Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Unholy" Left-Wing Violence and Hatred on Full Display... Again...

Of course there are those who willingly CHOOSE to remain ignorant about what's going on and how easily they're being manipulated in this country today.

Do the names Alan and Patty ring a bell?

They're both nothing more than weak minded, useful idiots for people like Battlestache, Lucinda, and StJacques to push around.

And people like Battlestache, Lucinda, and StJacques are nothing more than useful idiots for their puppet master, George Soros and his Anti-American organization


  The exact same left-wing, America-hating, communist-supporting organization that brought us and financed the likes of Occupy Wall Street, the Ferguson riots, the Baltimore anarchy, and the chaos on college campuses all across the country has now focused it's attention on trying to manipulate this year's presidential election.

They're busing in and paying hundreds of dedicated anarchists and agitators who in turn spread their message of hate and destruction over the many social media avenues available and the weak minded, liberal indoctrinated masses show up just like they're told to do.

Right now their focus is on trying to stop Donald Trump.

Of course the excuse is his divisive speech.

Truth is though, they'd be using the same excuse and implementing the same in your face, violent tactics regardless of who the republican front runner happened to be.

They're 100% behind trying to get communist loving Bernie Sanders elected.

This isn't just something I'm making up either. They've taken full credit for the chaos they've created and have openly warned that they're just getting started.

Personally I'm still trying to figure Donald Trump out.

I haven't quite decided whether I can trust him or not.

But what I do know is that a lesser man would have caved to the pressure by now.

Not Trump.

He's neither afraid nor is he intimidated. He gets right back in their faces, tells them to go to hell and just keeps on doing what he's doing.

There's a lot of things I'm not sure about nowadays.

But what I am sure of is that the American people are sick and tired of seeing this kind of shit go on and every time it happens we gain more support.

Welcome to the Revolution...

Kevin McGinty




  1. Soros and Batshit should just tag team each other both a f-ing brain dead. Than I keep wondering how many Libs in this Country can be so stupid eating that shit up.

  2. But like the zombies they are they eat it up every time it's thrown out there...

  3. Trump will have a Rally in IL coming up shortly. Wonder if the shit head mobs will try their shit again, We don't see mobs at Bernies or Hillary rally's. Gop doesn't do that shit ,yup you may get a few nut cases but not Mobs.

  4. OP here.

    I don't believe that most of the "protestors" at the Trump rallies would bother to come out if they were not paid to do it! Otherwise, too lazy and wouldn't care as long as they keep getting their free stuff! But, now the idea of being able to raise hell AND get paid for it probably appeals to them!
    Batshit is, once again, making a total fool of himself by using his latest term of endearment, "holy left"! Simply another hidden jab at "Safe" and the banned term, "unholy left"! Now, because you guys have not blogged for a while on CJ, the only spot that Batshit has to spout his bull shit is on Lucy's blog. I'm glad to see it that way, as now he exposes that cesspool even more by the use of his veiled comments that say one thing but mean something else...You know the "line" that CJ monitors talk about, that he tries not to cross!
    I enjoy throwing his own words and types of phrases right back at him, trying to show what an insincere and racist bigot that he really is...He's just like the protestors, and the rioters that try to manipulate the situation and then, like they do with Trump, put the blame on him for allowing what the protestors do, to happen because his words "inflamed" them! And the Lame stream media eats it up and plays the devils advocate when it comes to Trump! Watching these morning Sunday news shows just continues to make me shake my head at how they want to turn it around and blame Trump for what these idiots choose to do!

  5. off topic :) hubby n' me got a start on the garden. Got rows of peas, beans, potatoes, red leaf lettuce, kale, and soon to get in white onion... not done either. just taking a break.

    it's really nice outside currently. going to head out on the front porch with my guitar before we head back to the garden.

    Later y'all... Rikki

  6. After two hours of heated debate from both sides of the aisle and a 37-to-17 vote, the Georgia Senate passed HB 859, a gun bill which would allow guns on the state’s college campuses. The bill had passed the Georgia House earlier this week. Now that it’s been passed by the state Senate, the gun bill is on its way to Governor Nathan Deal’s desk where he is expected to sign it into law.

    As we’ve reported before, HB 859 would allow only those 21 years of age and older to carry firearms on Georgia college campuses. Obtaining a concealed carry permit – and carrying concealed – would be required by the new law, and some areas would remain gun-free zones, namely, dorms, fraternities, sororities, and sporting events

  7. Well I tried to join in on the beat bat to death on Lucy's blog only to find I have been banned. I have not a single warning to cease any behavior, and I have only had two posts pulled since September. I have sent an email to all CJ staff along with one to the owners of the paper asking for the reason my account has been blocked.

