Monday, February 6, 2017

OK, I admit it. I watched the Super Bowl

Most of it, anyway. I go to church on Sunday night so I got home about halfway through the second quarter. I watched it for a couple of reasons.

It's the only game I watched all year. It's not so much a boycott of the NFL, I'm not a huge boycott fan, but something else. See, I see the NFL as a business providing entertainment to it's customers. When a business lets it's employees insult the customers and the American people, well, there are consequences for that.

There's a restaurant in Lawrence Mrs Safe and I have loved for years. Little local noodle house on Mass. We used to go there anytime we were in Lawrence and wanted to eat. We went there for fifteen years or more I suspect. Loved the place. Good food, good service. Well, the last time we were there, the service was terrible. There was hardly anybody there and we still got lousy service. And the food was awful.

So we aren't complainers. We didn't tell the manager how bad it was. We didn't go on Yelp and write a bad review. When a restaurant has slipped that far they probably don't care what you think. But we'll never go back. We're customers and they let us down.

On the other hand, there's a Mexican restaurant in Topeka that we love. Probably eight out of ten times when we eat out, it's there. Service ranges from very good to excellent. Food is always good. We've never been disappointed. So we go back again and again and will continue as long as they make the effort to make their customers happy which they seem intent on doing. (El Dorado at 29th & Croco by the way, highly recommend it).

So that's why I stopped watching NFL games this year. They were allowing their employees to insult me and my friends and my fellow countrymen over and over. And it pissed me off. So why watch the Super Bowl you ask? Good question.

First there was the political side. The QB, the coach and the owner are all friends of President Trump and speak positively of him. So I like that.

Then the ungodly left launched a full on attack on the Patriots because of that, pouring out the hate and snark and doing what they do best, hating everything good in the country. Plus the ungodly left hates them just because they hate patriots of any kind.

So I wanted to watch the left suffer another humiliating defeat by someone they hate intensely. And it happened, and happened perfectly.

The left was sure as always they would win. They thought their hatred and superiority and general nastiness would have some effect, just like they thought would happen with the election.

And as the game went on, they were convinced they had it in the bag, just like the election. And watching Facebook it was hilarious the hateful comments endorsed by thousands of liberals laughing at what they thought was a win, a humiliating pounding of their enemy. Just like they thought the election would be.

And what happened? They found out the hard way. The superior team came back and won against all odds. Broke multiple world records. Never surrendered. Never accepted defeat. And all those snarky Facebook posts made the lefties look pretty stupid in the end. Just like the election.

So the lesson for the godless left is, never underestimate what Patriots can do, even when you think their back is against the wall and you have them beaten. You should know that by now, but you don't. You're not smart enough to figure that out. Learn from this lefties. There's a lesson there for you.


  1. So this is what happens when the left politicizes everything. Liberal tears flow because they lose so much.

    So much winning. President Trump said there would be so much winning we might get tired of winning.

    #Making America Great and Liberals Cry

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  3. What'd you do Sarge, piss everybody off?

  4. Lol, I don't think so, but it wouldn't be unlike me to do so I guess.

  5. Well, I haven't watched a single game all year so I didn't see any point in watching yesterday's game.

    The way the bastards allowed those anti-American ass wipes to disrespect our military, our cops, and me personally was just more than I could handle.

    And much like you described in your blog, Safe, I simply took my business elsewhere.

    I've never been a Patriots nor a Tom Brady fan but because he never backed away from being friends with Donald Trump regardless of the shit the left threw his way proved, at least to me, that he's a man of rock solid character.

    And in my book that's all that counts...

  6. I watched bits of it, was an interesting game. Looking forward to the K-State game tonight. Surprised K.U. let the drug paraphernalia guy back in, you know other in the dorm were using and well aware of drug use. Then you have Lagerald Vick and Josh Jackson players of interest in the crime, reported in December outside a Lawrence bar (Yacht Club). Almost $3,000 damage (a felony) to a woman's car, guess them big guys like to pick on women? Top that with Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access investigated from late December 2015 into January 2016 and determined Vick likely committed domestic violence. Top that off with a 16 year old in the dorm and witnesses to rape may be on team.

    Seems to me they will cover this all up until basketball season is over? Lots of serious things and lots of coverups. Earlier one of the K.U. players hit a woman, because she smacked him.

    Well I have had a few hit me, usually a push or slap, once a good fist to the face that hurt. I was bought up you don't hit women, I just turned and walked away. No these 240 plus pounds, 6 foot 6 use a fist and punch them back.

    Here is an example of Oklahoma player that only got a year suspension and he broke bones in her face. This seems to be more acceptable today, something wrong with them!

  7. Kevin you didn't have to see the game, but for me It was one of the most impressive games I ever seen, of course like you I don't give a good shit about the NFL, but I do love talent and most players have a love for this country and I have a love for the game, you are always going to run into a few assholes, Hell look at you and I for Pete's Sakes. :)

  8. I always say if you're gonna do something do it with everything you've got.

    For example if you're decide you're gonna be an asshole be the biggest one they've ever seen...

