Monday, July 4, 2016

Epic Take Down of the Stupid Butt-Hurt Millennials...

It's funny how liberalism effects the minds of so many of the world's delicate little snowflakes.

Give me six minutes of your time today and I'll prove beyond a doubt that liberalism is in fact a mental disorder and it has spread well beyond our own borders.

Here's a little heartfelt message for any of you delicate little flowers that happen to stop by this little blog of ours.

You lost.

Get the hell over it.

And shut the hell up.

Any questions?

Kevin McGinty


  1. I couldn't agree more Kevin, fucking little brats, numb nuts son's of bitches. Liberal assholes.

  2. Where has Hammertime been hiding out??

  3. He's most likely spending time making a living and helping his wife raise those kids.

    With all the left wing influence in the world today you can't take your eyes off those kids for a minute...

  4. It will be a great day when Trump wins the national election in November.... that will send a powerful message across the land of liberals here as it will globally - I applaud Britain for separating from the EU - not sure what it's gonna take to wake these idiots up... don't think a swift kick would do it.

  5. I best log off the computer - got some stuff to get done before hubby gets home - he wants to take the camera out for some night shots of fireworks.... haven't worked with the camera that much on night shots so it's gonna be a "trial and error" kind of thing... if the pics turn out, I'll share them. If not, then you'll know it was a bust.

    I put this over on your blog Kevin, thought I'd share it here too. Can you imagine the nightmare if Hillary gets in, gets the GOP drunk.... makes her deals.... another investigation and she'll "categorically deny everything"....

    Later y'all. Have a fun, safe, and great evening with your families... hugs always, Rikki

  6. Poor little bastards... Somebody should tell them "brexit" wasn't even original.
    The original brexit was in 1776...
    #OGbrexit And why did we leave??????

    But their story is same, all the time. No jobs, they're broke and it's the white man's fault. Meanwhile, let's cheer for fascism, Yea! Fools...

    And as far as hammertime goes, he ain't hiding. Just being eaten alive by responsibility, work and children. It's all good, and thank the Lord for my wife. Raising kids is work!
    Always got your back sarge, and just because ya don't hear from me doesn't mean I'm not watching. Lol.
    And speaking of watching, gotta get ready for the fireworks show.
    And oh Yea, we do it right.....
    Some of you probably already guessed that. Lol

  7. Well I was really checking my natural way of bring some to the front, now maybe I need to try it on KTT.

    Hammertime, hang on to the good life, we know where you are at if we need ya my friend.

    Kevin I would never think about doubting you.

  8. had a few minutes, checked the blog again.... batty's posts have gone *poof*.... again from your blog Kevin.

  9. there were 5 pages on your blog now there are 4.

  10. unless my lap top computer is playing tricks on me.... his comments - all of them are gone from your blog.

  11. Look like maingate is gone too. What in the wide wide world of sports is going on over there.

    Does piss me off though, I got booted with no warning and according to lyin Sherman smith for "multiple abuse warnings" which was a complete lie. But buttstash has comments pulled left and right and still he stays.

    Bunch of slimy ungodly left wing hypocrites. But then that's pretty much all of them, isn't it?

  12. doesn't make sense Safe - they should reinstate you - but you still get your message across to the lefties because they come over here to read what you and the others post.

  13. son is napping, hubby is at work for a little while longer.... house is quiet.... dogs sleeping.... and the neighbors are just beginning to get the show of fireworks started....

  14. You're right Rikki.

    Batshit's, Maingate's,and I think even some of jjjimmmies all went poof...

    Not sure why.

    I don't even bother flagging them anymore.

    Besides I couldn't care less what any of them have to say...

  15. Today is going to be a good day..... just wait and it'll get even better.

    not sure why they went poof unless the mods are having a change of heart over at the journal....

