Monday, June 13, 2016

Guns, Muslims and the lies the unholy left tells about them both

Of course the first thing that happens after the terrible tragedy in Florida is the left comes pouring out with the usual anti-constitution take away everybody's guns but leave the poor misunderstood terrorists alone droning on. Everybody from obama on down. Same old same old.

Within 30 seconds on FOX news I heard Bernie the Commie proclaim we can't allow in our country people to get automatic weapons like that. Then Chuck Shumer proclaiming we have to ban people from owning high powered "military" style weapons.

Both outright lies. No automatic weapon was used. Nobody can just go out and buy an automatic weapon. And it wasn't a "military" style weapon. That's just the same thing regurgitated. It is intended to suggest the weapon was a fully automatic rifle, which it was not. But the left has to rely on scare tactics and outright lies to sell this whole un-American idea that we need to disregard the Bill of Rights and unarm citizens in the face of a growing threat of terror like nothing in our history.

We have gunnies on our blog who can go into a lot more detail than I can about the differences but let's just say they want to outlaw rifles that look scary because they scare them and quit trying to portray them as something other than what they are.

Maybe we should be trying to stop the terrorists that are attacking us on our own soil instead of disarming us and making us easier targets.

There are about 300 million guns (or more) in this country and nobody can even guess how much ammunition. If we were a dangerous problem like the left thinks, you'd know about it, trust me.

And as for this whole let's not blame islam for islamic terrorists idea. I heard one of the many left wing defenders trying to deflect from the truth of this problem. He said, and you've heard this one before, that there are 1.5 billion muslims in the world and only 1% of them are radical extremists.

So think about it. 1% of 1.5 billion is 15 million. So the best defense they can come up with is only a tiny group of muslims, say about 15,000,000 of them are to be feared and support these kinds of actions. Hardly representative of a bigger problem, right? And obama claims these people invented math. Well, if they did they have forgotten how to use it.

Sorry, I haven't quite worked through the video posting yet despite Kevin's patient coaching but I wanted to get this up so I'll see if I can do better next time.


  1. SSAH, Good points and thanks for taking the plunge into blogging. Yup the Guns Is always the first thing out of there mouths, they are nuts, Americans having guns is what saves this country. Can you even imagine what would happen if the idiots disarmed the American people, Good Grief this country would be gone in no time.

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  2. Proud to have you aboard, Safe.

    I'll stop by later this afternoon when I can spend more time...

  3. SSAH, I am still hanging around, but right now I have business I have to handle, I will be back to drive you nuts later. :)

  4. My god, I hadn't actually wrapped Mt head around that one. 1%? That's super scary, and I believe that's an underestimate.
    Very interesting times we are in. The current administration has compromised the common citizenry.
    I now find myself on high alert when it comes to Ramadan.
    And thanks so much for addressing the whole "automatic" weapon topic. It drives me absolutely bugshit when somebody says that, and it's always the uneducated left causing misinformation and hysteria.
    Now, we all know my stance. I'm am a progun guy. I'm a pro safety guy. I'm a pro "law abiding" citizen guy. But maybe you guys didn't know this. I also believe it should be required for all households to posses and secure an Ar15. Mandatory.
    Best defense there ever was, and yes I understand it may seem radical. But hey, ya ever heard the Japanese general regarding America in WWII?
    That's right, behind every blade of grass....
    Be safe out there guys, be vigilant, and always keep it dry.

    Great to read stuff from ya safe. Always.

  5. Sure has been quiet from Jeh Johnson. He should take the fall for orlando, not the head of FBI. The FBI had this guy twice, and we all know why they backed down.
    Somebody here remind me who is ultimately in charge of the FBI or even BATFE for that matter? Who's head of the DOJ? Yea, let's start there....

  6. Ahhhhh, to be a fly on the wall when huma came running to tell hillary factions of the LGBT community were now backing Trump. The look on those faces had to be priceless..... Priceless.

  7. Gotta love the way Hammer dropped the hammer on that idiot over on that other website.

  8. Good morning!

    YEGADS! Those freaks have gone completely outer-space over there!

    Reagan should have known and stopped him?!!! What the HELL?!! I've seen some EXTREMELY stupid things come from those morons...but I have to place that near the a VERY crowded field of possibilities!!

    Yeesh....amazing how they can keep trying to NOT put the blame on that prick who pulled the trigger, and try to blame EVERYTHING and ANYONE else! I mean...REAGAN?! Do those idiots EVER stop to think? For even one micromillisecond?

