Friday, February 10, 2017

No big surprise, the liberals did what liberals do

The ninth liberal court put America's safety and national security at risk to score political points and send President Trump some imaginary message. That's what they do. I've said before they would burn this country to the ground rather than relinquish the power the American people have taken away from them for abusing it these many years.

So all the gloating and strutting around and peacocking from the godless left reminds me of the old CJ Urinal blog days. Back when buttstash boy used to spend his life policing Kevin's blog and squealing to his liberal moderator friends over the use of some word, or phrase. And he got words banned. And he got people booted off. And then he would gloat and brag. And my take was always the same. A godless liberal got a godless liberal newspaper to side with him against patriotic Americans. That's not too difficult a thing to do. Where's buttstash boy today? And is Kevin's blog still up and running and still poking the liberals in the eye on a regular basis? Hell yes it is! These things work out over time. The wheels of justice grind slow, but they grind exceedingly fine.

So the left got the left wing appeals court to uphold an illegal and unconstitutional stay. Big deal. This is going to happen. A LOT! Expect to see more of it. It will take several years for President Trump to get appointees on the courts. It took obama years to pack it with his minions. The qualification to be an obama judge was to promise to uphold the godless left agenda whether the ruling was right, wrong, legal or illegal, constitutional or unconstitutional. Stay in lockstep, or I should say goosestep, and always be a loyal little apparatchik.

And don't be surprised if the Supreme Court doesn't provide any relief. Expect a 4-4 ruling at best which does nothing.

But look at the big picture. Delta announces a huge expansion. Intel building a multi billion dollar factory in the U.S. Businesses promising growth and expansion right and left. Economic expansion. The Dow over 20,000 and holding there and growing still.

We are seeing the results of replacing a Marxist anti-Capitalist president with one who loves America and wants her to grow and prosper. Just wait until tax reform hits. We will be seeing 4% growth by the third quarter is what I predict.

And when the jobs start coming back, and wages start going up, and people have a little more money in their pockets and see the prosperity returning everything will change, believe me. The left will continue to try to block it, they will continue to riot and scream and destroy America and people will continue to wonder what the hell these people are doing. It's happening now.

So don't let this one ruling harsh your mellow. There's great stuff coming. Reagan years stuff. Jobs. Growth. New business. Regulations rolled back. Energy growth. Law and order returns. Education reform. Tax cuts. Keep your eye on the prize folks. It's getting better every day.


  1. And go back to the last blog and read Nunya's take on this. He hits points I don't and you need to hear what he says as well.

  2. Trump will win this or just cancel it and do a new one, but he will win like always, hahahaha He has the left pissing all over themselves.

  3. Now this is what I'm talkin about:

    From ABC news...

    "WASHINGTON (ABC7) — A grand jury indicted 146 more people on Wednesday in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia on felony rioting charges in connection with Inauguration Day."

    Keep it up. Every riot, arrest and charge these seditionists with felonies. And prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Now that we have a law and order Attorney General who will flush the liberal rats out of the DOJ we may get some justice served on these Marxists.

  4. Just found out some posts disappeared from the last blog. I checked the spam folder and they were there. I released them and checked not spam so hopefully those posters won't have that happen again.

    They were great posts you might want to go back and read.

    I don't know why sometimes posts go to spam. There is no setting to fix and it's nothing we do. I just need to keep a closer eye on the spam folder.

    Sorry about the post dropping. I'll try to keep an eye out.

    I don't think that Google is censoring us. I would think they would have to tell Kevin if they were. But I might be wrong. I guess we'll see what develops.

    I sure haven't seen Google deleting any of the vile nasty posts the trolls put on here before I blocked them.

    1. I seen that I thought it was something I said. Seen that it was back up and I deleted the first post. Strange things happen. Maybe there is a troll

  5. Speaking of worthless, pieces of shit trolls.

    Good morning Batshit...

  6. After a night of drink, drugs and wild sex, Batshit woke up to find himself next to a really ugly woman. That's when he realized he had made it home safely.

  7. So, do boycotts work? I don't know, but after Kelloggs went after Trump voters and Breitbart followers and they launched a boycott in response, Kellogg's has been forced to close 39 distribution centers and lay off 1,100 people.