    1. Btw, sent an email.

      And yes RP, or Ray getting the boot is shocking. Hang in their bud, and just know you have friends.

  8. I'll let my paranoia show by saying that I fear that the money people who control the Democrats knew that Hillary was unelectable so they enlisted Trump to change his spots and join the GOP to ensure that their boy won the election. Without Trump in the picture I believe Cruz would have been a shoe in.

  9. Ray, You got to be Kidding. Forgive my language but that Batshit is one perverted son of a Bitch.

  10. At least you have a home and voice here.

    You need to let us know why they banned you.

  11. We should all try to share this blog with 5 people. Let's work to spread the conservative message.

  12. Well Ktt I could always bring out my dead!!!

  13. I think they took a lot of air time away from trump today to include fox, I think the plan is in the works, Just Saying.....

  14. Wonder why yellow pearl/buttstache (same guy) can call Dave Trabert a tool and not get pulled. Oh wait I already know. Never mind.

  15. So democratic activists, paid to protest, generate violent clashes and Trump is blamed for generating the violence?

    Bring it on. I am done with rolling over.

  16. Funny thing, I misspelled buttstache and my phone autocorrected it. That's why they call them smartphones. Even my phone knows he's a buttstache.

  17. I love it, they must be going nuts knowing that can't run to the Mods, hahahahahahha How about it you puke Batt BOY!

  18. Ray I got booted almost the same way. Got a warning and my account pulled at the same time.

    They are just tools of the ungodly left. They're just doing the work they were called to do by their god. And we know who that is.

    I'm pretty happy here. All my friends and none of the folks that just live to irritate us. Plus no left wing mods doing the bidding of buttstache.

  19. So democratic activists, paid to protest, generate violent clashes and Trump is blamed for generating the violence?

    Bring it on. I am done with rolling over.

  20. Oh they'll bring it alright.

    But every time they do they drive more and more people to our side.

  21. Ray, be sure to let us know if you hear anything back from them.

  22. Excellent turnout today, guys.

    Truthteller's Free For All Friday finally topped out at 756 hits and today's discussion about the ongoing left-wing hatred and violence has already generated 170 hits.

    Trust me when I say we are reaching our intended audience...

  23. Good morning. Nunya here.

    Eat your heart out, Kev. Keri's "Batshit" blog is all the way up to....10!

  24. Good morning to you all!!

    Shitheads go take a bath you all stink.

    I stated to read a articular this morning Headline Black Trump support shot and killed in Chicago but got pulled before I could get the details.

  25. Nunya here again.

    Looks like the lefties are trying to hammer Trabert over at the Urinal...but not a single one of them can answer even one of his two very simple questions.

    Laft-wing, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, idiocy thrives over there, these days.

  26. Nunya again.

    Hey Sarge...if it was a black Trump supporter shot...THOSE "black lives DON'T matter", according to the fascist liberals'...(brought to you, today, by Sharpton, Obama and Soros, etc.)

    They'd think he deserves it....for trying to "leave the planatation".

  27. Nunya, again.

    There goes our favorite genius, the "Queen of Non Sequitur", the Gloden Cornell conservator roomer gal...adding her...uh...(can we even CALL them "thoughts"?) Shump's piece, over there.

    Pattysnakes says: "This is a great opionion piece."

    Opionion? Opi...onion? Or, is that "Opie's onion"? Which reminds me. Nice, bouncy little tune to start the day:

    "Don't tell Andy, don't tell Aunt Bee, They will come a'lookin' for Opie and me...."

    Also, To emphasize her heightened intelligence, she'd like to thank "Cap Jorn".

    "Thanks for writing it and thanks to Cap Jorn for printing it.", says Patty.

    (Imagining in a pirate's voice): "Aye...there, matey! 'Tis Cap Jorn here....pirate of the Northern seas!"

    Oh well....that's just my "opionion".

  28. Gee...and there I go misspelling "Golden"!!!! I hope "Pattyism" isn't contagious!

    1. At least you know it was spelled incorrectly. LOL

  29. Nunya I thought you did that on ( Poorpus).

  30. Nunya here again.

    And then...there's ol' Buttstache....on the "Trump can't be trusted" letter.

    Going off about how he can't be trusted with the debt of the entire U.S.

    That, as he has his head so far up Obama's and the liberals' asses that he apprently doesn't realize a scary little number like......$19 TRILLION!!!!

    Hey, take a riskin a business, sometimes it fails. You take lots of risks in lots of businesses...sometimes a few fail.

    Michael Jordan didn't make 100% of his shots. Hank Aaron didn't hit a home run every time.

