Thursday, February 23, 2017

Crush the liberal's dreams Friday

It's Friday and not a day too soon. I've about had it with this week, glad to see it come to an end.

So I made a comment last blog about the godless left wanting a civil war and probably being on the wrong side of it.

Seems like it's what they want, but I don't think they are really thinking this one through. See, when obama was the pretend president they always thought the military would back whatever play he made, and I never believed that. I think they would have turned their back on him if he tried some kind of Marxist third world dictatorship kind of crap.

But what we have now is something completely different. Riots, threats, violence and destruction, getting worse every day. And as the violence and riots ramp up, the response will ramp up. This President isn't in this with them like the last one. You're already seeing Police response to some of their crap that you were not seeing previously.

And as the response ramps up, and some heads get knocked either they will run away to their safe spaces or they will step it up. And frankly, they are just stupid enough to step it up.

But they're declaring war on the guy who is the Commander in Chief of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, plus all their reserve units. And he can call out the National Guard. This is not the guy to declare war on.

And then not to mention there are about 300 some million weapons and a few billion rounds of ammunition distributed among all those states in the middle that voted for President Trump. And having seen a few of these arsenals up close and personal, and having seen some of these fellows using said weapons, I would take them very, very seriously. Things could get wet in a hurry.

I'm not advocating for anything. I'm just saying.....

Don't start nuthin, won't be nuthin...

So anyway, it's Friday. Have at it.


  1. And you said it right, don't mess with us, we take no prisoners.

  2. If the prez did have to call out the guard in order to protect ordinary people just trying to go about their business and if things fell into utter lawlessness and violence nationwide courtesy these loons, likely martial law would result. The guard would be patrolling the streets and curfews would be ordered and enforced. Violators would be jailed. And all that is just for starters...any protests against anything would come to a screeching halt. If that is what they really want their safe spaces aint gonna mean jack.

  3. A micromini version of same takes place if a community is roadblocks at all points are immediately put in place and nobody allowed in unless resident permission is given to relatives and friends. Then residents are issued passes and valid dl and registration must be with driver and shown at any checkpoint. This continues until residents' property is secured and any damaged businesses are secured as well.
    Imagine how much tougher such restrictions would be if mass violence breaks out...
    Or maybe these loons think it would be "cool..."

    1. Clarification: generally happens after a tornado or other natural disaster.

  4. Excuse my language, but this shit has to stop.
    Here we fucking go again with a shitty ruling from another federal circuit court, stepping way out of their bounds.

    Folks, let's be clear here. There's not one weapon that can't be used militarily. And the fact that this new "test" is what they are going to use to determine legality or restriction is a load of unadulterated donkey shit.

    "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" was a check against the same treasonous chickenshit tyranny taking place now much like the shitty king we ounce had to "punk out"to get our freedom. The tree most certainly could be getting thirsty boys and girls. The left thinks they are ready by simply throwing rocks threw bank windows while drinking their Starbucks? I think not. Unprepared they are.

    The greasy nature of these lower level courts is really showing the importance of getting the proper SCOTUS Justices. Do it now, or things shall be much different going forward. It may be the only thing that keeps the pavement dry if individual liberties start falling by the wayside.

    Let not that tree get parched...

    1. No shock given its the peoples republic of maryland...that state is home to baltimore and has long been infested with lefties...

  5. More liberal tears flowing by the day.

    Boycott this and boycott that.

    Remember the hell they raised over singer and song writer Joy Villa wearing her Trump gown to one their stupid awards shows?

    One of her albums went from 543.202 place to number 3 overnight.

    They jumped up and down and slobbered all themselves trying to destroy Ivanka Trump by boycotting her fragrances.

    It wasn't but a few days that here fragrance line soared to the number 1 selling item on Amazon.

    In their latest temper tantrum they decided to boycott Trump Wine.

    The Wegmans grocery store chain in Virginia that sell the product reported record sales for Trump Wine. In fact all but one of the stores had run completely out of the wine in just a couple of days...

    These people only think they're having an impact...

  6. And let's not forget about the mental illness issues we're dealing with here.

    Story on Drudge tonight about Witches uniting all over the country to cast a spell on Donald Trump.