    So is this a win? I guess. The companies poor management decisions to engage in partisan politics is costing people their jobs. But this has been going on with the godless left for years. Disagree with them and they will shut your business down, or try at least. They only succeed when it's a small bakery or such.

    However, the really funny thing that has come out of it is the Kelloggs CEO saying this:

    From Breitbart

    The Kellogg’s CEO claims that “this has nothing to do with the boycott; they just happen to have had a downturn that requires them to shutter 39 facilities and lay off over a thousand people – that this is a complete and utter coincidence.”

    Now that's funny, I don't care who you are. We call that a lack of self awareness.

    So maybe we do need to start flexing our muscle. It appears we have more than we thought.

  8. Headline on Drudge:

    'Millions rally in Iran, chant 'Death to America'

    Sounds like America actually. Millions of godless lefties gathering to chant basically the same thing, hoping for the same thing.

    That's pretty scary.

    1. Remind me, which one is the sworn enemy of America?

      One of them is a godless apostate Christian and Jew hating mob ruled mass of people dedicated to the destruction of America and Israel and the other one is Iran.

  9. Trouble keeping up these days. Not very many days off, and responsibilities abound.
    Murica, right?

    Anyhoo, here's a good one. I've found myself being entertained by the whole HWNDU concept. And apparently they shut it down because of violence.

    I still love the fact that Shia attacked one of his own supporters. Crazy libcuck...

    I also enjoyed 4chan trolling the camera the last few weeks. Even S Crowder joined in the fun.
    Oh well, guess I'll have to find something else to entertain me demonstrating crazy liberal bullshit. And man, was it deep too!!!

  10. Kevin, I just read your blog over at the other site... as always, you're spot on. Then I read the comments and the ding a ling libs are so typical.....they think they're so intelligent with their comments. They won't change, they'll always be idiots....

    Never before in American History has there been a President to endure such friction from the opposition and media to boot as President Trump has..... but he's not a quitter and he's not the "all talk no action" kind of guy. He's going to outsmart the opposition and continue on course in helping the American people.

  11. President Trump has shown perseverance from the beginnings when he was on the campaign trail and it has continued into his Presidency. Thomas Edison tried many times in his wanting to create the light bulb….he never gave up, he persevered. Now I’m not saying it’ll take President Trump 999 tries to get things rolling on the immigration ban – heavens no. Every time Donald Trump faces a challenge, he meets it head on until it is successful. So all those ding a ling libs can get used to seeing a President who will not back down and will not shut up, in other words they best get used to a President who will not quit!

  12. Hammertime when is the next Gun show in Topeka if you know, Son and Zach and I plan on going.

    1. They are over until fall. There is one in Gardner on the 25-26 or KCI on the 18-19 and Overland Park this weekend.

    2. Thanks to far for me. Wonder why so long.

    3. I just checked Next gun show in Topeka April 8-9

  13. You want a gun show I'll be happy to roll up my sleeve and flex!

    #Them's some guns there

  14. Safe, that's good stuff right there! Lol.
    But skip is right. April 8-9 is the next show in Topeka. If anybody wants we can make it an informal meet. Just sayin...

  15. Here is a good survey on what Europe thinks about Muslims Immigration, they have learned that it is a bad deal. Yet a minority over there protest against us. I was myself surprised by this survey. I think Trump should just lock up the judges as a danger to society and stop the migration.

  16. Elizabeth Warren (the one who lied saying she was an Indian) what a loony, then you got that crazy women (Maxine Waters) out in San Francisco who didn’t know about Aleppo and said Putin is continuing to advance into Korea. The liberals must have got a hold of some good dope and Carlton Bragg’s glass pipe. I think the democrats are going to start yet another civil war. Actually, democrats are a party of war, the major U.S. wars in the 20th century—World War I, II, Korea and Vietnam—were entered by Democratic administrations.

    What about executive orders, here is one for liberals? McCarthyism’s founding political act was an executive order by Harry Truman creating the “loyalty review boards” for federal employees. Under the review boards’, mere suspicion of any communist leaning was grounds for firing and blacklisting. And it was Democrats who founded and first staffed the infamous House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC). These organizations were the legal backbone and administrative agents of McCarthyism.

