Thursday, July 21, 2016

Free For All Friday...


Obviously you guys have all heard about Melania Trump's plagiarism scandal that rocked the world.

If you took the godless, America hating leftists word for it this was one of the worst scandals to ever hit America.

The media reported on it all day every day for three or four straight days in a row,

We even had our stupid little anonymous friend trying to get in on the act yesterday.

Did her speech contain a couple sentences out of a speech that piece of crap Moochele Obama gave a few years ago?

Of course.

But she probably figured it was okay since The Race Baiter In Chief has been doing the exact same thing for years now.

Funny thing is how no one in the media ever mentioned that though.

Check out today's video and see for yourself...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Good morning Batshit you asshole! Wherever you are.

  2. Wow...Emperor O doesn't even TRY to change the words!

    Yes,,,there he is. Plagiarizer-in-chief...the unholy, anti-American, anti-Christian, cop-hating, military-hating, , divisive, racist, socialist, violence-antagonizing president of the United States of America...Barack Hussein Obama!

    ("! I have no good ideas or...or words of my I...I...uhh...I COMPLETELY rely on speechwriters, teleprompters and the speeches of others to spread socialist propaganda!")

    Oh...and Sarge? Buttstash can't hear you. His head is deep into the Gin. (Having a gay ol' time!)

  3. Well Nunya, I damn sure HEAR YOU!! :)

  4. Me too. I look forward to hearing from Nunya every morning. Kind of gets me started with what will otherwise be a pretty mundane day.

  5. So now we will get to hear the ungodly left wind up and start slinging the excrement. Racist. Homophobe. Haters. Blah blah blah.

    See, the fact is they have nothing to say about any of the issues Trump presents. Flat economy. 47 million on food stamps. Over $19 trillion national debt. Deficit pushing a trillion again. Record numbers of people out of the work force and on welfare. Record numbers of people collecting fake disability from Social Security (Remf? Am I right?)

    A world less safe where our friends don't trust us and our enemies don't fear us. Terrorism growing. Attacks growing worse.

    America less safe. Terrorists being invited into our country and given welfare to support themselves while they plot against our country. Millions of illegal aliens collecting welfare and hiding in the open with no fear of being deported, and no fear of committing crimes because they know nothing happens. Police officers being murdered in the streets and the president telling them it's their own fault.

    The first president ever to have an entire term with virtually no growth to the GDP.

    A candidate from the godless democrat party who is a confirmed liar, a threat to national security, a cheat, a con woman who took millions in bribes as Sec of State to do favors for foreign interests. Who is married to a serial sex predator. Whose actions led to the loss of American lives in Benghazi.

    And all we hear from the left is tears and sidewalk chalk. Do you hear them dispute the policy issues? Nope. You hear chants of racism. Do they admit the economy is terrible? Nope. They lie and tell us it's doing just fine. Job creation for some phony number of months they say. They fail to tell us that job losses have exceeded that number and that's why we have the same number of people not working as we did at the end of the recession. And that phony job creation is a bunch of part time jobs for people who want to work.

    All they have is to attack the character of Mr Trump. And it's all lies. But that's all they got, so that's what they go with.

    This campaign is going to get really ugly. I guess we'll see if America wants to regain it's position as the world leader, and have a thriving growing land of opportunity again, or if they're happy picking up the scraps the leviathan drops on the floor for them. When half of America works for a living and the other half votes for a living it's not good. And thanks to ungodly left wingers the voting for a living sponges are starting to outnumber us working stiffs.

  6. Sorry, Safe I took that and had it posted to OBF on cj, couldn't help myself. Great is Great don't ya know?

  7. SSAH, well I really gave it to IWNGU, for some reason that Dude thinks just like me, must be a Military thing. :)

  8. Well Good Morning Bunker friends. And a big finger for all the CJ pukes.
    And speaking of the urinal. I see that ole auntie Em is having a live blog. And of all things The RNC. Now just how stupid are these pukes at the CJ. They really think we are going to trust them in a OPEN blog? Ha Ha He He Get real you scum bags. And some one from CJ needs to tell that little scum bag boy friend of Batt Shit, that he will get pimples from sucking on Batt Shit.And he wont have a job very long. Batt will puke him out his ass when he gets tred of him.
    Other wise you all stay cool this weekend.

  9. Sarge, I'm glad that IWNGU guy is over there since you can't post there. That's nice of him to post the stuff you forward to him. If you see him, tell him I appreciate it. He sounds like a great guy, maybe he can come to the next summit.

  10. Yup maybe Safe good lord willing. :)

  11. You can bet one thing, they are furiously re-writing Clinton's speech and juggling their convention line up after the positive response to Trumps speech.

    They are actually scared that he could win now.

    Remember when they were begging us to nominate Trump? How it would just hand the election to the Democrats all wrapped up in a bow?

    I do.

  12. I remember it well, PHenry.

    And since I'm on record as being an asshole I'll take great delight in rubbing it in their faces...

  13. I'd really hate to one of their speech writers.

    How in the hell do you convince people to trust someone to fix the problems they created?

  14. I have all I can do to keep from puking every time hillary opens her mouth, I have no idea if I will be able to tune into the Hillary convention even to see her make a bigger fool of herself, Say don't forget to see the movie as soon as you can (Hillary's America), how anyone could cast a vote for that lowlife bitch is beyond me.

  15. You can bet one thing, they are furiously re-writing Clinton's speech and juggling their convention line up after the positive response to Trumps speech.

    They are actually scared that he could win now.

    Remember when they were begging us to nominate Trump? How it would just hand the election to the Democrats all wrapped up in a bow?

    I do.

  16. Don't worry, Sarge.

    I'm on vacation again next week and I'll be watching the whole thing.

