Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Violence Begets Violence

Race relations between blacks and whites is the worst it has been in my life. I experienced the riots in 1968 and race relations were not as bad then as they are today. 

Race relations have deteriorated since Obama has become president. Not saying he is to blame, just making an observation. 

Here is part of the reason they are so bad today. Many blacks feel connected to other black persons because they share the same skin color and they lump all whites together based on their skin color. So when a black person experiences some type of injustice, real or perceived, at the hands of a white person many blacks hate on whites. 

I, and most whites I know, do not share a connection with other whites simply because they are white. I might feel connected because we share the same political views or grow up in the same part of the country, but not because of skin color. 

Here is the deal, it is illogical to be connected to someone because of skin color. Skin color tells you nothing about the person. It doesn't tell you if they are a good person, a bad person, the country of their family's origin, their religion or anything else that matters. 

Is this what we want for our country, picking sides based on skin color instead of issues?  Yes, I know that is what our president does, but that doesn't make it right. 

Why do blacks support people like Michael Brown just because he was black?  Other than skin color what connection is there to most other blacks?  The super majority of blacks have not committed a robbery or attacked a policeman so why do they feel the need to identify with and elevate Brown to martyr status?

I am sure that someone might say that blacks are bonded by the chains of slavery.  Okay, fair enough, those blacks who were slaves or have a relative they know was a slave should feel a kindred spirit with other former slaves or relatives of slaves, but just because someone is black doesn't mean they were a slave or have relatives that were slaves. Obama has no slaves in his lineage. 

Much of the anger we are seeing today is directly due to blacks discriminating and attacking others based on race. When you demand equality but also want preference based on your race or you attack people based on race such as the "white privilege" meme you will fuel anger. 

Hers are examples of the catalyst fueling the ire of many today who have had enough. Black Lives Matters excludes whites from its meeting and they promote only black lives and worse, promote rioting in the support of criminals. 

The Nation of Islam and other black supremacist groups openly call for the killing of white people. Black youths are randomly punching white people, even the elderly trying to knock them out.  Black students call for hiring of black professors and the firing of white professors. Blacks are creating a black against white environment and it is explosive. 

There are injustices in the world and we should all work to correct those injustices but the way to do it is to be colorblind. Drive home the message that racial discrimination, all racial discrimination including racial preference, is wrong and we can work together to make end it. Celebrate all lives matter and we can unite and rejoice in the love of humanity. But, scream black lives matter, celebrate lawlessness and promote the murder of white people and we will have a race war. 

Remember if sharing black skin makes people "brothers" then there are many a "Cain" in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and even in our nation's Capitol. Why blame white people when blacks kill blacks by the thousands each year?

If we are to be a divided nation then let it be along the lines of good and evil.  I can look at Dr. Ben Carson and just see a good man.  My opinion of Michael Brown was formed by seeing him rob a convenience store clerk and the results of the investigation by the state and federal governments who found his death to be justified. Race never entered into it. 

All I ask is for blacks to do the same. Look beyond race and into the soul of others and join together with those of like character. Some do this already today but we need more people looking at character and not race when formulating opinions and actions. 

Think about this for a moment. Rachel Dolezal is and always was a white person but when she was thought to be black she was allowed to work for the NAACP.  She was respected by blacks when she was "black."  But when she was outed as white sHe lost her job and status in the black community. Why? Was she not the same person capable of performing her duties? Not only is this not logical, it is racist.  Is this what we want for our country; judging people by race and not by actions?

I want a diverse nation with a shared vision where the people are joined together by being American. I want us to be American brothers and sisters working together for liberty and justice for all. 


  1. Great Blog you did good, but you left out the Black caucus in the Government what is that all about, that needs to go and they need to work for the good of all the people. They the blacks always seem to want to separate their selves from the rest of the country. The white people don't make them live all in on area, that was gone years ago.

    So Batshit shove it up your ass prick.

    1. Knew you'd handle it. Thanks and you are right.

  2. Agreed with everything except your second paragraph.

    Obama is absolutely to blame for the division we're seeing today.

    It's all about his plan to fundamentally transform this country...

  3. There's always the causation / symptom issue. I think the President has exacerbated tensions for his own political gain, but he's more a symptom. The causation, as KTT has implied, is the grievance industry. It's a lot more insidious than just the Al Sharpton's of the world. I don't know whether academia or the entertainment industry is the worse, but they heap it on. People who vote for Obama "cause it's cool" are the result.

    It's too bad more people don't read this. It's balanced and truly tries to make us "E Pluribus Unum." And the US can certainly use a bit of nationalism right now.

