Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Democrats have taken the black vote for granted one election cycle too long...

Quote of the day:

"Hillary Clinton has to do literally zero to get the African-American vote."

Battshit  over on that other website 8/28/16

I don't have a lot of time this morning so I'm just going to post this one video as one small example of what I'm working on for tomorrow's blog.

It's always been a given that African-American voter overwhelmingly support the democrat party.

All the democrats really ever had to do was to make a few promises and the deal was done.

And maybe if they hadn't so stupidly nominated one of the most disgusting candidates to come along in a lifetime that'd still be the case today.

Obviously there's a lot I don't know.

But what I do know is that Donald Trump's outreach to the black community is literally driving the left Battshit Crazy.

Kevin McGinty


  1. Oh and Battshit, we all know you're lurking around in the shadows.

    You got something on your mind?

    Don't be a pussy.

    Just say it...

  2. And Battshit, this barely scratches the surface of the number of people walking away from your beloved democrat party.

    You couldn't possibly have picked a worse candidate.

  3. Better get used to the idea of saying President Trump...

  4. Hey battshit remember me prick, trust me you know I am still kicking your ass over on CJ don't you PUKE.

  5. What ever happen to baby Starboy? Anyone know or does anyone even care? hahahahah

  6. Well...blacks are not used to hearing anything close to "truth" from politicians...from either side.

    Entrenched Republicans are afraid to speak truth about the plight of the black people...afraid to expose the truth about liberal policy that is meant to keep them down and enslaved to the Democrat party, and afraid to offer the necessary solutions to turn this mess around. The necessary solutions will take the black community to recognize their own complicity in this mess, own up to it, and work to rectify it. Too many broken families, too much violent influence, too much blame against innocent people, too much "entitled to...gimme gimme"...all ingrained into them by the liberal hate-machine, to continue to divide and destroy, instead of dealing with it, and healing from it. Plus, some are so ignorant, they might feel like they are percieved as "pandering to blacks" because they think that their own constituency may feel blacks are being favored, and they may lose votes. Basically, they are actually being racist, by accusing their white constituency of being racist, so the end result is butting-heads perpetual racism. Dumbasses.

    The liberals are just being liberals. Lies, racism, divisiveness, power - and money-hungry 1%er socialist-commie liberals trying to destroy America from within. And, they've got the black voters convinced by their lies and broken promises, accepting crumbs thrown at them, while the liberal elite sit in their ivory towers, looking down upon them with disdain, and laughing all the way to the bank.


    Now, then...off topic a bit...but look at these hypocrites, over on the Urinal:


    This statement:

    "It is not that Teske loves income taxes. Who really does? (And those allowed an exemption legally could report all their income on a W-2 and pay taxes on it to help out the state. But who would?)"

    Who WOULD???!!! Well, let's examine who WOULDN'T! All those who claim to be opposed to it, go on the attack publicly, have an opportunity to pay it...but...FUCKIN' DON'T!!!

    HEY!!! HYPOCRITES!!! You CAN pay the fuckin' taxes you feel "so guilty" about not paying! Shut the fuck up...and PAY THEM!!!!

    Geeezzz.....morons. What...they feel they can't...or won't...until the government FORCES them to?! What the fuck kind of insane logic is THAT?!

    Pay the damn taxes. Clear your hypocritical consciences.


    Have a nice day! ;)

  7. BTW...good job over there guys. Keep Buttstache running in circles, sniffing his own ass...lol!!!

  8. Nunya you got to feel better now getting that out in the open, good job, have a great day, hope you make enough after the taxes to buy a cold one. If not I got plenty.

  9. Hi Everyone :)
    Hoping y'all have a good day.

    Hugs~ Rikki

  10. In the civil war the Republicans freed the blacks from the plantation. The democrats put them right back on.

    Societal manipulation has always worked for the democrats. We all know what LBJ said. And he was right.

    Dissolve the family. Replace the father with a government check so government is the father. Create dependency that now runs three and four generations deep.

    Create gangs to replace the longing young boys have for a father. Feed them crack and easy money. Shiny cars and gold bling.

    Feed the myth created by the democrats that blacks are disproportionately arrested and imprisoned even though that is one of the easiest myths to disprove. Ignore the reality and feed the myth.

    Create a subculture with their own language, dress, education system, music and art. Teach them to name their children names nobody can pronounce that have some imaginary ties to their history so they don't have "white" names. Teach them they are not Americans but some derivative of Americans, separate from Americans and there is a need to remain separate.

    Create an imaginary religion, the Nation of Islam, based on an apostate religion they don't even understand. Teach them that is their own religion, not the "white man's religion".

    Teach them that they are not part of a bigger society but their own society within a bigger society, separate and superior. Teach them to put their own interests before the good of their country. Teach them to judge a man by the color of his skin instead of the content of his character.

    Do all these things and what do you get? America 2016.

  11. SSAH-----Nailed it 100% right.

  12. What about it, Battshit?

    We both know you got something to say.

    Say it...

  13. Say it puke!! Come on battshit, hahahahahhaha

  14. Battshit got so tired of getting his ass kicked over on the urinal he went into hiding. He was getting beat down by so many people he couldn't find a safe space. Even his friends the moderators couldn't help him.

    There's no way he has enough balls to jump in here.

  15. SSAH, Hell I don't see anyone talking over at the urinal, real quiet.

  16. Has been quiet over there. Wonder what's up? I guess everything has been said that needs to be said as of right now.

    Maybe our buddies IWNGU and tearsandchalk will stir some shit up to keep us entertained. They usually do.

    We'll have to introduce those two at the summit. They're kind of two peas in a pod, right?