    No. Sarcastically "Thanking" Reagan for not deporting his parents (because...Reagan should have KNOWN way back then that this guy would shoot up a gay nightclub)..while out the other side of his big idiot mouth, objecting to Trump's calls to deport some, and keep more from coming in so easily...which is the exact OPPOSITE of Obama's agenda to keep more here and IMPORT as many more as possible...?!!!

    And, for more complete leftwing lunacy...we have...

    Looks like Lucy the Lyin'-Hearted's lyin' blog full of lies (and appears to be about ancient technology...talking about shit from before 2004, apparently??!!

    Oh Loooosey! You got some 'splainin' to do!

    And that far-left socialist private citizen, Clarkson, has no legitimate right to access anything about any of those machines, or any results from them. The twit is just trying to get her 15 minutes. She got she can go away. Better yet, she SHOULD be prevented from poising the minds of the kids of this nation's citizens.

    Maybe she could find a real job in the real world...for once...

    Freakin' idiots....

  9. Freakin idiots indeed.

    I'm thinking for tomorrow's blog on that other website I'll come up with the most bizarre crap I can think of.

    What the hell, as long as I can back it up with something I found on the internet it's all good...

  10. Just trying to do my part. You guys have pulled your weight for so long, and obviously I've got some weight to pull too.
    They won't like me.
    I don't care.
    And there's about five of them over there that need a dose of Medicine.
    And doctor hammer is here to help.
    Enjoy the day folks.

  11. They won't like you Hammer?? I if they did you would be the one with the problem, Hell with pulling your weight ,ya gotta throw it, Lol You are doing great they are no match for you, take that complete asshole milich and put a boot up that ignorant ass of his, just a thought...

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  13. Stupid smart phone...
    Double post.
    I swear Samsung was built by a liberal.

  14. Lol, you give a liberal way too much credit.

  15. Now there is evidence coming out the shooter was gay. He was known at that club and used dating apps for gays. His ex-wife says he was gay.

    So that takes away obama and the unholy left's one thing they were using to defuse the fact this was an Islamic terrorist attack, and by an American Islamic terrorist. Now they can't keep claiming this was a hate crime against gays. That one was building up steam both to generate sympathy for the gay agenda and misdirect from the facts.

    So what now? He was a gay American Islamic terrorist. We've been told all the muslims in America are peace loving wonderful people who would never do something like this. If he did what he did, how many more are brewing right now? And how many more came out of these mosques that are preaching hatred and jihad?

    And this is a piss poor time to suggest the answer to rising Islamic terror attacks on American soil is to disarm Americans and leave them helpless.

    Just more godless left wing excrement.

  16. And speaking of the imaginary assault rifles the left is so afraid of, I keep hearing they have no purpose except to kill lots of people.

    Well, that's a pretty good purpose for a weapon you own for self defense, isn't it? Seems kind of contradictory to suggest a self defense weapon shouldn't be effective and up to the job.

    They aren't going to stop until we are Australia. That's why this election is possible the most important of modern times. If Hillary gets elected and packs the Supreme Court with a bunch of godless liberals freedom as we know it is gone forever, along with our only means of defending ourselves against a tyrannical government in the same way our founders did.

  17. Stupid smart phone...
    Double post.
    I swear Samsung was built by a liberal.

  18. Double post my eye, you just don't want to scroll down everytime you refresh the screen hahahah Well I do the same thing. :):)

  19. DAM IT! When I hit the refresh button on my phone it automatically reposts my last post. I'm going to contact the blog administrator. This is bullcrap. That guy is gonna piece of mind... Lol

    In other news I see Obama didn't wait long today to cry for the assault weapons ban.
    How about a Muslim ban? Oh that's right..... Vote Trump 2016

  20. Love the picture you posted at the top of the blog safe. Funny stuff!

  21. Hammer I knew you would like that one.

  22. The broad brush statement passes me off.
    Apparently Obama views stepping back and making sure we properly vett Muslim immigrants is painting with a broad brush.
    Bullshit(sorry ladies). And painting me aa potential terrorist because of Ar15 possession is okay.
    Obama can stick that brush up his Kenyan dindu ass(again, sorry ladies). You can't stereo type a violent Muslim but you can a God fearing Christian man who posseses a specific rifle.
    Cmon man.
    I've put up with Muh oppression, Blm, you didn't build that, etc etc....
    How much of this crap will America tolerate.
    Americans are only so stupid. There is a limit. Pretty sure things will start turning in our favor. Tell the Kenyan to personally come get my rifle. And I will gladly apply it butt end first.
    A leader leads, and uses his position to unite. Instead he divides and section people off from one another and wonders why we have violence. Get a clue you frigging kebab sympathizer.
    I'm purchasing three more lowers, just to ensure the next generation has the tools they need.
    When faced with a tool president, provide tools for the next generation. I will aid extermination of ideology through the womb. Hearts and minds. I am one man with two sons. Doubling my numbers. And I'm not alone. Promise.
    Tit for tat....