    Trump has had WAY more success than ANYONE you could name, MFA Batshit.

    Grow up, wuss.And, why don't just STFU if you don't know what you are talking about?

  31. Nunya, again.

    Pattyism #3 for the day. "Repubs in Congress" letter.

    Patty spouts: "ALEC/Koch don't care about anything but padding their hordes with more money."

    "Padding their hordes with more money"?!

    WTF does that even MEAN?!

    I know she just recently came across that nifty little "hordes" word from someone least, if you are going to use an unfamiliar word....use it properly in a proper context?!

    Patty "padding the hordes"!

    "I learned a new word! I learned a new word! LOOK AT MEEEEE!!!! How smart I beeeeee!He-he...he-he..heeeeee!!!!"

    Good grief....

    1. Nuny, You are killing me with laughter!

  32. One more from Nunya...

    Sure is kinda boring over that Urinal.

    All those liberals sitting around in a circle jerk....and EVERYONE knows who their pivot man is....

  33. Don't worry. Today is Monday which means the baseball guy will blog. That always get things rocking :)

    1. Yep, baseball guy knocked it out of the park! LOL

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    1. Wow, how timely. I was just thinking I need to find a good binary options broker.

    2. Me too. So glad that little nugget was shared. WTH?????

  35. Ktt, Keri the socialist support beat him out.

  36. Seems like the same thing just repeats itself over at the urinal. The ungodly leftists just heap on the same old bullshit, repeating the same lies and ignoring the facts. Always the same thing. Over and over.

    Dave Trabert wrote a great blog with a couple of very valid questions. All he got back was the usual ad hominem attacks. YP/buttstache called him a tool, a post which is still standing by the way.

    But Dave patiently responds with a simple question. Do you or do you not support voters deciding property tax increases beyond inflation, and do you or do you not support teachers voting on certifying the union.

    Not one of them actually answers him. Bait fish boy just ramps up the name calling when Dave pinned his ears back. Dave exposed him as the blithering idiot he is and bait fish boy is the only one who doesn't see it.

    Every one of these ungodly leftists uses a variation of the same attack. One of them claimed the union election would cost taxpayers $350,000 according to the CJ people. There's a newspaper you can look to for the truth, right? So Dave points out that figure is completely false and gives very solid explanations which should cause any person capable of cognitive thought to understand. What does the brainless liberal do? Repeat it and say "well, if the newspaper says it then that's what I'm going with".

    It's no wonder Trump is winning by landslides. People are so sick of these brainless echo chambers they are ready for a total change. And Trump is certainly a total change.

    The scary thing is these people's vote counts just the same as yours and mine. Frightening that people this stupid are allowed to vote.

  37. I read this on Instapundit this morning regarding the Trump rally riots. Says it better than I can.

    “Americans don’t shut down speech with which they disagree; they don’t seek to punish the speaker. That was the realm of communists, fascists, socialists, Nazis… progressives. The progressive movement is a branch of the same tree as all those detestable philosophies. The others took deeper root in Europe, but the progressive movement found its home here. Based on division, envy and racism, elevating the concept that an elite – our betters – are the only ones who can pull us back from our own self-destruction, progressivism instills hatred through jealously and lies.”

  38. It's unbelievable that RP got banned, but that just helped make my decision for me. My Friends banned = Me Banned. So I'll take a little vacation from cj for awhile. Or I may just write in the non-blogs. Perhaps incite Alvin to go after Batty. But I think I'll do most of my postings on here for awhile.

    I don't think I'm close to getting banned, but I didn't think RP would be, either. Anyway I know Bat hates the Mutt & Jeff game. Whining that he'll go tell teach if I make any more fun of KSU since he never gave info about himself - when he's on the sports blogs talking about Silo Tech. That's what I love about the Mutt & Jeff - he has no chance of winning and it hurts his mega-ego to take home the participation trophy.

    Anyway, they can circle jerk there for awhile.

  39. Hey folks we are at war with the Liberal sons of bitches, no time to whine, You get booted off Cj hell come right back on, don't worry if some know who you are after a few post, Hell everyone knows all 15 or more of me, Just pretend you are undercover in this war we are in. Can't let the bastards win I tell ya. Batshit the BOY will never get the best of me. Bat BOY you are a low life piece of shit.

  40. So maybe there is something to this idea that Trump is causing this violence at his rallies. After all, didn't he say....

    Get in your neighbors faces.

    Punch back twice as hard.

    Punish your enemies.

    Bring a gun to a knife fight.

    I don't want to lessen the anger.

    Oh wait. That was obama. Gosh, this is pretty confusing.

  41. Ken, welcome to the machine. It's kind of fun over here. I always like pimp slapping buttstache around, but even that gets boring and predictable after a while.

