Wednesday, July 6, 2016

You'd Think After Such an Epic Victory Hillary Would be Running to Every Microphone She Could Find...

According to Hillary Clinton and her brain loyal brain-dead followers (think Alan Lunn) Tuesday's announcement was a huge victory.

Time to move on, they say.

It's time to get down to the business of screwing the American people.

The first thing most politicians do after winning such a huge victory is to hold a press conference.

Gotta get in front of those mics.

It's time for a victory lap.

It's time to announce to the world that they were right all along.

I guess it's different when your so-called victory proved once and for all that you really, truly are the same no good, fucking liar your critics have been saying you were all along.

It's been more than seven months since that bitch held a press conference and I'll bet you she won't do another one between now and election day either.

Why should she?

I mean all you have to do is look no further than the brain dead sons a bitches over at that other website that'll worship her regardless of what she does.

Like Safe said the other day.

These are the same bastards that call shoving scissors into the back of a babies skull and sucking it's brains out, "Women's Health."

Well, that might not be exactly what he said or how he said it but it's close enough for me.

Oh, Fish Face. You were babbling on about Putin and Trump.

Check out today's second photo on the right side of the blog.

Fuck you, that's why...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Good morning bunker people. Damn wish I could sleep one full night.

  2. Good morning Sarge.

    We have one hell of a over here in my neighborhood.

    Trees down power pole next door down across the street with power lines hanging across the tops of people's houses.

    Fire trucks and cops blocking the street off.

    No power and probably won't have any for a long ass time.

    The worst part is that I don't have any coffee and no way to fix any...

  3. sorry to hear about the power out over there Kevin..... hoping your able to get out and head over to some place for some coffee soon.

    Sarge, good morning - hoping that you feel better soon.

  4. Kevin, we must live in the same area. We were without power and limbs down everywhere. I understand it was a pretty limited area.

    Same problem with the coffee. I had to stop at Dillons Starbucks on the way to work and buy coffee.

    My worry is the refrigerators and the freezer thawing out. Hope they get the power back on soon. I don't get food stamps, I have to pay for my own food so I don't like wasting it. Guess the godless democrats out there don't worry about it. They just reload the food stamp card and we buy them a new refrigerator full of steak and sodas.

  5. And on to the topic at hand. Interesting thing about the Hillary supporters. They don't seem to be the least bit affected by any kind of facts or truth. They apparently lack the cognitive reasoning ability to figure out this woman is a lying bitch who has robbed the American people blind for her whole life.

    I heard her this morning talking to her trained seals, throwing them some fish as it were so they would clap and bark, and she's talking shit on Donald Trump. Greedy she says. He made money she says. What a terrible thing she says. This from a huckster who made a hundred million dollars giving speeches to Wall Street and selling favors as Sec of State.

    She says Trump's casinos in Atlantic City went broke. And she says now he wants to do to the American Economy what he did to his businesses.

    I sure the hell hope so. Guy made 11 billion with a B billion bucks running those businesses. She has never earned an honest dollar in her life. Yeah, I think I want a guy running the country who knows how to run businesses and make money. Not a shrew harridan who only knows how to lie, cheat and steal. That's what we've had for 7 years and that hasn't worked too well has it? Unless you're one of the millions of bottom feeding sponges who suck their existence from the government feed trough that us working stiffs pay for.

    Damn, listening to that woman makes my blood boil. And reading brain dead low functioning morons like Alan Lunn just makes me realize I have to share this world with people who without our help would probably starve to death. Sometimes I think old Shockley had a good idea. The Theory of Degenerative Evolution. The lowest intelligent among us are having the most kids and dragging down the gene pool. How else can you explain all the Hillary supporters?

    Maybe a little chlorine in the gene pool? Just sayin......

  6. And by the way. Our rules for protecting classified information exist for a very good reason. To keep it out of the hands of our enemies. Hillary disregarded those rules and her supporters think it's fine.

    I suspect anybody who supports that position may well be supporting the other side. Certainly not supporting America. It's called treason, by the way.

    1. Safe, you're right.... it is treason. and I sincerely hope that the committee in Washington currently grilling Comey comes to that same conclusion.

  7. Listening to the hearing. Some stupid female Lib saying that Trump is the problem Jeez do these people ever take a minute and think about what they are saying. Bring up Trump just shows how scared they are.

  8. Yes it is. But these people are just too fucking stupid to see it ...

  9. Remember the big argument the godless lefties were having over on the urinal where they were claiming California was thriving because they elected all those democrats? Land of milk and honey they claimed.

    Well, I just ran across some data that kind of disputes that. Here you go.

    62% of California roads are rated poor or mediocre.

    The high speed rail project is already having huge cost overruns and they haven't built a single mile of it yet.

    One third of Bay area residents polled said they hoped to leave the area as soon as possible.