    1. I said it once I'll say it again. An AR in every house. Mandatory.
      Standard equipment.
      Just like a set of socket wrenches....

  23. Good grief, I am gone for a week and come back to a bromance break up. Sad to see that KTT is gone, always liked his thoughts and honestly found him very close to me on ideology. KTT if you read this forgiveness is divine.

  24. Hammer thanks to you my grandson wants a AR15 like you showed him how to shoot, and he says Hi also, so I am thinking of buying him one for Christmas.

    1. You may want to get it now. I am seeing another panic coming. And if Hill gets in its all over for sure.

  25. Hammer thanks to you my grandson wants a AR15 like you showed him how to shoot, and he says Hi also, so I am thinking of buying him one for Christmas.

  26. Seems like a very good young man. Glad he takes interest. His generation is important for the future America. You tell that young man I said hello as well. And remember, vote Trump.

  27. Oh he is a Trump voter and he can hardly wait, this is his 1st time voting. It may be a Historical vote for him.

  28. Good morning!

    From the editors at the Urinal:

    "Editorial: Orlando is no excuse to ban Muslims from the U.S.
    We can't let our despair and frustration turn into hysteria"

    No...let's just keep letting them build up, and attacking. The weaker we get, the stronger they get. America-hating leftists like the Dems (and the Urinal staff), it IS an excuse to disarm American citizens...right?!

    How about an editorial with the heading "Orlando is no excuse to ban guns from honest, law-abiding American citizens.
    We can't let delicate pansy leftists' despair and frustration turn into hysteria"


    Anyway...hey! I wonder. WHY is this guy permitted to continually post over there?...

    Here are a couple of the "Rules for Civility" (that, apparently, only liberals can break):

    "is defamatory, threatening, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims, violates the privacy rights of any third party, is unreasonably harmful or offensive to any individual, community, association, group or business."

    "uses or attempts to use another's identity, account, password, service or system except as expressly permitted by the Terms of Service."

    Attempting to pass him/herself off as the Koch Bros., clear and obvious references to attempt to use "their identity".

    And, at LEAST "is defamatory, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims, is unreasonably harmful or offensive to any individual, community, association, group or business."

    How does that assole keep getting away with all that...I wonder? Wonder if someone needs to challenge that? (Not that it'll do any good, probably. The Urinal staff probably has that person on their "staff"...just like Batshit.)

    Time for work. Have a good day!

  29. Nunya, that pathetic excuse for what used to be a newspaper is so obviously left wing that they don't even try to hide it any more.

    The only reason they don't just boot Kevin off there is because without him their blog site wouldn't have any clicks at all. Hard to sell advertisements on a page that nobody looks at.

    Here's how that plays out. Kevin's blogs:

    6/15, only up for 2-1/2 hours, 40 comments.
    6/10 387 comments.
    6/8 91 comments.
    6/5 264 comments.

    Dave Trabert posted 6/16 (the only other conservative poster at this time) 76 comments.

    And remember, that's just comments. Page views, or clicks are probably 10 times that number, or more. Only CJ knows those numbers and they sure as hell ain't saying.

    For comparison over the same time.

    Lucy the leftie posted 6/13, 10 comments.

    The baseball guy, zero comments.

    Rlymph, zero comments.

    Another baseball guy post, zero comments.

    Another Rlymph post, 4 comments.

    So do the math. They hate Kevin, and they hate the conservatives, but without them that page is dead space and worth nothing.

    So they'll let buttstash and his fellow apparachiks do whatever they want, and they delete and boot a few conservatives, but it's the conservatives that are selling the advertising.

    1. Yhep Your right on this. I ve been saying for a long time that the only way to get the urinil shut down is thru their ass. Stop the money flow to them and they will have a whole different lookout on out posts. They need a good kick in the butt from some big money advertiser. Let them loose that money and they will have a big change of heart.
      As far as I care You all can quit posting and blogging on CJ and I would love it. No more blogs or post by us all and just watch what happens next.

