Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unfiltered and Uncensored Left-Wing Hatred...

Remember back when America was proud of it's First Ladies?

I do.

Remember back when they brought a certain amount of grace and dignity to the White House?

Of course you do.

Nancy Reagan was exactly that kind of First Lady.

                                                 Rest in peace Nancy. You will be missed.

Watching the left wing loons get their panties all up in a wad over the some of the dumbest things cracks me up.

To hear them talk even the slightest little things offend them and send them all running for the safety and security of their "Safe Spaces."

They demand civility and preach tolerance.

It's too bad it's all a sham designed to shut down opposing views.

And it's too bad so many in today's cowardly media have bowed down and rolled over trying to appease these lying bastards the way they have.

Simply pointing out the truth in today's cowardly media is enough to have comments removed, posters booted, and entire blogs deleted.

All in the name of tolerance and civility.

Facebook and Twitter will both silence anyone who dares to speak out against the delicate little snowflakes they've decided to protect and the causes they've decided to promote.

But much like other media sources Twitter turns a blind eye to certain users and points of view.

Within 30 minutes of announcing Nancy Reagan's passing Twitter accounts all across the country blew up with left-wing hatred, and guess what?

They're all still standing.

The following is a small sample of the civility and tolerance Twitter deemed acceptable.

Drink are on me to the 1st gay man to kick 94 year old Nancy Reagan in the cunt. For World AIDS Day. She knows what she did, and didn't, do.

There you have it boys and girls.

Click on the links and see for yourself that every single one of the accounts of these hate spewing left-wings loons is still up and running.

Evidently Twitter sees things much like another website we're all familiar with.

You know, like "Battlestache pushes the line but never quite crosses it."

Stay safe and be well my friends...

Kevin McGinty


  1. And they all have a Coexist bumper sticker on their cars.

    Thanks for sharing this insight that the mainstream media hides.

  2. Yeah, they're little cupcakes when they hear speech "hurtful" to them. But you've noticed that they're pretty good at spewing venom whenever they wish, and at inappropriate times, too.

    But we mustn't be "mean" to the little cupcakes.

    I'm all for letting them have a crack at the real world. Because as you may have noticed in the last few days, I like hearing "boo-hoo-hoo" from lefties and Dems.

  3. I'm running between Kansas City and Lawrence this week and you wouldn't believe how many of those stupid Coexist bumper stickers I've seen.

    And you have no idea how much self control it takes not to flip em off every time I see one...

  4. Bunch of low life scumbags, who the hell in their right mind would talk about any first lady like that, noting but animals brainless idiots. DON"T I repeat DON'T invite any of the known scumbags from CJ to the summit, I don't want to spend the rest of my life in prison. I know there is a few that or borderline okay, Hahahaha But it is your sandbox.

  5. Hell Sarge, they dassn't show up here; let alone actually having to meet us in person. The only one I'd care to meet anyway is Boz and he chickened out last time. Their personalities are their chaperones.

    How the cupcakes act when a conservative dies can definitely piss you off. But don't you dare offend them.

  6. This president has shown the world exactly what he's made of. He's a classless scumbag Chicago politician.

    He skipped the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, Justice Scalia and now Nancy Reagan.

    He did however attend the funerals of Robert Byrd, prominent democrat and former Imperial Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. And of course Teddy Kennedy, the democrat lion of the Senate and murderer of young interns, coward, drunk and general scumbag.

    Bill Clinton started the debasement of the presidency, using his office to seduce young interns and generally used the oval office for his private whore house. Now we have a guy who has destroyed any dignity left in the office by using it for pure partisan politics, and to "punish his enemies and reward his friends" just as he promised he would do.

    No surprise. It's exactly what any of us would have expected. Think this is bad, wait to see what happens if Hillary get's elected. She has actually had people murdered to cover up her misdeeds.

    Might as well have Whitey Bulger in there.

  7. You're right, Safe.

    And as disgusting as these Twitter comments are they're no different than when any conservative dies.

    No surprises here.

    But you'll never hear about any of it in the left-wing loving, snowflake protecting mainstream media.

    But use the term "Anchor Baby" and they all lose their collective minds...

  8. Just like last year's summit they'll all be invited.

    But this year it'll be a little different.

    When I make the formal announcement I'll make a point out of inviting everyone, friend and foe alike and that'll be it.

