Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Don't You Dare Try to Blame This on Islam...

Before we get started today I'd like to throw out a personal thank you to our good friend, Still Sate at Home for agreeing to help me keep this blog up and running.

As of right now his first two blogs have generated 224 comments and a very impressive 957 page views.

Safe, I thank you for your help.

Let's see now, where were we?

I suppose I ought to include the following quote from one of the biggest pieces of left-wing shit I've ever had to deal with as the basis of today's conversation.

"Conservatives told him Muslims are terrorists, and so he decided to be a wiki terrorist, someone who has to google what it is he's even fighting for."

Batshit  06/19/2016

You sir, are a fucking liar.

Your innocent little terrorist knew damned good and well who he was fighting for and why he was doing it. And if you'd take your head out of your Muslim sympathizing president's ass every once in a while you'd know it, too.

Unless you really do live under a bridge with the rest of your troll buddies you knew when you puked up the pathetic excuse of a comment it had already been reported that he'd warned the world ahead of time of his intentions on one of his many Facebook Pages.

"In the next few days you will see attacks from the Islamic State in the USA.    Omar Mateen

You'd also know it had already been reported that his wife had admitted to helping him scout potential targets in the weeks leading up to his date with destiny.

And you'd know he took several breaks during his killing spree to post updates on his Facebook Pages.

"I pledge my alliance to (ISIS LEADER) abu bakr al Baghdadi. The real Muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west. You kill innocent women and children by doing U.S. airstrikes... now taste the Islamic State vengance."     Omar Mateen


Here's the deal, Batshit.

You knew damned good and well all this had been reported before puking up your talking points.

But like the loyal, non-thinking follower you've always been you do as your told and repeat the talking points you've been issued.

You've joined forces with your hate driven president and the rest of his hate driven administration to try to steer the conversation anywhere other than where it belongs.

Radical Islamic terrorism.

I'm issuing a challenge for you, Batshit.

Set up an account and join us in a conversation here in The Bunker about why you and your Muslim sympathizing president do the things you do.

Just keep in mind there are no skirts to hide behind here.

And Safe and I are the sole moderators and neither one us are going to give a shit whether your offended or not.

The ball's in your court, tough guy...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Bat??? Show up here?? Sans moderators??

    Lemme get out my "Never Erring Ouija Board."

    It's saying "Not gonna happen." Shall I consult it further? It's reading "Fraidy Bat." What more can I say? The Board has spoken.

    I think the one thing I WILL give Hand-Job is that he has the balls to come over here and say something. Too bad he's a narcing snake in the weeds. And creepy to the ladies.

  2. Lol... I agree with your never erring Ouija board, Captain.

  3. Couple comments I just posted on the last blog that go here:

    Speaking of stupid....

    The criminal in charge of the Dept of Justice, a purely political arm of the Obama regime says the following about the Orlando Islamic terror attack:

    "our most effective response to terror is compassion, it’s unity and it’s love."

    She also says the are continuing to try to find a motive for the attack. They just don't have a clue what it could be.

    I think we all know these people aren't really that stupid. It would almost be impossible to be that stupid and function in this world. This is just more in the obama continuing whitewash of Islamic terrorism, defending his fellow muslims and twisting this whole situation into some kind of attack on gays instead of terror so he can continue his campaign to disarm Americans and further trample the constitution.

    My feeling is Americans at this point just aren't buying this crap any longer, except those useful idiots who will support this ungodly leftist agenda no matter what.

    These people are shameless and dangerous. Always remember, we are at war both with Islamic terrorists and the ungodly left. Both serve the same master.

  4. So what's this I hear about ungodly lefties putting in red porch lights to announce they are a "gun free zone"? Is that real or is that just some internet hoax to make them look really dumb.

    Cause if that's real this people are stupid to the point of suicide. Personally, I think it's a great idea. Draw the insects to them instead of my house where they will leave three bullets heavier than they came if they break in while I'm home.

    What color light are you supposed to put up if you are armed and prepared to repel criminals?

