Friday, July 15, 2016

Free for all Friday

Well, it's Friday and not a day too soon. It's the day to talk about anything, but then realistically we do that every day, but this is kind of a tradition.

So I posted a video by some friends of mine. They are Hollywood liberals, but they make great music and I have enjoyed some great conversation, even some politics and shared quite a few beers. It is possible to have liberal friends as long as you all keep an open mind.

So enjoy a nice song and don't let who they are going to vote for ruin it for you.


  1. Well SSAH. I can't stand by and see you out here by yourself. Up and around a little today, Tues I finally get into see the Doc, Hell of a deal when you got 5 days till then and I only have 4 days of meds left. Can't cut them any thinner. And Nice song. Later my friend.

  2. Sarge, hang in there. That is a hell of a deal indeed. Is this the VA or private doc? Seems like there ought to be something to do.

    I swear deadbeats on Medicaid get all the medical service they want and a vet can't get in to see a doctor.

    Something is wrong with this country and it starts with the guy living in the white house and runs through every member of his party.

  3. SSAH, St Francis is where I go, I have good Insurance, and Just got a call from them and they said I can walk in Monday or the weekend and I will be taken right in, I am hoping that I am going to make it till Tuesday, only thing that makes me nervous is the wife, she worries over every cough I come up with. but I understand the coughing is the hardest on me and that is new to this COPD shit. and it comes on unexpectant and zapes the breath. Oh I will hang in there I not ready to give them one foot to put in a grave yet.

  4. Sarge it's just you and me here. Did I run everybody off with the video?

  5. Dang Safe, not sure what we did but it looks like we pissed everybody off...

  6. Well, sometimes I do that. I've already been kicked plum off one blog site so who knows?

  7. But it's all good. I just facetimed my little grandson and I'm starting on my second margarita. Grass is mowed and the weekend is here.

  8. SSAH, Hang in there Pal, I have a good feeling I will be back raising hell and kicking some ass if the assholes show up.

  9. I think we should all be thankful.

    According to the BLM crowd they were going to have mass riots all across the country.

    Called it "A Day of Rage. "

    There's no doubt they can put together enough assholes to cause local trouble.

    But on a national level they fell flat on their asses...

  10. And today would be a really bad day if you were one of those trying to overthrow the Turkish government yesterday...

  11. Personally I was hoping they'd succeed.

    However if you're going to get involved with trying to overthrow your government you'd better make damn sure your plan will work...

  12. Well, sometimes things just get bad enough you gotta go for it. 2 million Muslims immigrated to Turkey and a government taken over by Muslim extremists. The people just had their fill of it.

    Kind of like where we are headed. Clinton wants to bring in a million Muslims more on top of what obama crammed down our throat and the democrat/Muslim party supports her 100%.

    Some point the people say enough. Fortunately we can elect a president who will make America great again. We still have the chance to run these people out of office and take our country back.

    President Trump will put a stop to this crap and reverse as much as possible

  13. Hey Batshit, be sure to wipe the shit off your face when you're done sucking ass...

  14. Good Grief, now I have to worry about if I am dead or everyone else's is dead where everyone go?

  15. Maybe someday buttboy will tell us what Lucy's ass tastes like. Pretty nasty I suspect.

    But while buttboy is kissing it our folks are kicking it. But dismantling her blogs is like shooting fish in a barrel. She is the single most delusional poster on that blog site.

  16. You gotta admit watching someone who likes to come across as a tough guy grovel just to win her approval is awesome...

  17. I read Lucy's bs and batty's crapola.... then I heard on tv that there was some Baltimore Police officers shot at... pissed me off! So I wrote a blog about it.

  18. I always knew ol' Alans dreams about his beloved blogger Lucyfur were of the "moist kind" and now he's got the old CJ editorial board member dreamin too.

  19. The white women said to the black women after shopping if you can guess how many I have in the bag you can have both of them, black women says 3. Well there you have it.

  20. I would think that the three Amigos might want to take a look at what they are posting. Looks like they are trying their best to incite some kind of racist confrontation with their posts. Maybe the POPO needs to be clued in on these people trying to incite a physical confrontation . Just trying to help out before they get a visit from some one they dont know.

    confrontation . a situation in which people, groups, etc., fight, oppose, or challenge each other in an angry way. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary.

  21. Wow...ol' Batshit over at the Urinal just can't quit crowing about his undying support for a racist domestic terrorist group, huh?