    Last year I spent a hell of a lot of time trying to convince our leftist friends and cjonline staff to attend.

    Trying to build a bridge if you will.

    This year they can either show up or not.

    And I guarantee you that none of them will...

  9. Buttstache would go to a KKK rally before he'd come to the summit. He's scared of getting girl cooties from Sara, not to mention a crack across the proboscis from a Bud Lite bottle from her.

    And while I've not met her, I suspect she's just the gal to do it. Especially if buttstache started up with his usual line of pansy bleating.

    I think Blue would fare OK. As for the rest, the fish bait boy might end up on a trot line in the river if Sarge was in the mood to catch a big flathead. And the rest would scatter like little scared sheep. They won't come here and face us because they don't have any moderators skirts to hide behind, they sure as hell wouldn't face us in person.

    As for me I enjoyed meeting Hammer and Ken so much at the caucus I am looking forward to meeting all my friends who I've never met.

    Maybe buttstache can come and clean the toilets, that's kind of his specialty up there at the Docking building after all.

  10. Kevin That's good ammo is getting expensive. But I am ready won't be long and I will sending land mail on what I am bring so we don't double, up capiche. I have everything now on hand Oh we need to ask if anyone will enjoy some imported wine, I don't want to bring 18 bottles if no one will drink, but will bring 1 case 6 bottles either way. but will talk later on phone or e-mail, but I want to go with you when you check out the site.

  11. Bat would clean the port-a-potties like a steam shovel. They all develop scheduling conflicts so we won't have to deal with them anyway.

    I prefer meeting us anyway. Truckhenge I was the most fun of the summer and meeting Safe & Hammer was not only great, we spent a bunch of time blocking traffic, as if anybody really wanted to hear those windbags, anyway. The conversation was great and would go even better with some Arrogant Bastard to lubricate it.

  12. Concerning the funeral, this confirms a trend for me. At the beginning of this administration I liked Barack much better than Michelle. That has sort of reversed polarity now. Michelle is going to the funeral, hates Hillary and has insisted on reporters out of the White House after hours.

  13. Ha Ha Lucy is over trying to learn something from the Capt. This is not going to end good for her. She has already shown that she is not ready for prime time.

  14. I hear that the story that NUNYA told about the guy going into a bar and convincing the bartender to throw out the usual customers may just come true. Ole buttstachelicker won't have a bar to go to on the nice afternoons for "happy hour". I read in the CJ that his usual gay bar hangout for "happy hour", skivies was closing down at the end of march. Guess there just isn't enough gay business to keep the fudgesickle licking buttstache favorite "happy hour" joint open. There you go buttstachelicker, theres some news for you. You puke!!

  15. If only Mike Brown would of heard Mrs Reagan and her message.
    Wouldn't of needed dem blunts. Wouldn't of started the firestorm of "muh oppresion" in our country.
    And in the end, Mrs Reagan gets the proper services and ceremony due to her wonderful contributions to her husband and country.
    And the other got to lay on the dirty asphalt street and bleed out.
    More of that karma at work.

    Nancy got to reap what she sowed. So did a gibsmedat dindu.
    Just wish the lesson could be learned, and not spoiled...

    And missing the lesson can be accredited and shouldered by a community organizer from Chicago.

  16. EFH, Batshit will always find his tube steak.

  17. He has the three closet queens to back up to any time he wants them.

  18. OP here.
    That crazy ass bitch Lucy, can hardly hold her hate in for the Conservatives! And some descriptions of her intellect are as follows:

    3 bricks short of a full load!
    1 can short of a six pack!
    The elevator doesn't go all the way to the top!
    Door bell rings but no one is home'
    The refrigerator door is open but the light has burned out!
    Half a bubble off plumb!
    Her antenna doesn't pick up all the channels!

    Good night ShitHeads!

  19. Looks like this vacuum was a busy place overnight.

    120 hits and climbing.

    I'm surprised Batshit hasn't jumped in here to defend his fellow hater's constitutional right to be the low life scum they clearly are...

  20. Hmmm CJ on line is not on line? Maybe they forgot to pay the bill's? 2:06AM

  21. Maybe someone from corporate headquarters finally got embarrassed at the leftist hellhole it's becoming and pulled the plug...

  22. I've been doing a little recruitment from Facebook this morning and there might be a guy code named "Ryan" stopping by.