  5. Besides our little friends are all "diverse." Don't believe me?

    Orlando terrorist - Afghan-descended Muslim; San Bernardino terrorists - Pakistani Muslims; Boston terrorists - Chechyn Muslims; Fort Hood terrorist - Palestinian Muslim.

    While of diverse backgrounds, there is that little teensy thread which is so subtle the Justice Department cannot find it. Let's see if YOU can find it.

  6. Safe, I know you're a pretty strong Christian, but you will have to grant me that the red light thingie proves that there is something to Darwinism.

  7. Ken, I'm a big believer in the Darwin awards. And this deal just convinces me these people are breeding and multiplying at a startling rate.

    Evolution, I have my own feeling about all that. But this is something else.

  8. this terrorist thing wasn't this out of hand when Reagan and Bush were in office. Reagan's nemesis was Quadafi.... Reagan took care of it. Bush's nemesis was on a larger scale, with 9/11. Bush had the "Bush Doctrine." Since Obama has been in office, he's totally forgotten his oath to protect the American people. Obama should be impeached for breach of trust - but I don't think that impeachment will solve anything - and it will be a place of horrors if Hillary gets in.... this is a very crucial Presidential campaign for sure.

  9. So I'm wondering something about this fascist idea the godless left is so in love with that if the government puts you on some list for any reason they choose, you lose your constitutional rights, entirely at their whim without recourse.

    So how come whenever states pass a law that welfare recipients have to pass drug tests to collect welfare they act all butthurt and have a conniption fit about how unfair it is.

    Owning a gun is a constitutional right, as verified by the Supreme Court and the Constitution. You cannot lose your constitutional rights without due process.

    Collecting welfare is not a constitutional right. It's not guaranteed by anything. It's a free ride on the taxpayers dime. So the taxpayers saying if I'm going to support you, and you claim you can't work, then you shouldn't be doing drugs.

    Sure seems like the usual load of godless leftist hypocricy to me. Wait, I get it. One group votes primarily democrat and they think the other group votes primarily Republican. Except as Clinton found out after the gun ban he pushed through, that's not the case. The dems paid a heavy price for that little intrusion into our liberty. And that's why that ban is no longer in effect.

    What is it they say? Something about those who forget history are bound to repeat it? Looks like that one is coming around again to bite the totalitarians.

  10. The one's pushing the watch list rhetoric know full well what they implications can be.

    And that's why they're pushing it.

    Their loyal non-thinking followers like Batshit only know what they're told and will go along with it because they don't know any better...

  11. How about it, Batshit, you gonna grow a set of balls and defend your worthless ass or are you gonna just sit there like a coward?

  12. Hey Safe....
    It's simple.
    The color of the light is LED white. Just like the one on my glock 20 and my AR pistol. 1100 lumens, cool white somewhere around 4300 on the color spectrum.
    Ask and you shall receive....

  13. Well that works. That's what my porch light is, my garage outside lights and my back yard floods. Lots of light for those who think they want to creepy crawl around my crib.

    I don't have the firepower you do plus my old eyes don't see in the dark.

    Besides a well lit porch keeps the simians away I hear.

  14. Ah hell. Before I got set up like I am, I simply relied on 18 1/2" shotty. Close is good enough. First two buckshot and next three slugs. If somebody didn't understand the first two statements, I guarantee we would have agreement soon there after.
    And basking in that white LED light, from the porch or the barrel. Perpetrators choice.

  15. So when this crazy racist kid in Charlotte murders a bunch of people the left didn't hesitate a second. They demanded every white person atone for his actions. They demanded flags from 150 years ago be banned from public view and demonized because he had one. They proclaimed this was an unquestionable case of racism and represented everything they fear about America.

    So a self defined Islamic terrorist kills 49 people, was investigated by the FBI three times for Islamic terror connections, proclaimed repeatedly his allegiance to the Islamic State and during his shooting announces this is on behalf of Islam and ISIS. He posts his allegiance to ISIS on social media. His friends and his wife all confirm his radial muslim terrorist beliefs.

