Tuesday, February 14, 2017

She punked them all in their own house...

When it comes to the blog I write on that other website I often joke about operating behind enemy lines.

But what I do over there doesn't hold a candle to what this lady did the other night during the Grammy's awards.

In what's becoming an all too common evening of self-serving Hollywood elites coming together to publicly trash America and President Trump, singer Joy Villa showed up in her "Make America Great Again" gown and rocked their cocaine filled souls to the core.

The outrage by the left-wing haters was swift and all consuming.

They took to Twitter to trash her.

The spittle was flying as they pounded on their phones and keyboards.

They made their usual death threats.

They promised her career over.

How dare she!

But the American people (the real Americans) had other ideas.

Within hours of her stunning appearance the mostly unknown Joy Villa and her music shot from the bottom of the pack to the top of the charts.

Her album titled "I make Static" had been ranked #543,202 place on Amazon shot up to the #3 slot.

In fact the top three selling albums in Amazons "Movers and Shakers" category all belong to Joy Villa.

This is just another example of how fed up the American people have become with these anti-American pieces of shit.

They don't speak for us.

And the more they run their mouths and show their asses the more America wins.

Today I celebrate singer and fellow patriot Joy Villa for her part in # Making America Great Again...

Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaFebruary 14, 2017 at 4:26 AM
    Governor Moonbeam is likely telling everyone, behind the scenes: "Let's hold off on that secession thing until we get money for this dam problem!"

    Any money going to backwards, anti-American California should come with ropes stronger than the Golden Gate Bridge suspension cables attached.

    I feel empathy for any innocent people that may be in the path of this self-inflicted-by-California disaster (those who don't vote along with the fruits and nuts out there for societal-suicidal policy), but not all that much for any Moonbeam voters.

    That sounds callous, but...way past time they learn what disastrous policies cause.

    The following from the LA Times purportedly shows what is happening:


    Having said all that, I hope it doesn't collapse. Nobody wants loss of life, and that much property damage...which will end up raising insurance rates for us all, and a whole lot of federal taxpayer money spent for the thankless amongst them. They may need to spend billions to repair the thing.

    Hopefully, it doesn't collapse, and hopefully this is a wakeup call to the idiots out there who keep voting other idiots into office.

    Hopefully, but Californians being Californians...pretty sure they won't answer that call.

  2. NunyaFebruary 14, 2017 at 4:49 AM
    Over at the ToPeePot Capital-Urinal:


    Well...nothing wrong with covering the story.

    There IS something wrong with throwing the kitchen sink in with it!

    And, it's an obvious hitpiece to try to make Trump look bad. Naturally. That's just what "Fake News" sites write and publish.

    "Hey! Let's throw in a few OTHER grenades, which have absolutely NOTHING to do with THIS story!"

    "The revelations were another destabilizing blow to an administration that has already suffered a major legal defeat, botched the implementation of a signature policy and stumbled through a string of embarrassing public relations missteps."


    "Trump, who comments on a steady stream of issues on his Twitter feed, had been conspicuously silent about the matter since The Washington Post reported last week that Flynn had discussed sanctions with the Russian envoy."


    "Flynn’s resignation comes as Trump and his top advisers seek to steady the White House after a rocky start. The president, who seeks input from a wide range of business associates, friends and colleagues, has been asking people their opinions on his senior team, including Spicer and Priebus."

    "The White House is also dealing with fallout from the rocky rollout of Trump’s immigration executive order, which has been blocked by the courts. The order was intended to suspend the nation’s refugee program and bar citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States."

    Now, then...what the HELL does...ESPECIALLY...that last paragraph have to do with ANY of THIS STORY?!

    Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Just throw more against the wall, to see what sticks.

    And the funny thing is?

    They are NOT giving President Trump "credit" for getting rid of someone who may have done wrong. They are assuming (and insinuating) that President Trump knew about this, all along. Yet, they apparently have no proof of that.

    How about "You did the right thing, Mr. President. Thank you."?

    No. None of that from mainlining media.

    Conversely, when Dems have someone found doing something wrong, the administration and the media fight tooth-and-nail to keep them in THEIR positions! AND, they attack anyone who suggests those people step down!

    So, just more blatantly-obvious Trump-bashing, going on in this "story".

    The media is shameless, devoid of ANY "journalistic integrity", "objective reporting", or ethics of any kind.