    These people have officially lost it...

  7. Any witch casting a spell and trying to harm someone with it is likely to have it boomerang...
    And how do we cats know these things? Books....they dont have a clue what they are messing with

  8. The sad thing is all the followers that are being lead down this path, look at the schools and how they are about wetting themselves over Trump and euphoric over Bernie coming to town.

  9. Thats where the rest of us come in...some do wake up, realize they got duped and start looking for truth. If one such happens to cross our path we are able to offer a little wisdom. Happens rarely but it does happen...

  10. Signing off...had to get and unload pellets today for my stove. Winter isnt over just yet...sleep well, all. Purrs and purrs to you, Vent, wherevet you are.

  11. Hi, guys and gals! We've had some of this crap going around. Starting to feel more normal. Hope everyone is well.

    The idiot left. Really? They accuse us of being sore losers? I'd call them childish, but that's an insult to children. They don't even realize everything they do backfires, or maybe they do and move on to the next stupid thing. They claim to want cooperation but really just want their way. I don't think it's going to change.

    Chicago, not my kind of town. More murders this year in the same time as last year. More people shot this year in the same time as last year. Is this what Chicago wants to be known for? That gun ban is extremely effective.

    Have a wonderful Friday.

  12. WooHOOO! Off-his-rocker Socialist nutcase Bernie comin' to town!!!

    (Announcer's voice like used to announce upcoming races and events, complete with echo.)


    "At the Topeka High School Gym!!!"

    "The liberal anti-American Democrat anarchists who run Topeka High are PROUD to announce a HUGE SOCIALIST STUDIES event!!!"

    "See premier socialist, BERNIE SANDERS, HATE on America....LIVE ON STAGE!!!"

    "Witness the spectacle of irrelevant Kansas Democrats spewing mountains of SOCIAL JUSTICE GARBAGE and LIES....IN PERSON!!!"

    "Brainwashing, leftist-illogic, pure hypocrisy and stupidity begins at 8 pm!!! This is a family leftist-indoctrinating event...FUN for "immature people" of ALL AGES!!!"

    "Be AMAZED at BERNIE SANDERS' illogical idea that everyone can have everything FOR FREE...with no way to pay for it!!!"

    "Watch as divisive rhetoric DEMONSTRATES how to BLAME everyone and anything else for the problems YOU create for YOURSELVES!!!"

    "Take part of an HISTORIC EVENT that promotes hatred and divisiveness, and rails against Voter ID and corporations, and promotes Open Borders, One-World globalism, and the COMPLETE ELIMINATION of our national sovereignty!"

    "LEARN how to FIGHT to ALLOW an unfettered flow of illegal immigrants and unvetted Islamic terrorists INTO OUR COUNTRY to "make us a better country"!"

    "Marvel at the ATTACK on FREEDOMS, and the capitalist system that has provided THEM the "opportunity" to get rich and famous, but are trying to talk YOU into destroying, to deny YOU the SAME OPPORTUNITIES!!!"


    "SATURDAY...(Saturday...saturday)...February 24!!

    "BE THERE!!!...(Be there...)

    (Please bring valid photo ID for admittance.)

  13. Good morning you all Good reads above, you all are on top of things, Hammertime you sound like a poet and don't know it to me.

  14. the date wrong!!! It's the 25th!!!

    Wouldn't want y'all to miss it...cause..I'm SURE you're all just ITCHIN' to go listen to Braindead Bernie and the other seditionists!!!!

  15. Witches.

    Yep...nuthin' says "WE are the party of the average citizen!" like having whacky witches "casting spells" for you!!!


    Good GRIEF!!!

  16. Maybe the liberals should start boycotting liberals to increase their popularity...which is at an all-time low?!!!!

  17. Nunya Poof over to CJ don't know how long it will stay though. The Sanders comment.

  18. Sure hope you changed the date to right one!! Wouldn't want the commies confused!!

    1. Of course I did, I am always pulling you out of a jam, Lol

  19. A high school IS the current appropriate place for "Introduction To Socialism...and Beyond"...these days, I guess. Fits right into the current "curricula" they are drilling into the kids' heads to turn their minds to mush.

