy, greedy, no-good, worthless hands.

    I don't know why they wouldn't jump on the chance to have a free ride to the Socialist/Communist/Fascist country of their choosing in which their ideals most align? They SHOULD be grateful!

    It'll feel more like "home" to them.

    And, we can get on with being Americans, without them throwing wrenches in the works every day.

    And Pattysnakes? Screw you. Take your petition, and stick it up your well-worn sphincter. (You may have to squeeze it in beside your own head, though.)

    Geez...what a bunch of clueless morons over there, now.'s getting so sparse in the flailing ol' 'community blog' section...they apparently need to run TWO identical baseball blogs at once!

    Batshit 'celebrates' that!

    Here's another topical song from 1966 dedicated to the anti-American Socialist/Communist/Fascists who stop by, and so cowardly never engage. (Hiya Buttstache! Some hammers and sickles for ya!)

  12. Nunya here again.

    Here ya go, commies!

    Another little ditty:

  13. Ah, no better way to start the day than our daily dose of Nunyaisms...

  14. I tell ya that Nunyaisms sure beats the hell out of reading the Newspaper.

  15. Nunya here, again.

    Thanks, guys. Obama, the Castros, Guevara, Buttstache, Patsy, Loosey, gimmegimme....all of the same inbred de-evolutionary sort.

    Hell, I pissed a good old friend of mine this weekend when he told me he voted for Obama simply because Romney was...GASP..." a Mormon!"...and I told him he's an idiot. "Romney wasn't that good...but he'd have been a hell of a lot better than an anti-American Commie like Obama!" I told him.

    He didn't want to talk about it, anymore. The whole thing started when he was bitching about his health insurance rising, and couple of other things that directly linked to Obama's 'Eve Of Destruction' agenda.

    I always thought he was mostly conservative. Oh well.

    Off to work! I have many, MANY lazy, greedy, do-nothing liberal voters to feed and buy fancy stuff for (much of it that I can't afford, myself).

    Good day!

  16. Anyone thinking Communism is "cool" should have a talk with Jelena (my other). She grew up in the USSR. And can tell them how cool it is to have to pass jeans around among your friends because they are so rare. And having lines for EVERYTHING you buy. And having to watch what you say. And universal military service.

    And people thought MY generation was uneducated. Compared to our parents generation, I suppose we were. But compared to the kiddies now?

    Anyway, Nunya, I didn't vote for Romney, either. Firstly, in Kansas the electoral votes are in no doubt, so it didn't exactly help Obama. Secondly, Romney had mad that witless remark in a debate that Huntsman (my candy-date then) was in the wrong party, so I decided that I wouldn't be voting for HIM regardless of party. Lastly, Gary Johnson really was more my type. And if the GOP wants to really capture that Libertarian vote it means: pro-choice (Johnson's position was more pro-choice than Obama's), anti-interventionism, and pro-rights (including for gays). Now those are going to be tough pills to swallow. So when people say Romney wasn't right-wing enough that isn't quite accurate. And I don't know of any Republican voters that "stayed home," but perhaps I don't get out enough.

    Anyway, I see that CJ's blogs are going down the chamberpot. And the lefties regular legal mind, Patty, wants to write Kansas out of the union. This has been a revealing little hiatus for me.

  17. I wouldn't give mitt the time of day now and I voted for weasel son of bitch, nothing but a worthless turn coat. People need to pay more attention on what is going on. And that idiot Patty well I can't say it even here in the bunker, Good Grief.

  18. Yeah but Captain, communism is all about freedom and raising people up.

    The CNN talking head just said so...

  19. Hmm-m-mm! And I wonder who you can believe between a CNN talking head and one Jelena Dudele, (B.S., M.A. University of Riga) and daughter of a Red Army colonel (and grand-daughter of a Hero of the Soviet Union). I'm SURE the former has LOTS more education and experience!!!

  20. Call me crazy but I'll go with the latter...

  21. Sure, but communism is cool. It's just not fair all these people have all this money and they must have stolen it from the poor people. Cause apparently the poor people had a whole bunch of money at one time or else how could the rich people have stolen it from them?

    And besides, it's just about fairness and equality. It's just not fair that all these poor people should have to go get jobs and invest in businesses and work hard to get rich, when all these rich people are sitting on all that money and none of them earned any of it. They just stole it from the poor people.