    Then look up what FDR did to try and pack the Supreme Court with judge stacking, it is an interesting story.

    Think in school they teach any of this stuff? Wonder which party voted to keep slavery by 100% or which party started KKK? Ever hear of the dixiecrats, look it up and you will wonder why the democrats have such short memories. I bet they don’t teach that in schools?

    Now do I think or trust the Republicans all that much- no. But they are not out there yelling how others are racist and they are the party of acceptance of love and peace. Also, not claiming to be Indians and that Russia is going into Korea.

  17. Hammer and Skippey that sounds good to me also for the gun show.

    1. Oh and a good morning to everyone. My missus packed my bags, and as I walked out the front door she screamed: "I wish you a slow and painful death, you bastard!"
      I replied:"Oh, so now you want me to stay!”

  18. Good morning!

    Dive, I think we should immediately pounce on this opportunity to REQUIRE any schools that receive federal funding to, as soon as possible, start teaching ACTUAL history.

    I think mandatory assemblies , showing well-produced and FACTUAL videos should be shown to all kids, as soon as they are "taught" about slavery and other issues (and as soon as possible, to all those who were already brainwashed about slavery and other issues).

    Show how the slaves were were enslaved by black Africans slaveholders, and then black Africans went in to raid villages to gather more.

    Show how the vast majority were shipped to "The New World" not by "those evil white men", but the largest number by the Portugese.

    Show how Portugese raided and conquered Brazil, and other parts south, and how 4 million slaves went to Brazil, alone. And, out of the estimated 12 million+ slaves transported to this hemisphere, the U.S. received about 330,000.

    Show the first "legal" slave owner in the U.S., Anthony Johnson, a black man whose lawsuit to keep his indentured servant indefinitely was what opened the door to slavery.

    In 1830 there were 3,775 free black people who owned 12,740 black slaves.

    American Indians owned thousands of black slaves.

    Not that "Snopes" can claim any moral high ground on truth and honesty, but liberals trust it, and here is an outline for just a small start to that topic:

    Maybe if ALL people know the truth, then whatever OTHER ammo the race-baiters are stockpiling to use over and over again..."slavery" should be eliminated from their ammo box. If THAT particular subject lessens the hatred against innocent white people over "slavery", and maybe even causes all blacks to wonder if maybe one of THEIR descendants might have been involved in owning, gathering, transporting, etc., then maybe that's a very deep wound that can be closed.

    Why not be pissed at Portugese people? Why weren't there mass demonstrations in Brazil Olympics over slavery, and being conquered?

    This should be a mandatory attendance presentation in ALL schools, and colleges. Then, a discussion period. And, testing. In college, essays. Federal funding will depend on it.

    THEN, we can go on to Mexico, how the Spaniards brutal genocidal conquering, enslavement, and expansion into what is now the U.S., wiped out native peoples. Teach them how Mexico legally SOLD that land in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. That should show the hypocrisy of the Reconquista crowd. MANDATORY ATTENDANCE!

    Then, on to the history of the Dems and Republicans. Show who were the primary supporters and opponents of slavery/civil rights, etc. MANDATORY ATTENDANCE.

    Discussion. Testing.

    Make the kids see how they have been lied to. Primarily, by liberals, race-baiter hucksters like the Jacksons, Sharptons...Obamas...Hispanic groups, etc.

    Wanna put a cap on the divisive crap? There ya go.

    Just MAKE SURE it is ALL factual and irrefutable! Knock the Dems right outta the ring!

  19. Speaking of Lizzie "Faux Squaw" Warren, the libs are still frothing out the mouth over what they are trying to make appear as the Republicans objections to writings of Coretta Scott King...mainly to do what they always do...race bait.

    Of course, we all know what the truth is, and that is that PokeyHauntUs Warren broke the rules of Congress by using personal attacks. Nothing odd there. Dems don't follow rules. Or laws. or the Constitution.

    Anyway, when immigration comes back up on the floor, just for the fun of it, one of the Republicans should get up and read another letter from Ms. King.

