Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Do these people have no shame at all?

We have five police officers killed by a racist terrorist in Dallas. As the nation grieves and the people of Dallas are left wondering what has happened, this poor excuse of a president shows up at the memorial to give a campaign speech.

While it was a great opportunity to heal the broken hearts, bind the wounds and make some kind of statement that would show support for our police who are under siege by the unholy left, instead he turned it into just another repeat of the narrative.

He referred to himself 45 times. He laughed and joked with a musician who was there to give a eulogy. He turned his speech into another attack on police and America by going down the usual road of racism and the usual left wing narrative of what a terrible country we have despite his best efforts to remake it in his image.

I've come to expect no less from this man. When a black criminal is shot by police he immediately launches into the canned "systemic racism" speech. When a black terrorist murders five police officers in cold blood, he just isn't sure what the motive could be. Just has no idea. Best not jump to conclusions, right?

He as much as gave a wink and a nod to the black lives terrorists, who he has openly endorsed and supported, as has his party. He has had them to the white house to heap praise on them for their work in creating a race war. He as much as blamed the police for this situation he has helped in no small way to create.

So as usual he turns a solemn occasion to memorialize five heroes who died in the line of fire into a spectacle about himself and his destructive agenda.

Truly, this man has no shame, as you could say about the whole ungodly left wing radicals who are running the democrat party now.

I would say he missed an opportunity to stop being a community agitator and start being a president, but I never imagined that would happen anyway. The surprise would have been if he had actually acted like a leader instead of a partisan political hack.


  1. OP had a great comment on the last blog about this subject. I was already thinking about this for today's blog but his comment is worth reading as well.

  2. You nailed it again, Safe.

    And just so you know I'm going with the "narrative" thing you brought up in your last blog over at that other website in today's blog...

  3. Kevin, you and I think so alike it's kind of scary. We just have to decide when one of us runs for president which one gets to be president and which one gets to be vice president.

  4. And in other news, Bernie the commie Sanders, the candidate who claimed to be all about opposing Wall Street and big money in politics just endorsed the candidate who has collected hundreds of millions from Wall Street and through various other bribes for favors. Probably the most corrupt candidate in our history and a pure crony capitalist of the worst kind. But that's OK now. Bernie didn't really mean all that nasty stuff he said. That was just talk for the rubes.

    Hillary commented that Bernie's soul tasted much better than she expected when she sucked it from his body.

  5. Do these people have no shame at all? No they don't. this is the most disgusting administration I have ever seen in my life. Sorry Safe I can't hang around much today, having some major breathing problems and need to stay relaxed. Great blog!!

  6. That's an easy one Safe.

    You be the president because I get blamed for enough stuff as it is...

  7. And Sarge, you sit back and take care of yourself...

  8. Heard a little blurb of Hillary pronouncing the Republican party the "party of Trump" and suggesting that was a terrible thing.

    So I hope that's true. That's what they need to be to win this election. But also, what's the other option? The democrat party?

    The democrat party is:

    The party of support for terrorists like the black lives terrorist groups.
    The party of support for murdering police officers.
    The party of riots in the streets, filled with violence and attacks on innocent people.
    The party of race division and creating hatred.
    The party of lies, deceit, scandals, obstruction, cover ups.
    The party of hiding government communications on private email servers then lying about it.
    The party of murdering unborn children by the millions for convenience sake.
    The party of creating a hostile environment for businesses to create jobs by adding heavy burdens, taxes and regulations.
    The party of raising the minimum wage to cause the loss of millions of jobs for unskilled workers just to fulfill the left wing goal of a welfare state.
    The party that boos God's name at their convention.
    The parry that says teenage boys should be allowed in the same locker room to shower with our teenage daughters.
    The party that says sexual perversion is welcome and mental illness is just another lifestyle.
    The party that tries to repeal the first amendment to shut down political opposition.
    The party that wants to repeal the second amendment so America is disarmed and helpless.
    The party that ignores the constitution and rule of law, imposing their will on the American people, while ignoring and bypassing the elected representatives of the American people.

    So yeah, I'll take the party of Trump over that any day. And I suspect there are a lot more people like me than Hillary suspects. And I think the democrat party is in for a huuugge shock come November.

  9. And I you're right, Safe.

    But if you're not and that nasty bitch does end up winning this thing we might as well kiss it all goodbye...

  10. If she does win, I'm buying as much stock as I can in gun and ammo manufacturers. obama drove gun sales to new records and the stock went through the roof.

    If she gets elected she'll probably appoint Loretta Lynch to the Supreme Court as payback for letting her criminal activity slide and the executive orders will start flying.

    I'm buying as many guns as I can, and lots and lots of ammos as well. No telling how long we'll have. And no telling when we'll need them.

    The thugs will own the streets when that happens. No police officer will be safe. It's going to be really ugly.

    Even more evidence why we have to win this war. Lose this one and we lose our country.

    1. Either way, it's going to get ugly. When Trump wins, TPTB will do all it can to "prove" that it was a bad decision by We the People and will do everything to punish us accordingly. In addition to the Free Shit Army not getting their freebies, they'll pull the plug on the current Central Banks' round-robin of money-printing, crashing the stock market, and in turn wiping out middle-classers' 401Ks and retirement funds.
      But, your strategy is sound either way!

      Roger Ramjet

  11. Roger, that kind of makes me put the bulk of my spend on weapons and ammo. Can't eat stocks and money. Can't use it to keep out the filthy hordes that will be coming after our stuff.

    I have a feeling you are right. If Trump wins the losers will riot, loot, burn, destroy, steal and rob to punish us. Hell, they're doing that now. Think how much worse it will get.

    Hopefully a Trump Presidency will reinvigorate law enforcement when they realize the feds have their backs. And the rioters and gibbmedats crowd won't find such an easy ride.

    Might take a while, but I am holding out that we win in the end. But I'm still making provisions.

  12. Have you guys heard what Charles Barkley has to say about these recent happenings? It's spot on, check it out if you haven't read it. BTW, Is Alan Lunn getting goofier by the day?

  13. Alan is completely around the bend. As my old daddy used to say, if I could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he's worth I'd be rich.

    And Sir Charles usually calls it right on the money doesn't he?