    I'll keep you posted...

  17. Kevin cool, I am sure you would be passing on to me the truth, Then again I am sure shitheadstarman will be give us play by play bullshit. Asshole prick that he is.


    I posted this over at Cj. I'm curious if some ignorant liberal would like add anything in response. And maybe we can break it down, (labor participation rates under Obama, that it) and add some racial/cultural demographics?
    And at the bunker, we don't have to be cucks to post!
    We can be real.....
    I think it would fun.

    Trump 2016...

  19. what a wonderful thought - after Trumps win in November and idiots like batty, starfish, and those of like minded idiocy.... when they have to refer to Trump as 'Mr. President'....

    let's hope that Hillary doesn't pull an Al Gore and demand recount.

  20. The demise of the Urinal is too bad. I don't know why they make the business choice to automatically alienate at least half of their potential market, but I guess that's what stupid socialist commies do.
    I didn't renew since a couple of months ago and refuse to do so while they support Lucinda the Dolt and other left wing extremists.
    I would like to find out about local events and then support local businesses with my dollars, but I refuse to support such a socialist commie pile of shit like the Capital Journal.

  21. Looks like some one got Batt Shit all worried and he called in his attack punk Gin. Poor little guy doesnt have a clue as to what is coming to him from Batt. Better keep that lip hair clean and neat. Batt doesnt like to get his twinkie tickeled

  22. You folks are doing a great job over there! 526 at last count on Kev's OBF! And then, we have...this:

    Christian Gin 07/24/16 - 06:56 pm
    "No idea..Not sure if someone was trying to bait me using my surname. Careful people."


    Someone put the pacifier back in that punk's piehole, please! Bat must have pulled "it" out!

    Whiny little insignificant third-rate "journalist", anyway.

  23. (Spoof alert!)

    Greetings! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Islam Beer, and I am the new fresh-from-college (liberal-indoctrination-center) intern at the Urinal!

    I am a classic under-achievement young person, who feels entitled to absolutely EVERYTHING, and know absolutely NOTHING about the real world!

    The only job I could find is as a lowly weekend blog monitor at the Urinal, and I am proud to have gotten this job...although I would have preferred to suck COMPLETELY off the taxpayers and my parents until my early retirement!

    As blog moderator, I must warn those without a 100% liberal point-of-view that I will NOT tolerate anything that myself, or my boyfriend, Battlestache, deems "offensive".

    I will make up the rules as I go, and allow Battlestache free rein to do as he please, to be offensive, to constantly repeat his messages, to "target" others, and to break any and all "Rules of Civility" as set forth by the Urinal, and modified by myself and Battlestache.

    I will allow no online "sidewalk chalk", and any word WE choose to find objectionable WILL result in revocation of posting privileges, or an outright ban from out website, with or without warning.

    It is not my duty to explain the violation to anyone who has a post pulled, or is suddenly banned.

    You will have to figure that out for yourself, and it may just be because I, or my boyfriend, Battlestache, just do not like you.

    It's OUR sandbox, and we will determine all the rules, as we go.

    So, now that all that is perfectly clear, I welcome EVERYONE and ANYONE to join us in the Urinal blogs, so that we may have civil discourse and discuss issues important to all of us!

    To those who try to shine a light on the truth, and who disagree with our mind-control-programmed leftist policies..."Careful people".

    Welcome to the improved Urinal blog site!

    ("...has anyone seen my pacifier? I need it when Bat isn't around. Oh?...oh, yeah. That buttplug will work just fine!")

  24. One more thing:

    Christian Gin 07/24/16 - 06:56 pm
    "No idea..Not sure if someone was trying to bait me using my surname. Careful people."

    Careful. People. This means YOU...conservatives!

    Added to the ever-expanding list of banned words and phrases at the Urinal, are the words "Christian", and "Gin".

    ONLY in the context of addressing Christian Gin, AND in a praising manner, and not in any disagreeing or dergoatory manner that may cause him to scuttle to his "safe space", can either of those two words be allowed.

    "Christians" may no longer be referred to as such, but any hateful, abusive or nasty name for those who practice Chrsitianity WILL be allowed...even encouraged by the unholy leftists who run the Urinal...per the "First Amendment".

    HOWEVER...absolutely NO offensive words or descriptions, or "targeting the actions of" Muslims or Islam WILL BE TOLERATED!

    "Gin" may not be used in casual converation, such as "a ginned-up charge", or anything of that nature.

    Both of those words are now "de facto copyrighted" by "Christian Gin" on the Urinal website, and either or both words shall be used ONLY to respectfully address, or refer to, him.

    And, to avoid being booted, avoid using either word for ANYTHING else. And, avoid challenging his agenda and ideas, and do not try to contradict or prove wrong anything he writes, despite clear evidence of the truth.

    "Be careful".

    Have a good day!

  25. Damn it one of my favorite drinks use to be Gin and squirt. Well I guess I could say vodka and orange juice now.

  26. Want to bet that's not even his real name? Just some BS that Batt Shit and the urinal came up with. Kid cant be very smart. Hes letting some fagot lead him around like a little whore.

  27. They are just using him and named him that. So if you use the word "Christian" it will be their excuse to boot you off for Targeting him or some other BS excuse.

  28. It's been a while since I stopped in the ole bunker. Seems like you folks are taking care of business as usual. Hillbillary sure is one corrupt lying criminally diabolical bitch. Now shes claiming that she's a victim, and the at the republican convention, "they were just saying unfounded and untrue things about me". You just can't make this shit up. Unbelievable!!

  29. I'm not sure playing "the poor little woman" card is the wisest thing to do...

  30. Hell Kevin she is not poor and I have zero proof that she is a woman.