    Nice job, "Fake News".

  3. Sargejr story, Good morning all you wonderful people.

  4. DAYYUM!!! I stand corrected! Not ALL performers are worthless, anti-American, intolerant, hateful liberals! (Just most in pop, rock and rap, it seems!)

    Well done, Ms. Villa! Well done! THIS is HILARIOUS!

    I haven't looked, but I suppose the hateful liberals are already calling her "Joyless Villain" or some such nonsense!

    And, still...I doubt they'll see the obvious...what's right in front of their faces. (Probably because they're too busy admiring themselves, in their own little, closed-off megalomaniacal way!)

    Here's the message, all you narcissistic Hollywood Hypocrites and talentless "music performers" (and I use the word "music" loosely):


    Time to quit living in your fantasy world, and crawl out from under your rocks, and see what's REALLY happening.


    Anyhoo...thanks for moving those over, Kev. Conflicted, also, on the dam thing in California. What a mess they've caused.

    And, the Flynn "Fake News" story ran by CJ just irked me...but it's not unexpected, by them. Nothing they run surprises me, anymore. What surprises me is...they expect people to trust them?

    That train left the station a long time ago, with their trolling-faux-mod nonsense they sent out to do "battle" with conservatives. Even before the Trump Train rolled in.

    Have a good day!

  5. Watching Tucker Carlson on FOX last night. I don't know if you watch his show, but you should. It's the best thing on FOX. Anyway, he had some young woman who was one of the organizers behind the Berkley riot. And she's apparently some kind of teacher there.

    This woman was bat shit crazy. Not confused, misguided, perplexed, unbalanced or just opinionated. She was crazy as a shit house rat.

    Apparently, the godless left has decided anybody who disagrees with them is a fascist. Obviously they have no idea what that word means, because beating people up for speaking another opinion would kind of make you a fascist, but anyway. They have decided they are fascist fighters. And it's their job to shut up people like Milo or anyone else who disagrees with them because Hitler.

    I don't know if I can even describe the evil this woman radiated. I could almost smell the sulphur. I think I was looking directly at Satan speaking through my TV. It's not possible for someone to espouse that level of hatred and evil without being controlled by Satan. There's no other explanation.

    I think the godless left has lost their collective minds. I really do. Some brain disease has infected them. The last time America was under this kind of attack from within, we ended up in a Civil War. We are there again folks. These people aren't going to rest until they burn this country to the ground.

    All I can say is pray for President Donald Trump, his cabinet and America. It's the only hope there is.

  6. And some godless left wing democrat (sorry, I repeat myself)says President Donald Trump may be mentally ill because he can't accept the fact Hillary won the popular vote.

    I say it probably shows more of a lack of cognitive cohesiveness thinking that matters to anyone. I am so sick of hearing that. Hillary won the popular vote, and Donald Trump is the President.

    President Trump is living in the White House and guiding America to greatness again. Hillary is back home in wherever the hell that is. When Donald Trump speaks, it is the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief speaking. When Hillary opens her cake hole whatever pours out is of no more importance than what any of us say. Probably less, actually.

    So let's just agree that the popular vote means doodley squat and get on with our lives.

  7. And as for Michael Flynn, there's the difference between Republicans and democrats.

    He made a mistake. They didn't rally the troops, stonewall the DOJ, destroy the evidence, wipe the computers, refuse to testify and lie to congress. They owned it. And he resigned.

    When a democrat commits a federal crime like using a private computer server for top secret classified information, or selling influence while Secretary of State, the democrats not only warp the entire justice system to protect her, they run her for president.

    There's your difference. And it's a pretty big difference.

  8. I saw that evil bitch last night as well.

    My wife almost lost it.

    She said and I quote. "Turn that shit off, I'm so sick and tired of listening to these pieces of shit."

    Like usual,I agreed with her...

  9. Here is the bigger problem. Who was monitoring Flynn;s phone call and then who leaked a private phone call by NSA to the public? I don't like my calls subject to monitoring, but the NSA calls monitored and leaked! There are right wing traitors in the security bureaucracy. Just like anything put on this blog, you know the government can get to it. Also,Google will use for their agenda. I am always careful what I say or type that goes over the internet. Sometimes I think I should just go dark, no internet, phone, debit/credit card, checks etc. We are playing into the hands of government having control.