    And besides, communism just hasn't worked because it hasn't been done right yet. So this bunch can do it right and when it works and doctors make $30 a month and the rest of us make $20 a month just like in Cuba and healthcare is free and college is free and houses are free and nobody makes more money than they need and everybody gets everything they want what more could you ask for?

    Me and my buddies figured it all out one night when we were doing bong hits in the dorm room. It just makes perfect sense.

    Bernie's going to give us everything we need and it won't cost anybody anything. So what's wrong with that? I say it's a genius idea.

  22. Soo Obamma is down kissing on ole Castro's rear while dragging around his phony wife,two kids [who really dont give a rats ass] and his mother in law. All of this burning up our dollars.
    And over on the urinal ,some of the biggest looser's in Kansas are showing just how stupid they are.And CJ has to run the same blogs over again to put the paid advertising on. Wonder how that is working out. I really dont need to read two blogs on biking or baseball.Just more proof that we need to stay here.
    And after Obamma and Biden,ketcup Kerry kissing and sucking on other countries we see this.

  23. It's especially ironic that the Communism the dimwits like is "Cha-Cha Communism." Soviets at the time (70s and 80s) were aware that Cuba was MUCH more harsh in its punishments than their Brezhnev era USSR. Activities that would merely get your parents notified there would result in a trip to a labor camp in Cuba.

    Man, Safe, that must have been some pretty strong mary jane in those bongs. You SURE it wasn't laced with something?

  24. Dude, we always had the good stuff. That's how come we knew war wasn't good for absolutely nuthin!

  25. I mean, we didn't have no Chum Gang or nuthin but we had Crosby Stills and Nash to help us in our fight against the man.

  26. Well folks we have nothing to worry about over this Brussels bombing obama the asshole in charge said he is going to do what ever is necessary to get a handle on this, boy do I feel better now. hahahahahhaah maybe it will be another line in the sand.


    Wonder how BlueS would defend this from his wonderful culturally superior Washington DC? Perhaps he would have helped them.

  28. Hi y''s just me a less caffeinated Rikki....

    I've got heebee jeebees on this whole cuba visit thing...

    my heart goes out to the victims in Brussels...

    meanwhile over at that other place... bat did a repost... and the mods seem ok with it... double standard lives on...

    "Battlestache 03/22/16 - 08:08 am

    Revoking statehood punishes all Kansans, that's not fair

    I would support a form of restitution from Brownback voters, however. By voting for Brownback a second time, Brownback republicans demonstrated negligent behavior towards their fellow Kansans.

    Personally, I'd support these rights being revoked permanently.

    However, as even felons have the opportunity to regain their voting rights after completing incarceration and probation, I concede it would be fair for Brownback republicans to earn their voting rights back. Yep bat reposted his garbage about the 400,000 Brownback voters.... he's running out of material he's living in re-runs.

    My recommendation:

    Every one of the 400,000 Brownback republicans who voted for Brownback pay a fine of $5,000, equalling the $2,000,000,000 revenue shortfall they have caused

    Community Service:
    1,500 hours, or roughly one hour for every day of Brownback's second term. To be frank, I think this is a slap on the wrist.

    Successful completion of a competency test:
    Brownback republicans demonstrated egregious judgement in voting for him a second time, and should have to prove they are mentally capable of casting responsible votes in the future

    If all these conditions are met, I would say Brownback republicans could reapply for their voting rights after sitting out a full four year cycle of local, state, and general elections."

  29. Honestly, bat lives in recurring re-runs if he's pulling this garbage from the archives.


  30. Rikki and he keeps a file on everyone that disagrees with him. What a Puke!!!

  31. One thing about ole Batt Shit. There aint one damn thing he is ever going to do about any of us over here. We can puke on him, B-slap him, and drag him around by his big toe and the gutless puke wont do any thing. We could even beat him and whip him and even tar and feather his black ass and he will go along with it. Wont you Batt Ass?
    He knows he cant do anything with,out us Narc ing him out to every living person and his job would go down the drain. All he left is his so called threat to sue CJ and all of the CJ employees and that would really put him in the lime light. So Batt Ass suck it up in the closet. Boy