    And, his support for them, logically, means he doesn't believe ALL lives ALL, and that cops and others are fair game for those terrorists, spurred on by Obama and the left.

    It's a bit worrisome that we have an angry domestic terrorist supporting racist...right here in Topeka, who continually spews his racist rants over at that pathetic excuse for a newspaper.

    And, to whoever coined "Lucyfur"...well done. I like it (except I would have used an "e" instead of the "u". It's only one letter off from he who she worships, instead of two)!

    Kind of amusing (though pathetic) that some of those brainless wonders over there so highly-praise her idiotic, irrelevant disjointed blogs. Actually...ol' senile Lucyfer kinda reminds me of Trump speaking. Get part-way through to making a point, veer completely off to something else...get part way through that, veer off...etc., until finally...MAY come back to the point trying to made in the first place! Then, again...may not.

    Trump is a terrible orator. Almost as bad as Lucyfer is as a blogger. But, ol' demented Lucyfer is CLEARLY doing the work of Lucifer, as is Obama, Hillary and all the other liberals. they all worship the same pure evil.

    Lucyfer's blogs are 100% pure, unadulterated hypocrisy and stupidity. She doesn't even rate Artie Shaw's Nazi "ver-r-ry interesting...but stupid!" line. Lucyfer is not even "very interesting"! (Though, she and Buttmunch and the others would probably feel downright comfortable in a WWII German uniform!)

  22. Another example of the complete worthlessness of the Urinal?

    THREE "Staff Blogs" by Josh Rouse...ALL about video games, two about that stupid-ass "Pokemon Go" crap!

    THAT'S what Urinal staffers do all day?! Play stupid freakin' video games?!!! Who the hell has time enough to sit around and play idiotic, mind-numbimg video games? Certainly, not someone with "a life"!

    No WONDER they have their heads up their asses, and know zilch about reality!

  23. Oh yeah... and also how CJ's Christian Gin warned about flagging Battlestache.... that's just the nail in the coffin confirmation about their relationship with Batty...

    1. I seen that what a puke little punk ass. Batt done bitch slapped him right down.

    2. Batts just trying his damnest to get some people booted

  24. Buttstash is a troll. Simple as that. He lives to troll Kevin's blog and lure people into responding in a way he can flag and get them booted. It's what he does. It's all he does.

    I think it's pretty clear that the urinal is on his side. When have you ever seen some little goober moderator actually post a warning about flagging one of their little butt buddies? If it can get any clearer than that, I don't see how.

    Just know you are behind enemy lines when you post on the urinal. Anything you get away with, anything that doesn't get pulled is a victory.

    You guys have been pimp slapping buttstash all weekend. You beat him down like a punk. And he just repeats the same things. It doesn't matter. He knows he can do what he wants without fear.

    Remember, the same people that support the black lives terrorist group and ignore their calls to terrorist action are the people deciding who stays and goes on the blog site. So you already know how they feel about you and about the racist terrorists and you know who wins that battle on that blog site.

    Fortunately we have an alternative right here. Say what you want, it will not get pulled. Leftist godless propaganda however, I won't make the same promise.

    Butt boy lives his life to stop discussion and dialog. This is the mantra of the unholy left. They are totalitarians and fascists. No opinions will be allowed except theirs.

    Keep up the fight boys and girls. You're making them look like idiots on their own turf. That's a win in my book.

  25. Looks like the ruskies arent on the Hillary team after all.

  26. Shrillary's disgusting racist, divisive, blame-whites, blame-police (but NEVER condemn BLM...oh NOOOO!)rant to the NAACP attached. Might be good new Urinal blog-fodder?

    Some "lo-lites":

    "The deaths of Alton and Philando drove home how urgently we need to make reforms to policing and criminal justice… how we cannot rest until we root out implicit bias and stop the killings of African-Americans. Because there is, as you know so well, another hard truth at the heart of this complex matter. Many African-Americans fear the police."

    "We must reform our criminal justice system because everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the law. And let’s admit it, there is clear evidence that African- Americans are disproportionately killed in police incidents compared to any other group."

    NO...that is a LIE!

    "And African-American men are far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes and sentenced to longer prison terms than white men convicted of the same offenses.
    These facts tell us something is profoundly wrong. We can’t ignore that, we can’t wish it away. We have to make it right. That means end-to-end reform in our criminal justice system, not half measures, but a full commitment with real follow-through."

    So...there we have the "blame police" angle.