    ANyway, there are left wing traitors monitoring the president cabinet phones and releasing info to liberal news.

  10. Hey dive master, I hear ya.
    But going dark is just cowering before them. We all need to rise up and speak our minds, that's how we get our message across.
    True, that we must be careful with our words, for they can be used against us. But to hell with the commies...
    As for me I will never stop, and I will never back down. I owe it to my children. Besides, I know that I have others that stand right next to me. They can't take us all.
    Screw them and the horses they think they are riding...

  11. The government is populated with left wing democrats. They are wired into so many places they are like cockroaches. Hearing and seeing everything. The leaks about this administration is beyond the pale. And it's all from seditious hate filled left wing infiltrators.

    President Trump needs to flush these people as fast as he can. The Federal Civil Service needs to be abolished because there are a few hundred thousand people whose loyalty is to the godless democrat party over the United States.

    Catch a few of these traitors, punish them to the full extent of the law and make an example of them. See if that doesn't slow things down a little.

    Like a farmer who kills a coyote and throws the carcass on the fence as a warning to other coyotes. Same principle. Let them see working against their government may make their liberal friends love them, but a little time in federal prison would make that a lot less attractive.

  12. I say hang them from a tree on the capitol grounds and leave them there for the birds to feed on and as example.

  13. Safe, I watch Tucker every night, I had to hold back Punching that bitch in the mouth, what was with all those cops doing holding back while she attacked that guy till he got taken down and kicked by that group, as soon as she hit him the cops should have stepped in.

  14. When they attack, a person has a right to defend with whatever force is available to keep from being harmed.

    1. He had a pole with a small flag on it, the first punch that women threw ,he should have knocked her teeth out with it.

  15. We have a generation, maybe 2 generations that have been raised by a godless NEA agenda instead of at home. This liberal agenda see the idea of moral or spiritual restraint as a needless hindrance to their political interests.

  16. Just stopping by to say hello. Hope y'all had a great valentines day.

    I saw that woman thing on Tucker. I could not believe what I was hearing. Be warned folks, they are out there and they drive on our streets, shop at our grocery stores, walk on our sidewalks and live in our neighborhoods. Someone needs to make an example out of the woman thing who spoke on the Tucker program the other night.

  17. Dive asks:
    "Who was monitoring Flynn;s phone call and then who leaked a private phone call by NSA to the public?"

    That IS an interesting question, and an even more serious thing than what Flynn did. They are not supposed to be monitoring private American citizens. And, someone INSIDE the NSA doing this clearly can't be trusted, and should be in prison...at least.

    Need to flush out the traitorous anti-Trumpers as soon as possible.

    The libs are foaming at the mouth over this. The same libs who defend the ACTUALLY-criminal Shrill, who did MUCH worse things, to this day.

    If liberals didn't have hypocrisy, they couldn't even exist.

  18. Speaking of which...the Urinal has TWO trump hitpieces, today!


    "Russia cloud over Trump not likely to fade with Flynn exit"

    Well, hell NO it won't fade!

    Not with the "Fake News" sites (like our little dying local tabloid) chomped down like pit bulls!

    Then, this tripe:


    Now, yet again...in a repeat of "throwing the kitchen sink in", another insertion of "let's throw EVERYTHING we can in, even though it's irrelevant to THIS story":

    "The revelations were another destabilizing blow to an administration that has already suffered a major legal defeat on immigration, botched the implementation of a signature policy and stumbled through a string of embarrassing public relations missteps."

    I think they have that paragraph copied to their desktops, for easy access to insert into EVERY article. They just insert it...wherever. In this case, the 'story' is going along, and right in the middle of it...interrupting the flow, "just drop it in there...and then...back to the story".

    Then, we have THIS:

    "The officials and two people with knowledge of the situation confirmed the Justice Department warnings on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly."

    We have rogue bad-actors in the DOJ, holdovers from the lawless Obama administration, perhaps? If they weren't authorized to to discuss it publicly, how the hell did the "Fake News" agencies like the AP (Anti-American Press) get it? THAT'S about as "publicly" as it gets!

    Seems like a lot of anti-American, treasonous criminals are going to have to be rounded up in a lot of agencies and departments.