    California state taxes, sales, income, and gas are the highest in the nation. California K-12 education is rated near the bottom in the country.

    One in three welfare recipients in America is living in California. Almost a quarter of the population lives below or near the poverty line. But the state's gas and electricity rates are among the nation's highest.

    One fourth of the state's residents were not born in the U.S.

    The state's current pension program is unsustainable.

    Nearly half of vehicle accidents in California are hit and run due to unlicensed illegal aliens running from the scene.

    So this is seen as a successful economy by the godless illiterate liberals? Only two explanations for that strange conclusion.

    They probably see that as successful since their goal has always been to drive as much of America as possible into poverty so they depend on the government. A country of indentured servants is easier to control. California is a wet dream for them. Massive numbers of welfare recipients who vote democrat.

    The other possibility is they are just plain too stupid to see what is wrong with California. They have no idea what the truth is, and have no desire to find the truth. They just ignorantly repeat talking points they hear from other brainless liberals without having the faintest idea if they are true or not.

    I say either one is a pretty good guess to explain these people and just how twisted their brains are.

  10. Well my power just now came on been over 6 hours. and a little Icing on the cake, the top of my tree is now on top of my shed, hope everyone is okay!!!

  11. Well after listening to these female Lib Democrates I have come to believe that four letter words dont to them justice. They just plain Cant Understand Normal Thinking

  12. Sarge, sounds like you and me and Kevin all live near each other. That was a fairly small area that got hit with the storm. Sounds about like what I've got all around my neighborhood.

    Have to figure out where we all live. Be funny if we were neighbors.

  13. Now I know why some people are racist. Listening to the black people talking and asking questions.

  14. Good news over my way.

    Not sure how but even though that power pole is still laying on it's side and power lines all over the place my power just came back on.

    The timing couldn't have been better either.

    I just finished mowing and my old ass is gonna soak up some AC...

  15. SSAH, 34th and Kiowa. Hell in my younger days I could almost throw a ball across the highway to Kevins.

  16. And in my younger days I'd be able to see you throwing it...

  17. Man you guys are close. Vicinity of 25th and Fairlawn for me. Vicinity is a relatively accurate description...
    I'm just on the western edge of the damage for the most part. Neighbor across the street lost a forty foot oak tree. But amazingly no power loss.
    Glad you guys getting through it okay. Now I must excuse myself to attend to my yard and debris. And gee, I'm so glad I got to wait until after work to do it. It's so pleasantly warm outside.
    Later folks....

  18. Well, we're close but not exactly next door. I'm about two blocks north of Crestview park.

    Hell, we're all neighbors, more or less.

    Haven't heard from the wife so I assume still no power. Lots of trees and lines down over my way.

  19. CBS news link on the hearing

    "2:30 p.m. Comey tells Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, that there’s “no doubt” that some of Clinton’s lawyers who sifted through her emails did not have security clearance.

    “Did Hillary Clinton give non-cleared people access to classified information?” Chaffetz asked.

    Tweet by Brian Fallon
    “To be clear, the lawyers who sorted through Clinton’s emails had Top Secret-level clearance.”
    1:33 pm – 7 Jul 2016"

    Between the two....Comey and Fallon.... I'd take Comey's word as truth to the question that Rep. Chaffetz asked in the hearing today.

  20. Hey Kevin

    Fantastic picture, second from the top. And just so you know, you always changing the furniture up around here is a huge plus. Kudos.
    I like posting here, but I certainly look forward to the memes and pictures you pin up.
    Keep it up brother!

  21. Our little dip friend over on that other website kept babbling on about Trump and Putin yesterday.

    Take a wild ass guess where that photo's going to appear tomorrow...

  22. Good morning.Power off here from 4:30 am until 7:30 pm. A few LARGE branches from tree...but nothing hit thankful for that. Need to find a chainsaw! Guess it's to the home stores tonight!

    Hey! How's about those BLM folks, folks?! Looks like Obama's racist "Civilian Army" is coalescing, and doing live-round training down in Dallas.

    Boy...the consequences a community agitator in total power can unleash when he goes full-tilt hatred and divisive, huh?

    Death toll has risen overnight. Dallas has become an active war zone, with the police on one side, and murdering, racist, socialist ObamaZombies on the other.

    Getting nearer Election Day. Remember my predictions of the "possibility" of those anti-American assholes ramping things up to suspend the election?

    May be, unfortunately and needlessly, a bloody summer.

    Assholes. (The ones who support Obama, and will support a proven lying, dangerous, traitorous wench in November...IF elections even held. Maybe that's why they aren't so worried about the Shrill? They have it all planned...and KNOW Trump won't get it, Shrillary won't get it. Emperor O remains in power?)

    Have a nice day!

  23. Well I see the police have been bushwhacked in Texas, many dead. and to boot it was involving Black lives matter mob.

  24. New blog finally up and running...