  4. Well I see death valley (Cj) has not seen any rain today hehehehehhe

  5. Hey you sorry Lib's Miss us yet? hahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahha

  6. Rubio is done. Getting his ass kicked in his own sate was enough apparently. And his speech still shows he doesn't understand what is going on, and how he is part of the problem.

  7. Betcha nobody watches basketball and streams mark Levin on headphones around here. Multi-tasking I tell ya.

  8. Back in the early 40's my mother's grandfather purchased the Crichton Plantation. It totaled about 2,500 acres and was on the Louisiana State map for many years. It was a whistle stop for the Kansas City Southern Railways. At the time of the purchase there were 25 to 30 black families living on the plantation and they were conveyed with the purchase. There was a black lady born before the civil war around 1850-1855. She told stories of of her childhood as a young slave and her mother working in the master's house while she played with the white children. Her name was Tilde and she started working at about 8 to 10 years of age helping with the laundry and cleaning the house. She died in the early 60's and was about 110 years of age.
    They raised/grew hay, cattle, pecans, cotton and oats as the main staple crops. They had approx. 800 to 1,000 head of cattle. There were also 15 to 20 producing oil wells with a defunct oil refinery.
    My g. grandfather prided himself on being the first grower to produce a bale of ginned cotton in Red River Parish, LA. The production of cotton in the 40's and 50's was very intensive. They would bring in bus loads of extra help each season to help pick cotton. A very good cotton picker could pick between 500 and 600 #'s of cotton a day, but there were not very many of them. Most picked between 300 to 400 #'s a day.
    The pickers were treated very well by my g. grandfather, most asked to live on the plantation. They were paid maybe a penny a # for picking cotton. Being the plantation was one of the largest growers in that part of LA and because it held the 2nd largest agricultural barn in the USA, the hired help had constant work year around. Back in the day, there would be 8 to 12 trucks lined up on Mon. mornings to purchase hay. The truckers would have to wait until Mon. morning to pick up their load if they got there late on Sat. because my g. grandfather let the help leave work at noon on Sat. and he did not do business on Sun., that was the Lord's day.
    Each family who lived on the plantation was provided with a house, a garden plot, electricity, medical care, wood to for their fireplaces. Two overseers were paid $4 per day, plus a car to use and a plot of ground to raise a small crop of their own. The help was paid in cash and there was a plantation store where they could buy the staples they needed like flour, meal and other things. They were paid at noon every Sat. and the items they purchased were not marked up for profit for the plantation. The children of the workers were given a penny to allow them to buy candy at the plantation store.
    To say that living on the plantation was a joy ride for these people would be a lie. They were not forced to work on the plantation and they were compensated for their work. My g. grandfather had a church built for them and he hired a doctor who lived on the plantation so the help would have medical care as needed.
    When my g. grandfather passed away all the help was given that day off. On the day of his funeral it was said that hundreds of black families lined the street sobbing as the funeral car passed by. The newspaper wrote an article stating there has never been a person so mourned by black people as my g. grandfather was mourned. You see, he treated these people with respect and he cared for them. Many of these families stayed on working at the plantation until the plantation was divided up and given to heirs. My mother was given some of the land but she did not live in LA and had no desire to farm or live on the land. The families who lived on her portion were allowed to live out their natural lives without compensation to my mother but in exchange they took it upon themselves to keep the property maintained. I wish there were more people like those families. They were hard working people who didn't expect something for nothing.

  9. Ohio just called for Kasich, who lives on. And Rove (whom I still detest) has also mentioned the strategy of a tag team - Cruz goes for the West, Kasich for the northeast. An open convention looms.

  10. Great log KTT. There that was for patty. Kevin I received an email response from

  11. The establishment will back Kasich. And it will be his death knell. Sorry Cap'n, but that's what will happen. Cruz will never be accepted, nor will trump by the establishment. The fight is against the establishment. Let's just hope it gets sorted out and the harridan doesn't profit from it.

  12. That was an awesome story, Rose.

    But the Al Sharpton's and Battlestache's of today's world would say claim it was a lie.

    People like them can only be happy and relevant (in their own minds) as long as people are divided and hate each other...

  13. So you did finally get a response?

  14. CJ is getting those Keri and bicycle blogs coming. They can probably count the hits and money coming in.

  15. Speaking of hits.

    Truthteller's latest blog has already generated 195.

    And yesterday's "Unholy Left" piece finally topped out at 630.

    It's weird that so many people stop by but never say a word...

  16. That is interesting. Wonder why they don't say anything?

    Trump is close to winning everything tonight except OH. MO is still too close to call.