  30. Been enjoying keeping bat busy this morning.

    1. Your doing a good job. Your on to how you deal with him now. He cant handle being put in his place like you did. Dont get mad Get even

    2. did you notice he changed how he said from "employs" to "employed".... just gave him a dose of his own stuff... he didn't digest it well did he? (smiles)

    3. Good catch. Thats how you shut him up. Turn his B S right back on him and keep it on him. He will fade away when he see's that he has been put out. He cant stand to be showed up. Makes him run and hide behind his ma ma's shirt. Miss Auntie Em

  31. I shouldn't really enjoy laughter at bat's expense over at the other place...... but can't seem to help myself.

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. Rikki, I've been watching that. The interesting thing about him and in fact all the ungodly lefties is no matter how you destroy their argument, no matter how many facts you present that completely refute whatever lie they are telling, no matter how many times they are proven wrong, they just keep repeating whatever talking point they have.

    They are assigned talking points, the DNC releases them to the media, they use them and every single one of the trained barking seals will repeat them endlessly until the next talking point is released. That's why you see the same phrases used by them all, the same points repeated with only the smallest changes.

    Buttstash is only doing it because he's a disgusting troll. He really doesn't even care is my suspicion. He just does it because he gets some kind of perverse pleasure out of people responding to him.

    Maybe his mother treated him badly and ignored him. Maybe he was picked on as a child because he was a little tattletale rat. Maybe he's just mentally ill and can't help it.

    I picture a big fat tub of goo sitting in a basement somewhere, fingers all stained orange from eating Doritos while he types. No friends, no social life. Only this sad imaginary life he has constructed for himself where the only social interaction he gets is negative, but that's better than none.

    But don't feel bad about making him look like an idiot. He really does all the work, you just point it out. A person with a healthy psyche would be humiliated and stop when embarrassed like you are doing to him. But then, the key work is healthy psyche.....

    1. I don't feel bad about making bat look like an idiot.... I actually had fun making him look like an idiot (smiles).

      bat is a piece of congested circuitry isn't he?

  34. Wonder who those song lyrics posted anonymously are supposed to refer to? Buttstash? If so the only thing in there that would be right is the boy part. All the rest is not even close.

    Just wondering. Anonymous posts around here usually emanate from one source who I would imagine is a big fan of a massive troll like old buttstash.

  35. Safe, I don't think Hand-Job is any fan of Bat's. He had some mean things to say to Bat back in cj-times. Not as cruel as to PW and Lucy, but close. Hand-Job is just hateful and nasty. I'd say he's in a class by himself, but there is Mr. Happy. Another hateful puke.

    Bat just tries to get people in cyber-trouble. What Happy did to Kevin and what Hand-Job did to Sarge, well ... Let's just say it takes a lot to offend me and those actions did so with plenty to spare.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. Kind of like Bart is threating to do to you over on the urinal.

    Wonder why that behavior is tolerated from assholes like that but our folks get threatened by the mods for "baiting" buttstash.

    I get booted for calling liberals unholy but they can say all Trump supporters are racists.

    Well, I already know the answer to that, don't I? Left wing newspaper, left wing posters. Kind of like wondering why muslims can do whatever they want and Obama doesn't seem to care. Same principle, isn't it? Birds of a feather and all that.

  37. Speaking of getting booted, buh bye anony-mouse.

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. Lol... Looks like our anonymous little puke just had his ass handed to him again...

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. You smell him before you see him. He is a persistent little shit though, isn't he?

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  42. He has US Now I really hate to think what or who is his US?

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  46. Boy he's really feeling the pimp slapping. Never seen him post that much or get that nasty so quick. Guess we got his number.

    Now get that orange vest on mouse. That trash on the highway won't pick itself up. We don't want you in violation of your parole. Lawyer Remfry might have to go plead your case for you.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. And just like that...

    Poof, he was gone...

  48. Oh well I didn't see any of them from the prick handjob, I bet that in itself drives him nut.s Hahahahhahahahh

  49. Had to raise my pimp hand again. Tired ass old fool just doesn't know when to quit.

  50. Lol... And I thought I was an asshole..

  51. Lol... And I thought I was an asshole..

  52. And I missed all the fun!!!!! It'd have been a lot more fun with you guys taking care of Hand-Job than getting my car diagnosed. Oh well, if Performance Tire & Wheel can't do it right, no one can.

  53. I think we're getting to him. He turned especially nasty really quick.

    No quarter to nasty trolls around here. I'm like Kevin. I delete him just cause I can. And I'm an asshole too.