    The interesting thing is CJ is doing this to themselves. Selling ads on web sites is driven by numbers of clicks. The conservative blogs drive clicks. Without us, you got nothing. And if the CJ people try to suggest otherwise, they are lying.

    It's the same reason all the talk radio is conservative talkers. If liberal talk radio would sell ads, you would be flooded with it. But it's just inane blathering and whining so nobody listens.

    Same reason MSNBC gets less viewers than Andy Griffith reruns.

    They are just talking to each other. They rarely say anything interesting, and never say anything true.

    Those of us who enjoy more honest conversation are right here.

  42. I found that out Safe. More to the point, I cleaned my own computer and the office computers got cleansed, too. Now I can get this site as fast as I can cj.

    Given that sales dynamic, cj should be telling Bat to STFU instead of catering to him. Since I just found it out, that isn't what stopped me from blogging. It was another weekend out of town (when I'm effectively incommunicado), then finding out that now RP is banned. Then I check the place out and Butt-man, er I mean "Bat-Man" is talking about "holy left," being his usual wise-ass self. I'm thinking perhaps the cj lefties could have a superhero team "Butt-Man & Throbbin" I imagine you know who "Throbbin" would be. Gotta be a promotion from a baitfish or star-fish.

    Besides, anyone who does any conservative blog at all gets a belly full of ingratitude. And hey, they're doing so well without us!!! When your meaty blogs now consist of Boring Trabert and Keri, you're hurting. Unless you really dig biking and baseball. In that case, party down Garth!!!

    1. Ken I wish there were some reasonable liberals posting on CJ. I like differing point of views but unfortunately there aren't any.

      Saint JackAlan Bluestater are out to lunch. Jimmie main gate party are woefully ignorant and lacking intelligence and then you have Lucy and Bat who are just hateful.

      Both Lucy and Bat should have been banned long ago.

  43. I just checked over on Death Valley CJ nothing going on, the buzzards just flying around waiting.

  44. I get along with Boz and Lucy. The rest, well, I tolerate them. Except Bat. I know the thing I do with him offends people (there are a lot more KSU people around than Amherst), but it REALLY gets under his skin. And since he's acting arrogant to others he's in a weak position to complain when I do it to him. But I never quit until he surrenders by threatening to go to the mods. Then I show him why he can't (he's done the same thing as I just did) and all he can do is stew at me. Do you know I've never once been admonished by the mods for doing things to Bat, but I have been to Minnow? Minnow brings his misfortunes on himself, but less directly.

    Anyway, I now see what's going on with the silent boycott. If CJ wants to make money off of us, best to make whining-boy shut up for a change.

  45. Sometimes ideology overrules common sense. There are mods on CJ who are as left wing as buttstache and will delete posts and even posters, as I experienced, when he catches them on duty. I suspect he flags just about everything, it's just the luck of the draw when he catches a fellow apparachik on mod duty.

    I do know what I'm talking about with the clicks vs revenue business. I have a close family member who is in the short form video business out in LA. Ads are sold by clicks. Lots of clicks attracts lots of buyers.

    How do you think Google hosts blogs like this for free? It's a support arm of the whole enterprise. You drive readers to one part of your website and they will utilize another.

    I don't think they care. I don't think CJ is exactly the most tech savvy online presence you will find. Their website is mediocre and they put up a paywall which is a desperate act by newspapers who are losing money and imagine making people pay to read their website is a brilliant move. The real revenue comes from selling onlne ads. Very few newspapers do that and they are usually the ones that are swimming around the swill of bankruptcy.

    The one smart thing CJ did was leave their blogs free from the paywall, but now they are defeating themselves by driving off the bloggers who actually drive readers to their crappy site.

    It's poor management by a poorly run newspaper that barely keeps the lights on. They don't even print their own paper anymore. The KC Star prints it.

    Newspapers are dying, soon to fade away like the telegraph and land line telephones. Smart businesses read the future and adapt to it. Newspapers like CJ just keep doing the same thing and keep whistling past the graveyard.

  46. Kasich funded by Soros.

  47. That's to stop Trump. I see from FaceBook that Cruz may be getting some lefty support, too. And it's undeniable that either Cruz or Kasich are more conservative than Trump. A bunch of my Ohio friends (I went to college for 2 years in Cleveland) think Kasich is as conservative as Brownie, just more successful. But Trump's style drives people mad (me too, but for other reasons). You don't see lefties complaining about Cruz or Kasich rallies. Well, Rubio either, but I'm already counting Boy Wonder out.

  48. You don't see them going after Cruz or Kasich only because neither one of the are the front runners.

    If they succeed in destroying Trump and Cruz ends up in the lead they'll go after him just like they are with Trump.