  20. Nunya!! This is Kala's reply to me on your comment, hahahah

    Gosh, Gary, I had no idea you possessed this talent!!!

    Not sure, though, if it made me want to hear Bernie boy, but I'd come to hear you, although we would have to look for a venue much larger than THS gymnasium!!! Lol

    Gary Hanson
    Kala, I don't have the talent, but my ghost writer does, Lol

  21. Santa Claus is coming to town!

    The people who believe Bernie Sanders must also believe in Santa Claus, because they are pretty much the same person.

    So here's Bernie Sanders entire shtick in a nutshell

    Bernie: America is the only country in the world that doesn't have (insert preferred Socialist program here)

    Founding Fathers: Uh, that's kind of the idea, Bernie. Duh

  22. And to Hammer's point. The left isn't giving up on their agenda to overturn the second amendment by judicial fiat but that approach will grind to a halt soon enough.

    When Gorsuch gets on the Supreme Court, and President Trump gets some Federal judges appointed things will change. It will take time, remember iman obama had eight years to stack the courts with his Marxist totalitarian buddies.

    But this too shall pass. We have a pro second amendment President. Hell, we have a pro constitution President. Been a long long time since we've had one of those.

    They'll still pull this kind of back door crap as often as they can. But it won't stand.

    After all they are all a bunch of back door bandits, right?

    #Liberal tears are a beautiful thing

  23. Bernie? Am staying away from ttown on that day. Wonder why not lawrence? That place is more suited to his communist bs. Must be a growing infestation around here.
    As to cj I am staying off. Just not worth what they charge to put up with having posts pulled.

  24. So the dems are recruiting the witches to cast a spell on President Trump? Well.....

    I've been saying for years they are godless unholy Satan loving people. Guess this pretty much proves it. You don't get much more Satanic than having a bunch of crazy witches calling on Satan to curse the President of the United States.

    But then, pretty much the entire democrat party is in his service so I guess they figure he owes them one.

    But I can promise you. There's a lot more Christians praying for this President than there are godless democrats appealing to Satan. And so far, we seem to be ahead in this fight.

  25. What's the matter with California, part XXX...

    With the reservoirs in Northern California filled to the brim due to rainfall at 120% over the 30 year average, and dams threatening to break causing catastrophes of epic proportions it's interesting to look back on their attitude about global warming and their belief snowfall and rain was a thing of the past.

    August 2015, when GOP Presidential candidates were talking about building new dams and reservoirs in California, Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown said this:

    "I’ve never heard of such utter ignorance. Building a dam won’t do a damn thing about fires or climate change or the absence of moisture in the air and ground of California. If they want to run for president, they had better do eighth grade science before they made such utterances."

    LA Times, July 2015:

    "Dams are a relic of the Industrial Age…. They’re particularly ill-suited to the era of extremes—heat waves, floods and droughts—that climate change has brought on.

    When you worship at the alter of liberal theology and global warming, this is the result. Idiocy at it's best.


  26. Feb 23, 2017
    Ex-Bush official: Putin puppet strings on Trump an illusion

    Don't know if you got to watch Tucker Carlson last night, but he had an interesting guest that has a theory that Liberals are actually being tricked by Putin to make him look stronger to his own people. At least I think that was his message. Makes sense to me!

  27. Those idiots spewing crap about Putin ain't thinking! They should LIKE a commie comrade!!!

  28. They're all programmed not to think...

  29. Rush just talking about something Chris Cuomo said awhile back about communism...that it lifts people up economically. Kevin, thats a perfect illustration of your point...this illustrious son of Mario the Pious also told a father, protesting trans bathrooms, that he needed to teach his 12 year old daughter about tolerance. genders no critical thought no anything except braindead human bots..
    In lockstep.


  30. And that, my friend is exactly what we're up against...

  31. I find it interesting that schools won't allow prayer, or mention of God, or bible studies, or religious groups to meet. The godless left whines and screeches about an imaginary "separation of church and state" which doesn't actually exist in our founding documents.

    You can't speak of God, or your faith without immediate and severe repercussions.