  19. THIS is laughable...if it wasn't so scary:


    "The new civics course in U.S. schools: How to spot fake news"

    "As Facebook works with The Associated Press, FactCheck.org and other organizations to curb the spread of fake and misleading news on its influential network, teachers say classroom instruction can play a role in deflating the kind of “Pope endorses Trump ” headlines that muddied the waters during the 2016 presidential campaign."

    And, NATURALLY, from California:

    "A California lawmaker last month introduced a bill to require the state to add lessons on how to distinguish between real and fake news to the grade 7-12 curriculum."

    REQUIRES to add it?!

    Then, this:

    "Some of Battaglia’s students fear fake news will chip away at the trust of even credible news sources and give public figures license to dismiss as fake news anything unfavorable."

    So...now, we are going to have leftist-controlled schools brainwashing our kids to tell them which leftist-controlled "news" sources to rely on as "real"? "As (far-leftist Zuckerberg's) Facebook works with (far-left Associated Press)....to curb the spread of fake and misleading news on its influential network"...?

    "...students fear fake news will chip away at the trust of even credible news sources..."?

    WHAT "credible news sources"?

    Well, simple answer.

    They now want to force them to be brainwashed into believing ONLY the established anti-American, far-left, Commie/Socialist/Fascist "fake news" sites of the mainstream media!

    Yep...there it is.

    "HEY! TEACHERS!!! Leave them kids alone!"

  20. How interesting. Teach the little skulls full of mush how to spot "fake news". What a concept.

    See, here's why the want to do that. In years past, many years now, young people learned in school how to think for themselves. They were taught to analyze, rationalize and measure truth from facts. Then they were taught history, real history not the left wing rewrite they are taught today. They were taught civics, how our government functions and why it operates the way it does now. They were taught Social Studies, not social justice.

    So young people who had an understanding of those subjects, when presented with a story or premise had the tools to analyze it and decide for themselves what was true and what was not.

    But then along came the Critical Thinking school taught by a bunch of old German Commies, and suddenly young people aren't taught those same principles. They are taught what their teachers want them to know, and not taught what they want to withhold.

    So now the idea bursts forth since they have the children molded the way they want them, now we can teach them which philosophies to accept and which to reject based on the teacher's leanings. News story? Why that must be fake news if it's from a conservative point of view!

    So in summation, don't equip them and teach them how to make decisions for themselves. Make them undereducated manipulated little snowflakes, then tell them what they should and shouldn't believe.

    This is the Totalitarian foundation. And if you don't think they could do this right here in America, just look at our college campuses which are infected with this disease. There's your proof.

    We got trouble, big trouble. Right here in River City. And that starts with T and that rhymes with C and that stands for Commie which is who is teaching your children if they are in public school. Which is why they are crapping their pants over Betsy DeVos as the Sec of Ed.

  21. This should be no surprise, the NEA and schools are creating the problem. It goes back to the 1800s when Horace Mann did not believe in the inspiration of the Bible, or the Trinity and started to put his beliefs into the education system. Horace Mann visualized a world where no one would be in the prisons, a virtual utopia, if he could just get Christianity out of education. After that John Dewey (early 1900s)took up the cause. The President of the NEA, the teacher's union, sees things the way the Mann and Dewey saw things. Christians need to be eliminated. Censorship of Christianity is very obvious in public schools. The teaching of Secularism, sometimes called Humanism, is also very obvious. An NIE study concluded that public education is very biased against anything Christian, including marriage.

    I also believe the school system is breaking up the family by teaching what should be left to the parents and scheduling many events (especially on Sunday) that keeps away from family time. Now that may step on toes, but attending a ballgame is not family time. Yes attending functions with kids is important, but that is not what I believe is important family time. I believe family time is important for children to have time in the house with only family present to discuss, teach, play games, get to really know each other and have fun. There are so many events now days that it has taken away from what I am trying to describe as family time.

  22. Ultimately the onus is on the parents. As a parent I am well aware of the garbage that could infiltrate the minds of your children, particularly young men. It even more precarious with the advent of the electronic age.
    I agree with the fact that our schools certainly don't bring the best message or information to the children. But I also beleive it's my job to guide as dad. I guarantee the lessons I teach and messages I convey weigh much heavier than a school teacher. Any parent that doesn't beleive that, probably isn't doing it right.
    Just my take...