    1. Who gets top billing you or I, Safe or Nunya?

  9. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.

    Personally, I sorta avoided the SB but caught glimpses because it was being viewed in the household. Mostly online, viewing things taking place around us.

    While I'm here, I'll add a few things. I support everything the president has done these past couple of weeks. I don't think the people around him have advised him of the proper order.
    When in a fight, particularly a long fight, it isn't always in your best interest to swing haymakers. More calculations were in order.

    For instance, the 90/120 day moratorium on the seven countries' Muslims should have been executed after the SCOTUS pick. Just one example.

    Regardless I fully support President Trump, and think he's doing a fabulous job.

    Lastly, I beleive our little Muslim terrorist that escaped capture will now not be captured. His only shot as preserving his life is over. You don't effectively cause the life of a seal to go down and then mock the president and our country on social media and prevail. Pretty sure our predator drones will now reign hell down upon this barbarian and his family. And I'm good with it. Afterall, it's just a sandpile anyway....

  10. WELL...I NEVER...!!! I am not only going to BOYCOTT you Safe...I'm gonna riot and vandalize, and I'm gonna try to SILENCE YOU because you think!!!!

    Just kidding;^)

    As I stated, I STARTED to watch it, then even before kickoff, they went into full-PC mode, with all those leftwing propaganda commercials disguised as "unity and peace and lollipops and rainbows" bullshit.

    "Never let a good crisis go to waste". And, the beancounters at all those companies certainly seized upon the moment to take a calculated risk of hoping to use the hatred and violence in a mendacious manner, pretending it's all about "unity" and all that...but no consideration other than pure profit behind it.

    "WOW...that sounds almost like a pissed-off at corporations liberal!"

    I have no great love for a lot of tactics of many corporations. I think they should be held accountable for any deception or misdeeds. Still, we need corporations to provide many well-paying private-sector jobs, whose employees are, after all, about the ONLY net-positive taxpayers in this country, since their pay is generated by profits from people voluntarily buying products or services, instead of the pay being generated by other taxpayers, as in government jobs, or welfare people, and all that.

    I just wasn't going to sit there for a few hours and be bombarded with disingenuous politically-motivated commercials, and have my intelligence insulted by them, thinking I'd fall for that crap.

    If they hadn't gone all-out "political" in the commercials and around the game, itself...I'd have watched.

    I didn't just miss what was apparently an exciting game (after the second half). I got to miss the leftist bullshit being spewed, which has no place there.

    I guess I did miss "history being made", on two points.

    It was an historic game for Brady and the Patriots.

    Unfortunately, that achievement was undermined by the historic level of bullshit politicization, all caused by the Godless, whining, destructive, socialist/commie progressive-liberal left.

    Those assholes won't be happy until they've ruined every great American institution in this country.

    Correction, those assholes will never be happy with ANYTHING! They "change" for the sake of change, regardless of the destructive consequences.

    That's why we spend all this time trying to rectify all the "fixes" of the liberals, who for every "fix", generates a dozen more problems, which then generate a dozen more each, exponentially.

    But, that IS the plan, after all. "Collapse A Country 101", a "Liberal Arts" program funded by George Soros and other greedy 1%er anti-Americans, and "taught" by the brain-addled, burned out hippies who have infiltrated our "education system" (now, a Re-Education System), and promoted by mainstream media.

    I don't feel bad missing "history being made".

    And, this is no slam on you who watched it. Makes no difference, one way or the other, to me. At least you guys were aware you were trying to be manipulated. Just our own personal choice. As it is supposed to be in the U.S.

    Have a good one, folks!

  11. Nunya that is why they have mute buttons and a kitchen to go to I used my mute button more in that Game than I have in a year!! But they couldn't have been any worst than hearing the MY PILLOW commercial a hundred times a month. Lol

  12. My favorite time of the week lies straight ahead.

    I have five stops in the heart of the delicate snowflakes on the KU campus.

    Those little darlings have no idea how much pleasure I get just watching them walk around like little trained robots...

  13. Don't violate their little safe spaces!!! Hear Me..

  14. It was kind of weird watching the Super Bowl and ignoring the commercials. Apparently the companies decided to pander to the godless left and insult the rest of us. Interesting marketing decision. Probably something to it. The godless left operates on the hive mentality. When one does something they all do it. So they will all like the left wing ads on facebook, and probably faithfully patronize the companies who pandered to them. They aren't especially bright so they don't know they are being played. But I don't boycott Budweiser because I don't drink it anyway.

    Hell, my daughter was in a Super Bowl commercial a few years ago. It was a funny Taco Bell commercial. They used to be funny.

    But there was Tom Brady. I like him because he has an immigrant supermodel wife, he plays a little sketchy with the rules sometimes but he wins, he has been extremely successful in his chosen field and the liberals hate him passionately. What's not to like? He reminds me of somebody else who I like a lot.

  15. I got invited to a party and was told to dress to kill. Apparently a turban, beard, and a backpack wasn't what they had in mind.

  16. Godless left wing nutjob Maxine Waters is already calling for President Trump to be impeached because she doesn't like him.