    But Bernie the Commie is coming to speak to the young skulls full of mush about his desire to destroy the American government and replace it with some sort of pseudo socialist, which by the way is communism without the firing squads, and not only is that just wonderful, our local fishwrap that used to be a newspaper is tickled pink.

    So you can't speak of God in the schools, but you can speak of overthrowing the American government. Interesting, that.

    And since this is a political rally for the godless left, shouldn't the patriotic right be allotted equal time to defend America, the Founders, our President who will no doubt be slandered viciously and the Constitution?

    Is this how far America has fallen from it's roots? That communists are given public forums at taxpayer expense with taxpayer paid protection to advocate for the destruction of our government and our way of life?

    Somethings way wrong here.

    We got trouble, big trouble, right here in River City. And that starts with T, and that rhymes with C and that stands for COMMIE!

    1. I never thought I would live long enough to see America throwing the door open to the commies and inviting them to walk right in, kick off their shoes and stay a while. I'm old enough to remember when we didn't like the commies and for good reason.

  32. School districts are funded by taxpayers in the district via property tax and not by the left or by teacher unions. They need to start using the power they have and demand to be heard on all of this crapola. On the bathroom wars Title 9 already had protections in place for students...Obama just tried threatening to pull funding on schools who refused to let kids go to bathroom of choice based on what gender they claimed on a given day. Explained in full by Dana Loesch on her program today...
    The lefties among us would rather push the "war on trans kids" meme than let local parents and local districts decide.

    Hey lefty progs! Cats here!!

  33. You guys are hurtin' their little feelings!! And we all know that hurt feelings, if of a minority group or a lefty, have to be avoided at all costs, even if you have to give up a bunch of the First Amendment to do so. Yep, they're so peaceful and secular they're going to try to get their shamans to put a spell on you!!

  34. hey, did anyone else see where the White House blocks some media from their press briefing today?


    2. this is a shocker - and I must say that I don't blame the White House on this at all.

  35. Yeah, I saw that earlier this afternoon.

    Life as they've always known it has ceased to exist...

  36. I agree with you on that Kevin - life as they've always known it has now ceased. When President Trump had his press conference last week, there were several media there and most of the reporters behaved disrespectfully - what some of these reporters don't seem to understand is that the negativity they're peddling needs to stop.

  37. It's not going to stop but watching the leftist talking heads whine about the way they're being treated falls right in line with the theme of today's blog.

    Crushing liberal dreams.

    #Loving Every Minute of It...

  38. Oh the jokes you can make...

    A black kid with blue hair...
    A one armed bandit...

    And to see him run down the street after getting ran over for stealing some shoes, while pointing a gun at a man with his family and it jamming, and then getting smoked by a minivan... And then leaves his arm at the scene of the crime! Priceless!

    Funny as hell, and I had to wipe away tears from laughing. Pretty little emo dindu anyway....he dindu nuffin!!!

    And of course, props to Tommy Sotomayor. Great take on it all.

  39. Well at least I can say good morning everyone. Make when I am not sleep walking.

  40. That was to say Back when not sleep walking!

  41. Gee Sarge...must have been that evil spell cast over us all by those witchy women, what woke you up?!

    "Dear Lord in Heaven, I normally don't ask for 'favors', but I ask, please, that you help protect President Donald J. Trump, his family, and all of America from evil and malicious acts? Unlike those unbelievers who are full of hate, and actively wish, and publicly call out for harm and failure to President Trump and America, we wish no ill-will towards those millions of people on the left who are possessed by demonic intent, but only that their agenda and actions be rendered ineffectual and harmless, and that they may learn to "See The Light", repent for their sins, and become good, loving, tolerant persons. Thank you, in Jesus' name...Amen."

    There. Just my small part in trying to counteract the pure evil emanating from the demonic forces amongst us. THEY are asking for complete annhilation of US, in their hateful, vitriolic, destructive, evil agenda! I am only asking for righteousness and safety for all, not absolute harm to them, but healing for them. That is the more-civil way to handle it. they wish to bring others down, to their level. We wish only to lift others up!

    BUT...we can have no hesitation in defending ourselves against their evil, and we shall have no guilt, if forced to, by them.