    And that my friend you can take to the bank...

  49. Brownie is not conservative. He is a loon and is working to destroy this state which a true conservative would not do.

    Kasich is a moderate not a conservative.

    And Kevin is right they would be all over Cruz if he takes the lead from Trump.

  50. That's my point, guys, they're friends of none of us. They only support a Republican up to the point of a primary or convention. After that it's Dem all the way. Where do you think Lucy comes up with that idea? Do you think she's Machiavellian enough to come up with such things (reference - Safe's analysis of a few days ago)? She gets them from - well, I won't say "godless" - diabolical lefties. I know they'll do it to Cruz or Kasich in a minute.

    But Trump himself - I just have a hard time seeing him as a President. But that's before the convention. Afterward of course I will. I have a hard time seeing Hillary as anything but an malevolent witch. Or a convict. Hey, do you think if Biden had decided to run that the FBI would have decided to indict already? I do.

  51. So do I.

    If Biden had run Obama would have stepped aside and let the chips fall wherever they fell.

  52. Yep that Kasich is so conservative he worked with Clinton on assault weapons ban.

  53. And I suppose he had support from:

    The Donald has been inconsistent on a shitload of issues. Besides, I doubt if Kasich ever sent contributions to Hillary and Kerrey.

    1. Saying Trump isnt conservative doesn't make Kasich conservative.

      Want to argue that Trump isn't a true conservative then you need to find someone else to argue with.

      You will not convince me Kasich is conservative. I also find his unwillingness to drop out of the race reprehensible. He is trying to be relevant and a spoiler.

      Reminds me a bit of bat shut.

  54. There Is only two that should right now be running is Trump and Cruz. The ones that are hanging around are showing that that they are sore losers or part of the rest of the asshole crowd.

  55. So what do you think Kasich is doing? Lemme give you my take on it. Only Trump can get a first ballot win. Cruz and Rubio are too far back, as is Kasich. If it's a straight up run now between Trump & Cruz, Trump probably wins. If it keeps up the way it is, it will be an open convention.

    Google "Lake of the Ozarks" "Republican" and "1973." I was at that convention - so was Kasich. There's no written record of my being there, but you can figure it out for John. Look at his bio in Wiki and realize - if he was anybody in CRs at all, he was there. That was, to put it mildly, a contested convention. I know Kasich is still in touch with some of those people. Probably so is Cruz's campaign. I doubt if Trump has any people who've been to something other than a beauty pageant.

    I'm sort of looking for a Cruz-Kasich ticket out of an open convention, too. If, between the two, they have anything like 50% it's a near lock.

    1. Kasich isn't hoping for a brokered convention so the GOP establishment can steal the nomination from the people's choice, either Cruz or Trump and give it to him.

      Republicans have shown to date they don't want Kasich but he is staying in there because he hopes it will be stolen from Trump or Cruz.

      I will not vote for the GOP nominee if it isn't Cruz or Trump. And I won't vote for Cruz if Trump narrowly misses the number of candidates and has a substantial lead on Cruz and they give it to Cruz.

      I will vote Bernie or if it is Hillary I will vote Libertarian.

      I do not support the GOP establishment and will not go along with any of their chicanery.

  56. Kasich blew it when didn't jump in and show some gut's sat back and repeated all the things that he did years back, It is here and now, the last game he played is over, Like I said before the last man standing gets my vote and it is as simple as that.

  57. Kasich for Post Master General...

  58. Trump will run 3rd party if the GOP screw him over and I will support him if he is screwed over

  59. What constitutes "screwed over?" If the Ego has a "substantial lead" over Cruz, but not enough to win; and Cruz goes over the top with assistance from Kasich or Rubio, perhaps Ego isn't being "screwed over" but the people who voted for the third candidate just prefer Cruz over him. That's not being screwed, it's democracy in action.

    And if the proper response is to take home the marbles and elect a Dem, then perhaps the Ego should be treated AS a Dem.

    1. Kinda like porn. I can't define it it but I know it when I see it.

      Plus the establishment GOP has been trying to derail Trump from the start of this.

      We will have a better sense of the race after Tuesday.

      Trump doesn't have to win the nomination for me to support the nominee but he has to lose it fairly.

      Any rule changes to take him out is not fair.

  60. Read this from Carson who was my guy. It explains why he supports Trump and resonates with me.

    1. Dam it KTT, the one contribution I could of made and you already posted it. Carson statement is true.
      And I'm kidding, great job with the link to AW.

    2. You guys are a good read. Nice break from work at times. Wish I had time to post.
      At times I don't know why I care about production. Afterall, the current project has the state for a client. That should allow me to be unproductive it seems.... Lol
      Kidding again.