  17. SSAH, I think they will fit in just fine at the summit, Most Likely waiting on Kevin's blog tomorrow. They both have their priorities right.

  18. Lol... Don't worry, I'll have their heads exploding tomorrow morning...

  19. Hey Phenry.....


    I think you might find this interesting. Probably others as well. Why would libs talk about this? Hmmmm......

  20. The ungodly left is planning for the death of a candidate because they have been sending dog whistles to the deranged dangerous members of their cult of death for a year.

    They have conditioned these people to accept murder through abortion. They have taught them that anarchy and riots and destruction are not only allowed but completely forgivable.

    They have taught them that crimes committed by ungodly leftists aren't really crimes.

    They are repeating not just that they disagree with Trump but that he is a real and present danger to America. Hell, they even believe it themselves.

    They are bringing in thousands of islamic killers. And they are continuing to repeat the mantra that Trump hates them.

    They have been grooming someone on the unhinged godless left to rise up and do something. They don't know his name. They don't know when. They don't know how. But they know if they stay the course it will happen.

    These people are dangerous. Make no mistake about this. They will do whatever they have to to keep from losing power. They are radical Marxists. And they are violent.

    We already know they were paying people to riot at Trump events. That was the warmup.

    Soros has a lot of money. He is also a Jew who collaborated with the nazis and Sold out his own people. This man is the most godless of all those evil leftists. And he hates America and us.

    That's why we keep telling you this is a war. For the very soul of America.

    And I'm damn glad to have you people in the foxhole with me. Or the bunker, as the case may be.

  21. SSAH, Well, the next summit, I will have two lawn chairs while travis is cooking, you and I are going to enjoy a few beers my friend and I am buying. No, No, don't even try and talk me out of it. Hear Me! This year I am going to mingle more with everyone..

    1. I'm looking forward to the next summit Sarge --

  22. Hammer, I read that. Stocking up on gear now. Went to Integrity on 24 was looking at ARs. They had a zombie green colored S&W.....yuck.

    Might have to buy another one as an investment incase they suspend the election. Could double in value.

    Really went in to look for a 308 bolt gun. Sold my 6.5 earlier this summer. Any you recommend? Or ones to stay away from?

    1. I picked up another AK at the last show,just to have. Never know. I like the Savage have two 223&308 The 308is a model 10FP bull barrel accur trigger and detachable magazine. For the price the Savage is had to beat. Check them out and compare them to Remington, Which use to be the rifle to base all the others on. There are some others out there that would be good rifles.This is just my experience. The 223 is a M12 fluted heavy barrel,wood stock,stainless.

    2. Savage makes some good stuff, and always a little cheaper than Remington. There barrels seem to be outstanding...

      And I would always take skippeys advice over mine. In fact, I might of asked for his opinion on a couple things myself. Dude knows his stuff....

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Oh, Lucy has another REALLY stupid blog up again. It is hardly any fun anymore. ....she is making it way to easy.

  24. PHenry

    1 Springfield M1A super match semi-
    2 Remington 700 sps tactical bolt- (personal fav)
    3 Savage Trophy XP bolt-

    But it's like anything else. Different strokes for different folks. All three of these come with out of box accuracy. And if dollars don't matter, look at the high end. Many things might interest. But my list of three probably best bang for your money.

  25. Hammertime. Good grief that is around $3,000.00 clams for the springfield M1A, do you realize how much beer that is? lol

  26. Hey, I've shot one. If I had the dough, I would have one. But you will notice that my personal Coyote gun is second on the list. And certainly more affordable. It doesn't apply to me, but in some circles 3,000 quid is a small price to pay. Check out preban polytech's AK at gun broker. Your jaw will drop.
    And yes, 3,000 bucks is a lot of soccer equipment, football equipment, alot of eating out, a couple of vacations...... You sure you don't want a Kimber or Tikka or Nosler? Check those out. More than a decent down payment on a truck....
    See ya sarge.

  27. Hammer I will just have to deal with my $200.00 SKS, It will take out a few before they get me. See ya Hammer. I won't check out the other price's My heart can only take so much shock. lol

  28. Hammertime, I am asking this now to give you time to think about it I am thinking of asking you for a favor, If I bring the SKS out to the summit and my Grandson, would you consider helping him zeroing it , I would but my eyesight is not all that great Hell I would not be able to see the click marks, No problem if you can't, I hope I can explain it good enough for him to do it himself with my big magnifying glass. But for some odd reason he liked you, good grief I don't know why. hahahaha

  29. We can certainly do that. Ill bring my big tape measure, and I think we can get 100 yards marked out and dial it in. There should be just enough room for it. And I agree, let's let him try and do it. Good lesson in that.
    As far as any young shooter, it's important to be considerate and welcoming. I'm glad he had a good experience. But, the only reason I even let him handle my rifle was because he listened and handled everything safely. And that's a credit to him and his upbringing. He conducted himself like a man, and was treated accordingly.
    We will have more fun at the next summit, and hopefully even more people will show. My favorite part was just listening to everyone's opinions and stories. All different, but all VERY American. And we need more...

  30. Hammertime. Thanks that was nice and important to me, I will never talk bad about you again. Lol Can't hardly wait for the next summit, I don't as yet know Kevin's plans but on my side we damn sure we will eat good, He does good on the set up and getting the material side moving and now we have more of our friends jumping in, it will be bigger and better this year. And I don't care what Batshit says about you , you are A-1 in my book. So that makes you special. :):)

  31. You being a NASCAR fan will know that Daytona, Talledaga even Kansas has 2 events a year. Mid October at Truckhenge?