    We must remain vigilant to fight intolerance and hate from them at every step, every day, for they are relentless in their unquencahable thirst to destroy everything good, moral and just, and they have the unholy mainstream media on their side.

    As Steve Bannon said, "we can expect a daily fight with those who oppose us"...the Dems, mainstream media "Fake News", Soros-backed opposition groups, and just plain uninformed, brainwashed liberals, etc.

  42. Recently, one of our favorite uninformed resident trolls took issue with me calling lying Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Warren a "Faux Squaw".

    Coincidentally, in today's edition of the Communist Daily Urinal, there happens to be a story about about the PC change of the neame of Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

    Seems liberal PC people ALWAYS act, before they think, or before they know any facts.

    What they did was unnecessary, at best...and actually INSULTING to the heritage of some Native Americans, at worst. But, as we all know, liberal PC people have no problem being completely-ignorant hypocrites. That's what MAKES them liberals!

    Check THIS out, wriiten by a Native American:

    "Squaw is NOT an English word. It IS a phoenetic rendering of an Algonkian word that does NOT translate to "a woman's private parts." The word "squaw" - as "esqua," "squa," "skwa," "skwe" and other variants - traditionally means the totality of being female, not just the female anatomy. The word has been interpreted by modern activists as a slanderous assault against Native American women. But traditional Algonkian speakers, in both Indian and English, still say words like "nidobaskwa" = a female friend, "manigebeskwa" = woman of the woods, or "Squaw Sachem" = female chief. When Abenaki people sing the Birth Song, they address "nuncksquassis" = "little woman baby."

    PC liberals are methodically wiping out entire histories of peoples.

    When I said "faux squaw", it meant "non-Native American woman disrespecting native Americans by claiming their heritage"...which SHOULD have been the REAL insult to Native Americans.

    NOT the use of a word that means "woman" in a Native American language.

    So, our little ignorant liberal PC troll can just go suck eggs.

  43. Nunya your first one went to cj, your prayer one. Kevin's blog.

  44. Just to be safe, Nunya, I've decided that from here on out anytime I refer to Elizabeth Warren, I'll simply address her as "Bitch."

    1. From what I can tell, they like being called bitches, they even call themselves bitches. Then they get so upset over other things, brains have turned into a jumbled mush of crap.

  45. And so did your Squaw one go to CJ. LOL

  46. UH-OH...I used "unholy" in that first one! Hope you edited it out!

    Now...the word "bullshit" can go to print BY THEM, over there...but..."unholy"? THAT'LL get you banned for life!!!

    1. No Nunya I didn't edit anything except (Sucks eggs, I change it to eat eggs. All is still there.

  47.'s anyone gonna know who you are referring to when using "bitch"? There's SO MANY. Hillary, Warren, Waters, Wasserman-Schultz...the list is so long!!!

  48. Lol... Good point.

    I'll have to fine tune it a bit...

  49. Kevin, how about e-bitch?

    We have e-mail, e-commerce so why not e-bitch?

    Just trying to be helpful . . .

  50. Maxine Waters at it again too...calling people scumbags.
    Bunch of scandal-ridden old harpies and the list is long.

  51. And they all rail about some mythical connection between Putin and the prez..
    Yet they all have socialists and communists in their party. Miscellaneous thoughts...
    Putin runs russia formerly known as the USSR, the union of soviet socialist republics.
    Socialism is communism lite and has several versions such as marxism, leninism, trotskyism....and no doubt more inventions in the future as they always invent new versions to hide their agenda.

  52. Or maybe they are just jealous...the left worshipped their emperor Obama but Vlad held him in contempt. Trump so far seems to want a working relationship but is making it clear that he wont bow and scrape to anyone.

  53. I think this guy is full of shit saying we shouldn't use term, radical Islamic terrorism. WTF doesn't he have a common sense? Not sure he is a good pick for national security adviser, Trump may have screwed up here.