    3. Hammertime, good to hear from you. Like your sense of humor.

  61. Ken if the wimps that hanging in there knowing they are out of it and they them self get together to stop the leader, they are no better than Batshit. Hell Trump is taking more from the GOP than Hillary or Berney can dish out. I say I am ready to say Fuck the Gop bunch of assholes like the Lib's.

    1. Exactly Sarge. They have spent more time and effort attacking Trump than Obama.

    2. They simply don't understand that it's anti establishment intentions. America is certainly tired of demo, and establishment Republicans. Simple as that.
      And now their is violence lingering, because that's all they got left to distract and take away from what's being accomplished. But in my opinion it's strengthening the cause not weakening it. And they don't like it. Look for all attacks to increase, especially after Tuesday going forward....

  62. Hell, if any republican had gone after Obama the way they're going after Trump we might not even be having this conversation...

  63. The republican leadership has made their disdain of conservatives perfectly clear.

    But they can't win without us...

  64. More importantly, they can't stay the SAME with us, either.

  65. Exactly.

    We've tried it their way and lost our asses.

    And speaking just for myself I'm sick and tired of losing.

    That's another point Donald Trump makes.

    We don't win as anymore...

  66. I hate that talk Republican leadership, I have Not seen any in so long I wouldn't know it if I did see it.

  67. Graham, Kasich, Rubio and Bush are what is wrong with the GOP and this country.

    Carson and Fiorina weren't polished politicians which is a plus for me but makes it tough for them to compete politically. It is a game and you need to know how to play it unless you're Trump.

    In his case he knocks over the game board and says I win. Not my way, but I like his moxy and that he wants to be a winner. He doesn't want to make friends, he doesn't want the rest of the world like us he just wants to win.

    McCain and Romney didn't want to win and they didn't so WE lost.

  68. Whats with Fox playing whining Marco all day? Sounds more like jj or St jakey whining like that.

  69. McCain didn't stand a chance.

    America was going to have it's first black president come hell or high water.

    And Romney didn't have the balls to win

    He had Obama on the ropes with the whole Benghazi disaster.

    Then in came that CNN cow Candy Crowley and he cowered down like a whipped little bitch.

    No, we're through with these moderate bastards who worry about what the media is going to say about them.

    I'm through listening to these bastards saying how we need all these immigrants to do the jobs Americans won't do.

    Cut off their damned unemployment, welfare, and food stamps and you'd be surprised at the jobs these freeloaders will suddenly do...

  70. And Fox News can kiss my ass.

    They've shown their true colors...

  71. Is that the best you can do?? :)

  72. At 6 when Gretta comes on I go to ch 11 and watch Mash piss on the rest of this shit.

  73. I still try to catch O'Reilly but that's about it...

  74. After this election I am going to retire, and by me a john boat and sail the ponds.

  75. And after this election I'm going to continue exposing the "Unholy Left" as the violent haters they truly are...

  76. Good we need young people like you! :)

  77. But don't worry Kevin I will be at every summit till the coroner says I can't. And don't be to sure it goes past that, you have heard of Casper the Ghost. Right?

  78. Lol... I only do it because I'm an asshole...

  79. That and because it pisses Batshit off...

  80. And now I must bid you all a good evening.

    472 hit since I posted this yesterday morning.

    Busiest damn vacuum I've ever seen, huh Pearl?

    1. You need to allow ads on here and get more revenue than CJ

  81. OP here.
    Well, I returned to the workforce today! At least, part time. Not sure if it's a good thing or just another step closer to crazy! All I know is, it sure cut into my blogging and reading time as well as my general zoning out on the computer!
    Damn, now I'm tired! Time to go to bed so I can "work hard for the money!" Good night! Good night Shitheads!

  82. Love the conversation here guys. Hard day with the kids so not much time to d anything but read. I cold support governor K except for his stance on immigration.

  83. Yesterday Rubio said he was going to shock the country by winning his home state of Florida in today's elections.

    Personally I'll be shocked if he places better than 3rd place for a change.

    He went on and said that regardless of how it turns out he'll continue on.

    I kinda doubt that because unless he wins the people pouring money into his campaign will finally see the light and bail on him.

    No more money... No more campaign...