    He's a friend of mine and he's one of us so just calm down Sarge.


  23. Well. it's that time again.

    Gotta get there and slave away to pay the taxes so those who refuse to work don't have to...

  24. Kevin, calm down, hell I haven't even had a beer yet, Good Grief. I will watch for your friend Radar is off. Have a good safe day.

  25. Kevin, just think of those "disabled" people who just can't (or is that won't) work. If you looked at my inbox at work you'd come to all sorts of new insights. 28 year olds, lived in T-Town all their lives - have PTSD (from what), an IED and getting shot at didn't give it to me. Every day is pretty much like this. But we need to get up a 0 dark thirty and get busy, so others (who surely deserve it) can live that life of leisure.

  26. Well looks like ole C J either didnt pay their bills or they got HACKED
    I sure hope they didnt get to much personal info like they did that one time I heard about. Wouldnt want to ruin Batt Ass day or even Lucy in the sky's with their private info getting out. You know Lucy warned us about this happening. Strange that it would happen right after her telling us about the same thing going on some place? before?

  27. You know what would be a nice gesture of coexistence? If Ken brought his friend Lucinda to Truckhenge. I'm sure she'd accept as I believe she is quite smitten with him.

    "Oh Ken I wish we could talk in the telephone...." Hint hint Ken.

  28. It was a beautiful thing to witness.

    User names, and the actual names attached to each one.

    It was only up for a couple of minutes but luckily I was able to "Screen Capture "the whole thing.

    It's really gonna suck for some of these people if that information gets out...

  29. Kevin, what the hell is that white pencil Mark between your name and the date? Curious Sarge wants to know.

  30. So in keeping with our discussion about the fascist left wing demanding obedience to only their position be acceptable for discussion, we learn today that the obama political arm called the Dept of Justice is considering legal action against "climate deniers". No longer content with having fabricated a crisis to manipulate the weak minded democrat voters they are now prepared to bring legal action against those who would dispute this man made hoax.

    They compare it to the tobacco industry denying their products caused cancer. The main difference being of course, tobacco has been scientifically proven to cause cancer. The global warming hoax is supported by thousands of "scientists" who are paid to support it, and depend on the government to fund their support to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

    But in fact real scientists have proven time and again that global warming is simply nature at work, and in fact is barely even happening. No rise in temperature for 58 years. Of course you won't hear that fact from the ungodly left or the left wing media. They have an agenda to sell and they can't let facts get out that would interfere with their swindle.

    So this is just one more fine example of the fascist left doing what they do. Make a wild claim like global warming. Pay a bunch of phony scientists to fabricate a bunch of climate models to show what they want to show and when the real scientists and the people of America call bullshit on them, start threatening legal action, criminal charges, punishment, harassment and make people aware there is a price for disagreeing with the collective.

    No different than any other fascist government. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Castro and a long list of rulers who filled prisons, work camps and gulags with those who would dissent.

    A common theme with fascist dictators. There is a price for dissenting with them. With obama and the ungodly left it is harassment by the IRS or NSA or EPA and now by the DOJ with criminal penalties for disagreeing with them.

    How far we have fallen. And how much more do people need to see? And these people are running a presidential candidate who is an openly proclaimed Socialist who is actually and old Soviet apparachik. They aren't even trying to hide it anymore. We have reached a pretty frightening stage in the ungodly left wing takeover of America.

    1. Well done.

      It only makes me think back in history, though. Thoughts of how a man was imprisoned in Italy for dropping to very different objects off the tower of Pisa, and the objects landing at the same time.

    2. Just so we are clear. I am refferimg to Galileo. Galileo trumped the clear precedent of quote scientific belief established by Aristotle. So let's remember science is ever changing, what is known now may be false tommorow. Using science as power is wrong, and I believe SSAH beautifully makes this point. But history repeats itself so well, doesn't it?

    3. Just so we are clear. I am refferimg to Galileo. Galileo trumped the clear precedent of quote scientific belief established by Aristotle. So let's remember science is ever changing, what is known now may be false tommorow. Using science as power is wrong, and I believe SSAH beautifully makes this point. But history repeats itself so well, doesn't it?

    4. Just so we are clear. I am refferimg to Galileo. Galileo trumped the clear precedent of quote scientific belief established by Aristotle. So let's remember science is ever changing, what is known now may be false tommorow. Using science as power is wrong, and I believe SSAH beautifully makes this point. But history repeats itself so well, doesn't it?