  54. Ssah, Well I guess I have to agree with you both. :):)

  55. Wanted to make sure you got a look at this one safe. Maybe you have.

  56. Even their charity to non-Muslim nations focuses on the Muslims.
    But hell, at least all the blood and oil money doesn't go to CAIR.

    And before I go....
    Food for thought. I can really only find one instance terrorististc kebab jihadis went after a hard target. That would be the Pam Gellar gathering and picture drawing contest in Texas.
    Well, at least the kebabs made it out of the car, right? Then there laid the bodies and the AK-47 on the asphalt. Hardly any rounds ran through it, and only dropped once...
    And a shame too. One should never drop a firearm, and should always know how to use it. You give a barbarian a book bt you can't make th read it, huh?
    Durka, durka, durka.

  57. up early - but not for long. Checked facebook... I like what Franklin Graham said to Obama...

    "Franklin Graham

    19 hrs ·

    Mr. President, I read in the The New York Times today where you reportedly blasted Donald J. Trump for wanting to tighten the borders and accused him of painting a whole religion as violent.

    A Muslim can murder 49 innocent people in a gay club, and you still defend the religion of Islam.

    But a Christian who refuses to bake a homosexual’s wedding cake endures prosecution, financial ruin, and nation-wide shaming because of their faith, and you stay silent!

    What Omar Mateen did was following the teachings of the Koran. It is incomprehensible that you will not acknowledge the dangers of Islam’s teachings in order to protect the American people under your watch."

  58. God morning.

    Well, guys are really getting them spinning over there...again!

    In the face of absolute verifiable evidence...Buttstache still can't admit he's wrong, is lying and made a mistake, and the rest of them can't seem to figure out a way to NOT defend a radical islamic terrorist..."because he was born in the U.S."!

    What kind of reprehensible scumbags would let their pure hatred for conservatives endorse people who attack women, gays, and just...well...anyone? Including the possibility of attacking their own family or friends?

    We know what kind of reprehensible scumbag that would be.

    They are called 'liberals'.

    Oh...and Rikki? Rev. Graham's statement was SLIGHTLY in error:

    "It is incomprehensible that you (Obama) will not acknowledge the dangers of Islam’s teachings in order to protect the American people under your watch."

    Obama isn't NOT acknowledging Islam's dangers. He's pretty much endorsing his brethren's behavior, as it fits right in with his ideology and agenda.

    Have a good day!

  59. What do you want to bet that Obama makes a pilgrimage to Meca after he is no longer president?

  60. If he does I'd like to see him take a few of our favorite libs with him as a human sacrifice to Alisnackbar...

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Well, if obama goes to mecca I hope he joins in the rock fight they have with the devil. Last year the devil won that one. Final score was Devil 2,431, muslims 0.

  63. As always I agree with Franklin Graham. One of the few people who are evangelizing at a national level and speaking the truth.

    Interesting isn't it. The left feverishly defends muslims. Claims they are being slandered and libeled and attacked and mistreated just for their faith. And they tell us just about every day, like obama always says, "that's just not who we are". To single out someone because of their religion. Why they're born again religious freedom advocates as long as it's a muslim.

    But let a Christian do a simple thing like not want to participate in a celebration of sinful behavior between a couple of sex perverts and suddenly it's perfectly fine to persecute them every way possible. No problem, they deserve it.

    But I thought that just wasn't who we are? I get so confused by all this. Almost like they just hate everything most Americans believe in and love everything we don't.

    Muslim murders 49 people and all they can do is talk about gun control. Christian doesn't want to bake a friggin cake and all hell breaks loose.

    Maybe they should talk about cake control. Seems like the inanimate object in these situations is to blame in their eyes. So maybe we need common sense cake control laws.

  64. Good morning Bunker people, lock and load....

  65. Remember when the ungodly left went after Bush for the Patriot act? Shredded the constitution they said. Fascist they said. Sounds like Hitler they said. What about the constitution they said? We all believe in the constitution they said.

    Now because they imagine they can take our guns through manipulating public emotion they are ready to abandon the constitution in a heartbeat. Even some people who should know better.

    Terrorist watch list, that's the ticket. If they put you on that you lose your constitutional rights. No due process, no appeal. We just do it if we pick you for whatever reason we like. No more rights for you.

    And these are the same people who turned the IRS loose on conservatives. Who labeled people who believe in smaller government terrorists. Who labeled returning veterans terrorists. And you think we are going to let these godless liberals decide if we get to keep our constitutional rights or not? I hardly think so.