    She also said Putin invaded Korea.

    Do I even need to say any more about this one? The jokes kind of write themselves with these people. Although making fun of the clinically insane might be considered cruel, I'll keep doing it.

  17. Maxine Waters invaded the human race!

  18. Well, you know the left can't read maps. And I suppose the mumbling drivel out of their mouths might make the words "Crimea" and "Korea" indistinguishable.
    Fairly sad reality....


    Couple things to note:

    It's now acceptable for people to smoke pot while watching children on play dates....

    It's now acceptable for teachers to possibly be high while they teach class...

    And we wonder why we are where we are now...

    Welcome to the age of decadence...

  20. Well, today we find out if the rule of law and the constitution still mean anything at all. President Trump's lawful and constitutional executive order to temporarily suspend refugees from terrorist countries will be argued before the godless left wing ninth circuit.

    My prediction? They won't overrule the lawless state judge who decided he had the power to control national security for the entire country based on....hating Trump.

    This is an egregious violation of both the constitution and the rule of law. This judge should be removed from the bench and thrown out of office in disgrace. But I'm betting the ninth is going to punt it to the Supremes who will split 4-4 since there are four Justices who no longer care about the constitution as well.

    This is just another reason we elected Donald Trump. Get Judge Gorsuch on the bench ASAP. Go nuclear. And start getting federal judges appointed. Turn this lawless overreaching judicial branch around before they completely destroy our country.

    Like Hammer says, "And we wonder why we are where we are now..."

  21. And I also expect to see Betsy DeVos confirmed today. The two RINOs who are going to vote against her because they were paid by the teacher's unions to do so should be asked to leave the party. When they are up for reelection, the Republican party should support their primary opponents. If they win the primary, not a cent from the party for their campaigns. These people are everything that is wrong with the Republican party and should be flushed down the toilet.

    The democrat party is owned in whole by the teachers unions. It is the most corrupt relationship in American history. It should be investigated under the RICO act as it is a criminal syndicate, both the union and the criminal organization known as the democrat party.

  22. Right you are Safe on both comments, couldn't agree more.


  23. Dems in Illinois Want to Make “Barack Obama Day” a State Holiday. Good Grief are they Nuts?

  24. barack obama day?????

    Should be a national day of mourning. Never has one man left such a legacy of destruction.

  25. Safe I tried to combine your and my comment together and CJ wouldn't let me, edit it 5 times to where it had no meaning, so I said the hell with it, assholes over there.

  26. Employees of a hedge fund founded by the king of the Institutional Left, billionaire and Democratic Party mega-donor George Soros, donated tens of thousands of dollars to top Republicans who fought against President Donald Trump in 2016, donation records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics show.

  27. Betsy Devos confirmed as Sec of Ed. Vice President Pence cast the tie breaker.

    Looks like the teachers union bought every single democrat and two Republicans. Guess there weren't any others for sale. Shame on those two Senators for voting with the bought and paid for democrats. That's a disgrace and they should pay a price come election time.

    Now the crazy godless dems are saying Betsy Devos policies will 'kill children, ruin the public schools". These people are completely insane.

  28. Yup they are a bunch of nut cases, and those two Republicans will get voted out and that is already in the works, Oh by the way did you look at them? Hell they even look like Lib's.

  29. Any one listen to the hearing? From what I heard it will not surprise me if they rule against the government[Trump].

  30. I have Skippey but no matter what happens Trump will adapt, improvise, and overcome, you can bank on it.

  31. My guess is that it will have to go all the way to the SOTUS. One reason the libs are dragging their feet. They are hoping to slow the nomination down and get the high court to split and the lower will be the last word. The libs know they are beat and this is all they have in the play book. Just talk and make excuses's hoping to drag it out.

  32. The circuit will certainly not uphold the order by our president, IMHO.
    His staff should of been red pilled on the counter attack of the left. Put the scotus pick in first, before they got their panties in a wad and then execute the moratorium on Muslims from the terror countries.
    But, I understand why the president took the shot. But if only his staff would of properly advised him, maybe we could vetted all Muslims from all countries. That's the way I would of like to see it happen. But that's just me.
    And I guess we never know, maybe the court will uphold it without scotus? Maybe, but it's headed there anyway.
    Always be ready for the counter when you attack.

  33. Gotta wonder what it's like to have your brain plugged in backward, upside-down, and inside-out.

    But, that's just normal liberalism.

    They hate that kids might soon have a chance at a REAL education, instead of running them through the meat-grinder of the WAY over-priced and completely-failing Liberal Indoctrination Centers, known as "public schools".

    Why do liberals hate children so much? (Born, and unborn.) Especially, those from less-advantaged districts, of whom the liberals want to keep children under-educated, and enslaved in generational poverty? A few pennies thrown at them, in exchange for votes?

    Go Betsy! Let's rebuild that blown engine of education, so all kids have a fighting chance!! (Clean out the gunk and sludge, thoroughly, though! It's literally CAKED and CRUSTED with that nasty stuff!)

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