  23. Good grief you would think a man my age could sleep longer than 3 hours..

  24. Good morning! I got my 5 hours, Sarge. A few cups, and ready to battle the world, again, and do my part to contibute to society by going to work! (Too young to retire. And...too poor! Not like I have a government job where I can retire early with guaranteed benefits and income at the taxpayers' expense! I have to pay for and manage my own, with its risks AND contribute to theirs, with their "no risk" guaranteed retirement accounts!)

    Well, now...what do we have from that little shrinking, dying tabloid of leftist lunacy, the Urinal, today?

    Here's something...

    The daily AP (Anti-American Press) "Kitchen Sink Trump Bash", proudly reprinted by those commie gutter maggots at the Urinal:


    "A crush of crises all but buries the young Donald Trump White House"

    I'm surprised they didn't post a picture of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" along with that.

    (No relation to ButtMunch, by the way. Edvard Munch, was ALSO a lunatic, but managed to create SOMETHING that time didn't ignore and forget. Unlike ButtMunch, who has a quadruple-digit negative "relevance rating"...and is always working his way down to quintuple-digit negative!)

    Apparently, having a rather slow news day yesterday, they decided it would be a good time to sort and report ALL the "crises" that they imagine (hoping) are going to take down Trump...y'know...the combined ones they ALWAYS insert clumsily into EVERY story, despite its irrelevance to what the story is about.

    Heck, Easter will be coming up soon, and I'm expecting that there will be a negative article from the AP about the Easter festivities, with the mention of "numerous crises the Trump White House has experienced from week one!" Hell, they might even throw in some anti-Christian rhetoric, and who knows? May be demonstrations all across the counttry, and especially, in front of the White House, demanding "No Easter Festivities at the White House! Separation of church and state!" (Along with other Soros-paid antagonists demonstrating against racism by using racism, for feminisim by bashing females, for "LBGTWTFBBQ" to be forced upon others, and dozens of other unconnected issues those morons make hypocritical idiots out of themselves demonstrating.)

    Anyone wanna make a wager on that happening, or not?

    AP: "Sen. John McCain of Arizona blasted the White House’s approach to national security as “dysfunctional,” asking, “Who is in charge? I don’t know of anyone outside of the White House who knows.”

    "Such criticism from allies is rare during what is often viewed as honeymoon period for a new president."

    To show how clueless the AP is, they think McCain is "an ally"?! No...they KNOW he's not, but if they print that, they can make the UNINFORMED think it!

    Anyway...this is a "one-size-fits-all" Trump hitpiece.

    The Urinal staff undoubtedly all had "a thrill up their leg" when reading it, and reposting it! Hell, they probably had an "all-hands staff" meeting, sitting around in their little circle. Undoubtedly, Buttstache was invited. A good pivot-man is an invaluable "tool" to them.

  25. OH! Then there's THIS from little Timmy Carpenter, designed to make it appear what it MIGHT NOT be:


    HEADLINE!!!!: "Throng drawn to Capitol for hearing on Kobach’s immigration bills"

    "Immigration reform inspired by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach attracted a standing-room-only crowd Wednesday for a Senate hearing on a controversial initiative compelling the Kansas Highway Patrol to actively engage in detention, removal and investigation of federal immigration cases."

    A "THRONG!!!" Hell, man...that's gotta be a WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE protesting! WOW!! Wonder how many is "a THRONG"?! "STANDING ROOM ONLY CROWD!!!" WOWSER!!! Must have been SOME CROWD!!! How many? TELL US! Possibly...HUNDREDS?!!! CRAM-PACKED!!!

    Hmmm... just a sec...reading.


    Hmmm....no actual count, or even estimate, of how many that "THRONG" that was "standing room ONLY" consisted of.

    Hmmm...wait a minute...back up. what's THIS?!

    "The throng spilling out of the tiny first-floor meeting room used by the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee was drawn to an opportunity to comment on Kobach’s Senate Bill 157 and a companion piece of legislation, Senate Bill 158, that would prohibit cities, counties and state agencies from adopting policy designed to create a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. Comparable legislation has been introduced in the House."

    There's a clue in there, folks! First sentence!

    "The throng spilling out of the tiny first-floor meeting room..."

    Ummm..."tiny" meeting room?

    Wonder how much of "a throng" it takes to cause "a tiny room" to be "standing room ONLY!"?

