Friday, July 1, 2016

Free for all Friday

Well, happy July 4th. Here's a little bluegrass tune for you.

Everybody be safe at home this weekend and watch your fingers. I'm firing up the smoker and cooking some beef short ribs for a weekend feast. Hope everybody is doing something fun.

And God Bless America and all she stands for. Let's get her back from these godless left wing liberals before they trash what's left of her. I owe it to my Grandson to give him the America that has been the light on the hill for the world for 220 some years.


  1. I see now the Left is trying to stop sing of the song at Baseball games saying it is offensive. Good grief they the Liberals won't rest till they remove all american history, assholes.

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  2. They want to stop singing the song God Bless America at the ballgames.

  3. Can't offend those Muslims now, can we...

  4. A happy and safe 4th, everybody.

    I agree, SSAH, it's time to save our country and restore it for our children and grandchildren.

    I see the daily Trump hit piece in the news headlines today: "Donald Trump used money donated for charity to buy himself a Tim Tebow-signed football helmet".

    Not a peep from the media about this:

    Hillary helps sign 20% of our uranium over to the Russians, and in turn the top 9 investors and benefactors "donate" 145 million dollars to the Clinton foundation.

    And of course Bill Clinton flies to Phoenix to play golf in a 100+ degree desert inferno, and just happens to run into Lynch Loretta on the tarmac for a little chat about her grandchildren.

    Most of my relatives that vote will vote for that Human Stain, and they will deride me this weekend for wanting Trump. I can't believe it...

    Roger Ramjet

  5. From a couple of days ago, I am sure a sheer coincidence:!

    Crushed throat, heart attack, ho hum. I guess it's all the same.

    Roger Ramjet

  6. Roger, all I can say is Vince Foster. Getting between Hillary and what she wants is not a good place to be.

  7. It's just the opposite in my family.

    One die hard liberal sister in law and she pretty much keeps her mouth shut about it...

  8. Met up with an old friend of mine this morn. Cute gal, she used to be. She used to have a head on her shoulders, then fell into crank, heavy pot and heavy drinking. Still maintained, somewhat, for her age the last I saw her 8 years ago.

    Picket-fence smile, lurched-over, scabbed up. Gave up. Living off "subsidized housing" Too much meth and drink. She ain't 25, like when we used to do that nonsense...but the smart ones quit. Never grew up.

    Went off about how she would RATHER have had Bernie to vote for...but will have to vote for the lying-piece-of-crap-c-word Shrill. Because Trump is only for "big business".

    WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK PAYS FOR YOUR LAZY-ASS WON'T-WORK DRUNKEN DRUG-ADDICTED dumbass bitch? need to worry my mind wonderingor concerning myself about that lost soul, anymore...I guess. I tried. We parted. I never want the sadness of witnessing her again.


    Just upset.

    What a waste of a perfectly beautiful human being.

    But...exactly where the liberals are steering all the kids.

    The future of the Democrat agenda.

    Unholy, Godless..assholes.

  9. On a slightlylighter note.....

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all you actual AMERICAN PATRIOTS! (The rest of you can fuck off and move to Russia, Venezuela, Cuba....wherever your blackened, hateful, anti-American commie hearts desire! Traitorous assholes).

    (HEY...I DID say "a SLIGHTLY lighter note"..huh?)

    Fuckin' idiot liberals,anyway!

  10. Hubby, younger son, and I went to the Kansas concert at the Expo Center last night. One word -AWESOME!

    we went in the SE entrance and was told we could ride the elevator to the next level up.... got stuck in elevator for about 15 minutes with several other people and no air ciculation. They got us out and we enjoyed the concert.

    Happy 4th of July to everyone - have fun and be safe.

  11. Anybody notice over on the urinal when buttstash commented on the hilarious story about the marine he stole my phrase "if that's all you got".

    I guess that's his admission that he is incapable of original thought so he has to steal from his intellectual and moral superiors.

    #living in his head rent free

  12. I saw that Safe.

    Remember when the voices in his stupid head that told him he was a Zulu Warrior and used the phrase "by any means necessary?"

    I saw that exact same phrase on some black supremacy website the other day.

    He's nothing but a fucking parrot...

  13. batty's comments just went *poof* off of your current blog Kevin...

  14. Well dang. I had a feeling something was up with buttstash. He dropped out of sight then suddenly shows back up full steam buttstash.

    Wonder what happened. In a fair world he got pulled but baitfish boy is still there so who knows.

  15. I told the lefties over on Kevin's current blog that I've placed them all in the trash out back for Wednesday trash day pick up.....

  16. Good morning Rm. 235 family.... I raise my mugs worth of Chocolate Caramel Brownie coffee to you... Have a fun and safe 4th.

    Hubby works tonight but I'll sit out and enjoy the neighbors and they light their fireworks -

    p.s. Whack a Mole is 40 years old this year.... I had lots of fun with those at the arcade years back.