  32. It's quite simple.
    We are at war.
    Unfettered illegal immigration has created a dangerous reality in Europe. And they are on record for being responsible to any sensible person, understanding they are not protecting their own people. The reality of this should awaken every American.
    Take notice of who the victims are in Europe. They aren't militarized makes, security forces, or those that stand and fight. They are soft targets. Women, children, and babies. All justified as legitimate infidel victims. Such noble targets, huh?
    Our porous borders make this a possible reality in OUR homeland. Our women, children and babies could fall prey to chicken shit islamo fascism. Just like fifteen years ago, again...
    My thoughts always fall to what we could do to repel, resist, and squash this barbary. But I believe there is only one way to win. Steal their will, and crush the desire to implement their version of violence. It isn't done with politics, trade deals, pandering, or bribery. Unfortunately, this force must be met with an equal or greater force to counteract. And it has to start with the will of the people not an administration. And the will must be willing to do the absolute, to ensure victory. Kill, or be killed.
    I'm sure some will worry about violence meeting violence. The tragedy, the loss, the vileness, etc... But make no mistake about it, those people aren't willing to win. Those people do not understand we are at war, and what it is. The American citizens haven't participated nor been behind any conflict since the early fortys. And we haven't won since then.
    If our current trend continues we won't win ever again. If we aren't willing to protect our own, or outright kill those known responsible, then are women, children, and babies will die anyway. So save the evils of war and killing speech. Look around you and realize we are at war. And do you want to win(survive)?
    It's simple...

  33. Good evening. Nunya here.

    ROUGH day at work...but not complaining.

    I know liberal gimmes won't understand this, but even the toughest day at work is light years better than being a lazy, greedy, good-for-nothing, slothful, worthless parasite Socialist/Commie-loving Democrat voter.

    Something to be said for hard work, self-respect, a sense of accomplishment and a sense of contributing to our country.

    No...liberals DEFINITELY have no concept of such things.

    I'd say they have no needle on their moral compass...but most of them just flat out stomped on any moral compass they may have had...just like stomping on Old Glory, or the Constitution...much like their hero...the murdering-Commie-lovin' Islamic-terrorist apologist, Obama.

    About Batshit's nonsense? Shove it Buttstache. You should not only have your voting rights permanently revoked, you should be permanently deported for your proven treacherous views against our country. Treason carries stiff penalties, so that's letting you off light...just because we are compassionate.

    Looks like some of Obama's fellow religious brethren successfully launched another deadly Islamic terrorist attack in Brussels, huh? Hope he had fun at the ball game.

    Oh...and just to show how in-touch with the average Cuban the O's are..."Michelle Obama’s Floral Outfits Cost 23 Times Average Annual Salary in Cuba"...

    TWENTY-THREE times ANNUAL average salary. For two dresses.

    Yes...they can REALLY identify, huh?

    "Let them eat cake!!!"

    Greedy, self-absorbed pukes...who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves and their immediate circle.

    Hear that Buttstache? The Obama's don't give a squat about you, me, the poor, blacks...nobody but themselves. But...we all knew that, all along.

    Time for vittles.

    Good evening....

  34. Hi Kevin,

    Nice to find your blog. It's also nice to see what's left of the other place: a bunch of commie-socialists circle-jerking each other off into boredom.

    Roger Ramjet

  35. Well good morning bunker people.

    And to all the sneaky shitheads!

  36. Good morning. Nunya here.

    Looks like Pike is over at the Urinal trying to school the kiddies on Islamic terrorism, but the precocious little adolescent lizerd-brain liberals will have none of it.

    It's all pretty much our fault, to them...really....I guess? "It's just a FEW out of thousands and thousands who MAY do it. We shouldn't stop ANYONE from coming here!", they cry. was only about 3 (this time), in Brussels, and they created quite the carnage. "It was ONLY a FEW!"

    If Islam is going to keep allowing their people to get away with this crap, then they should be shut off from waltzing in here. At the least, they should be under extremely close scrutiny and background checks before coming in, and better have a damned good reason they need to be here.

    I wonder if any of those liberal apologists/deniers would change their mind if it was someone close to them who was riddled with nails exploded from a bomb? or, would they say..."It's OK. We understand. Islam is a religion of peace. There's no reason for 'profiling', and no reason to be more careful. Our president says so."

    Islam is a 'religion of peace' that hasn't seemed to be at all peaceful for centuries, the world over.

    We hear a bit of lip-service from some Muslims, but why is there no well-organized worldwide muslim outcry, and attempts to stop this madness...if they are, indeed, 'blasphemizing Allah and disrespecting Islam'?

    I'm pretty sure the answer to that is no secret.