  84. And OP, it's nice that you're willing to return to the workforce in order to keep those taxes rolling in...

  85. And Ray, have you heard anything about why you were booted yet?

  86. Y'all crack me up!!!! I have reading you post and I am laughing so hard my dog is barking at me! I especially like the comment about the "baseball guy" and the patty comments were over the top. I thought it was just me, but when I read her post I constantly find myself saying, "wow" what did I just read? Then I read it again and still doesn't make sense. Then there is Alan. Don't ask him what time it is, unless you want to know what time it is in EVERY country in the ENTIRE world, AND the different time zones for each country. As far as Bat is concerned, well, I must admit, there is no concern. I don't have the patience to read his replies, and I just don't like him. Thanks for the laughs!

  87. Okay, I just read my prior post and I need to apologize for my spelling and for omitting some words. Geeze.

  88. And Rose, thanks for stopping by this morning.

    And there's no need for you to apologize for anything...

  89. Morning everyone, Rose hope you are feeling better. Going to have coffee and read the paper. Back in a little bit.

  90. Good morning fellow shitheads!

    Nunya here!

    I see ol' Keri is filling in the gaps over at the urinal. She's vying for "Top Blogger" there, these days. Looks like a new one every couple days...pulling in WELL over 8 replies each! WHEWWW!!!!! Go KERI!!!

    The new "GOB-BLOG QUEEN" OF the Urinal!

    "Feel the Bern" she says! Patty doesn't think Hillary has domne anything WRONG, really...but Patty thinks Bernie will work for the poor much better.

    What was that old 10 Years After song...."Id Love To Change The World".

    "Tax the rich, feed the poor, 'til there are no, rich no more".

    Exactly...THEN who is gonna provide jobs for taxpayers to pay to "feed the poor"?

    Those people are all caught in the radical 60's hippie-drug-addled fantasy world, without a clue that you just CANNOT keep taking from some to give to ALL!

    What the hell is wrong with those people?

    They just don't seem to have the understanding that few conservatives MIND helping people who ACTUALLY NEED it...but are sick and tired of getting gamed by so many "gimmegimme' feeloaders and scammers...of whose numbers have absolutely skyrocketed ESPECIALLY under Obama and the progressive-liberals, in general...which is the plan.

    "Offer the little kiddies some candy, lure them into the van."

    Back when I was younger, it was a well-deserved accept "government cheese"....if you were otherwise fit to work.And, except for a couple bouts of UI (which is NOT welfare), I never did accept 'welfare'...despite being completely broke and even homeless for a in my broken-down car. I got myself help, and staightened myself up.

    Oh...I did have sort of an attitude that leaned more towards I might have like Bernie back then....but being young and ignorant isn't a crime. It just means you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. I kinda thought the "world owes me...I didn't ASK to be BORN!"

    Sadly, that's how they have the majority of kids thinking today.What's REALLY shameful is that anyone over 30-40 years old should KNOW BETTER! Like Lucy, Keri....and all those others. in those's not exactly 'ignorance'. It IS "STUPIDITY"...and is suicidal to their own futures, and the futures of their kids.

    It's even worse than "stupid", actually. It's "evil". They KNOW what they are doing, and keep going for it.

    They blame 'corporations', and lump those companies right in "with the rich". I don't mind taxing the rich a bit more...but when you start punishing 'corporations' and businesses, especially those who are in the market, you are decimating current and future retirement accounts of MILLIONS of current and future retireees...including government workers, union workers, and anyone else who has any retirement investments in IRA, pension, 401k, etc.

    Including KPERS...which has a full 59% stake in the market reliant on funding. That is ONE of the BIG reasons THEY got into trouble, like everyone else. They took a hit. the difference is...they demand the private-sector taxpayers make up the losses, and the private-sector taxpayers just have to ansorb our own...PLUS cover THEIRS! In which they were alreasy USING taxpayer money, in the first place (their paychecks and state match) to contribute! So...the taxpayers get hit THREE times...once to ourselves, and in two ways to cover KPERS.

    No..."Feel the Bern"?

    I don't think so.

    This is the United States of America, and that political philosophy is in direct contrast to what we are about.

    Screw your "Feel the Bern", Keri.

    Time to make the 'gimmegimme's' "Feel the Burn!"

  91. Nunya I was about to say that, but most likely using a few words less. :):)

  92. Nunya here, again.

    And then...there's Illucid Lucy over on Parker's piece.

    She's trying to explain "pathological lying", referring to Trump.

    I guess if ANYONE would know something about "pathological lying", it would be ol' Losoe-Brained Lucy!

    Being, herself, a well-known compulsive liar, and supporting the most-lying president EVER (Obama), and rallying behing the "I cannot tell a truth!" Hillary...LSD seems to have an insider's look at "pathological lying".

    Of course...a huge does of complete hypcorisy is normally packaged right along with that, and EVERYONE knows what a hypocrite she"You go, lucy!"

    School us all on "pathological lying". You are, after expert on the subject!