  17. Sorry for interrupted post earlier. Life happens. The powers that be told me they were 'investigating' the reason for my account being suspended.

    1. Ray, hoping that their decision is overturned and that your account is reinstated.


  18. Good morning all. Nunya here.

    Sorely missing in our history lessons in schools, and rare to find in media, is the "ugly truths" about slavery, and how deeply blacks, themselves, were involved, as well as non-white Europeans. But...it's whites who get ALL the blame.

    I'm pretty sure I had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

    You'd think it was only the white Europeans who went to Africa, ventured into the jungles and dragged all the black tribespeople over to...ONLY the U.S.

    The Portugese were much more involved in the shipping of slaves across the ocean, and millions upon millions more went to other countries, (like Brazil, of which the Portugese brutally conquered), and Carribean islands, etc., then EVER landed in the U.S.

    Why don't we hear outrage of slavery in Brazil and those other countries, who enslaved many more African blacks, and for much longer periods?

    The U.S. involvement...ugly chapter that it was, was much shorter-lived than many, many other countries. That's a testament to how GOOD we are...NOT bad! Good enough to know what's wrong, and to fix it more quickly than MANY many other countries. It took 'white Christian Europeans', the majority of the country at that time, TO fix it!

    What is needed to know is that the slaves were gathered by other black Africans, for profit. They raided tribes, brutally marched them to the coast, and if they died along the way...who cares?

    What should be told is that there were black slave owners right here in the U.S. Lousiana was a hotbed of black slave-ownership.

    So, we have black people blaming "white Europeans", and none of us had any actual involvement in slavery. Some of us may have had forefathers who owned slaves, but I'd guess not many.

    They aren't blaming the Portugese, who were most-heavily involved. We don't hear about the conquests of the Portugese to brutalize, enslave and wipe out native peoples in places like Brazil. We don't hear about the same from the Spanish, who pillaged, raped, murdered and enslaved their way through central America, do we? The Spanish conquered Mexico and made their way up to steal the southwest of what is now the U.S.

    We don't hear about "send them back to Europe"! We hear anger about Mexicans wanting Reconquista to "take their land back"...the land they stole in the first place, and then LEGALLY sold to the U.S. in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

    WHY isn't all of that taught in schools?

    Because, it's much more fashionable for anti-American, racist, progressive-leftists to "blame the white guy".

    No living black person who wasn't actually enslaved should even TRY to claim victimhood to slavery. And, before any starts throwing stones at me, they should research their own lineage, first, to make damned sure none of their own was involved in gathering, transport, sale, or ownership of slaves.

    Actually, before any start throwing at me? "Fuck you!" I wasn't there. My family never owned any. I had absolutely nothing to do with ANY of it...so just STFU, and quit blaming me.

    You may be wise to start looking for blame for your continual self-imposed failures closer to home. Liberalism and the 'welfare state' would be a damned-good start.

    Haters and blamethrowers, Sharpton and Obama, would be a good place to look.

    Your chosen lifestyles, full of thuggery, misogyny, violence, thievery, drugs, fatherless children...burned into your psyche by mass media, rap music, the liberals, etc., is an EXCELLENT choice of where to start.

    Maybe a little more "personal responsibility" would go a LONG way?


    The fascist-left will not ALLOW you to accept any responsibility for yourselves.

    Without the completely irresponsible, the left would cease to exist. There is too much profit and power riding on "the victimhood industry" for the left to allow people to take control of their own lives, and to drive the left back into the swamps they crawled out of.

  19. Nunya here again.

    Better be careful, Kev and KTT. Keri's well on her way to taking over the blogs over at the Urinal, along with those high-volume bicycle and baseball ones!

    They are generating hit.......after hit..after...well..a very few....that's actually about it, really!

    I notice I haven't seen gimmegimme jjimmie starfish posting anything new over there.

    Even ol' MFA Buttstache is kinda quiet over there.

    See how bored immature children get with themselves, when left to their own adolescence, and no adult supervision?

  20. He still lead MO by 1700 votes, won't call it for him because when they do Cruz can call for a recount because it is under 1%, wonder if he will???

  21. When slavery was ended 150 years ago the biggest fear Lincoln had was the wounds of the war would divide our country irreparably. When Lincoln made the speech announcing the end of the war his theme was reunification and healing the wounds. He asked the band to strike up Dixie, saying it was the most beautiful song he knew.

    When General Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to General Grant, Grant ordered his staff to remove their hats as General Lee rode his horse Traveller out of camp. He had respect for a fellow warrior who fought for his cause. And now a TV show gets pulled from the air because they had a confederate flag painted on their car, the General Lee. Fake outrage.