    But if the left didn't have hypocrisy they wouldn't have any values at all.

    The same things they screamed bloody murder about from the Patriot act they now want to use to take our guns. Don't these people have any shame at all? The answer to that question is no. None. Not a shred.

  66. Good morning Sarge. As you can see, I'm locked, loaded and firing at will. And I'm not waiting until I see the yellow of their bellies.

  67. SSAH I see that and your above comment has been moved over to CJ Lol.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. I thought I heard a fart in the wind there for a second. Must have been nothing. If fact, I'm sure it was nothing.

  69. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  70. Damn I got to come around more often, I missed the little picker again today playing with hisself. Well on the bright side it must be my good luck. Hahahahahha

  71. Sarge, you didn't miss much of anything.

  72. Oh Safe, but his feeble attempts at defiance are funny as hell. And Sarge and myself need humor in our lives.

  73. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  74. You know, I would leave them up there for a while just so everybody can have a laugh at him and his glowing ignorance but he's in full nasty mode. Not pretending to be normal like he sometimes does but full on hand job nasty.

    I can leave them up there if people want me to, I know nobody takes him seriously. Tell me what you think and I'll go with the consensus.

    I don't delete him because I disagree with him. I delete him because he's nasty and offensive without adding anything to the conversation. He's a troll, plain and simple. And honestly the only thing I can't tolerate is a troll.

  75. No reason to subject everyone out here to punk lowlife puke, Poof away If we want to listen to a idiot we can just go over to CJ and we got all we need.

  76. Personally I couldn't care less what his worthless ass has to say.

    Kick him to the curb...

  77. You know how sometimes you're exhausted and you try to read something and it just cracks you up into laughter.... for no apparent reason.....

    trying to invision how Anonymous has learned how to talk out of his worthless ****.

    sorry y'all I've been heavy into a project that has almost got me cross eyed.... thought I'd take a break briefly and stop by... saw Kevin's post and had to giggle.

    Later ~

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  80. Two more worthless comments bites the Dust hahahahhahahahha Good job SSAH

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  83. Oh my, not again, I need a alarm clock , I am sure I didn't miss much, Hey handjob, maybe you should write a note to to yourself and tell the authorities that you can't take it anymore and Jump off the Ks Bridge, and blame it on me. Hahahahahahha You won't be missed.

  84. Good morning.

    Looks like you guys created quite the "vacuum" over at the Urinal! Too bad y'all can't create a popular blog about baseball, bad business advice, man-hating, local business commercials, or flat-out stupidity and the other ones over there! that Room 235, I imagine the sound of every last bit of rationality or common sense being sucked out the liberals themselves! Pretty soon...they may just implode, altogether.

    Speaking of 'sucking' seems there's an Anonymous 'rooster'-sucker in here who keeps getting "Batshitted". I'm glad the moderators keep flushing the toilet after each dump. After all, "we can all be civil without being hurtful" (unless you're a liberal...and then it's..."we can be hurtful without being civil"...y'know.)

    You'd think Handjob would be busy having a leftist 'civil unrest' rally somewhere to be bussed to, huh? Y' cause violence and destruction, and to fight for 'fairness' through violence and vandalism and drug use and crapping on cops' cars, etc., and by denying others' their rights, and all?

    Or, maybe his ankle monitor situation prevents that? Here's a suggestion. Maybe he can call Emperor O., or even just one of the lieutenant's in that brutally-unlawful organized crime syndicate...and get himself a waiver? The more domestic and foreign criminals they have attending those rallies and protests to attack women and gays and..hell...what next...children?...the more the ignorant unwashed masses of braindead befuddled liberal voters will rejoice!

    Note to Handjob, and he/she's buddies:

    Watch out for those AR's! They could be ANYWHERE! (And be ANYTHING! According to liberals...anyway. could even be a gay radical Islamic terrorist who's been suspected doing the evil deed...or some other violent liberal (but will unlikley not be a good, honest, law-abiding conservative American citizen).

    1. Yeah Nunya, welcome to the wonderful world of Therapy Blogs. If not for our blogs there that would be all that they would have. But you left out the definitive therapy blog, the one about the bicycles. We haven't seen any new ones for a few weeks, hopefully we're done with those.

      Hand-Job would NEVER attend one of those rallies. The chances of an ass-whup would be too great.

  85. Correction: last sentence:

    "...but will LIKELY not be a good, honest, law-abiding conservative American citizen"...

    Can't let a double-negative stand!

    Have to correct that before some handjobbing 'sucker' comes in here spitting out spuge about it.