  16. We know that Batt Shit can make post go POOF. Guess those others must have made him mad and made their post g up in smoke also. But I wonder if he has to do them one at a time or can he make a bunch go up at one time?
    And as for then Dim Witt In DC Boy you need to get a life. You spend so much time bashing and putting down us and Ks I dont know how you can even have time or focus on your Government job. Just remember Dim Witt If it wasnt for Kansas you wouldnt be where your at now. SO if you hate us so bad you can always just give it all back and move on. Then you wont beholding to us any more.
    Well hope everyone had a great weekend. Looks like the heat is coming back so stay cool and remember to keep your powder dry.
    And I see where they are saying that the bitch is back. Looks like she is going to walk away from everything. Well Trump is trying to tell them all that the whole thing is rigged. And ole Bill's honey Lynch has got her job for sure now.Shes in the pocket of the Clintons. Hope she knows what happens to people that cross them. And I see where the Dim libs are going to try and shut down the house and be as disruptive as they can be to shut Paul Ryan and the others down . All about guns
    Keep it up you shit heads. People are seeing just how big a bunch of puke you people are.

  17. You nailed it again, Skippey.

    The American people are watching and they're becoming more disgusted by what they're seeing by the day...

  18. Skippy

    Comey's isn't running for president, but I believe he may have done more damage to Hillary than you realize. He did point out what a asshole she is. I hope Trump use every Comey said in ads.

  19. The ungodly lefties will be dancing in the aisles over this one. They see it as a complete rejection of any criminal activity. The truth is Comey said she's a liar and she mishandled classified documents, exactly what we have said all along.

    Anybody that thought there were going to charges doesn't understand this regime. Billy met with Lynch, laid it out for her. She told Comey don't bother with charges and that deal was done.

    That's how this criminal enterprise that passes itself off as the democrat party operates. Always has. Always will. The only people that are too stupid to see it are the mentally ill ungody liberals who are being led by the prince of darkness. But these are the same people that believe killing an unborn baby is "women's heath" and letting muslim terrorists into America without a clue who they are is "who we are" and thinks having 12 to 20 million diseased criminal illegal aliens living in America drawing welfare and wreaking havoc is "economic prosperity".

    So these aren't the smartest people around, now are they?

    And now they are saying the same thing about the House investigation of Benghazi. Cleared her they say. When in fact it showed her for the liar and incompetent she is, and that she acted purely out of political motivations and let four Americans die at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

    Remember, Hillary lied and four died.

    But those brain dead lefties will try to put her in office because they are plainly too stupid to do otherwise.

    It's all up to Trump now. Hope he unloads the nastiest, dirtiest campaign in American history. Hope he rips her to shreds and shows no mercy. That's our only hope.

  20. Exactly.

    Obama clearly won the first time around because of the color of his skin.

    And he won the second time because Mitt Romney was too much of a pussy to take him on because of the color of his skin.

    Love him or hate his guts Trump is the only candidate with enough guts to do what it's gonna take to throw these sons a bitches out on their asses.

  21. SSAH that is on Kevin's blog at CJ now great comment. Take care my friend.

  22. Thanks Sarge. And you can tell butt boy junior bait fish that hell yes I'm saying Comey was in on the fix. In case people haven't noticed just because somebody was appointed by a Republican doesn't mean they are honest. Take a look at the Supreme Court. We have obamacare because John Roberts found it to be constitutional in direct violation of the constitution. And we have sex pervert marriage for the same reason. And they just advanced the cause for killing babies. I don't give a shit who appointed anybody. Wrong is wrong.

    And bait fish boy needs to pull his head out of his ass and read the House Benghazi report. If you don't see the truth there that the Hillbeast is a lying scheming political hack godless left wing liberal who caused the death of four people, then you are too stupid to function in this world and need to just crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under. And I'm looking at you bait boy. I know you read this blog.

  23. I thought Hillary was going to give a speech about herself. Instead I see Obamm doing all the talking. Wonder what she had to give him to get out with her? Obamma doesnt like the Clintons,so it seems strange that he would go all out for her. I guess they made a bed side deal and she will keep all his little laws in place. Obamma Care Hope he got his Obamma Care shots up to date Being around her has left a lot of people in serious health conditions.

  24. Anybody who believes Hillary and Obama jetting off together on Air Force 1 just minutes after today's big announcement is a coincidence just needs to crawl back under that same rock Safe's talking about.

    Oh, new blog is up and running...