    “We are concerned, Senator Hatch, that your proposed remedy … will cause another problem — the revival of the pre-1986 discrimination against black and brown U.S. and documented workers, in favor of cheap labor — the undocumented workers,” they wrote. “This would undoubtedly exacerbate an already severe economic crisis in communities where there are large numbers of new immigrants.”

    Ask the Dems how much they wish to adhere to the beliefs of Ms. King.

    Watch exploding heads, left of the aisle.

    1. Nunya sorry but poof that went to a blog on CJ, I just couldn't help myself but I did.

  20. No apology needed! Poof away!

    It may give the libs something to chew on...before regurgitating their vile bile through it!

  21. "American Indians owned thousands of black slaves."

    Wonder if any of Dizzy Mizz Lizzie's teepee-dwelling ancestors were reprehensible slave owners?

    If so...the left must toss her in the "hated" pile!!

    What? She WASN'T?!

    She LIED?!

    Well, then...never mind about that.

    Instead, she should go in America's "Deplorable Liars" pile.

    She and Hillary can compare, to see who is most-hated and most-dishonest. And, in keeping with their feminism traits, maybe demand their compadre errand-boy buddy, Barry, fetch them another drink?

    I mean...y'know how nasty those racist, sexist liberals can get!

    1. Poof it is gone, didn't change a word on either of them .

  22. Here's something from the Topeepot Capital-Urinal:

    “Escape From Syria” was the title of the presentation Wayne and Nancy Cottril gave Friday in Topeka."

    Well, now....

    I guess they've made their point.

    This "inspiring" story, alone, is proof-positive that we should disregard any possible saftey issues, and just let'em all come flooding in.

    I mean..that IS the point they were trying to make...right?

    1. Poof another one bites the dust, a perfect 3!!

  23. Test.....Test.....Test.....Do we have contact?? Great..

    Rikki to Rm 235.... Hello!!

  24. Yup you are coming loud and clear. RIKKI

  25. well, ya know some of are designed to be loud (smiles).... I make enough noise for both my hubby n' me (lol)

    1. For those here in Rm 235 who haven't met my hubby, he is not real talkative. He went to the summit last year, but couldn't be at the 2nd summit later in the year last year.

  26. Don't know about y'all but I have had my windows open pretty much all afternoon... such a nice day outside, and soft breeze too.

  27. I opened my windows, but been outside running around anyway, but cat seemed to enjoy.

    1. It was a good day to have windows open.... this time of year, I take advantage of nice days like this.... closed them about 2 and a half hours ago, popped in Secretariat in the dvd player and watched the movie. It had been a while since I've watched Secretariat.

  28. I was a little disappointed when Gorsuch ripped Trump for saying the truth about that dipstick judge out in Washington state. It could have been just to show, I don't belong to Trump. However, the bottom line is all those judges think their crap don't stink and nobody should call it like it is, bunch of senile old men and women that should have term limits and not lifetime appointments.

    1. I was disappointed in what Goruch did also... Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs to step down, she embarrassed herself during while President Trump was campaigning. Term limits should be across the board - not just for the President... but it also should be for congress and judges too.

  29. Good morning!

    Well, the libs at the Urinal just can't get over it.

    They talk to clueless indoctrinated students to get them to praise Bernie The Commie, and who THINK they know the issues, but don't know jack.

    “He brought so many issues to the forefront that are important to us, like afforable college, economic issues — he embraced diversity,” said Warfield, an 18-year-old Topeka High School senior. “Now we’re the future, and we’ll be able to shape the future of our country.”

    Condensed version: "He promised FREE EVERYTHING!!! AND, he would divide by selective discrimination against one group, to end discrimination and promote diversity and equality in others!"

    Hmmm. Hypocrisy? Stupid? Yeah.

    "When asked what he would say to Sanders if he had the chance, Denney said he probaly wouldn’t say anything."

    “I’d just give him a hug. I love Bernie Sanders. Like out of all three of those candidates, if I had to trust one to walk my dog, I would definitely choose him.”

    I'm sure he'd be a FINE dog-walker! Anti-American Socialists who hate the Constitution are not good for America.