  31. Keep it real, KTT. Lucy and I ain't meeting. Take a good look at my avatar. Note well the other person with me. Yeah, that would be Jelena.

    So everyone's private info went out? Don't mean much to you or I, but I'll bet Bat-scat evacuated into his trousers. All those other "private" Dems, too. Heh-heh-heh.

  32. Better yet Why dont we get some one to take jjimmie gimmie some the Star of her so called life PHILLY to the summit. That would really choke his crack.

  33. She'd scare him so bad he WOULD wee-wee in his pants.

  34. Ken we don't say wee-wee here, it tends to draw Batt,s.

  35. Yeah, Bat's Johnson probably is a wee-wee.

  36. Good morning, all. Nunya here.

    Feeling better. One more day off, probably be good enough to be released for work tomorrow.

    Wow...those are quite the "tributes" to one of our very best, most-respected First Ladies. Not at all unexpected. Typical liberal 100%-hateful mindset.

    Just like Lucy outright calling all Republicans "racist" (but "I'm not REALLY saying ALL Republicans are racist...just that if you are are Republican!")Apparently, she HASN'T read any of the many, many blogs that absolutely prove beyond any question which party was, and still IS 'racist". If ignorance was bliss, and every moment of bliss was worth a dollar, Lucy would be a billionaire (of course...trying everything she could to keep the taxman from getting his hands on ANY of she has aleady admitted she would do!)

    If every blog of pure hypocrisy from her was worth $1000, she'd have many, many thousands of dollars to add to her "bliss fortune".

    Anyway, so MUCH love from them for one of our very WORST, most failure-prone and most DISHONEST and disgusting First Ladies. So much so that they are running her for president.

    Wow. I guess it IS true? Liberalism is a mental illness.

    Hey Kev...I remember that little "name-revealing" breach a while back. I sure do. Had a few folks kinda worried. I'm sure if any of the liberals had gotten hold of any of that, there'd have been some REAL shit thrown at the wall, huh?

    Gotta go. A few things t catch up on.

    Take care all.

  37. Did you notice what Lucy had to say about Mrs Reagan? That pretty much sums up what Lucy is. She likes to preach but she sure doesnt want to be caught in church. And she wonders why. But at least she has the Capt for her number 1 friend. With her for your friend you wont need a dog. I am sure she can bark like Hillary also.

    1. What is that old adage? Something like you can judge a person by their friends?

  38. Ktt, well I been trying my best to comment and work your comment into something cool, but I am lost, maybe later when it is beer time. hahaha

    1. Sarge.... drink more coffee it'll help



  39. Poor old Lucy. She's just another liberal, unaware of the world around here instead imagining a world much different and believing that's reality. Liberals live in kind of a dream I think, imagining the things they think up are actually true. It's no easy thing to spend your life confronted with facts that contradict everything you believe, and still go on believing your dream.

    Example, she says she's writing a screenplay. I remember one time she offered to write a screenplay of the Captain's life. I don't doubt she thinks she is writing a screenplay, but the question begs, who will ever read it?

    Trust me on this. Nobody is buying screenplays written by some lady in Topeka. I know something about this. My daughter just sold a screenplay to a major network and I saw what it took. Literary agents, lawyers, negotiations, pitches. And she's a card carrying member of SAG AND the Screenwriters Guild with years of acting and connections like crazy. Nobody accepts unsolicited screenplays for one thing. And if you don't live out there in Hollywood land you're not selling anybody anything. And if you aren't a member of the Screenwriter's Guild, forget it. It is a massive project that has taken six months so far and is still in the works.

    So poor old Lucy has her dream. Good for her. But the problem is she imagines it's real and not just a pipe dream. Much like her claims Republicans are all women hating racists who actively work to make other people miserable out of a love of seeing people suffer. Those kinds of realities exist for people like Lucy, and no amount of reason or dissuasion will persuade her otherwise. Just like she imagines she is writing screenplays that somebody will read and buy, sometimes reality is just too harsh so people live the dream.

    But hey, if that's all you got, that's what you go with. I just hate to see people actually voting based on these dreams.

  40. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies.

    A Beautiful Mind...