    And, if Batshit removes his head from your ass for a few seconds...or you from his...explain all that to each other, then kiss and then y'all go back to burying your heads in all the circle-jerks participants' asses.

  93. Yeah, Sarge...sometimes I get on a roll and it just flows out. Just be glad I actually EDITED a few paragraphs out! (Jobs-killing EPA and other regulations, taxes, etc.)!

  94. Speaking of liars.

    Just heard a story on the radio about a Muslim and a Hispanic guy in Wichita who claim they walked out of a convenience store last night and were attacked by a guy yelling racial slurs. After the attack they said he rode off on his Harley yelling Donald Trump's name.

    I call bullshit...

  95. Kevin we will be hearing more of that bullshit in the days and weeks ahead, they will say and do anything to stop his train, and that is the left ans right assholes. Oh NUNYA keep typing away love your comments.

  96. Now where are my manners?

    Speaking of lying pieces of shit.

    Good morning Batshit...

  97. Today is a huge day politically with the primaries.

    I am watching CNN and the constant attacks and lies against Trump. The constant barrage against Trump makes me want him to win it all.

  98. Well just checked everything is still dead in death valley. (CJ)

  99. I'm right there with you Truthteller.

    I expect it from the communist left.

    But what pisses me off is watching the republicans handling Hillary Clinton all the ammunition she needs to steal this election.

    And these bastards wonder why we don't trust them...

  100. So now every Republican candidate and every democrat candidate has taken the position that rape victims wouldn't get raped if they just didn't go around asking for it.

    That's basically the same thing as saying Trump is to blame for these riots and civil rights violations by the ungodly left. They're all saying it's Trump's fault. Nobody is even challenging in the slightest the fact that thousands of well organized, well funded fascist left wingers are turning out with the intent to stop a public meeting and silence the speaker just because they disagree with him. That apparently isn't even a topic for discussion. Only blame Trump.

    Frankly, I don't care that a black lives terrorist got knocked on his ass by a 79 year old man, and then ran away squealing like a little girl. Walk into the average bar sometime and start yelling insults and giving people the finger right up in their face and see what happens. Fuck the terrorists.

    And it is my opinion that since the left wing radicals are now raising money to disrupt more Trump rallies, they should be arrested and charged with federal crimes. Conspiracy to violate Donald Trump's civil rights, and the civil rights of every single person who goes to his rally to hear him speak. Of course that isn't going to happen, because their president and his criminal justice department are equally left wing radicals.

    See what has happened here? These anarchists have now for several years decided anything they disagree with warrants some kind of riot. College campuses, Ferguson, Baltimore. The occupy and rape and vandalize movement. And now political speech. All criminal acts. And now that they get what they want, it just gets worse.

    The only reason these riots are continuing is a lack of incoming fire. Until our legal system starts working for everybody (us) and not for the criminals it will only get worse.

    Just more proof we need a revolution and we need it now. If Hillary gets elected America as we know and love her will cease to exist. Our lives will be under the control of the people we are seeing out in the street committing criminal acts with impunity.

    Does this remind anybody else of the French Revolution? Same thing repeating itself.

    When the pond scum floats to the top of the pond, and grows large and thick enough, it will choke out all life in the pond and everything will die.

  101. Trayvon Martin picked the wrong guy to jump and got his ass shot for his trouble. And they all cried about his civil rights.

    Michael Brown assaulted a Police Officer and tried to take his weapon and got shot for his trouble. And they all cried about his civil rights.

    Some fat guy in NY resisted arrest and fought with the Police and died while being restrained. And they cried about his civil rights.

    A junkie in Baltimore got busted peddling heroin and got tossed in a paddy wagon. He threw himself around till he broke his own neck. And they cried about his civil rights.

    And the same people are committing actual civil rights violations, not just made up ones. These people wouldn't know civil rights if they jumped up and bit them on the ass.

    These riots aren't anything a few fire hoses and Police Dogs and some professional billy clubbing couldn't stop.

  102. Safe I have a blog ready to go that I think based on your post you will like. Just having a little trouble getting it uploaded.

  103. Upload the hell out of that thing Truthteller...

  104. After tonight it will be very telling on what happens in the streets, Just stay the hell away from my property I shoot first and say what a shame later, Got it? If not get it you left assholes commie bastards.

  105. Took me 4 tries but I finally got it up. I see what I just wrote but I am not going to edit it.

  106. KTT has a new blog go to it before we use all the good stuff up, And Batshit BOY! eat your heart out asshole.

  107. And Sarge, do your best to keep up.

  108. BTW. I post my new blogs here and on my blog. Just post your comments here.

    I just keep my other active in case Kevin kicks me off here. Gotta be prepared you know.