    "Jordan Large, a junior, said her future looks “a little bumpy” given that she likely won’t be able to afford college. She said she would tell Sanders that anything he could do to make college more affordable would be helpful."

    B.S. Get grades. Scholarships. Grants. Loans. Like we all had to do.

    Making college "affordable"? Blame no one BUT the colleges! Prssure THEM to quit gouging the public. It's COLLEGES raising the costs. NOT anyone else. And quit expecting good, honest, hard-working taxpayers...many of us having already paid for our OWN education, to pay completely for YOURS TOO! Are you GREEDY?!

    “He’s someone I look up to a lot. I would try to get some insight on what he thinks we should do to better ourselves and our future.”

    First thing is, don't believe ANYTHING you've been taught in school. Research, and find out what it's REALLY about. The government is NOT there to 'create more rights', or to give everyone "free stuff".

    Here's some pure hypocrisy:

    "As members of Topeka High’s race and equity crew, Warfield and senior Carson Denney helped organize a unity march in the halls of their school on Jan. 20, the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration."

    So, the "race and equity crew", by its very existence, must divide/subdivide everyone into race, gender, sexual-orientation (or sexual-identity-confusion) and whatever else they can think separate these from those, those from those others, etc. some against one or more others. Not to bring anyone UP, but to bring SOME create..."equity"? To FORCE one group to accept that which may be against their beliefs or own survival, to give the false appearance of "elevating" another? It just DIVIDES, and causes animosity and hatred. Are they too dense to realize that?

    We've gone from "E Plurabus Unum" "E Unibus Pluram" at the hands of the Socialist liberals, its entire intention to weaken us, one against any others, create immeasurable problems, and finally assume complete control, justified by the chaos of crashing the system.

    Sure doesn't sound like they're getting a very good education, does it? Seems like they aren't getting taught HOW to think.

    It's obvious that they are only being programmed with WHAT to think.

    Time for this nonsense to end. Let's get President Trump, DeVos and Congress to start DEMANDING the TRUTH be told...about civics, history, government, the Constitution and Bill of Rights...all that.

    We'd better do it now...flood them with the truth, convince them that they've been lied to by the failing leftist-run "education system".

    Drain THAT swamp, too!

  30. Bought the missus a hamster skin coat last week. When we went to the fair last night it took me three hours to get her off the Ferris wheel.

    1. *snicker snicker* Sarge that's cute (smiles)

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  32. This article about made me puke, the C.J. staff are typical liberal evil flesh.

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  34. I don't know which is worse, the biased staff articles over at Cj or the ding a ling lib comments..... it's a tossup.

  35. Y'all have a great day today, remember to wear a jacket today if you need to go out and about because it's a tad cooler than yesterday.
    Hugs ~ Rikki

  36. I'm not sure that asking high-school or college their opinions on any matter is really all that pertinent.
    It references some of the most ignorant and uneducated when it comes to life. But then again, that's all the left has so they go with it...
    What happened to the days when the source mattered just as much, if not more than the statement? I'll stick to my intuition, and stand by the statement "consider the source. "
    Kids don't know anything more than the hyperbole set in front of them by the schools.
    So Nunya is right, the indoctrination must end.

    1. Just another note.
      Know what's nice about working weekends in my line of work?
      double time!!!
      And since I got my nunyaism for the day, it feels even better.

    2. Hammertime the only time I ever seen Double time was when I was in ranks marching. Good Grief!

    3. That's what happens when you rack up hours, and then report for work on a Sunday. Thankfully it's the last weekend of this. Money is good, the tax rate sucks, and I miss my kids.

    4. Dis link explains a lot about why these kids and the current liberals are acting the way they do, it goes back to schools and planning by liberals a long time ago.

  37. Hammertime don't you Dare think of becoming a lazy Liberal free loader., Hear Me.!!!

  38. Wish I could type or at least proof read, oh well, hope no grammar police present. Dis was suppose to be This. Must really be a computer error!

  39. Lol... I always blame my typos on my stupid smart phone...

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  40. Trying to watch the walking dead,but I'm distracted by the live feeds out of California. Looks like Oroville is in trouble. Possible dam failure in progress...

  41. Well lets hear a good morning??? Surely Texas Rose or PK is out here.