  55. They're just pissed they can't have it their way. Trump is not going to "put women in their place" as I have heard some hysterical bimbos claiming. And that is exactly what they are, hysterical bimbos. They're all for women's rights and that each woman should make her own decisions, but they want to tell all of us women what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Exactly what they claim to be against. They support countries that treat women as property. Yet they turn around and say the United States of America is oppressive toward women. Get real. Can't have it both ways, honey. Trump is not our enemy. You left wing, hysterical bimbos are the enemy.

    The Russia thing . . . come on already! The FBI issued a report or some sort of statement about the Trump campaign's contact with Russia. The White House, after the FBI's release, asked the FBI to make the contents known (be more public instead of just saying "we did something"). The FBI has confirmed the White House contact came AFTER the FBI made it's statement, but the media wants it to look like Trump and his staff are evil and immoral and attempted to influence the FBI.

    The evil and immoral are the hysterical bimbos.

    Just go get a glass of wine and use to wash down your valium.

  56. Side note on Vlad re his sidekick Alexander Dugin...very informative and frightening article on national review, june 2014. Used his name as search term. Putin may have created a monster by aligning himself with this one..
    Check it out and draw yer own conclusions...

  57. So today fox is reporting that Issa is calling for another investigation and asking that Sessions be left out of the loop because he was part of the campaign???
    Would appear that all kinds of angles are in play here...and worth observing.


  58. Dugin has several interviews on YouTube. I think his whole mentality politically is what we have in Russia. And it's least right, and hates liberalism. Alex Jones has several recent interviews, one in fact in the last couple weeks. At least he sides with us in the fact that liberals must be defeated before we go to far down the rabbit hole of "global liberalism".
    Now, as far as his nation state thinking and war fighting thoughts? That's a whole different ball of wax when it come to Dugin. But, better alternative than the thinking of the likes of Merkel and the rest of the European weakness...

    1. Beware that euro agenda of his...the radical right is as dangerous as is the left version. As to Jones he has been around forever. Have never liked that man...years ago he used to turn up on the Art Bell version of coast to coast...some of his stuff too crazy even for me...

    2. Defeating the left is one thing but who you align with in order to do so can be just as in "the enemy of my enemy..."stuff.

    3. Coast to Coast....
      Now that takes me back. Days of old when night jobs allowed me to listen in on the eclectic topics that used to entertain instead of frighten. Ah, memories...
      Anyway, Jones is a true conspiracy nut for sure. But I certainly like to catch his interviews. Some interesting folks, with interesting takes. Makes you think outside the box, but it's true you must be careful to not fall out of the box entirely.

      Back to coast to coast...
      Did you ever call the phone number to the phone booth in the desert cats? I wish I still had the number to share. I called several years back and heard ramblings from odd folks.
      Very strange experience just listening...

      Now I must attend to some reading, my three IPA's, and a little fireball whiskey. It is Saturday after all.
      Be well all.

    4. Lol i did call that number...ground zero was doing a show a few years ago on that. Called it and heard recordings of all kinds of crazy conversations. Kept that number for awhile may still have it in one of my old journals..

  59. Those darn liberals! So amusing!! Had a little sparring match on a friend's FB with a couple of idiots who took offense about my comments about Bernie the Socialist visiting. Throw them some facts to chew on...they resort to personal attacks about my "education" and being a "privileged white racist"!!! Hahaaa! "We ARE a Socialist nation...have you looked at your paycheck deductions?!" one numbnuts said.

    I responded "you mean SS and Medicare And higher taxes for welfare mooches? How's all those socialist programs working out?"
    Just more attacks on my 3.9 gpa college..3 times...intelligence­čść

  60. Cox, must be influenced by Bernie, now they are going to give $9.00 internet access to any family on reduced or free school lunch. That means us that have to pay full are really supplementing the freeloaders. Just another forced handout! Too many damn free lunches and they don't need to even be serving breakfast. Shit, I grew up paying for everything I get and still do, can't get no frigging handout! People use to be workers and were ashamed to be freeloaders! Crap ass schools give them all free computers and internet so they can surf porn. Schools are like a damn country club that are brain washing the kids and doing the job of parents. Like I said before doing the work started by John Dewey and Horace Mann.

    1. Going on for a century now...the slow drip drip drip of progressivism...tell the schools you will give them money if they will just go with the program...