  27. More divisive blame-throwing from the Shrill at the divisive racist organization, NAACP:

    "That’s why we also need to fix the crisis of mass incarceration, eliminate the disparity in sentencing between crack and powder cocaine, dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline that starts in school and diverts too many African-American kids out of school and into the criminal justice system, instead of giving them the education they deserve to have."

    More blame police, for arresting people who use and distribute dangerous illegal drugs.

    And, Shrill? That is the LIBERALS' public school system that is failing! YOU people created THAT freakin' mess!

    So...the "blame failing schools" angle (when it's the product of liberalism, in the first place".

  28. Even more nonsense from the Shrill:

    "People deserve a real shot at an interview instead being told no right out of the gate. And then beyond criminal justice, we must, we must fight for common-sense reforms to stop gun violence. This is, by far, gun violence, by far the leading cause of death for young African-American men outstripping the next nine causes of death combined. The wrong people, the wrong people keep getting their hands on guns, and not just any guns, military weapons like the kind the Dallas shooter had which allowed him to outgun the police."

    The "blame an inanimate object" anti-gun..."especially military weapons like the Dallas shooter" bullshit angle.

  29. Finally, the "white-guilt" blame-whites, with a little "blame-police" hatred thrown in:

    "We white Americans need to do a better job of listening when African-Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day. We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility rather than assume that our experiences are everyone’s experiences. We all need to try as best we can to walk in one another’s shoes, to imagine what it would be like to sit our son or daughter down and have the talk about how carefully they need to act around police because the slightest wrong move could get them hurt or even killed."

    Hey...BITCH! YOU people are the ones fueling all this divisive crap, supporting terrorist organizations like BLM, and refusing to blame murdering perps! YOU are the ones refusing to listen to "America", including people of all races. YOU are the ones inciting all these police shootings and violent, destructive protests all over the country.

    All own.

    So...STFU, and just go away. Preferably, to prison, where you belong.

  30. Actually...FINALLY:

    "We are hosting more than 500 register ration events this week across the country. We’re going to minor league baseball games, college campuses, barbershops, hair salons, street corners and with those we cannot connect with in person, we have created an online one- stop shop voter registration tool in English and Spanish. We actually have a recruiter here today. He has got a table set up in the hall. We are hiring paid organizers to help us get out the vote and get our message across."

    The citizenship qualification worksheet:

    #7 reads: "I can read, write and speak basic English" "True"=next step. "Not true"=STOP!

    OK...I don't understand this. If basic English is required to become a citizen, and you MUST be a citizen to vote...then why have they "created an online one-stop shop voter registration tool in English and Spanish"?

    Why would they need Spanish?

    Dem voter drive:

    "Vote Early! Vote OFTEN! Vote if you're not a citizen! Vote if you are DEAD! Vote using a phony ID!"

    That's why.

  31. I'm getting really sick of this crap from the left that these two shootings were just unjustified murders of black men by cops. No discussion needed, no further truths need to be revealed. That fits the narrative so that's what we accept.

    Fact is both of these shootings were much more complicated than the first glance tells.

    The guy who it is claimed had a CCL. No CCL has been produced. Only a claim. And he had a gun in his lap. No CCL holder would ride in a car with a gun in his lap unless he had ill intentions. That's a thug move. And if a cop is approaching your vehicle and you have a gun in your lap you damn sure better not move your hands toward it. That's a shooting, and a well deserved one.

    And the guy who was "shot for selling CDs". There's as much truth in that as saying John Wilkes Booth was shot for hiding in a barn. He was a gang banging violent thug with a 47 page rap sheet. Violent felonies. He had a trunk full of bootleg stolen cigarettes. He had a gun. He resisted arrest and tried to go for his gun. They tased him to no effect. Here's a little tip for you. When being arrested by the police going for your gun will get you shot pretty much every time.

    So for obama to tell us that if the police would just admit to being racist killers then his people wouldn't have to be murdering them and everything would be well. That's true Chicago style politics at it's fines. Just do what we say and we won't have to kill you.

    And hillary basically says the same thing. These people are unfit to hold office. These people are unfit to walk among normal people. These people are godless radical left wingers who are seeking to destroy our country, and I'm frankly disgusted to imagine they have the support of a single person in this country, let alone millions.

    This whole situation is sickening. And I can't help but think most Americans feel the same way. They aren't out rioting and protesting and forming groups to march in the street. That's because we work and take care of our families so we don't have time for that anarchist crap. The voices we keep hearing from are the unemployed welfare collecting lazy worthless government dependent sorry excuses for human beings. Of course people who depend on sucking everything they need from the working people of America support the party that promises to suck even more from us to hand them.