    Nice job, "Fake News"!!! One "TINY" word in the story, and he can claim he wasn't being "deceptive and manipulative" in making it "appear" that it might have been a bigger thing than it actually might have been!!

    Intentional deception disregards all journalistic integrity, and is NOT "objective reporting".

    Keep working on that rapidly-declining "trust" from the people, with your obviously-biased leftist tactics, CJ. When it all falls down around you, and your little propaganda rag is defunct...just remember:

    "You are the ones who crumbled the foundation".


  26. Wonder if I should write up, and submit, the curriculum for the schools' new "How To Spot Fake News" courses?

    Seems easy enough. Especially, with the abundance of examples from CJ.

    Teach them how to recognize "biased" writing, the difference in "journalism" and "opinion writing". Definitely, the importance of TRUTHFUL information and the difference between "truth and facts".
    The concept of "jounalistic integrity" and "objective reporting".

    Obviously, an entire generation...or more...have already completely lost the values that are SUPPOSED to be adhered to in "journalism".


  27. Oh...GOODIE!!!

    A commie amongst us!


    Also included in the $150 ticket (!!!) (he's keeping the price so low so that all his most fervant supporters...the poor...can attend...I guess), wonder if each participant will receive a couple of joints, a safety pin, and some crayons and coloring books?

    Maybe we should print up some "I support Communism" and "I (heart with a slashed-circle) America" bumper stickers to hand out in the parking lot?!

    It'll be a festive gathering of complete morons, all in one place, on one evening!

  28. http://cjonline.com/news/state-government/2017-02-15/kansas-house-advances-tax-increases-robust-margin-after-no-debate

    Well...there ya go. More from us, to waste on crap!


  29. Thanks to my daily Nunyaism and regardless of what the day has in store for me I'm ready to take it on.

  30. Well, looks like the godless left commie seditionist democrats are getting what they want. Now Iran is laughing at us, saying they don't believe President Trump has the power to do anything to them. And from where they sit watching America, they probably believe that.

    The relentless non stop never ending riots and protests and lies and fake news and anti American crap spewed by the democrat party is painting a picture of America as weak and coming apart at the seams. The democrats are in full war mode, doing everything they can no matter how evil, unethical and untruthful it is to stop this President from doing his job.

    Now we have spies imbedded in our intelligence agencies, known as Deep State, leaking classified intelligence to the media. Wiretapping private citizens illegally and using it for political blackmail. This is not only illegal and traitorous, this is the stuff coups are made of.

    I could care less if General Flynn talked to a Russian. Big deal. What I want investigated is who these seditious commies are who are imbedded in our intelligence community and working against the American people. This is the most important issue in America today.

    The Federal government, congress and the President need to unleash every resource in their power sparing none to root out these people and bring them to justice. This should be the top priority for every federal law enforcement agency. These people are undermining our government from within. This is the single most dangerous attack the godless left has launched. Just because we aren't hearing about it doesn't mean it isn't important. Remember the left wing media is in on it.

    These people need to be exposed and humiliated and every connection made back as far as possible. Connect them to the democrat party. To Soros. To every seditious left wing operative out there. Then they all need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, in a VERY public way. And them lock them up and throw away the key.

    And yes, I know the commies will be hollering about fascists and Hitler and whatever. You know what I think? Fuck em one and all. Let them shout and scream. If they turn out and riot, bring on the assault vehicles and firehoses. Round them up like cattle and put them in Guantanamo. They surrendered their rights when they declared war on America.

    And while I'm rolling. The big pipeline protest. You want to stop that? Bring in a couple D9 bulldozers, drop the blades and plow those camps into a big heap, then load the debris in dumpsters and haul it to a landfill. Give them an hour notice to clear their belongings or it's gone. That's how you end this crap.

    The only reason these riots continue is the lack of incoming fire.

    #Make America Great Again

  31. Great line from Instapundit this morning regarding the godless lefties new penchant for violence against everybody who disagrees with them:

    "You don’t want to normalize violence, lefties. You won’t like it when violence is normalized.

  32. President Trump addressed the traitors in a Tweet this morning.

    Promising "They will get caught!"

  33. Like always the commie Lib's is going to get their asses kicked, what goes around comes around. Today is weapons cleaning day in this house hold, and ammo inventory.