    So what does the left do? The obama regime announces they may just never know what his motive was. Just don't know. If only he had left some clues. And let's not blame all muslims for the actions of a few hundred thousand after all.

    Personally I think these ungodly lefties are recruiting radical Islamic terrorists. They are the best recruiting tool they have. Everytime they pull off another Islamic terror attack obama and his minons spend the next months denying it was Islamic terror. These guys are stepping it up to convince the world who they are and obama keeps denying it, so they have to work even harder and kill more people. It's their frustration that is driving them on. They are asking what the hell do we have to do to get these people to acknowledge who we are?

  16. By the way. While the democrats are having a sit in to demand congress revoke the fifth amendment, Hillary Clinton's IT guy invoked the fifth amendment 125 times testifying about her illegal use of a private server.

  17. Can you say the height of either hypocrisy or stupidity?

  18. You disappoint me, Batshit.

    I offered you a chance to make your case and what'd you do?

    Hid in the shadows like the coward you are...

  19. And you're surprised, Kevin? What did my Never Erring Ouija Board tell you?

  20. Old batty is even a little scarce over on the urinal. Maybe his little trick he tried to pull on the moderators got him his ass handed to him. They aren't the brightest people but that was possibly the stupidest thing he ever tried. Posting a bunch of inflammatory hyperbole, flagging everybody who responded then going back and deleting the content of all his posts.

    I mean please. That's just moronic. But like I always say, if you're a moron, and all you got is moronic ideas, that's what you go with.

    But that one was a real jewel you have to admit. That's troll level two, stupid level ten.

  21. Lol... Not surprised one bit.

    Never doubt your "Never Erring Ouija Board."

  22. Safe, I noticed that too... it's a game bat's playing. The 'silent' game bat's played before.

    However, I do feel like you and others..... things must not have bode well for bat when he high tailed himself to the mods.

    1. Maybe we should welcome folks to the Golden Days of Blogging as long as bat's playing the silent game.

  23. talking about Ouijie boards.... maybe we can ask it when and how to get rid of the damned mosquitos... (Lol).... I'm tired of being main course on the skeeter smorgosborg.... whether I take the dogs outside or work in the garden ...... yada yada yada.... outside... they're all over.

  24. Hillary had better make hay while the sun shines on her gun control thingie because:

    Yep, it seems Putin really IS friendly!! Of course, the Harridan's brain-numbed partisans could care less if she gave the launch codes to ISIS, but this isn't going to help with independents at all.

    Rikki, 2 types of mosquitos live in Oakland. The regular brown ones and Asian tiger mosquitos. You can tell them by their black and white markings. Look them up on Wiki. Not good.

  25. will do Ken - thanks.

  26. Rikki, get you some bug repellent. That's about all you can do. Make sure there's no standing water where they can breed. Birdbaths, buckets, anything.

    Consumer Reports says Sawyer brand with Picaridin is the best. Ben's brand with DEET is second. Repel with lemon eucalyptus is highly rated as well, a little less heavy chemical wise.

    Off Deep Woods is actually rated fairly low.

    I would suggest Academy Sports to find those brands. They carry a much better line of products I noticed. I didn't look specifically but noted they had a lot of insect repellants I was not familiar with instead of the usual known brands.

    These all repel both kinds of mosquitoes, Aedes and Culex as well as Deer Ticks.

  27. By the way, I just looked and Sawyers and Repel are both available on Amazon. I ordered one of each. My wife doesn't like chemicals so the Repel is for her, I love chemicals so I'll use the other one.

  28. cool thanks Safe(smiles).

    I'll plan a visit to the store to get some bug spray....

  29. Fun fact. The dimocrats temper tantrum in the House is demanding to vote on a bill the Senate has already voted down. Seems like kind of a waste of time to me.

    I say give them juice boxes and goldfish crackers. Then turn out the lights and shut off the air conditioning. Bet they all leave then.

  30. don't forget to give them bibs.... Lol

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