    America is collapsing from within. If we don't stop it this election the end will be in sight.

    Vote Trump!!!

  32. I'm going to be really honest with you. If hillary wins this election I may just drop out of sight blogging wise. I think that would be a really good sign we have passed the point of no return for America.

    I think privacy would be a thing of the past for Conservatives. I think we would be outed, exposed and shut down. I think our jobs would be in danger. I think we would feel the whole weight of the oppressive totalitarian monolith that would be following soon. I don't think any of us would be tolerated.

    Please take some time and read the book 1984. This book will chill you to the bone when you realize this is exactly where we are headed.

    I think if hillary wins this election that is a clear sign the American experiment begun so long ago has come to an end.

    Remember, Ben Franklin when describing the government they gave us said "A Republic, if you can keep it". If we see this fascist elected to the highest office in our land I think that's a pretty clear sign we have not kept it. We have lost it.

    And frankly, I think it would be a good time to drop out of the public eye and begin the work that will be done quietly without drawing attention.

    Remember this. When the founders promoted a revolution against the legitimate government of the colonies about a third of the people favored it. About a third of the people were loyalists to the King and opposed it. About a third just didn't care and wanted to be left alone and not bothered.

    Probably not far from what it is today. But we have an America today because those few bold men persevered and fought the tyrant. And now a bunch of welfare mooches have been bought and paid for with food stamps and government cheese and will sell their souls to keep the gravy train running.

    It won't be easy, but it might be a good time to keep your head down for a while. Just saying. I would like to remain safe at home if you know what I mean. I don't want to wait for that knock at the door late some night.

  33. SSAH that has been posted on Kevin's blog. Worth it for sure.

  34. Poor little campus garbage baby snowflakes at Cleveland College blew a gasket because the Chancellor offered to house 1,700 of the police officers there to protect the Republican convention.

    The poor little campus garbage babies started crying and whining because they felt "unsafe" because of all those police officers on their campus. All they usual garbage baby crap they always spout. And as always, the chancellor bent over and took it up the rear from them and provided counseling for their poor little traumatized selves and offered to find them alternate housing while the police officers are there.

    How in the wide wide world of sports did it come to this? College students thinking they are traumatized because they are "unsafe" in the presence of 1,700 police officers. Good God. Is this really what it's come to?

    I don't know how other sane rational people feel, but I think I would feel about as safe as it is possible to feel surrounded by 1,700 armed police officers.

    These people are completely crazy. Insane. And they are college students who will someday be running the country. And some of them no doubt vote.

    God help us. Or maybe this is His punishment of us for allowing this to happen. I don't really know anymore.

  35. I created a petition for the White House to be turned blue to honor the Law Enforcement Officers who have been injured and murdered in the line of duty.....

    That is the link to my petition. Please sign my petition.


  36. question.... I can't seem to access cj.... but I can access other things (i.e. email, my petition page, facebook, and the bunker).... am I alone in noticing that CJ isn't accessible??

  37. guess it was "technical difficulties" at the other website... I was able to read up on Kevin's blog a few mins ago.


  38. In yet another completely ignorant, hypocritical, poor attempt at a blog, Lucyfer has this title:

    "Fascism: An authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy)"

    Then...goes on to blast Trump.

    Meanwhile, she has vehemently defended "authoritarian" Obama, and his "fascist" regime this past 8 years, as they went about cramming things through, disrespecting the Constitution, stirring up hate and divisiveness, and outright lying to the American people.

    "I've got a pen, and I've got a phone". Obama

    “We will go through the gate. If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, we will parachute in. But we are going to get health care reform passed for the American people for their own personal health and economic security and for the important role that it will play in reducing the deficit.” Pelosi

    "In many cases, Obama's exercise of authoritarian power is criminal. His executive branch is responsible for violations of the Arms Export Control Act in shipping weapons to Syria, the Espionage Act in Libya, and IRS law with regard to the targeting of conservative groups." Ben Shapiro

    Obama has had the MOST authoritarian regime in our history.

    I guess that makes him "an uber-fascist".

    And, Lucyfer loves him.