    150 years ago the Republican party welcomed the rebellious democrat party back to the union, having defeated them in their quest to keep slavery alive. Hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers died in the fight to end slavery. America paid a horrible price for it's sins, but it was also the first country to end slavery, and the only country that went to war with itself to do so.

    Now 150 years later, the grievance industry is tearing America apart. As long as there is money to be made, and political power to be gained by dividing Americans against each other, it will continue.

    150 years later, the anarchists and hate filled ungodly left are reversing everything that was accomplished by the civil war. The democrat party lost the civil war and the country reunited. But they never gave up the cause and today are back at it. The country is growing divided along the same lines. And the democrats are again responsible.

    Racism used to be a word used to describe a real thing. Now when you hear the word it just means a liberal is losing an argument.

  22. Ray, glad to hear CJ is at least pretending to look into your suspension. I got an email from Slippery Sherman telling me I was suspended for "multiple abuse warnings" which was one sent at the same time they suspended my account.

    I never argued the case. You know, pearls before swine and all that.

    Wonder if the sharp decline in clicks has been noticed yet by the guys out there trying to peddle ads on that sorry website? It will be.

  23. We sure get a lot of visits from a visitor in Baltimore Maryland. I wonder who that might be, and why he doesn't stop by to lecture us on what pathetic idiots we are for not submitting to his superior intellect?

    1. I don't understand why liberals don't post here? Are they afraid of uncensored rebuttals?

  24. The notion of reparations is illogical. People who were not slaves are demanding compensation from people who were never slave owners for something that didn't even happen in their lifetime.

  25. Safe, that's probably because the Baltimore address is - me. My IP is from SSA and we're HQed in Baltimore, not DC. When I'm at home it reads T-town.

    And yes, the Dems are afraid of being scorched. They can't go crying here.

  26. Hell we are all slaves now, and the slave master is the Federal Government.

  27. Dang Captain. That's pretty sneaky. I thought it might be your friend Boz checking in on the losers in Kansas.

    Guess you can't assume anything, can you?

    But they are welcome to comment here. They won't because they know they will get genuine uncensored replies they can complain to the moderators about.

    No fun trying to bait people when you can't punish them for taking the bait. Shows what the real intentions of buttstache and bait fish boy are.

  28. John Kasich staying in the GOP presidential race with just one state win is what happens when every kid is given a participation trophy making them think they are in first place. It's mathematically impossible for Kasich to win the nomination. Then again, he and his campaign may be using common core mathematics.

    ~ Rick Sarmiento

  29. They've always been welcome to comment here but they won't.

    It's just like they were repeatedly invited to last year's summit but they didn't.

    Cj's staff and moderators were repeatedly invited but chose not to come.

    The only response we got from them was one smart ass comment about Sherman having previous dinner plans with MWN...

  30. Here's a little summation of what's going on in America today.

    A woman in Miami came home and found a young black man burglarizing her home so she shot him.

    So here is what his cousin had to say about it:

    "I don’t care if she have her gun license or any of that. That is way beyond the law … way beyond,” Johnson’s cousin Nautika Harris told WFOR. “He was not supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals … he was a funny guy, very big on education, loved learning.”

    “You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” Harris continued. “You have to understand … how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point of view.”

    So his point of view, which apparently we are required to see, is how he going to get his money. Notice he said his money. But it wasn't his money he was stealing. It was somebody else's money.

    So this is what we are left with. People who believe it's OK to steal your money, cause he need some money.

    I believe my friend Hammer calls them gibmedats.

    You think people who see the world through this kind of moral center would hesitate to vote for Bernie, an old Soviet commie passing as a Socialist who says he's going to take the money from those rich people who have too much and give it to those folks like Trevon Johnson who already consider it your money?

    I guess we see where this generation of selfish greedy grubby little thieves learned it, don't we? From the democrat party primarily. They do the same thing Trevon does, they just do it through government theft instead of breaking into your house. But they both already consider your money their money, it's just a matter of how they get it from you.

    1. Yep. Well put. Great job safe.
      And i do tend to use terms such as
      Gibsmedat, Dindu (as in dindu nuffin), "muh oppression", alisnackbar, whiskey tango, etc....
      All alt-right terms you may or may not be aware of.
      And make no mistake about it, those terms cross cultural and socio-economic lines as well. For example, I know personally many white gibsmedats, as well as black ones. It's a mentality, not a race. It's not my fault so many of a group qualify for the label. Just callin it likes I sees it! I'm sure you guys understand....

  31. As usual you summed it perfectly, Safe...

  32. Oh, and I'm not trying to bust up Truthteller's part here but it's time for that dreaded "New Blog Alert..."