    Keep it up, liberals. The fascist-Islamic terrorists hate YOU and YOUR decidedly unholy views, even more than they do just average, ordinary Christians and Jews.

    That's why they throw gays off rooftops, subjugate women...all that.

    Anyway...Hey there, Roger! Nice of you to stop by!

    And, do seem to have realized the general concensus of what's happening over at the Urinal.

    Say Hi to Batshit while you are in here! He's a loyal follower (though he is too liberal-cowardly to speak. At least ol' gimmegimmejjimmiestarfishminnowboy had enough gumption to actually post something here!)

    Buttstache is over there hypocritically making the Brussels ISLAMIC terrorist attack 'political' stating he won't make the attacks..'political'! Too weird, man! But, perfectly 'Buttstache MFA'!

  37. Nunya here again.

    $6,680. Total cost of Queen Obama's two fancy floral dresses she wore in Cuba to advocate "for the poor", etc.

    Average annual wage of Americans in 2014 census reports about $52,000.

    Of course, many, many don't earn anywhere near that. maybe...$35,000-$40,000...or lower.

    Queen Michelle's TWO dresses would be about 1-1/2 month's salary for the average wage-earner in America.

    Of course, if you are "on the dole", sucking from working taxpayers, many states welfare recipients beat that average wage.

    Like, in Hawaii:

    "Welfare recipients in Hawaii get the most benefits, according to Tanner, at $29.13 per hour — or $60,590 pre-tax income annually. However, the state’s minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour, according to the Labor Department. Hawaiians on welfare also earn 167 percent of the median salary in the state, which is only $36,275."

    So, I guess it doesn't bother the freeloaders there, as much as it does the working person....since the freeloaders 'confiscate' more money than the working people earn...AND they don't even have to work for it!

    Let's see...OH...wonder what our liberal D.C. buddy over at the Urinal thinks of THIS?

    "D.C. welfare recipients can earn $24.43 per hour. In Massachusetts they can get $24.30 per hour. In Connecticut welfare recipients can receive $21.33 per hour."

    Yes...the liberals sure do fight for the "middle class".

    AND, they look downright fancy in ultra-expensive garb while doing it!

  38. One more from Nunya.

    Even the relatively liberal Eagles can't stand self-pitying liberal whiners! "I'd like to find your inner child and kick its little ass."

  39. Well, I guess I might as well get busy got the shed going up today, should be here by 9 am Have a great day.

  40. Excellent choice of songs this morning, Nunya...

  41. And Roger, I'm glad you found us.

    You're welcome around here anytime...

  42. Hard to believe. What happened in Brussels was the natural evolution of flooding your country with muslims. Brussels has long been a haven for jihadist terrorists. They have welcomed them in with open arms, let them set up neighborhoods which are just enclaves for terrorist breeding. And what thanks do they get? They get bombed just like the rest of us.

    And what do our brain dead ungodly leftists in America do? They double down. Bring more muslims in. Call anybody who sees the stupidity in it a hater. All because their muslim president wants to....what was that he said? Oh yeah. "fundamentally transform" America. And he's sure doing it.

    And these idiots on the left and the dimwits in the Republican party who have either actively made this happen or allowed it to happen can't figure out why Trump is running away with this election.

    The left may be whining about Trump's hate speech and they may be rioting in the streets and whatever else their little pea brains can conceive, but the majority of Americans are agreeing with Trump.

    Time to stop holding hands and sending our sympathies to whoever the latest bombing victims are, and start killing some muslims.

    When they track one of these murderers back to one of those muslim neighborhoods filled with sympathizers, do what Israel does. Bring in the bulldozers and level it.

    Carpet bomb ISIS. Let them feel the wrath of God reign down on them. Bomb them to the stone age. Make the rubble bounce. Let them know everytime they stick their head up out of the pile of horseshit they live in, it will be shot off.

    Turn our military loose and let them do what they do best. Kill people and break things.

    But none of this will happen. The ungodly left has given us a president who cares more about the enemy than the country he was elected to serve. Talk about your Manchurian candidate. That's him.

  43. Good Morning everyone....this song is not related to topic but a good song.... Willie Nelson, The Highwaymen singing City of New Orleans.

    Welcome aboard Roger Ramjet...


  44. Sorry for running late with Wednesday's blog but it's finally up and running...

  45. It isn't what we don't know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so.

    Will Rogers