  39. The reason I started my petition is that I feel that the Obama Administration can do much more that what it has in regard to the needless violence towards our law enforcement. I know this won't bring back the law enforcement officers who were brutally murdered and it won't undo the injuries that those who survived are recovering from is my hope that this will bring more people together and work towards a viable solution to end the violence towards our law enforcement.

    I not only started the petition but I also contacted Obama with my request to turn the White House blue and included the link to my petition. We'll see if I receive a reply.

    Hugs to everyone -

  40. Nunya I slipped that on to Lucy's blog, only changed a few words.

  41. Well Rikki, I signed your petition a little while ago but I hope you don't get your hopes up too high.

    Trying to reason with that SOB is like trying to get Batshit to be a decent human being...

  42. Thank you Kevin. Hugs. I agree with you and I'm not getting my hopes up..... but I wanted to make a genuine effort beyond what I post here and on cj, and facebook to try to see if little old me - Rikki - could do something to help our law enforcement folks.

  43. Rikki, I signed your petition. But I'm like Kevin. This president is as anti-police as you can get. Remember, this guy is a product of the sixties radicals who groomed him and paved his way. He is a product of the generation whose rallying cry was "off the pigs" as we heard from one of Obama's closes advisors, Al Sharpton, avowed racist, criminal and tax cheat as well as close personal friend to barack Hussein Obama.

    We are living in crazy times. The ungodly left has run wild now with the prompting of a leader in the white house. They have accomplished more of their goal of the destruction of America in seven years than they did in the past fifty.

    And the war will be lost if hillary gets elected. We can kiss everything we love and cherish about this country goodbye. That's not hyperbole, that's not crazy talk, that's reality.

    Just read the comments by the ungodly left wingers over on the urinal. Their spiritual leader, lucyfer is completely nuts. Over the top delusional. She can't tell the truth from the voices in her head. All she does is repeat left wing platitudes she reads on left wing websites.

    Keep fighting. Thanks Rikki, you are doing your part.

  44. If you want to see the contrasting pictures of America, watch the democrat convention next week.

    You'll see speakers who will tell us what a terrible place America is. You'll hear from illegal aliens who came here illegally, who are living off our welfare system telling us what a bunch of hateful racists we are.

    You'll hear from professional victims who will promote and advance the lie of hands up don't shoot. Whe will lecture us on how evil and racist the police are.

    You'll hear from people who will tell you how unfair America is. People who hate us and everything we believe in.

    Contrast that with the Republican convention. You won't see the proud presentation of the colors. The singing of the national anthem with everybody standing at attention with hands over their hearts. You won't hear the pledge of allegiance.

    And if you hear God's name mentioned, expect like last time to hear booing and hissing.

    I won't watch it. It makes me want to throw up to see these people unleashed. They are traitors to our country and most of them should be in jail, not at a political convention.

  45. Thank you Safe.... hugs to you also.

  46. Look out Kevin! You've got the buttplug boy "celebrating" with you over on the urinal on your endorsement of Keen.

    Maybe you should remind him of how many votes he cost him in the Governor's race with his pandering trolling attacks on everybody demanding they vote for him? I'm pretty sure he turned off a lot of people who might have given him a look.

    Having buttstash campaigning for you in the buttstash style is about like having the Fred Phelps clan endorse you. All things considered you're better off with him on your team.

  47. Damn safe I post a comment over on cj that is almost the same as what you said, Well that proves great minds think alike. If I remember right Mr Keen came out and scolded Battshit and said he didn't need his support.

  48. You are right Sarge. Keen visited the blog to ask buttstash to STFU basically. He was trying to get people to listen to his ideas and he quickly figured out buttjob was driving people away from him.

    People who might have given him a listen tuned him out after buttboy harassed everybody and demanded they vote for him.

    Having an asshole like that pretending to speak on your behalf does you no good at all.

    And I'm still not convinced buttboy was even sincere anyway. I think he was just trying to drive Republican voters to vote for anybody but Governor Brownback. He knew they wouldn't vote for the godless left wing extremist that was the democrat party candidate.

    I generally assume anything buttstash says is a lie because all he is is a particularly nasty troll who has the agenda of shutting up the voices that are doing harm to the godless left wing movement to destroy America. And that's us.

  49. Trust me, Safe I'll be treading very carefully on today's cj blog.

    In fact I'll probably pull a Lucy and steer completely away from it.

    The last thing I want to happen is for it to become another shit-fest.

    Oh, and I apologize for not being around much the last few days.

    Between my schedule and the heat this old man's had his ass handed to him.

    Anyway, new blog is finally up and running...