  34. President Trump's approval rating just hit 55%. Looks like the godless left wing campaign with their partners in the democrat controlled media isn't working quite as well as they imagined.

    I believe, truth be told it's having the exact opposite effect. I think if they keep this up the Republicans could end up with a filibuster proof Senate.

    #Rock On President Trump

    #Kicking Liberal Ass and Taking Names

  35. Well, she did win the popular vote after all...

    Hillary just finished speaking at a ceremony dedicating a postage stamp to some guy named Oscar de la Renta.

    That's what second place gets you. President Donald Trump is shaking up the world, meeting with foreign leaders, revoking the illegal obama executive orders and Making America Great Again. Hillary is speaking at postage stamp dedication ceremonies.

    So lefties....one more time. Who's your President? President Donald Trump, that's who.

  36. So apparently this is illegal alien day or something. They are all staying home from work so we'll see how much we'll miss them.

    My plan would be to locate these businesses that are forced to close because of the illegal aliens not showing up for work, and send ICE back tomorrow to raid them when they all come back to work.

    We got to start thinking ahead here Amigos.

  37. One word about President Trump in his press conference - BRILLIANT!

    Another word about President Trump about the points he discussed - AWESOME!

  38. You're right Rikki.

    Like always, Trump was steady and calm, right on point and he kicked all their asses.

    Today Donald Trump reminded the American people why they voted for him in the first place.

    1. Thank you Kevin (smiles). I loved how he put the media in it's place.

  39. And Safe, you almost nailed it as far as today's "illegal alien day" celebration.

    Instead of meeting them when they show up for work tomorrow they ought to just go to their houses tonight.

    Adios bitches...

  40. Headline on Drudge:

    "Trump Eats Press"

    And that's putting it mildly...

    1. Yep, that's pretty mild.... he had them for lunch and afternoon snack..... don't think there's any left for dinner entrée... the media deserved every bit of it.

      Loved what he said when he talked about how Hillary got the debate questions prior to the debates.... he told the media that had that been him, they would have wanted Trump in the electric chair....

      He told the media what's what and they needed to hear every butt chewing word that was aired world wide.

  41. Chuck Todd, democrat operative with a byline had the actual guts to say this:

    "This not a laughing matter. I'm sorry, delegitimizing the press is un-American"

    But of course delegitimizing a sitting United States President is just perfectly fine, right you commie bastard?

    They keep telling us President Trump is Hitler and then they pout like little children when he won't call on them during a press conference so they can ask him why he is Hitler.

  42. Well the coal miners are happy today. He undid the bullshit Obama put on them.

  43. Good morning! FRIDAY!!

    HEY!!! Where's today's "Hate Blog"?

    OH...never mind. It's over at the "Communist Communicator" site...(the Urinal). Haha haaaa!

    Probably made little Sammie cry, and dive into the safe space. Sammie SHOULD just stop reading the blog, if truth offends so much. Should put up a pic out of a coloring book, and tell them if they are offended, to print it out, go to their therapy room, and color it in!

    Better yet, you could post a paint-by-numbers pic. Why? because the liberals have them so confused that they can't possibly know WHICH colors go where, in a regular coloring book!

    Take the following pic, for example. It has the sky as "blue". Color #1. Well...the snowflakes may decide the sky ISN'T blue, but is supposed to be pink! Without the numbers, they'll futz it all up! Their paintings would be all "trans-colored", I guess because "the sky is REALLY blue, but it THINKS it's pink!"


    Sammie seems like he/she could use one of those! Poor thing. Confusing truth with hate...and believing the leftists' hate is truth!

    Just don't suggest using "sidewalk chalk" to color to Sammie, though. THAT could be the thing that moves Sammie from a "partly-functioning illiterate", to locked up with group therapy sessions with Nurse Ratched!

  44. President Trump's beatdown of the press was TREMENDOUS!

    Keep at it! Keep drilling in the TRUTH about the mainstream media "Fake News"! He HAS to! It's the tactic of the left, turned back on them.

    Keep saying it enough, and people will believe it! The difference is...keep PROVING it, and they'll be unable to deny it! THAT'S something the left can never do..."prove" things.

    They just "Lucinda" it...throw it at the wall, and see what sticks. No matter how stupidly outrageous and obviously false...that's what they do.

    They "Buttstache" it. Keep harping the same ignorant garbage over and over and over again, hoping at least a few idiots find their ramblings relevant.