  41. Ktt, Remind yourself that when we die, Our In basket won't be empty. Regardless of who we are or what we do, however remember that nothing is more important than our own sense of happiness and inter peace. Remember, when we die there will still be unfinished business to take care of. And we know this, Someone else will do it for us. So we just need to enjoy our friends while we can all of them, and that is not always easy. Now two more months to the summit, I hope we meet more great friends that we can agree or disagree with. :) Now I have to cut down a Rose Bush and tear out and a old trellis. Later

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Lindsey Graham has come out and said he will support an Obama nominee to the SCOTUS if they are qualified. Doesn't matter if they are willing to uphold the Constitution as long as they are qualified. Well the qualification bar is pretty low.

    Graham is worthless and a good example of what is wrong with the GOP.

    I bet Cruz won't give the green light to Onama's pick if they are not the right candidate for America.

    1. A perfect example as to why I would never vote for Graham. And Cruz will never cower to this administration, which labeled him someone who couldn't get along, or get anything done even by Trump. And that's exactly why I will vote for Cruz until I have no other option. And no matter what I will absolutely support the GOP candidate, barring a brokered deal that clutter this thing up.
      And for the record, a brokered deal outside of Trump or Cruz ticket at the convention will cause me to register as an independent the very next day. I don't care what rule 40 says....

  43. Ha Ha He He ole jjimmie gimmie some had some more posts go POOF. That boy just doesnt get it. Oh well maybe he will grow up some day? If only he would pay more attention to what the Capt has been trying to teach him.

  44. Private information?
    HA! That's funny.
    What's so scary about it?
    Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?
    No sensa.

  45. Nunya here.

    I sure wish they wouldn't remove those idiot's posts!

    It's GOOD for the world to witness the worst of braindead liberalism, first-hand!

    It'll be GOOD to leave them there...don'tcha know?

  46. Lucy has proven with every blog and every post that she rates as high on the 100% give-no-quarter hater list as say...Al Sharpton, and those kinds of worthless wastes of carbon matter.

    Lucy is in a world all her own. That's why she thinks she's ALWAYS right!

    Right there with Batshit. Capt. maybe oughtta tell Lucy to pull her head out and look around some...

    I don't think Howdy gives a doody about being there "as a friend"! (But then...maybe he's more tolerant of vile, backbiting snakes than most? I have no idea!)

    I imagine Lucy's 'dreams' are all fantasy wrapped in tragedy wrapped in hallucinatory imagery wrapped in vapor.

    Maybe she could sell he screenplay to some third grade class project? Maybe she can get jjgimmegimmegimme to draw her some crayon pictures as sketches!(Just remember to write it off...sure don't wanna give the taxman anymore than SHE has she has admitted!)Of course...$10 isn't MUCH of a write-off....but every little bit a liberal can do to avoid paying THEIR part (to leave it all to the rest of us) is worth every effort!

    GO LUCY!! Write that "screenplay"! (I DO hope you have MUCH better writing skills than your blogs...don't you?)

  47. ding ding ding :) smiles....
    homemade pepperoni pizza dinner ready


  48. My posts keep showing up on the urinal. I bet that's confusing old buttstache. He just thought he was rid of me.

  49. Anyone know how many hits that the Capt's blog has of now. I can't pull it up.

  50. SSah that isn't going to happen, If you post a good one here there is a few of us that pass it on to who ever is still on the CJ urinal. But they give you credit at the end so you know it is yours, in code of course. You will be heard. :):)

  51. Thanks skippey, I just got it back about five min ago. 1st beer on me pal.

  52. Looks like they're way more worried about what's going on over here to pay attention to the bicycle blogs.

    360 and counting.

    Goodnight fellow Bunker dwellers.

    Oh, and goodnight to you too, shitheads.

  53. Too late - y'all missed out on my homemade pepperoni pizza....

    you'll have to fend fur yourselves.... (just kidding)...

    the pizza was great though. instead of no stick spray on the pizza pan, I used real butter...none of that margarine foo foo stuff...

    the crust had a buttery flavor and the pizza was awesome.

    g'nite all - Rikki

  54. Well, late to the show. But better late than never. With four kids in the house and all with PTSD don't get much time for enjoyment. Just saying hi to all.

  55. Nothing better than hearing from old friends.

  56. But the time has come to bail on this one and head over to Truthtellers "Free For All Friday..."

    See you guys over there...