    Yes...keep throwing "The Truth" back at them. As often as possible.

    Now, the media is whining about some imagined loss "constitutional rights" or some such nonsense.

    I have "Real News" for them (as it MUST be "news" to them, since they are apparently unaware of the concept and meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Honestly, though, can't blame them entirely for their ignorance. They just haven't been taught these things in schools for so long, none of them knows anything about it).

    With "Constitutional Rights", comes "Responsibility".

    If those "Actual Rights" are being abused with dishonesty, anti-Constitutional stuff, hatred, greed, selfishness, violence, destruction, etc., to try to "get your way" and to try to acquire "Fake Rights", then that's irresponsible, and it's trampling on the "Actual Rights" of others.

    Therefore, since the "actual" explicit rights (clearly laid out in the Founding Documents) are being irresponsibly denied others, then the "rights-of-others violators" should no longer expect rights, themselves.

    Those clueless leftists who irresponsibly violently protest and are causing damage are violating the rights of others...and should just have their skulls cracked open, if they don't disperse when told to. If that doesn't work...step it up a notch.

    They have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to do these things. They have a right ONLY to "peacefully gather in protest",AND they have no right to deny others OUR "actual rights" to go on with our daily business. They step things up...they just forfeited their "rights".

    The concept they MUST learn is "responsibility", and parents and schools SHOULD be teaching "Personal Responsibility"...instead of that brainwashed "groupthink social justice" crap. When they groupthink, they have just abandoned their own personal responsibility, and indeed, their own selves, completely.

    The media and leftist-run schools ARE the evil source of "groupthink", and the reason so many have lost their own "souls".


  45. Now that is childish, Nunya. You don't want Native Americans in the Republican party or just not in your little group, where everyone has to agree with you? I reread Sammies post, I don't believe he likes his grandmother to be called a "Squaw" or "Teepee dweller". I have Sioux blood and don't like either. I call it fighting words. What did the Native Americans do to you personally? Say what is the nationality of your ancestors?

  46. Here's some skank from the Washington Compost laying out HER version of "the truth":


    A few choice lines (that I get to tear to shreds):

    "As Michael Flynn took on his role in the Trump administration, the U.S. intelligence community had already unanimously concluded that Russian hacking, and Russian trolling, played a role in the presidential election. But the question of whether Flynn, Trump or anyone else had promised the Russian government something in exchange for that help remained wide open."

    Last sentence: "..but the question...remains wide open."

    In other words, "I'm TELLING you THIS is what happened, but we now have to spin it into our alternate reality!"

    "The call may not necessarily be the smoking gun, the ultimate “proof” that there was a quid pro quo: “You help us with the election, we help you by lifting sanctions.” But it sure looks like it could be."

    Condensed version: ""The call may not necessarily be the smoking gun. But it sure looks like it could be. We just now have to spin it into our alternate reality!"

    "That explains why Flynn lied...yada, yada" (see...she just absolutely DETERMINED it to be true!)

    "That explains why — although he has known about this issue for many weeks — the president did not fire Flynn earlier. That also explains why the president has expressed regret..." and "explains why Flynn resigned." Again...she just absolutely banged down the gavel on the "Guilty" verdict!

    Here's the REAL kicker:

    "Supposedly, he dropped the idea of an executive order because of..."

    WTF?! "SUPPOSEDLY"???!!!

    What kind of a "journalist" are you, lady?! "SUPPOSEDLY"??!!

    And...the kicker to the kicker:

    "Now we know that there could have been another reason:"

    "Now we "KNOW"...there "COULD HAVE BEEN"...??!!!

    All THAT, lady, is a prime example of why your column is 100% "FAKE NEWS" bullshit, and she should go find a real job...something you are qualified for. EVERY PART of that story is "supposition", with NOTHING proven! Yet, she sits there with that stupid smirk on her face...possibly channeling Rachel Madcow, I presume...and thinks she's supplying ANY "relevant information"??

    Maybe she could go work with Batshit, cleaning toilets?

    Jeez...those people probably don't even realize their own hypocritical idiocy.

  47. Pardon my mix of addressing her as "you", and also "she". I typed it quickly.

  48. New "Hate Blog" up and running.

    And yes, comments have been moved along with it.

    Even Batshit's...